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Creating and promoting video content is the need of the hour for any business. Video marketing is becoming a popular marketing strategy in the current digital ecosystem. Whether you’re handling your client’s business or growing your own brand, video marketing can significantly increase volume sales, enhance brand visibility, and help in building a prominent digital foothold.

Remember, the most informative video worldwide will not grab any attention if it’s not accompanied by the right visual background or style. Color, acoustics, location, and lighting play an important role whether you’re shooting commercials,  music videos, or corporate promotional videos. In the current landscape, you need to make your video production aesthetic as well as informational.

When it comes to video editing, the entire process can be very time-consuming and still render sub-optimal results. Apart from long hours, the process involves tools and resources that directly affect the marketing budget. This is where Unscreen comes into action. Let’s learn more about this amazing tool in detail.

What is Unscreen?

Unscreen is an online platform that allows its users to edit videos like a professional. The tool enables users to record anywhere and remove the background with ease. With Unscreen video background remover, users can simply remove the background without using sophisticated techniques like chroma-keying and greenscreens. 

Unscreen users do not need to select colors, pick pixels, move paths, or paint masks as the software recognizes and analyzes the videos automatically to generate high-quality results. The accuracy of this video background remover app is top-notch and saves ample time for end-users. Adding on, one can easily download the final processed files as animated GIF, PNG, or zip files.

Users can upload any format of videos like MOV, MP4, WEBM., GIF, or OGG video files provided the browser of the user supports it. The application does not have any maximum file resolution or size bar, however, the results might not be highly efficient on devices with small hardware resources. Additionally, such devices will experience a slow processing speed.

No wonder, it’s an amazing tool. To know it better, let’s proceed further and dive into its individual features.

Features of UnScreen

With the aim to make you familiar with Unscreen video and photo background remover, we will list down the features of this one of the best tools for video editors and then proceed to discuss the pros and cons of this video background changer online tool.

1. 100% Automatic

unscreen photo

Unscreen video and photo background remover tool is designed with state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the tool works 100% automatically without a single click. You need not manually pick pixels for hours, select the right colors, paint masks to make them aesthetically pleasing or move paths from your video or photo. This one of the best video background remover online tools analyzes the type of video automatically and generates a high-quality rendered video. All you need to do is upload the clip, and the rest of everything is executed by Unscreen photo and media background remover.

2. 3rd-party integrations

video background changer

With Unscreen, remove video background and import to other tools in a jiffy as it supports third-party integrations. Unscreen offers a pro plugin for Adobe premiere pro & After Effects. Users can install the plugin, process the video with Unscreen Pro, and import Unscreen Pro Bundle button to upload the zip file to your video editing software seamlessly. Users can also install the Unscreen Pro mod apk, which is easily available on the web, or get the plugin from the official website of Unscreen.

3. No watermark

unscreen pro mod apk

unscreen video

Several video BG software in the market offer the same executed results, however, what makes Unscreen a top choice among them is the no watermark feature. Unscreen GIF background remover software does not add a watermark to the processed videos. The video content you uploaded will only have a transparent background after the processing. You can add any background without showcasing the branding of the tool. It is the USP of Unscreen photo and video background remover software.

4. Supports different formats

Unscreen allows users to remove GIF backgrounds without any hassle. The GIF background remover tool supports different formats of videos. For instance, users can upload videos in MP4, WebM, Ogg, Ogv, MOV, and GIF. The different format support saves time for end-users as they need not change the format every time they need to remove the background from any video.

5. GDPR-compliant

The usability of the app is amazing and is well-acknowledged by users worldwide. Additionally, with an increased number of users, data security is highly necessary. Unscreen is a GDPR-compliant tool that secures and handles every user's personal data as defined in the law. Unscreen was designed in a way that follows the four major principles of GDPR- Accuracy, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality, and accountability.

6. HD resolution

unscreen gif

Unscreen offers an HD resolution to all the videos processed. A video resolution of up to 1080p allows for high-accuracy results and professional use. This is more than 10 times more pixels than the results produced in a 360p video. Additionally, while processing the video, framerate settings and audio tracks are preserved, making it one of the finest video background remover applications. 

Pros and Cons of the Unscreen video background remover online

Until now, Unscreen has proven itself as a highly useful tool for video creators in the market. However, we must explore any associated cons with it. But before that, let’s explore the pros of this video background remover app and then move ahead with its cons as well if there are any.

Pros of Unscreen photo background remover

  • Multiple supported formats
  • High-quality processing
  • Freemium model
  • Quick video upload
  • API + Plugins supported

Cons of Unscreen photo background remover

  • Video processing gets slow depending on the device hardware configuration
  • How to use can be explained better for first time users

Wrapping Up!

We hope you liked the information shared about the product in this article. This was all that we had to discuss regarding the best collection of video background changer online free tools. The software is user-friendly, and anyone with basic digital device knowledge can use the tool to edit videos like a pro. Additionally, the software does not include any advertisements, so using it without distractions is a boon.

If you are a developer and liked this Unscreen review, you can get your product reviewed by MobileAppDaily experts to know and get in-depth feedback like this. It will be helpful for you in improving your product’s quality further.

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