Batched App Review- AI-masking Tool to Edit Photos

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Updated on December 05, 2022
Batched App Review- AI-masking Tool to Edit Photos

The rising popularity of social media apps and other such creative platforms has also boosted the popularity of content modification tools like photo editing apps or video editing apps. If we only take the example of the best photo editing apps, this category of apps allows users to modify their pictures in order to bring out hidden creativity. Among such leading names in the photo editing genre, Batched is also a top key player.

The multi-photo editing app is designed to provide users with a fast, user-friendly but also smart tool to edit photos for free that can be helpful for the users to edit their pictures as quickly as possible and that too without any restrictions. Its recently launched AI Masking Tool is a smart tool that reduces the time invested in photo editing activities. The tool is focused on eliminating the time invested in selecting objects to erase. We will discuss this amazing feature in-depth under features of Batched, one of the good photo editing apps existing out there.

Furthermore, we are planning to know the Batched app better in this Batched review by going through its features and rating the app on the basis of different factors. Throughout this Batched app review, we will also go through its pros and cons to make this Batched review more accurate. So, if you are intrigued to know the best free photo editing app for iPhone better, stay with us until the end of this app review.

Background of Batched, the top image editor app

“All in one” - Co-founders, ADVA Soft

This quote by the ADVA Soft co-founders justifies the mission of Batched quite well. Released on March 6, 2022, Batched is a leading tool to edit photos for free on iOS devices. As the name suggests, the vision behind this tool is to provide users with a photo editor for free download that can help users in modifying multiple pictures at once. Whether to change the color of the picture or to control the exposure value of an image, Batched is the leading photo background editor app that you need.

Features of Batched, the leading multi-photo editing app

One of the best iPhone photo editing apps, Batched is a user-centric tool designed to make lives easier for regular and occasional creators. The best picture editing app for iPhone is equipped with all the required features that make it the most ideal photo editing option. To justify this statement better, we will further discuss the features of the Batched app in-depth-

1. AI-masking tool to edit photos faster

good photo editing apps

The Batched app download is worth your time due to its amazing new feature called the AI-masking tool. The tool is designed to select subjects, the sky, and other objects with a single tap so you can make modifications specific to the objects that you select in the picture. By selecting objects in the picture separately, you can modify values such as brightness, color tone, color temperature, and more. The AI-masking tool also helps you in selecting the object you want to remove from the picture and erase it. Due to the amazing accuracy of the AI-masking tool, you no longer need to use the brush to select objects manually to mask and modify them.

2. Use Batch cropping to save time

best picture editing app for iPhone

The batch selecting and cropping tool included in this best photo editor for beginners lets you rotate, flip, and resize a handful of images at once. You can import up to 25 images to use this feature and make modifications to those images with a single tap.  In short, to generate some quick content on the go and to save yourself from the manual hard work of modifying images individually, this one of the top photo editing apps is a must-have tool for iOS users.

3. Use the clone stamp to enhance your image

best photo editor for beginners

The clone stamp feature of this best free photo editing app for iPhone lets you improve your pictures by cloning and adding elements from the picture you are editing. The clone feature, as the name suggests, lets you select a particular area or object of the image and duplicate it. 

4. Includes a high-quality color transfer tool

best free photo editing app for iPhone

Another crucial feature that we need to focus on in this Batched review is the app’s ability to transfer color from one picture to another. You can use any image in this one of the top iPhone photo editing apps as a reference to modify the colors of another image. This feature helps you in using reference images or presets to make your images look the way you want.

5. Color standout feature to target individual colors

photo editing apps

If you want to modify specific colors of any picture, this image editor app helps you in doing that too. You can use the app to target individual colors of the image like red, green, or any other core color, and modify their values such as range and opacity. This best photo editing app feature can help you in manipulating the color schemes or eliminating colors entirely from selected objects of the image.

Pros and cons of Batched, the top photo background editor app

Batched’s features visualize that it is the best picture editing app for iPhone existing at the moment. However, the reality will be clearer once we have a look at its pros and cons as well. So, let’s go through the pros and cons of the Batched app and figure out if it is actually worth the hype.

Pros of the Batched app

  • Best tool for batch editing
  • Can batch edit up to 25 images at once
  • Includes almost every required feature to generate creative images
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports multiple formats to export images
  • Can resize and manipulate the quality of exports

Cons of the Batched app

  • Can not add text to your image
  • The app is not available for Android users yet

Additional features of Batched, the best free photo editing app for iPhone

Additional features

MAD  Rating

Features- 4.7
Security- 4.5
Navigation- 4.6
Pricing- 4.5


Features of the Batched app quickly helped us in recognizing that this best picture editing app for iPhone is a perfect tool for everyone whether they are a content creator, regular user or occasional photo editors. The multi-photo editing app is super simple to use and offers amazing accuracy and accessibility in its operations. Thus, as a fast tool to edit photos for free on the latest versions of iOS like iOS 13.0 and later, you can rely on Batched without thinking twice.

Lastly, we hope that this Batched app review helped you in eliminating your doubts regarding this photo editing tool. Additionally, if you were reading this Batched review to get some inspiration for your future app, you can also get your app reviewed by submitting it to our MobileAppDaily experts. These app reviews are helpful for developers in understanding the real potential of the apps they build so they can optimize their apps accordingly.

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