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Best 20 Black Friday Apps To NOT Miss This Year [2021]

Black Friday will not last long! Download these apps to reap the utmost shopping advantages.

Best Black Friday Apps

The wait is finally over as Black Friday is here (well, almost here) and the people are just getting started with their Christmas shopping. When it comes to shopping, almost every person has their own huge list of items and gifts that they are planning to give their loved ones.

And since its shopping time, all the major, as well as small online platforms, are already ready with exciting deals and exclusive offers on their portals.

Black Friday deals are something you just can't afford to miss. So to make it easier for you we have categorized all the below applications into two major categories which are Retail and Deal-Finding apps.

Best Black Friday Apps To Try This Shopping Season

So without any further ado, let’s proceed with our shopping list along with this list of best Black Friday apps. But remember to be cautious as you can also get surprises or get scammed in the form of hefty deals and fixed discounts.

To make sure you don't miss out on any profitable deal, you need to have a smart assistant for the Black Friday shopping. This time we brought you 10 Best Black Friday apps that will help in finding the desired deals, comparing prices, keeping track of ads, and shopping coupons.

1. Slickdeals - Deal Finding App

Slickdeals is a platform that incorporates more than 2 million deal hunters who post the best deals available to others on Black Friday. You need to open the app to find the most suitable deals on a variety of products hunted by others.

You can also set the alerts for a particular product that you have been searching for a long time. The Slickdeals will make your Black Friday shopping the best experience ever.

Slickdeals - Best Black Friday App

Notable Features of Slickdeals app:

  • Option to save all your stores
  • View all deals from multiple platforms
  • Get custom alerts on deals
  • Access to verified coupons

Download this black Friday application for Android and iOS

2. Flipp - Deal Finding App

Flipp is also considered as one of the best Black Friday apps, helping users plan their Christmas shopping. Users can also utilize these apps to plan and search for shopping items on a regular basis. The app finds out all the available flyers, coupons and discounts in your local areas that you get a printout and use to save a lot of money.

Flipp goes through all the brands and products to snatch some of the most valuable flyer coupons before you hit the supermarket.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Flipp app here.

Flipp - Best Black Friday App

Notable Features of Flipp app:

  • Discover in-ad and online deals by categories
  • Option to save with digital coupons
  • Users can "clip" or save deals to your shopping list
  • You can easily explore up-to-date circulars and offers

Download this black Friday application for Android and iOS

3. The Coupons App - Deal Finding App

The coupon app is designed by keeping the users' perspective in mind that makes them sure that they save a lot on their purchase. This app specializes in finding the best coupons with maximum save for your purchase.

This app provides coupons and deals across 100,000 retailers. There is also a Black Friday section in the app that finds the best deals of the day for you. You can also set alerts and notifications, along with national and local coupons available by changing the location for your Black Friday shopping.

The Coupons App - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of The Coupons App:

  • Free Samples like 100 percent free magazines in your mailbox with no strings attached
  • View gas pricing and get the cheapest gas at local gas stations nearby
  • Option to share coupons and give your friends some extra discounts

Download this black Friday shopping list app for Android and iOS

4. Mint - Discount App

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Shopping on Black Friday is exciting and fun, but it could be a bit harsh in your pocket if you don't keep an eye on your expenses. To ensure you do the shopping on a budget and also save some for next weekend, Mint is the best finance, budget and billing app.

The other benefit of using this app is that it liberates you from worrying about which credit card to use and check the available balance. The Mint app puts all the finance and card details in one place, so you don't need to fumble through the individual bank accounts during the Black Friday adventure.

Mint - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Mint App:

  • Option to sync with the Mint web application
  • Uses multi-factor authentication
  • No need to login to multiple sites
  • Users can easily track and manage their bills

Download this black Friday shopping list app for Android and iOS

5. ShopSavvy - Deal-Finding App

When it comes to shopping smartly on Black Friday the best move is to compare the prices among different retailers or shops. ShopSavvy is the best app for finding the best deal among various options. The app compares the price of the product across shops and online platforms as well to give users a complete idea of whether they are making the right move or not.

You can also scan the QR code of the item to know where you find it at the lowest price. You can also set alerts for the products when you plan your Black Friday shopping and the app alerts you when the price of the item drops and it's the perfect time to buy it.

ShopSavvy - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the ShopSavvy App:

  • Search for any product via UPC code, barcode, and keyword
  • Barcode Scan any product and compare the best prices on the Internet and at nearby stores
  • Save money with product-search for any product
  • Price Match feature using the store's own price match policy

Download this black Friday deals app for Android and iOS

6. DealNews

DealNews is the Black Friday dedicated mobile app that grabs the best deals available for the special day. The app fetches the best deals available in stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and other thousands of retailers.

