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Updated on June 14, 2024 Features, Pricing, and Performance

Cornix is an innovative crypto trading platform that is accessible to everyone. It is a unique crypto-trading tool that connects with multiple crypto exchanges. It is specifically designed to facilitate trading through a single platform. 

Cornix crypto trading bot is an automated trading platform that copies expert trading methods and ensures maximum returns. It is an ideal solution for traders looking for reliable, automated and simple tools to improve their trading methods and strategies. 

Cornix offers four different bots for auto trading. These include Signals Bots, DCA Bots, Grid Bots, and TradingView Bots. The platform supercharges your trading experience with the most advanced features. It is packed with a wide range of features which are suitable for all types of traders, irrespective of their experience levels. For instance, signals bots is one of its most well-known services. The platform offers the most comprehensive marketplace for both free and paid signal channels. is a prominent name in the competitive market of crypto-trading platforms. This review delves into the best features, functionalities, and other important details about the tool. Read our expert insights and evaluate how stacks up against the myriad of options available in the crypto trading landscape.


The Essentials of What is it and How is it Beneficial? is a feature-packed crypto trading tool available for all users. The platform strives to make crypto-trading accessible and easier for all. It is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading tool designed to democratize access to crypto trading for users of all levels of expertise. By emphasizing simplicity and accessibility, enables novice and experienced traders to engage with the cryptocurrency market more effectively. 

One of the standout features of is its integration capabilities. The platform supports API keys from leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and it is compatible with Discord and Telegram. This allows the Cornix automated trading bots to process trading signals and execute trades automatically. This further enables users to take advantage of market opportunities in real-time without constant manual oversight.

Furthermore, provides detailed analytics and performance reports, which are crucial for traders who need to assess the effectiveness of their strategies. This data-driven approach helps users refine their trading decisions and optimize their strategies for better outcomes.

With its advanced functionality and focus on automation, has established itself as a key player in the crypto trading sector. The platform not only simplifies the trading process but also empowers users with the tools necessary for successful crypto automation, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their trading performance in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

The Cornix trading platform is extremely simple to use and is packed with the most advanced set of features. Along with trading, the tool also enables users to manage and monitor their portfolios easily. 

Understanding the Key Features of

Cornix is the best crypto trading bot, known to support a queue of advanced features that simplify and automate Cryptocurrency trading. Let’s understand the standout Cornix features in detail. 

1. Supports Auto Trading

Cornix is best known for automating the trading of different cryptocurrencies. The platform is specifically designed to simplify trading and make it accessible to everyone. Cornix features a range of trading bots that facilitate automation. 

a. Signals bots - these bots are designed to imitate expert trading methods and techniques.

b. Grid bots - built to help traders maximize their profits with price fluctuations

c. DCA bots - help the traders regardless of any turbulence in the market

d. TradingView bots - designed to help traders use sophisticated configurations and automation for their TradingView alerts.

2. Advanced Trading Functionalities

Cornix is among the most popular crypto trading apps available for users. It is trusted by many users globally for its advanced features and tools.

a. Trading Terminal - the platform features an advanced trading terminal that lets you trade without any restrictions. Enjoy the best crypto trading experience across multiple exchanges with a single platform.

b. Trailing Orders - this functionality maximizes the user’s gains and limits losses. The user-friendly trailing features allow users to buy at the best price and sell at the highest price possible. Users can also set a default training entry based on their preferred risk level.

c. Optimized Configurations - based on the past performance analysis Cornix, presents a range of configuration options for users to choose from.

3. Enables Trade and Profile Monitoring

Along with automated crypto trading, Cornix also offers a set of features for monitoring and maintaining the profiles. 

a. Portfolio Tracking - it allows users to track the performance of their portfolio based on the current market conditions. Users can connect all their crypto exchanges and manage them through a single platform.

b. Performance Tracking - it allows traders to keep a systematic track of their investments with the help of real-time alerts. Traders can also view their trading history and statistics.

c. Market Overview - it brings the latest happenings of the market to your fingertips. Traders can view and understand the crypto market using Cornix.

4. Admin-Support Features

Cornix offers a range of admin features that can be accessed by users for free. These features further enhance the trading experience using the Cornix bot. 

a. Signal Integration - Admins can integrate the Telegram or Discord groups to enjoy automated trading with Cornix. Users can automatically trade as soon as the signal is published.

b. Protection against leaks - this feature ensures that all your trading strategies are kept safe and secured. 

c. Group Management - it allows admins to manage large groups through a dedicated interface. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons of

Pros Cons
It supports major exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, and more. It can be operated only via Telegram and Discord for signals.
Largest marketplace for signal providers.  
Offers an intuitive UI/UX for all users.  
Advanced security features to protect sensitive information.  
Offers 24/7 support for all users.  
Lets users trade without limits with the trading terminals.  

Cornix Mobile App Specifications is available on both the App Store and PlayStore. Here are the key specifications for the app.

