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Turo App Review - Share Your Car and Make Money

Turo is the real life cheat code you can use to drive your favorite car!

Updated on April 05, 2024
Turo App Review - Share Your Car and Make Money

Turo app, one of the best automotive apps, offers a platform to book your favorite cars of any brand, model, or type for renting. From fancy cars for special evenings to trucks for the moving day, Turo has something for your every car rental need. The app includes more than 400,000 vehicles for you to choose from. Moreover, there are 850 makes and models available on the Turo car rental app.

In this blog, we are discussing a detailed Turo review. The Turo review is done based on its features, popularity between users, ratings given on app stores, analysis done by experts, and the user experience. Therefore, if you are planning to use the Turo mobile app in the future, you should keep reading this Turo app review until the end.

History and Introduction of Turo car rental app

Turo, one of the top ride sharing apps, works with a network of peer-to-peer renting systems. The best part is, Turo is not only for those who want to rent a car but also for people who want to rent their cars to others and make some money. This car-sharing app requires a simple signing-up process that will let others rent your car in return for some good cash.

Turo started its journey in 2010 as RelayRides in Boston. The Airbnb-inspired car-sharing concept expanded its coverage to San Francisco in no time and established a headquarters there. In 2012, Turo became a nationwide service spread across the United States. The name Turo was adopted in 2015 and it also made a position in the “hottest on-demand startups” list by Forbes magazine in the same year. At that time, the market value of Turo was $311 million. In 2016 and 2017, Turo expanded its coverage to Canada by offering services in three provinces - Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. In 2016 itself, Turo also reached the United Kingdom and established a business there.

Currently, Turo has a website with 14 million members and 450,000 vehicles running in 56 countries including the US, Canada, and the UK.

Features of Turo rent my car app

Moving further, we are focusing on a few crucial features that this Airbnb for cars app offers. These features make the Turo app useful for both car borrowers and car lenders. Therefore, understanding them is crucial as these features are the reason why the Turo app has shown great potential in the automotive market.

1. Rent cars in 5,000+ cities from 56+ countries

Turo app review

Turo car rental app is now offering its services in 56 countries and 5,000+ cities. You can easily initiate Turo download and sign up for the service to enjoy various makes and models. As per the location, a few options such as rent makes and models, etc will vary. The Turo APK has a network of local hosts in countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK.

2. Filter delivery options and vehicle features

Turo app review

Renting a car on the Turo app is super convenient. You can filter if you want the car to get delivered to you, or you want to pick it up yourself from the location. Moreover, with filters, you can narrow down the list of the cars with features that you need specifically. In short, enhance the experience by choosing the exact vehicle you need.

3. Pick your favorite car from 800+ models

Turo app review

Turo is known as the Airbnb for cars app for its features such as this one. The app has a car for almost every taste. All you need to do is to pick your favorite model and year for the car, along with the timeline for which you want to rent it. Choose the pick and return location and get your car at the time of your choice.

4. Contact host from the app easily

Turo app review

Even if you are not able to check the status of your car on the app, you can directly connect with the host to locate it. This feature certainly helps Turo reviews in gaining some positive ratings as status is the most important concern users feel about any service.

5. Share your car and earn cash

earn cash

Got a car that you do not have much use for? Well, just sign up for the Turo app and earn some money out of it. Car-sharing apps like Turo can help you in making up to $1,000 a month. Therefore, you can always list it on the app. However, read terms before you sign it up as there are a few criteria that should be qualified for a car to get listed. Turo also offers liability insurance of up to $750,000 for each trip your car takes.

Pro and Cons of the Turo app

Moving forward, we are taking the Pros and Cons of this car rental app to use the information as the basis for reviewing the Turo app. Let’s have a look!

Pros of Turo mobile app

  • Available in 56+ countries
  • Useful for making money through vehicles
  • Active customer support is always available
  • Huge range of car models available
  • Rating and review system is available too

Cons of Turo mobile app

  • GPS running in the background drains the battery faster
  • Less transparency is there
  • Charges around 15 to 40 percent for each booking depending on the protection plans

Other information for the Turo app

information for the Turo app

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.8
Navigation- 4.7
UI/UX- 4.6
Security- 4.8

Final thoughts on the Turo car rental app

To conclude, we can say Turo is a decent app that can lead the rental automotive industry if it is not leading already. With an easy and visually stunning UI, the app offers useful features. Apart from that, this Turo review also allowed us to explore its market coverage and that proves that Turo has a good amount of trust from users as well. 

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