You need to select the stores you want to purchase from and the app will pull all the available best deals to make your Black Friday shopping an exceptional experience. The app also constantly provides alerts and notifications so never misses out on potential deals.

DealNews - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the DealNews app:

  • A quick review of the day’s hottest deals, curated by deal experts
  • Receive instant notification related to the ongoing sales
  • Share relevant deals with family, friends, and coworkers via email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Find online and in-store coupons by store

Download this black Friday deals app for Android and iOS

7. Price Cruncher

Confused about which deal is worthwhile? No worries! Price Cruncher is a price comparison shopping list app that helps you to compare the prices of your favorite products on a per-unit basis. This app is really helpful for buyers who purchase in bulk.  

The Price Cruncher App has an inbuild discount calculator and a shopping list to convert prices prior to comparison and a shopping list to add and maintain items for future price comparison. Compare using the Price Cruncher app and save a lot of money during Black Friday. 

Notable features of the Shopular App

  • Compare prices with different units of measure
  • Check the price history of any product
  • Add/ Save multiple prices
  • A quick calculation of discount prices with the discount calculator tool

Download this black Friday deals app for Android

8. Amazon - Black Friday Shopping App

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Amazon’s main shopping website might not be super mobile-friendly in comparison to other sites that are available online. But that hasn’t stopped the brand from growing into one of the leading retail giants in the market. Thanks to Amazon's iOS and Android apps for providing a nearly hands-free experience with Alexa integration.

Amazon - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Amazon App:

  • Browse and search for millions of products with Amazon International Shopping
  • Pay in your local currency with international credit or debit cards
  • Option to quickly compare prices and check availability by scanning the barcode

Download this black Friday deals app for Android and iOS

9. Ebay - Black Friday Shopping App

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Ebay has been in the e-commerce game for quite a while now and people really enjoy bidding for holiday gifts. But it has been seen that users are not really willing to go to offline stores, this is where the eBay app for iOS and Android can come in handy. Users can even make use of the watchlist feature to check in on their gifting shortlist.

Ebay - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the eBay App:

  • Buy and sell various products with ease
  • Smooth access to savings and daily deals
  • Users can earn cash on new or pre-owned products

Download this black Friday deals app for Android and iOS

10. Best Buy - Black Friday Sales App

Speaking of Black Friday, people automatically think of Best Buy and now we have Best Buy app at our service. The application is said to have one of the most comprehensive interfaces, unlike many other retail apps. It is developed keeping in mind the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, which works perfectly well with the end-users.

Best Buy - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Best Buy App:

  • Detailed ratings and reviews for all products
  • Users can access daily deals and promotions
  • An additional feature of Secure Touch ID sign-in

Download this Best Buy Black Friday deals app for Android and iOS

11. Target - Black Friday Sales App

Target is here to offer its customers the fastest and easiest way to pay while helping them in saving during their shopping sprees. With the Target app, all you need is just one scan so users can pay directly with their credit or debit and redeem Target Circle deals, gift cards or even earnings from Target Circle.

Target - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of Target App:

  • Users get access to updated store maps
  • You can Cartwheel, Target’s in-house coupon, and deal aggregator
  • It offers weekly sales flyers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Download this Best Buy Black Friday deals app for Android and iOS

12. Walmart - Best App for Black Friday Deals

One cannot make the most of Black Friday without paying a visit to their nearest Walmart store. But not even that’s not required. Thanks to the Walmart app, users can go straight to the online store and browse through hundreds of deals and avail the one that suits them the most.

Walmart - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of Walmart App:

  • A feature of internal receipt storage for easy budgeting for customers
  • Options for mobile pharmacy ordering and pickup within the app
  • Huge discounts on in-store pickup for products available online and in-store

Download this Best Buy Black Friday deals app for Android and iOS

13. Wayfair - Best App for Black Friday Deals

Wayfair provides you with a billion options to choose from. Here, you can explore unique and exclusive products while shopping with the best bargains on everything, from bedding sets and curtains to desks and tables. By using the Wayfair app, users can find their next great bargain through app-exclusive sales on different product categories.

Wayfair - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of Wayfair App:

  • Users get access to daily time-limited offers and deals
  • A highly optimized checkout for both iOS and Android apps
  • An augmented reality (AR) feature that maps potential purchases made by users

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

14. Ibotta - Best Black Friday Deals App

Ibotta is one of the most popular cash back apps out there. The app is highly compatible with almost every top retailer in the North America region including well-known giants like Walmart and Amazon to regional stores like H-E-B, Kohl’s, Travelocity and many more. Although, Ibotta works year-round, but the number of available deals and discounts on Black Friday are record breaking.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Ibotta app here.

