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Parkmobile App: The Smart Parking Solution

Best metered parking app making finding and paying for your spot easy and hassle-free.

Updated on April 26, 2022
Parkmobile App: The Smart Parking Solution

When you are on the go, finding a parking spot is always changing. Majority of the cities around the world have limited parking spaces and much more traffic to fill it. The result is high parking traffic and constant hassle to find a safe stop every time you are out. High rates of parking push you to visit the parking meter, again and again, to exceed your time wherever you take more than you expected. All this is a primitive approach to a modern problem, to say the least. But there is a modern solution which will make finding a spot wherever you go and paying for it, an easy task. Parkmobile app brings holistic solutions to all your parking problems and them some.

Parkmobile app is a modern take on solving the parking issues faced in all major cities of the world. This parking mobile app combines technology with an understanding of parking needs and offers easy ways to find a spot at the best price wherever you are. This contactless system enables users to pay by app parking for the time they have used their assigned spot. An efficient street parking app, it will get you perfect parking every time you are out and anywhere you are. 

One of the best pay by app parking solutions available today, Parkmobile app allows any driver to divert the expense of their parking to their online paying method or credit card. Founded in 2008 by ParkMobile USA’s CEO Jon Ziglar, it has already become a trusted metered parking app for more than 18 million users. The company has been backed by three primary investors and has garnered an investment of over USD 6.3 million. It has received favourable public reviews and fanbase for helping people easily find and pay for their parking spaces. In this Parkmobile app review, we will discuss all this amazing app has to offer.

Parkmobile find parking solutions take care of all your parking concern

Parkmobile app was created with a vision of solving all the parking issues faced by major cities around the world. It comes with a bunch of features which will completely transform your parking experience. Take a  look at some of the solutions Parkmobile offers to its users. 

Parkmobile find parking

Skip the meters and pay from your smartphone

Parking mobile apps allow users to pay for parking meters online easily through their smartphones. Just park the car at the desired spot and pay through the Parkmobile app. Users can use their online paying methods or directly pay from their credit cards. 

Extend parking time in easy steps

Use this amazing on-street parking app to extend your parking time without running back to the meter. Use the Parkmobile app to extend your time and pay only for the time you use parking for.

Get alerts for before parking time is over

Using Parkmobile app will make your parking hassle-free by alerting you before your time runs out. Use your app to extend your parking time from wherever you are.

More than 3,000 locations across 350 cities

Find street parking app connects you to more than 3,000 thousand locations across 350 cities in North America including York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Universities, malls, office complexes to streets, find parking everywhere.

Reserve parking ahead of time

Best street parking app allows you to reserve a parking spot in advance. Use this amazing feature to get the best parking spots during crowded events and big venues.

Found a good spot? Mark it for later

Parkmobile allows you to mark your favourite parking spots in the app. If you find a convenient spot which suits your needs better than other spots, you can mark it for the next visit, book it in advance and also set directions to find it.

Find your car in huge parking lots

It's easy to forget where you parked your car, especially if the parking is big and every spot in the parking lot looks the same. You can use the Parkmobile app to find your car in the parking lot. The map in the app will guide you toward your car and tell you exactly where you have parked it.

How does Parkmobile app work?

There are three ways of parking you can opt for through this find street parking app.

Step 1: Go to the app store or google play store for Parkmobile app download and sign in,
Step 2: Choose one of the following

  • Park now - Use this feature when you have found a good spot for parking and want to use it then only. Select the time you are going to spend and start the session.
  • Reserve Parking - Use Parkmobile street parking app to reserve a parking spot when you drive to the city. Select the area you are going to and choose a garage near to your destination. Follow the instruction and confirm page to redeem at the parking. 
  • Event Parking - Use this feature before attending a concert or sporting event. Select preferred garage and chose from special features like oversized space, open or covered parking, etc.

Parkmobile app review

Hits and Strikes


  • Save favourite spots for next time
  • Add up to 5 cars in your account
  • Use find my car feature
  • Customise notifications
  • Use parking available feature to find the best spots
  • Use multiple payment methods like PayPal, VisaCheckout, MasterPass, ChasePay and most major credit cards to pay for your parking.


  • Some glitches
  • Available in major North American cities only

MAD rates -  3.9

Design - 4.0
Usability - 4.2
Features - 3.8
Reliability - 3.6


Parkmobile App is arguably the best parking meter app for people living in major cities of North America. It is full of features which come very handy while looking for parking at tight spaces or during events where many people are expected to show up. The interface is well organised and usage of the maps for finding the right spot and even finding your car in the parking has been done with precision. Overall a great parking app, however, there are still a few questions regarding the major cities it is prevalent for now. Parkmobile app download numbers show how many people trust this app already. Hopefully, over time it will expand the areas it's been working and includes many more cities around the world. 

We hope this Parkmobile app review answers those questions you had about which other Parkmobile reviews were not able to answer. MobileAppDaily aims to promote the best apps which offer amazing solutions to everyday problems. You can also get your app reviewed by us and get a connected and whole new audience.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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