10 Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android
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10 Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android To Add Rhythm To Your Life

Whether you need a beat to run on or discover new artists, these 10 best Music Downloader apps for Android can find you the best song

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Medicine may heal your body but Music will heal your mind. It serves a different purpose to different people at different periods of time. From singing in the shower to sobbing over a breakup, Music is an essential commodity. The problem, however, arises when Android users want to access this commodity on their Android devices. Ever since DMCA & other copyright elements stopped their flow of music to earn some money, people have taken refuge in illegal downloads on their Android devices. The price for this free music comes with annoying pop-up ads and virus on your device. But why suffer through all that when you can download music from these free Legal Music Downloader apps.

Here’s a list of 10 best free Music Downloader apps for Android users


Music Maniac

Rated highly on the Play Store, the music app provides an access to millions of FREE high-quality music tracks from the public search engine. Since you can download them directly to your Android device, you can listen to them even offline. The only limitation to this free music downloader app for Android devices is that since its database includes only those songs that are licensed as “free to use”, sometimes you may not find the particular song you’re looking for. Besides that, it's a good Android mobile app for music buffs and the quality of the MP3s is also pretty good.

9.MixerBox Lite

Loved by More than 80 million music lovers worldwide and rated a 5-star by Over 300K users, MixerBox Lite is the best free music streaming app for Android users. Yes, the app doesn’t support downloads but who wants to struggle with storage space and downloads, when you can stream millions of songs anytime, anywhere for free.

8.Music Download Paradise

music download paradise

This free music downloader app is the best free music app for Android devices, if you’re looking to download copyleft MP3 files. In fact, the app doesn’t limit itself to music, everything from sound effects to ringtones and other short clips, you can download it all on Music Download Paradise. The app has a simple interface that consists of a search function and a library where you can store the music you download. But unlike many free music downloader apps, this music app actually works.


Think of iTube as a less fancy version of Spotify. You need internet to download a song but you can listen to it even offline. The free music downloader app for Android devices has no in-app purchases or hidden charges. Just like iTunes, the app has a section in which you can see the top 100, and different genres. The UI of the app still needs minor improvement but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a favorite on Google Play Store.

6.4 Shared

4 shared

Although designed as a file sharing and backup service app, 4 Shared allows you to search files uploaded by other app users. This data also includes thousands of MP3’s and songs uploaded by its users, making it an alternative music downloader app for Android users. To download any song from the app’s data, simply search for the song with its artist name, select the audio music you want to save from the search results, and then tap on the “Download” button.

5.MIUI Music Player

This official music player from Xiaomi is by far one of the best free music streaming apps for Android users, I’ve come across. Not only does it allow you to stream free music, but also lets you play any song you have on your device. The free music app also offers an incorporated radio that lets you stream music  24 hours a day. Simply browse its FM tab and access more than a dozen different stations with music for all tastes. Its clear and elegant interface makes this a well balanced free music streaming app for Android devices.



This free music app gives you an access to more than 15 million tracks, with genres spanning from billboard hits to obscure reggae rhythms. Its impressive UI brings desktop efficiency to mobile, offering albums, top tracks and the option to start playing the artist's radio station. The music app adopts a freemium approach with one-month free trial and also offer online downloads. Overall, its one of the best investments for a free music app for Android users.


Featured in the New York Times, LA Times, TIME Magazine, Rachael Ray Show and The Today Show (twice!), RockMyRun is not only one of the best free music apps for Android devices but also a great fitness app. The Mixes build in this music app are based on a BPM (beats per minute) that drives the music tempo of mixes and playlists to match your steps or goal cadence. The best part the app offers a one-month free trial and then offers a 45 min limited access. Nevertheless, its innovative UI makes it one of the best free music downloader app for Android users out there.



This free music downloader app for Android devices is a great source to discover new music and artists that you may not have heard. The choices are infinite but are also sorted into most popular, most downloads, most played, the latest releases of the free music downloads, and editor-curated lists. You can even hunt for a particular artist and download their music if it's available there. Since all the available music falls under Creative Commons license under which artists have agreed to give out their music for free to you, the music app is completely legal and free.

And, NOW! The best one…..*drumrolls

1.Internet Archive's Audio Library

Not only does Internet Archive's Audio Library hosts millions of results for free downloads of music and Live Music Archive, it can be your go-to app for audio files, podcasts and radio programs. You can search your desired file by the category of the creator, most viewed items, title or by the date it was published. Boasting of artists like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Grateful Dead, 311, and Smashing Pumpkins, the free music app gives an access to all kinds of artists with free music downloads for Android users.

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