Canva Magic Write- Draft content with pens & pixel

Explore the magic of Canva Write from idea to publication!

Updated on October 06, 2023
Canva Magic Write- Draft content with pens & pixel

Content can make or break your marketing campaign! Coming up with the right words, drafting engaging paragraphs, and ensuring that your message is clear and resonates with your audience can be extremely challenging. This is where AI writing apps come in handy. 

Canva, the Australian tool design juggernaut has rode the popular wave of AI writing by introducing its new tool Magic Write. This tool is introduced as the star feature of Canva Docs and is set to revolutionize the way we work with its advanced capabilities. 

The Canva Magic Write is based on GPT 3 and is a product of a partnership between Canva and OpenAI. This tool is designed to bring the power-packed AI technology to a wider audience. But, does it really have the potential to spark a writing revolution? Let’s find out in our Canva Magic tool review. 


What is Canva Magic Write?

Canva Magic Write is an AI-backed writing assistant that allows users to draft engaging content quickly. The Canva AI writer can generate sentences, lists, paragraphs, content outlines, and do a lot more based on the users’ prompts. 

With Magic Write in Canva Docs, users can break through writer’s block and get creative ideas instantly. It is a great tool for professional writers, students, tutors, or hobbyists. This tool can also help marketers to generate engaging content for different social media platforms

Unlike other AI writing generator apps, Canva Magic Write has no paywall or hefty subscription plans and can be easily accessed by all. Canva has positioned Magic Write as a special tool that can help users overcome writer’s block and generate unique ideas by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

canva magic write

How to use Canva AI Writer tool?

Magic Write is a part of Canva’s vast Visual Suite. This tool can be found within Canva Docs, a dedicated document creator for users. Similar to some of the best AI copywriting tools, Magic Write is extremely easy to use. 

 Follow the below-mentioned steps for finding and using the Canva magic writing feature. 

Step 1 - Open Canva on your smartphone or PC. Click on the Design Spotlight option on the home screen.

magic write canva

Step 2 - Next, click on ‘Docs’ and select the ‘Create a Doc’ option. 

canva magic writer

Step 3 - You will now see an ‘Add Magic’ option. Click on that and select ‘Magic Write’. 

magic writer canva

Following these and using Canva Docs Magic Write is extremely easy. Magic Write Canva is among the best AI writing tools that can save a lot of your time and effort. 

What do we like about this AI content writer?

There are multiple Artificial Intelligence writing tools available in the market, but none of them matches the popularity of Canva Magic Write. So, what makes it different from others? Let’s discuss some of the best writing features offered by this tool for its users. 

1. Brainstorm ideas and generate content 

One of the primary features facilitated by this AI text generator tool is that it lets you brainstorm fresh ideas within seconds. With its advanced AI technology and powerful idea-generation capabilities, Magic Write Canva can complete tasks quickly and effectively. 

You can generate authentic content on any possible topic quickly. This can significantly increase your productivity. In addition to this, Magic Write also helps writers and professionals to come up with fresh ideas for their writings. 

canva magic tool

2. Customization options

The best part of using an AI tool for writing is the availability of a variety of customization options. The tool allows users to create content as per their requirements and preferences. You can tailor content based on different tones, styles, styles, and other factors. 

This AI content generator also enables you to customize the length of your content as per your requirements. The magic writer Canva is a perfect tool for marketers who are looking to customize social media content to suit their brand’s voice and mission. 

3. Content Research

The Canva Magic tool takes all the excess time required for researching content from different sources. The advanced AI capabilities can scan through predefined data sets and offer the most accurate information on the topic. 

An AI article writer can summarize all the facts and information quickly, offering a well-drafted piece in no time. 

4. Predefined content templates 

Canva Magic Writing tool offers a huge variety of templates that can be used readily for any kind of content. These templates can be used to write articles, stories, news, and more. Predefined templates allow users to do all their tasks quickly and more efficiently. Templates can also be used for offering a firm structure to your content. 

canva ai writing

5. Seamless integration

The Canva Magic tool blends seamlessly with other editing tools offered by Canva. The Magic Write along with Canva’s design platform and photo editor provides a collaborative platform for professionals as well as hobbyists. 

As per the Canva AI writer review, this tool can help writers easily incorporate graphics and visuals into their writings. Infographics ensure that all your content is more engaging, and appealing, and is able to attract more readers. 

