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PosterMyWall Review- One-stop Destination for High-quality Graphics

Generate high-quality posters and videos for social media and websites!

PosterMyWall Review

Graphics play a crucial role in the marketing of a product or brand. Be it videos, presentations, or posters, small or large businesses are using graphics to frame perfect marketing campaigns. Now, those businesses that have bigger budgets often have the advantage. They can hire high-quality resources and fulfill the need for graphics to lead in the market. The question arises, what can small businesses do to have fair competition? Well, to help you in finding the answer to the same, we have prepared this in-depth PosterMyWall review.

This PosterMyWall download will assist you in finding out different features of the product. Moreover, you will also be able to figure out if this poster maker is suitable for your requirements or not. So, stay with us until the end of this blog!

History of the PosterMyWall

The PosterMyWall menu maker app was co-founded in 2009 by Ric Goell and Jaffer Haider. The one-stop graphic solution is designed to empower startups and small businesses by reducing the cost of high-quality graphics. You can use it to create a flyer for social media, websites, and more. Ric and Jaffer are still leading the team of expert employees at PosterMyWall and adding new upgrades occasionally to keep the user experience smooth as butter. 

How to use PosterMyWall?

You can use PosterMyWall on a web browser. Let’s have a look at steps that will help you in creating designs with templates included in the YouTube banner template app.

  • Step 1- Go to
  • Step 2- Move your cursor to the top right corner and stop at CREATE A DESIGN
  • Step 3- Pick first option Browse Templates
  • Step 4- Pick the type of template you need from options like Web Banners, Labels, and more
  • Step 5- You can also search and filter the type of template formats you need from Images or Videos
  • Step 6- Pick a suitable template sample that you see on the screen
  • Step 7- Hover your cursor over the sample you want to pick and click on EDIT TEMPLATE
  • Step 8- Click on CUSTOMIZE TEMPLATE option from the new button
  • Step 9- Make changes to the template like fonts, pictures, and more
  • Step 10- Once done, download it with the top right option given on the screen

Note- Basic quality is free for the image but standard and high-quality images are chargeable.

Features of the PosterMyWall download

PosterMyWall templates are designed for almost all of your needs. Apart from that, there are many other features you unlock as well as soon as you finish the  PosterMyWall login. Thus, let’s have a look at a few crucial features that you can use from this PosterMyWall free app.

1. PosterMyWall templates

PosterMyWall templates

There are more than 170,000 templates available on the PosterMyWall. You can use many of these templates for free to create graphics for more than 300 categories. Be it social media, webpages, or invitations, or create album cover makers super easily.

2. Useful for multiple platforms

Useful for multiple platforms

The best part about this poster maker is that it gives you the freedom to create templates for multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more. You can create posters and flyer templates free and download them free of charge in the basic quality. However, standard and high-quality downloads are chargeable.

3. PosterMyWall pricing

There are three types of pricing plans that you get on PosterMyWall. If you are using its services for personal use, a free plan is perfect for you. You can create thousands of graphics and use elements to add to them for free. But if you are using it to promote your business, it is advisable that you should upgrade the subscription. Let’s have a look at these premium PosterMyWall templates plans.

PosterMyWall Premium Plans

Type of plan




$9.95 USD / month

$99.95 USD / year


$29.95 USD / month

$319.95 USD / year

4. Collaborate with other team members

Collaborate with other team members

You can easily add your team members to a project by choosing the Collaborate option giving on the top right corner. To invite them, you need to have a premium subscription. The best part of this poster template inventory is that it gives you a single bill even if you have collaborated with others.

5. HD and 4K videos 

HD and 4K videos

You can create presentations and marketing videos in 4K format. However, for creating unlimited HD and 4K videos, you need the PREMIUM PLUS subscription. With the Free Plan, you have to pay $14.95 USD/ per video to export HD and 4K videos. With the PREMIUM PLAN, you get 3 credits per month. 

Pros and cons of the PosterMyWall menu maker

Even though this album cover maker is a perfect product, however, there are a few things that we might cover under cons. Let’s have a look at the pros of PosterMyWall first, and then we move to the cons.

Pros of PosterMyWall to create a flyer

  • Free thousands of templates and categories
  • High-quality downloads
  • Premium quality exports
  • You can make a flyer for free to use personally
  • Easy PosterMyWall login process

Cons of PosterMyWall free app

  • PREMIUM PLUS is quite expensive
  • UI needs work
  • Not very friendly for small devices like smartphones

MAD Rating

Features- 4.8
Navigation- 4.4
Security- 4.5
Pricing- 4.3

To conclude, this is all for the PosterMyWall review. Now, if you ask us, PosterMyWall is a tool we recommend for graphic designing needs. Hopefully, you find this PosterMyWall review useful too. Moreover, if you own a smartphone app as well and want to get your products reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily and get it done. It will help your smartphone app from a marketing perspective.

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