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Pilot Flying J : Make Your Trip Memorable

Thanks to the Pilot Flying J app, you can now plan trips according to the availability of amenities of an area.

Updated on November 21, 2019
Pilot Flying J : Make Your Trip Memorable

In today’s world, everything is on fingertips, and the credit for this utter convenience goes to the ever-evolving mobile devices. Right from making online payments to tracking the location of our loved ones, smartphone apps can do it all, with much ease. But still, there are things that some apps can’t help you with.
For instance, while you are out for a drive or on a road trip, it’s difficult to plan where to stop that has fuel, clean restrooms and all the food, snacks and items you need. 

 Howbeit, we have got an app called “Pilot Flying J” that can be a companion for tasks like finding that perfect all-in-one stop to get fuel and save money on items for the road with exclusive offers. For professional drivers and RVers, the app can even help you find the locations that have the amenities and services you need, such as diesel lanes, parking and even reserving a shower.  
The name of this travel app may sound like it rallies around the aircraft pilots, but in reality, it’s a piece of good fortune for all the road travelers in North America.
If you are one of those individuals who love to stay on the wheels, you better check this app out.

From Where Did the Pilot Flying J App Crop Up?

The Pilot Flying J app was re-launched in April 2019. Prior to the re-launch, users rated the app with an average star of 2.7, which, of course, isn’t crackerjack for any app owner.
The team behind the app realized the app needed to be more intuitive and personalized to the drivers’ needs and shifted to the utility model. And guess what, it changed the dynamics of the app. The app’s average star jumped to 4.7, with more than 32,000 users sharing their opinions.
Pilot Flying J has embraced technology and continued to add more travel centers with great amenities to serve more than 1.6 million guests a day.

About the Pilot Flying J App

The app takes care of the pain points that professional drivers, auto travelers, and RVers face while on the road. Users can easily locate facilities that have the fuel, food or even repairs (if you’re a pro driver) they need. On top of it, the app itself recommends amenities to the user based upon favorite preferences and location, along with information on fuel price, fast food options, services and parking.
To put it simply, the app is crafted to simplify the journey on the road by saving drivers time and money. 

When the user logs in into the app, he’s presented with a set of options to self-select their driver profile. The options include:

  • Professional driver
  • Auto traveler
  • RVer (a user of a recreational vehicle)

On selecting the option, the app customizes the home screen and the features as per the need of the driver. To personalize the services further, the app takes other vital factors into considerations like the geographic location, preferred stops, and amenities.

Notable Features of the Pilot Flying J App

When the app is used at the Pilot and Flying J locations, it automatically renders services like a 3-cent gas or auto diesel discount, savings on favorite food items and drinks with offers, and more. The Pilot Flying J app comes with a wide array of features that can really smoothen up the journey of the drivers.
The following are the striking features of the Pilot Flying J app:

  • Location Selection: All users can plan routes, considering the fuel, supplies, and amenities needed to travel. Users can even filter the destination based upon the fuel type, food offerings, amenities, parking availability, and more.
  • Profile Overview: The app stores the digital receipts of all the transactions for 18 months.
  • Shower Reservations: Professional drivers can reserve showers once they reach a location to avoid waiting in line. In case the shower is busy, the user is notified in the app when a shower is ready.
  • Parking: For professional truck drivers, the app provides the number of parking spaces at each location and allows for parking reservations through Prime Parking. At select locations, real-time parking information is also available through Live Parking. 
  • Mobile Fueling: Professional drivers can save time at the pump by pre-authorizing their diesel transactions with mobile fueling. 
  • Offers: Daily, weekly and monthly offers help drivers save money while on the road with deals on popular food, drinks, and other items. Save the offer and scan the app or myRewards card at the time of purchase to automatically receive the discount.

 All these features are integrated into the app keeping in mind all the things drivers need during their travels.. 

NOTE: The Live Parking information feature is currently available at locations along the I-5 corridor and in Knoxville.

Reward Program of Pilot Flying J App

The more, the merrier. If you are pleased with the above-mentioned features, here are some more perks.
Pilot Flying J app has a bonus program named as myRewards. Professional drivers that are myRewards members earn points and credits whenever they purchase diesel fuel from any of Pilot or Flying J’s locations. The earned points can be redeemed immediately for a variety of items and services. Auto drivers that are myRewards members save with 3 cents off per gallon. All myRewards members get every tenth cup of the ‘best coffee on the interstate’ free and have access to save more with offers in the app. Users can track their myRewards balance/savings and redeem for discounts at checkout.
You say it, and the app has it. Be it the discounted food, fuel, shower reservations, repair shops, or anything else that is required during the travel; the app can help you with it all. 

MAD Verdict

Who doesn’t want to save time and money? Except for some, most of us can’t afford to pay frivolously. And with an app like Pilot Flying J, you have all the reasons to head out to new destinations often without having to worry about where to stop.

To us, it’s a travel app that has to be on our smartphones because you never know when you have to travel. 

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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