Canva Magic Write V.S. ChatGPT - What are the key differences?

ChatGPT has emerged as a pioneer in embracing the latest AI technology for generating informative and creative content. The Magic Write tool and ChatGPT offer similar functionality but can still be differentiated from one another based on the following parameters. 

Basis Canva Magic Write ChatGPT
Content Research Many users believe that Canva offers content based on older data. The content offered by ChatGPT is only updated till 2021.
Information Canva only offers to-the-point information about a given topic. ChatGPT can offer additional information based on its research and knowledge of the topic.
Availability Available as a web app and can also be accessed with Canva’s mobile app. Only available as a web app for users.
Subscriptions Magic Write Canva can be accessed completely with a premium subscription only. Users can enjoy basic features with the free version or opt for a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
Pricing Premium starts from $12.99 per month. ChatGPT Plus subscription starts from $20 per month.

What can Canva Magic Write be used for?

Canva’s Magic Write is more than just an AI content writer tool. While reviewing this AI tool for writing, we used it for multiple purposes to check its full potential. Apart from using it for quick brainstorming sessions, and as an essay generator tool,  Canva AI writing can be used for tons of other purposes as well. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Draft your content 

From a fictional story to an informative blog post, the Canva AI writing tool can be used for anything. It is the best content curation tool that helps writers to easily prepare a draft with appropriate graphics and well-researched content. With predefined templates, drafting content is extremely easy and quick.

canva magic

2. Writing an e-mail

E-mails can be complicated to write and Canva Magic Write can simplify the job for you. With ready-to-use templates, business professionals can easily draft an e-mail for different purposes. All that you need to do is add a prompt and wait for AI to do the job. Magic Write can quickly generate an e-mail, saving you time and energy. 

3. Generate lists

Based on prompts, Canva Magic Writer can generate lists of different kinds. AI technology can be used to create a list of the best 10 items, a pros and cons list, and more. The data might not be updated, but Magic Write Canva can definitely save a lot of your time. 

4. Social media posts and descriptions 

Social media creators and marketers are required to create updated content for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more. By integrating appropriate keywords, the Canva AI writer can create engaging content in no time. 

canva ai writer

5. Summarizing content 

The Magic Writer can be used for summarizing long content and articles. You can easily reword the paragraphs and create unique content based on that. This tool can be extremely useful for professionals who are always on a time crunch and are looking for ways to improve their productivity. 

6. Other uses

Canva Magic Writer can be used for other purposes like - 

  • Product descriptions
  • Generate titles 
  • Researching information
  • Drafting Resume and CVs
  • Marketing campaigns and more

Price and Subscription Plans for Canva AI Writer

The Canva Magic Writer can be used for free with certain restrictions. If you are looking to try out the features of Canva Write and Design, we suggest you opt for the free plan. Additionally, you can also opt for paid plans. 

Canva Plans Price
Canva Free (use all basic features and designs) $0
Canva Pro (suitable for individual users) $119.99/ year
Canva for Teams (features of Canva Pro for teams) $149.90/ year

Pros & Cons of Canva Magic Write

Pros Cons
Write and prepare presentations with graphics. Limited use of the Magic Write tool for non-subscribers.
Extremely intuitive and simple-to-use interface for beginners. It has the potential to generate misleading and false information.
Offers a variety of ready-to-use templates and designs. An overwhelming number of graphics and templates can confuse users.
Supports multiple team collaboration features for efficient working. Canva’s mobile app can be difficult to use. It does not work well with low-end devices.
Comes with an additional content planner option to arrange all your work systematically.  

MAD Ratings - 

Design - 4.0
Usability - 4.3
Features - 4.3
Reliability - 3.9

What do our tech reviewers say about Canva Magic Write?

As per our expert reviews, Canva AI Writer has surely made a lot of headway when it comes to employing AI for all creative tasks. It is an impressive platform that offers a combination of editing, designing, and writing tools for all users. We definitely recommend you try out this tool for your next writing project. 

With its revolutionizing technology and a comprehensive suite of tools, Canva Magic Write can help professionals and hobbyists craft unique content for their audience. This AI writer can do the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy. If you wish to try your hands on AI-penned perfection, Canva Magic Write is the perfect choice for you.

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