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Best Ride Sharing Apps To Make Your Commute A Breeze

Guide on top ride sharing apps that every travel junkie needs to read! Ride Sharing Apps To Make Your Commute A Breeze

Today, everybody is in a hurry and doesn't have time to pay heed to even their personal priorities. In these times, owning a car definitely is an arduous task. As per International Energy Association report, it is projected there will be around 1.7 billion cars on the road by 2035, the rest you can imagine.

So in order to get rid of all these hassles, you can simply shift on to carpooling or ride sharing apps, which will even cater to you with different options like sedans and SUVs.

In simple words, the ride sharing service can be defined as an arrangement between a vehicle owner and an individual who provides a pickup location with their desired destination through an app or website, for a fee.

Ride Sharing App

Benefits of Ride Sharing Apps

There are many reasons why carpooling and ride sharing mobile apps are considered a better alternative for driving over a personal vehicle. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ride sharing or carpooling apps are cost-efficient.
  • Using ride sharing/carpooling applications is a much more convenient option.
  • These services are considered to be more eco-friendly.  

Not all ride sharing services are the same, some vouch for their ride safety, and some flaunt their ride services, and then there are some brands that focus on the cost factor.

List of Best Ride Sharing Apps

To help you in making a better decision, we have come up with a roundup of top ride sharing apps that will make your ride smooth:


Uber is the most popular ride sharing app that can be availed 24/7. With its reliability and popularity, Uber has increased its footsteps in over 630 cities across the globe and has a pool of over 7 million drivers.

For user convenience, Uber offers multiple payment options like credit, Android Pay, PayPal, and even cash in selected cities. Also, Uber pricing is highly competitive and there are low-fare options a certain period during the day, which makes it a user favorite.

The working of Uber is simple, the first step is to open the Uber application and then enter the desired destination. Then the app will match you with the nearest driver by sharing your location. Once matched, you will receive driver’s details along with the ETA and live location. The image below describes the steps effectively.

Ride Sharing App

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.


Considering the ridership volume, Lyft is the second-largest carpooling service currently available. Lyft has its presence in over 300 US cities like NY city, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more. This ride sharing service also has its international presence in cities like Ottawa and Toronto.

The vehicles that it offers ranges from mid-sized Lyft autos to larger Lyft Plus cars. And to make the commuters life easier, Lyft allows demand-based pricing during the peak hours along with a carpooling service known as Lyft Line. This ride sharing app also offers the user to go for a self-driving car as well.

The working of a Lyft application is similar to that of Uber, the initial step includes opening the app on your smartphone. The next step is to request a ride by entering your location detail. After being matched with the driver, you can track the real-time location or contact the driver to get current updates about his location.

For safety purposes, Lyft employs a thorough background check-up for all the Lyft drivers, including DMV checks. After getting the license to be on the road, the drivers with the highest rating are only allowed. And on the top of it, Lyft also provides $1M liability insurance.

Ride Sharing App

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.


Gett was formerly known as GetTaxi and is an Israel-based ride share app. Gett caters to over 100 cities across Europe, including London, Moscow, Tel Aviv whereas in the USA, it only covers New York through its partner company, Juno. Both these companies have chalked out their plans on expanding services in other parts of the world too.

Due to its user base, Gett is often compared to other ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft. It covers 120 global cities while having edge over other similar services. It’s mainly because of the company’s pricing policies as they don’t charge the customers more even during busy hours.

Also, Gett’s payment procedure for drivers is somewhat different from what other companies comply. The ride sharing service pays competitively on an hourly basis to the drivers.

Ride Sharing App

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.


Juno is relatively new to the ride sharing industry and mainly focuses on minimizing the burden of its drivers. Right from compensation to working hours, the company takes care of it all. As compared to Uber, Juno only charges 10 percent of commission from the drivers, whereas, Uber charges 30 percent.

Going by Gett’s footsteps, Juno also focuses on driver’s convenience and follows “After all, a happy driver means a happy rider.”

Juno was kick-started by Talmon Marco in 2016 and came under the hood of Gett in 2017. Being jumping into this, Talmon Marco owned Viber app and then sold it for around $1 billion. In 2016, the company started its fleet service in New York. Presently, the company has about 30,000 active drivers in New York City.

Ride Sharing App

Once the user is ready to book the cab, Juno pops up with an estimated fare, ETA, and connect the user with the nearest cab. As per the ride sharing app claims, the estimated time for the cab arrival is less than 4 minutes. Juno accepts payments from credit card and Android Pay.

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.


CURB ride sharing service function same as any other similar service, but the option to book the cab in advance gives it an edge over others. Yes, with CURB, the user can schedule pickups for the next 24 hours in limited cities for a fee of $2. On top of that, it never adds the surged price in the final bill.

CURB was acquired by Verifone Systems, a company that deals in providing technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services. The ride sharing service has over 50,000 fleets of taxis in 65 US cities like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more.

Additionally, the passenger has the comfort of backseat monitor for entertainment and running tally of the fare. With it, the passenger can even look out for nearby restaurant and reserve the tables accordingly.

Ride Sharing App

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.


The peer-to-peer transportation network company started-off with transportation service from airports and later moved on to ride sharing service in other parts of the cities as well. As of now, Wingz has its reach in 16 metro areas and 22 airports.

Going one step further, the ride sharing app lets the passenger book a ride from the airport up to two months in advance and to be a trustworthy company, Wingz doesn’t apply any hidden fee or surcharges.

Moreover, the passenger can pick the driver of his own choice and going forward; the company promises to cut down on fares which makes it less expensive than a taxi or limo.

Ride Sharing App

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.

Top Carpooling and Ride Sharing Apps

Apart from the above-mentioned ride sharing mobile applications, there are some companies that offer both services i.e. carpooling and ride sharing. Here are some of those applications that give you the best of both worlds:

1. VIA

Via is the first ride sharing service under this list. The company was co-founded by Daniel Ramot, a Stanford neuroscience Ph.D. and with all his intelligence, Daniel added a “logistics engine” that try to fill all seats of the cars that are headed toward popular destinations.

The ride sharing service doesn’t cover all the areas of the cities; it has its own set routes, and once the passenger set his destination,  Via tries to drop the passenger at the nearest drop location.

To make up for its route pattern, Via operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is present in Chicago, New York, and Washington.

To tap more user base in New York, Via has partnered with Curb to offer carpooling service in yellow cabs, which significantly brings down the fare and reduces car emission as well.

Ride Sharing App

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.


Bridj is an on-demand application for public transport, which was started in Boston. The ride sharing app was floated by Gabe Klein, the Chicago, and Washington, D.C. transportation department head. Later in October 2017, it was acquired by Australia-based Transit System.

It engages a technology that clubs all the travelers who are headed for the same journey path. And this helps in reducing the travel time of all the passengers. The cost of the one-way journey is around $3.10, which makes it an affordable pick.

Interestingly, unlike all other ride sharing services, Bridj operates a fleet of 14-seat luxury shuttles with Wi-Fi and leather seating. Due to its comfort and all the facilities like access to onboard WiFi, the Bridj buses are usually compared Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Ride Sharing App

To know more about this app, visit their website HERE.

So, these were the best carpooling and ride sharing apps that one can avail while traveling from one place to another. All these services are not available everywhere but mostly the US region is being covered by them. And you are trying to experience with any of these ride sharing services, first ensure that the service is available in your area.

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