Aspect iOS Android
OS 13.0 or later 5.0 and up
Rating 4.7 4.3
Size 55.8 MB 51.9 MB
Last Updated April 2024 April 2024
Version 1.7.69 1.7.69
Category Finance Finance Pricing- Exploring Subscription Plans

Cornix Telegram bot for crypto trading offers a variety of plans for users. Traders can select a suitable plan based on their personal requirements and preferences. Let’s have a detailed look at the Cornix pricing plans for users. Subscription Plan Price of the Plan (Annually)
1 Starter
  • 2 Active Signal Trades
  • 2 Active Signal Bots
  • 2 Active Grid Bots
  • 2 Active TradingView Bots
  • 1 Primary API Slot
$16.66 per month
2 Advanced
  • 10 Active Signal Trades
  • 5 Active Signal Bots
  • 3 Active Grid Bots
  • 3 Active TradingView Bots
  • 2 Primary API Slots
$29.99 per month
3 Premium
  • Unlimited Active Signal Trades
  • Unlimited Active Signal Bots
  • Unlimited Active Grid Bots
  • Unlimited Active TradingView Bots
  • 3 Primary API Slots
$59.99 per month
  • Users have the option to opt for monthly plans or pay annually. The annual plans are more cost-effective in the long run. Users can get 33% off on paying annually.
  • Some features that are available on plans include- Automated Trading, Mobile and Web Apps, 24/7 support, Advanced Trading Features and Terminal. 

What Do Our Experts Say About

Based on our expert analysis and review, it is safe to say that this is the most intuitive tool designed for cryptocurrency trading automation. This tool is packed with the best set of features that can support both experienced and novice traders. 

An exceptional feature that we liked about the tool is its ability to manage trade across multiple exchanges. The platform supports leading exchanges like Binance and is highly accessible. Additionally, it enables traders to follow signals from multiple Telegram groups and execute trade easily. 

Setting up and managing Crypto trading bots with Cornix is extremely simple. It is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, ensuring ease of use for beginners as well. Furthermore, the platform supports real-time notifications and offers detailed analysis for monitoring trade strategies. 

We highly recommend the Cornix trading bot for traders who seek to leverage the power of automation in their trading methods. Its advanced features present a significant advantage in the fast-paced and volatile crypto market. All in all, for traders seeking to minimize manual effort and maximize returns, stands out as a top choice. 

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.6
Navigation- 4.6
UI- 4.7
Security- 4.5

What Do The Users Say About

The Cornix mobile app and web platform are used and trusted by many traders around the world. Let’s have a look at the user reviews for this crypto bot trading platform. 

“Very convenient app
              Has a great interface and is comfortable for users. Would recommend.”      

(BBlumental, App Store Review)

“The bot is great. I use 3commas and others, too, but they do not match Cornix. There's no competition in social trading. The support is beyond amazing. Even if it were priced ten times higher, I'd still be underpaying just on the support grounds alone. Their reps, especially Enigmatix, went above and beyond all expectations in multiple instances, not only to solve my problem but also to teach me how to run the thing. Already referred many users and will keep doing the same. Sheer brilliance” 

(Valiaieva Anastasiia, PlayStore Review)

“The Cornix Bot is a very useful tool that helps you trade signals - even when you sleep. You have multiple preferences for adjusting the trade whenever needed. It comes with a very clean and clear interface. And best of all, they have a very nice customer-oriented support that can help you when you have a question. Very recommendable!”

(Stephan, PlayStore Review)

Exploring What’s Next For Users at 

The automated crypto trading platform Cornix continually strives to improve the trading experience for all its users. Advancing forward, here’s what users can expect from this platform. 

  • The platform is set to add new CEX Exchanges that can facilitate better user engagement with the digital assets. 
  • Cornix will also be supporting backtesting to help users evaluate their trade strategies effectively. 
  • can also introduce decentralized exchanges through its platform. 

How Can Traders Create and Setup Accounts with

Cornix enables users to leverage the power of automated trading by creating an account on the platform or signing in via Telegram. 

To open an account through the official website, follow the below steps. 

Step 1 - Open's official website on your device. In the top right corner, find the ‘Log in’ button and click on it. 


Step 2 - To create a new account on, click on the register button. 


Step 3 - Once done, you will now see the Cornix dashboard on your screen.

After the registration process is complete, users can now connect with preferred exchanges to trade easily. The steps post the registration are listed below for your reference. 

Step 1 - Select a desired exchange from the drop down list available on the Cornix platform.

Step 2 - Next, you can opt for a preferred trading method available on the platform. You can either opt for DCA Bot or pick a Signals Group to begin automatic trading with 

Step 3 - Once done, the platform will display different options for DCA bots and Signals Groups. Users can read and evaluate different statistics and options in order to make an informed decision about trading. 

Step 4 - Lastly, choose the exchange you wish to trade with and finalize your ‘Amount per Trade’ configuration. 

The platform also offers a 14-day free trial for all users. With this, traders can follow crypto signals manually or automatically without depositing any money into their accounts. 

Who Can Use Cornix Bot for Trading in 2024?

Cornix automated trading bots can be easily used by professionals and beginners. Cornix users can be classified into 3 main categories. 

1. Professional Signal Providers and Group Admins

Cornix can help professional traders become a crypto signal provider. It lets traders run and manage an automated crypto signal provider channel. 

2. Individual Traders

Cornix offers an advanced trading terminal for individual traders. It offers advanced tools like DCA bot, Grid bot, and others for automated trading. 

3. Beginner Crypto Investors and Users

If you are looking to get into crypto trading, Cornix is the best platform to begin with. The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it the best trading bot for beginners as well.  

Final Verdict! emerges as a strong platform for crypto traders of all skill levels, combining ease of use with powerful automated features.  Through our detailed review, it’s evident that the Cornix trading bot not only automates the trading process but also supports a wide range of trading methods. The platform's connectivity with major exchanges and ability to integrate with Telegram and Discord increase its accessibility and convenience. 

We highly recommend to anyone looking to optimize their cryptocurrency investment strategies through automated trading. Whether you're a newbie interested in learning about crypto trading or a seasoned trader looking to increase efficiency and profitability, provides a comprehensive solution that meets various trading requirements. 

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