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Top Stock Trading Apps for Professional Traders

Now you can easily access the financial markets with these top-notch trading apps.

Top Stock Trading Apps for Professional Traders

Android users are in luck because never before have they had as many state-of-the-art trading apps to choose from.

The first thing you have to do before you start trading on the Android platform is to equip yourself with a good and reliable trading app. Today there are several great trading apps for Android available on the market, but only a few that stand out.

BullMarketz has done research and listed the best apps for traders, and on top of that, we further added a few options of our own. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump straight to the point.

Best Stock Trading Apps To Try In 2019

Below we have summarized the top 5 trading apps that can run on Android and iOS and will help you take your trading to the next level:

1. Plus500 App

Plus500 is an excellent forex and CFD broker that has developed one of the best stock trading apps we’ve ever seen. The app is well-designed and easy to use; it also offers various features traders need to maximize their trading.

Best stock trading app

In addition to this, the financial services along with instruments provided by this may be restricted in certain jurisdictions.

Availability of Plus500 - Download for Android & Download for iOS

2. MetaTrader 5

Similar to Plus500’s trading app, the MetaTrader 5 is also trading platforms for Android as well as iOS. However, unlike Plus500, the MetaTrader application is used by more than one broker.

Initially, MetaTrader 4 was developed as a forex trading platform, and millions of traders have used it all over the world. The MetaTrader 5 was designed after the MT4 to handle CFD trading and especially stocks better.

Best stock trading app

In other words, a trader with access to both of these day trading apps will be able to trade pretty much anything they like at any given time.

Availability of MetaTrader 5 - Download for Android & Download for iOS

3. Acorns

Acorns is an exciting and quite innovative app that invests your spare change automatically.

Being one of the best investment apps, it is easy to set up, i.e., all you have to do is link your credit or debit card to your account. When that’s done, the app will start automatically investing all the spare change from purchases made with the said card.

Best stock trading app

At first, this might sound like a silly app to use, but we know your opinion will change after trying it. In fact, having an app that invests small amounts for you every day is a great way to improve one's portfolio. Naturally, Acorns only invests your money in "safer" instruments.

Availability of Acorns - Download for Android & Download for iOS

4. Stocktwits

Stocktwits is the ultimate social trading network for Android and iOS. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Stocktwits connects traders with similar interests and trading performances. In our opinion, Stocktwits is one of the best resources for trading information directly from other traders.

Best stock trading app

We have personally learned a lot by discussing trading tips with others, and Stocktwits for Android makes that more accessible than ever before.

Availability of Stocktwits - Download for Android & Download for iOS

5. Robinhood

For all of our American readers, Robinhood is an app that should be considered. The Robinhood Android app is a mobile-based trading platform for stocks and cryptocurrencies.

What sets Robinhood apart from other similar services is that the app is free to use. Instead of charging you fees, Robinhood generates interest from users’ deposited money.

Best stock trading app

In 2018, Robinhood added support for cryptocurrency trading and we enjoy the trading experience that the day trading app provides.

Availability of Robinhood - Download for Android & Download for iOS

Final Thoughts

We always encourage up and coming traders to invest in real tools to optimize their trading. A big part of this is to ensure that you are using the right apps and tools when trading.

The Android apps as mentioned above are only a few out of several excellent mobile trading platforms, and you can conduct more research to find even more apps that will help you with your stock trading journey.

We hope this article will provide you with some valuable insights about some of the best stock trading apps. Also in case, you want to read more such exciting articles, make sure to follow MobileAppDaily. To stay updated with the latest news from the mobile app industry, click on that ‘Subscribe’ button.

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