Orbit Review: Stocks Meet Social

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Updated on July 10, 2024
Orbit Review: Stocks Meet Social

Orbit, a social investing app, is creating a buzz in the world of finance by merging social dimensions with investment tactics. After its launch in 2024, the app has managed to garner attention from a lot of learning and expert investors. But is it worth the buzz? This Orbit Review will answer that question!

Orbit is designed with the mindset of keeping investors connected with each other and in parallel, with the market as well. It keeps you in the loop with the market, but in a more personal way. 

But before we figure out how that’s working out for the app and its users, let’s have a look into the background of the Orbit app.

Background of Orbit

“We believe that the future of finance is social.” 

- Zach Shenkman, CTO and Co-Founder, Orbit

Nick Scibilia and Zach Shenkman met during their University of Florida days and together, they co-founded Orbit. Nick at the moment handles Orbit’s operations as a CEO while Zack is more focused on leading technical experts as a CTO. 

Zack has always been a programming prodigy, and his entrepreneurial family background made him a perfect blend of a leader and a tech expert. Nick, on the other hand, has been very much focused on the investing part that helped him expand his networks as well as investing knowledge.

Moving forward in their journey, both entrepreneurs co-founded the Company in 2021 and launched the app in 2024. Within a short period of time, the app started getting attention and great Orbit app reviews, especially from iOS users.

Orbit was built to deliver an experience that would be digitally safer, spam-free, and user-friendly while keeping things social. People can onboard it, discuss market dynamics, and reshape their investment decisions smartly. This gives Orbit’s users the freedom to leverage the collective wisdom of the investing community.

Let’s move forward to understand why!

Breakdown of Orbit Features

Orbit is designed to be a 360-degree guide for retail investors. Not only is it designed to ignite the sense of community-based investment decisions, but it also focuses on helping new investors have guidance from the expert ones. We will take you through the Orbit features to help you understand how it works!

1. Social Hub for Investors

Imagine a feed that behaves like social media but focuses on the investment industry. This is one of the Orbit pros you get to take advantage of. The feed keeps you in loop with fellow investors so you can discuss your investments with each other and plan smartly.

Orbit finance

2. Shuttles for Each Asset

Shuttles, a feature to focus on specific assets, upscales Orbit user experiences smartly. You can focus on a specific asset and keep a track of its progress. This allows you to stay in loop with the market dynamics of the asset you are interested in.

Shuttle uses AI making it a great alternative to AI stock trading apps in existence if you are looking for something information-specific. The tool analyzes a plethora of news outlets and curates data to show on its interface that its users might find useful.

Additionally, with fellow investors, you can discuss and make investment decisions. Therefore making it the perfect investment app for beginners as well as seasoned investors.

Orbit reviews

3. Real-time Market Data

No need to rely on the best investment apps anymore, you get all real-time market analysis on this app. The app delivers real-time market insights, news, and advanced analytics so you get everything you need for wiser and safer investments.

Orbit features

4. Portfolio Tracking

Whether you have used the crypto trading bots, or invested using Bitcoin apps, track your portfolio here. The intuitive tracker eliminates any efforts required to monitor your holdings. Invest, and then use Orbit to keep a close eye on the growth of your money.

Orbit pricing

5. Trending News and Hot Stocks

Orbit reviews are often found praising app’s ability to keep them well connected with the market. This is the feature that also contributes to that. On this screen, you get to keep an eye on stocks performing brilliantly, and you get to see the latest news. You can even follow CEOs, CTOs, and other such investment experts to keep your feed equipped with smart analysis.