Ibotta - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of Ibotta App:

  • User can earn cash back on every shopping trip
  • Ibotta app is free and super easy to use
  • Quick and effective redeem offers with real cashback offers

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

15. Home Depot - Black Friday Special App 

As the name suggests, Home Depot covers hundreds of product categories including kitchen appliances, power tools, house remodeling, lighting requirements, house furniture and so much more. In order to enhance your shopping spirit, Home Depot is also offering its users with the option of free shipping to their homes. 

Home Depot - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Home Depot App: 

  • It provides near-real-time product availability based on different categories 
  • User can just click a picture of an unfamiliar product and the app will return a list of appropriate matches
  • Availability of barcode scanner for detailed reviews and descriptions of items 

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

16. Shopkick - Black Friday Special App 

Shopkick is an audience favorite, all because of its shopper loyalty approach. The app helps its users with shopping rewards so that they can earn different Gift Cards for free. These gift cards are not limited to a particular store and users can avail these gift cards to stores including Target, Sephora, Uber, Best Buy and many more. 

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Shopkick - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Shopkick App: 

  • You can find selected products to scan or direct purchase
  • Buy the discounted products and scan your receipts to earn more rewards
  • Users can redeem their rewards for various cashback offers

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

17. Sears - Black Friday Special App 

On the Sears app, you get access to in-depth, unbiased and professional reviews on a variety of products along with valuable insights straight from the Consumer Reports. The application also provides direct customer support from its reps to assist users in accessing exclusive sales and discount promotions. The application also delivers multiple local advertisements and circulars that are updated on a weekly basis. 

Sears - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Sears App: 

  • Sears provides 'Weekly Ad' for new deals and offers near users' locations
  • Get daily 'Save Coupons' to your user profile for both in-store and online usage
  • Effortlessly manage the Layaway contracts and make payments accordingly 

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

18. RetailMeNot - Black Friday Special App 

Also featured in: Best Shopping Apps

The RetailMeNot application is one of the original digital deal finding and discounting apps that you can not afford to take lightly during this holiday season. The application provides up to 70 percent off on discounts selected items along with almost 15 percent cashback with multiple brand partners. RetailMeNot is considered as one of the best apps for Black Friday shopping because of the vast aperture od deals covered by the app. 

RetailMeNot - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the RetailMeNot App: 

  • RetailMeNot specializes in targeted local deals through the means of the 'Near Me' functionality 
  • Users get weekly in-store as well as online deal coupons on upcoming events like Black Friday 
  • RetailMeNot also provides printable coupons for users who don’t want to rely on digital deals

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

19. Drop - Black Friday Special App 

In the case of the Drop app, we can say that it is a popular cashback application, known for its interactive and user-friendly interface. The user is rewarded for every purchase they make directly through the Drop app. One of the best parts about using this application is that there is no need of any sort of receipt or bill scanning to avail the rewards. 

Drop - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Drop App: 

  • Drop provides collections based on specific themes as per users' preferences
  • Users can earn significant bonuses by unlocking different achievements
  • The app also offers a referral program to new users 

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

20. Rakuten Ebates - Black Friday Special App 

Earlier the app was known as Ebates and now it's Rakuten! The name of the app might have changed but the offers are as good as ever. Make the most of amazing cashback deals, coupons, and promo codes in addition to special rewards on your Black Friday online shopping. Browse through thousands of stores and get exciting offers at the app checkout. 

Rakuten Ebates - Best Black Friday App

Notable features of the Rakuten Ebates App: 

  • Users get to save money on famous brands like Samsung and Nike
  • Earn regular cashback rewards and get paid via PayPal 
  • Users can save money even when booking their hotels and flights

Download this Best Black Friday shopping app for Android and iOS

Ending Note

It is suggested that whenever you choose any Black Friday app, make sure that you've checked all the reviews mentioned for it. Also, have a close tab on the company that has created the same app. If you find it reliable to go with it.

The list we have prepared contains all the well-researched apps that are the best and have gained immense market prominence. Go through the list and download the app you find suitable as per your preferences.

And in case, the notable features mentioned above with each online shopping app is still not able to help you to decide whether you should opt for that particular mobile application or not. Then you can always go ahead and go through the detailed app reviews of the Black Friday apps that you are interested in knowing more about.

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