UNest: Save For College

Start saving for your child’s higher education and eliminate the load of debts.

Updated on March 24, 2020
UNest: Save For College

You as a parent cannot imagine your child going through a phase where he/she cannot focus on studies because of excessive student loans they had to take to pursue their higher education. The sad part is, that there’s no way you can cut down on such costs and it will fling like a sword on you at one point of time.

But the other side is that you can start saving efficiently for your child’s future with UNest, the best app for college saving that will guide you to plan the future of your child without taking any burden to pay off loans.

The app has received recognition from renowned top-level organizations like Business Insider, The New York Times, Bankrate and so forth.

According to Forbes,

“UNest is the first mobile app designed to help parents build, manage and optimize a tax-free college fund.”

With the reviews and acclamations of such leading companies, UNest is a reliable app that can guide you in saving for the future of your kids with ease.

What is UNest App All About?

UNest app is all about saving your money and helping you lay a right and secure foundation for your child’s future by formulating college saving plans. With full accreditation, UNest is a registered financial advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

With an app like UNest you can save your money in a 529 savings plan that offers tax and financial aid benefits. Unlike other investment accounts, UNest offers advantages for qualifying education expenses.

college saving plans.

Striking Features Of UNest App

UNest takes care of all your worries that surround you while thinking about your child’s higher education. Below mentioned are the features of the UNest college saving app that can help you to plan swiftly:

  • Less Cumbersome: The app is easy to install and set up in your phone, which eliminates complexities of understanding the app;
  • Aid From Professionals: The money invested by you is taken care of by one of the largest investment managers in the U.S;
  • Tax-Free: Let your money grow in a tax-free way, while you use it for educational expenses;
  • Customize Accordingly: Set your own goals and choose the amount that is right for your child’s school with UNest’s college calculator;
  • Secure: UNest uses bank-level security with the strongest encryption that makes your investment worth it;
  • For Everyone: Open multiple accounts with UNest and start saving for each of your children in an organized way;
  • Advanced Planning: The investment manager constantly looks for the right investment plan based on your child’s age for accurate optimization.

 UNest’s smartly curated features can help you to save money for education and create a secure future for your child so that he/she can pursue fields that they are interested in without any thinking.

How to Use UNest App?

UNest has a simple interface which is not complex to use. Below mentioned are the points of how to use this college saving planner app:

  • Download and install the UNest app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Signup with your mail-id.
  • Choose a monthly plan that is right for you by using the college calculator.
  • Link your bank accounts to the app for easy transfer of money.

This money-saving app quickly understands and adapts to your requirements and formulates a plan accordingly. While you can check your investments and account details with just a tap to see how near you are to your set goal.

Why Do You Need UNest App?

In America, parents are very much concerned about the cost involved in educating their children. With college tuition fees rising exponentially each year, it is mandatory for parents to start investing in smart options for their children so that they have access to higher education in renowned colleges.

An app like UNest can help you to open a college savings account for kids and make smart investment choices with best managers working around the clock, formulating the right college saving plan for you. The app is highly flexible and allows you to open multiple accounts with different monthly plans, each customized according to your needs and requirements.

Is UNest App Free?

UNest is packed with features. However, the app is not free but ensures that it is not heavy on your pockets either.

You can open multiple accounts with the UNest app, while each account will cost you $3 per month, and the minimum investment you need to make in the app is $25 per month.

UNest App Review

MAD Verdict: UNest App Review

Money should not be a constraint to a child’s dream and accessing higher education should be everyone’s right, but unfortunately, it’s not true. Many people have to carry a hefty weight of unpaid student loan throughout their lives.

A huge concern for parents is how will they be able to admit their children to exceptional colleges that will help in polishing their child’s skill and do exceptionally well in their career ahead, but a wise decision can change the overall dynamics and help your child reach the pinnacle with strategic investments made on UNest.

UNest takes complete care of your money and gives you wise options by top managers, the flexibility of the app allows you to invest according to your budget without any taxes. Not only you as a parent can contribute to your child’s future, but other closed ones can also send your child gifts and be a part of the savings too.

UNest can be an app that will help in executing a perfect plan for the bright future of your child. Let us know in the comment section below if you liked UNest and read our detailed app reviews to know more about innovative mobile applications.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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