Orbit security

Pros and Cons of the Orbit Social Investing App

Orbit Pros Orbit Cons
A community-driven platform for investor discussions Collects personal data such as contact info and location
Real-time market data for stocks and cryptocurrencies Still relatively new, with evolving features
Secure data practices, no selling of data to third parties Limited user base for now
Focuses on beginner and expert investors, both Requires account creation, barring casual users from testing its features

Orbit App Review | Tech Specifications

Metrics Android iOS
Version 1.0.6 1.0.6
Ratings 4.7 4.8
Size 42.44 MB 43.8 MB
OS Requires Android 6.0 or later Requires iOS 13.4 or later
Category Finance Finance

How to Use the Orbit Social Investing App

Using Orbit is easy. Once you have downloaded the app from your respective app store, you can start by registering on the app. Here are the steps you can follow -

  • To follow preferred assets, go to the Shuttles screen and pick the assets you want to follow
  • You can check the historical price graph of an asset, about the company, and other such details
  • Click on “Join the Conversation” button if you are looking forward to meet fellow people discussing your preferred asset
  • Use the Watchlist tool to monitor all of your assets by integrating your investments done on other platforms
  • The Explore screen gives you a deeper insight into the share market through Trending News

Orbit App Review by MobileAppDaily Experts

Upon an in-depth analysis of the Orbit app, MAD experts found the potential to replace mainstream investment giants in the industry. Once the network of Orbit users is large enough, it will become a great spot for all investing enthusiasts to get together and help each other. Such opportunities will lead to nothing but safer and greater financial returns for investors. 

Orbit also has a great user interface that looks like a smarter blend of social media platforms like Reddit and the best stock trading apps like Robinhood. Its features are intuitive and easy to navigate. Even if you are planning to use Shuttle for personalized asset tracking or are interested in checking out the latest news, you get to access one screen from another within seconds. 

From the perspective of Orbit security, we found that its developers have taken data sensitivity quite seriously. The app collects your name, usage data, and contact information as well. 

However, it doesn’t share the same with any third party making it a reliable option for stock trading. As the Google Play Store mentions, you can also request for the data deletion which plenty of stock investing apps are still not offering.

To summarize our opinion, we believe despite being new, Orbit can be a beacon setting standards for current and future stock market analysis tools. So, if you are looking for a stock news app that is reliable, give it a shot!

MAD Rating

Features: 4.8

Security: 4.7

Navigation: 4.9

Pricing: 5.0

What do Orbit Users Say?

Game changer

I can’t believe something like Orbit hasn’t existed sooner.. with our generation being so digital-first, it’s about time there’s a place I can go to talk about stocks & finance with my peers without having to scour through news apps, other socials filled with SO much non-finance content, etc. Definitely finding Orbit to be the app I open each mornign at market open, it’s awesome. Highly recommend.

- Brrreeezzzy, An iOS User

Works Great

Clean interface, and gets me the stock info I need. Trying to get my friends on here ASAP

- Fallinjr, An iOS User

Over the moon

The Orbit app is an excellent tool for consolidating my information and connecting with others on social media. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, and I particularly appreciate the personalized feed that keeps me updated on topics I’m interested in.

- Margb1111, An iOS User

Comparing Top Players Against Orbit

Feature Orbit Robinhood Acorns E*TRADE
Platform Focus Social Investing Trading Micro-investing Full-service trading
Key Features Community boards, real-time market data Commission-free trades, options, cryptocurrencies Automated investing, round-ups Extensive trading tools, research resources
Privacy & Security High privacy, no data selling Standard encryption Bank-level security Advanced encryption, fraud protection
User Base Investors seeking community interaction Casual to serious traders Beginners, passive investors All levels, from beginners to experienced investors
Accessibility iOS, Android iOS, Android, Web iOS, Android, Web iOS, Android, Web
Educational Resources Community-shared insights Trading tutorials, market news Investment education basics Comprehensive trading education, webinars

Wrapping Up

In wrapping up, Orbit has proven to be a standout social investing app. Launched in 2024, it quickly became a favored platform among both novice and seasoned investors. As the best app for trading crypto and the top stock news app, Orbit facilitates insightful discussions in a secure, user-centric environment. For those keen on the best crypto to buy right now or seeking the best crypto news app, Orbit offers real-time data and community insights. 

So, if you are looking forward to starting a smart investment plan that doesn’t only have the best guidance but also your full control, give this app a shot.


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  • Is my personal data safe with Orbit?
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  • What are the devices Orbit is available on?
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