10 Top Stock Trading Apps for Professional Traders in 2023

Now you can easily access the financial markets with these top-notch stock trader apps
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August 11, 2021
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Smart Device users are in luck because never before have they had as many state-of-the-art trading apps to choose from. The first thing you have to do before you start trading on the Android platform is to equip yourself with a reliable and good stock market app. Today there are several top stock market apps for Android and iOS available on the market, but only a few that stand out.

Our Top Picks

As per the research by BullMarketz has listed the best apps for traders, and on top of that, we further added a few options of our own. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump straight to the point.

Must-Try Best Stock Trading Apps For 2021

Below we have summarized the top 10 stock trader apps that can run on Android and iOS and will help you take your trading to the next level:

Interactive Brokers - The best stock trading app


Interactive Brokers, one of the best investment apps, has been facilitating its users with their mobile application IBKR Mobile. The best stock trading app, IBKR Mobile gives access to the stocks, options, forex, futures, and futures options on multiple markets around the world. The app gives you real-time streaming data, quotas, and charts. This one of the best investment apps also transmits your orders instantaneously without any lag or glitches.

This best stock app does a real-time data survey for you and also provides the details and performance history of various offerings and commodities. The app is fully protected and login through IB’s login.

Features of best stock app

  • Shows real-time charts, quotes, and market scans
  • Quick access to rade reports and account information
  • Access to daily IB market briefs
  • This best stock app is secure and well protected
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E*TRADE - The best trading app


Easily ranked as one of the best investment apps, E*TRADE is an all in one stock trading app that allows users services like investing, research, banking, trading, and much more. The one of the best stock apps allows traders to trade in mutual funds while providing research tools and screeners for you to keep a track of to spot opportunities. 

Customer care of this one of the best stock apps answers any type of queries you have and in case you want to keep a note of all the major news, the app features all the breaking news. For those new to trading, E*TRADE provides an education platform to teach users about trading. 

Features of the best trading app

  • Users get unlimited refunds with E*TRADE debit card
  • The app offers protection from fraud with a unique protection feature
  • Timely alerts and watchlists for the investments users are interested in
  • No commission on online stock, ETF, and other options trades
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Schwab Mobile - Stock trading app


Probably the best stock trading app for beginners, Schwab Mobile has a lot to offer as users get to stay connected with all their existing accounts through one app. With this free stock trading app, users can buy a stock they like, pay their bills, transfer money and do so much more. Like most trading apps, this best stock trading app provides real-time updates on trading. 

Features of stock trading app

  • Security with fingerprint and passcode lock
  • Real-time monitoring of card activity with custom alerts
  • Schwab Podcasts and videos from the Media Center
  • Easily manageable broking
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TD Ameritrade - The best app to buy stocks


TD Ameritrade is one of those free stock trading apps that will help you when you’re on the go. The app offers a real-time dashboard for users who keep a track of the market at all times. Users of this one of the best stock trading apps get to catch up with the latest news and updates from the market and control their finances. This allows you to make deposits for your funds and take advantage of other features that the app offers. 

TD Ameritrade has also been featured in our Best Investment Apps.

Features of this app to buy stocks

  • The app offers educational content for you to learn the concepts of trading
  • Real-time updates from the market
  • Security and precision like a desktop
  • One of the best investing apps with well crafted dashboard 
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Let us help you shortlist the finest software
developers tailored to your requirements.


Merrill Edge - One of the good stock market apps of today


Merrill Edge, one of the best investing apps, is an exciting and high-tech app from the Merrill Lynch Investment management Company that invests your spare change automatically. Being one of the best stock investment apps, it is easy to set up, i.e., all you have to do is link your credit or debit card to your account. When that’s done, the best trading app will start automatically investing all the spare change from purchases made with the said card.

At first, this might sound like a finance company trying to make sense of new technology, but we know your opinion will change after using this best online trading app. Having one of the top stock market apps that keeps an eye on the market, provides detailed reports, manages your accounts and investments, is a great way to improve one's portfolio. Naturally, Merrill Edge, the best app for stocks, only invests your money in ‘safer’ instruments.

Features of the best trading app

  • View holding, orders, and balances
  • Trade-in stock, mutual funds, and options
  • Real-time streaming quotes in this the best app for stocks
  • Ease of withdrawing and transfer of money 
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Webull - The best mobile stock trading app


Webull is the best stock market app for those who want to keep an eye on the live status of markets around the world. From NASDAQ to NSE, Webull covers them all, that too in real-time. This best stock market app was developed as a forex trading platform, and thousands of traders have used it all over the world. This best app to buy stocks gives 2 free stocks, valued at USD 2.50 to USD 250 when you start your account. 2 more free stocks are given between the valued at USD 2- USD 1600 at the time of initial deposit of USD 100. 

In other words, a trader with no experience can start with this best app to buy stocks and get the first introduction to the market without even spending a single penny.

Webull has also been featured in our Best Investment Apps.

Features of the best mobile stock trading app

  • Zero commission
  • Trade-in Cryptocurrency
  • Convenient trading
  • Fast and real-time data
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SoFi - The best app to buy and sell stocks


SoFi, the best app to buy stocks, is an excellent forex and CFD broker that has developed one of the best stock trading apps we’ve ever seen. The app is well-designed and easy to use; it also offers various features traders need to maximize their trading.

In addition to this, the financial services along with instruments provided by this best stock trading app for beginners may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. This best stock trading app for beginners is a good option for those who are looking to invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, trending stocks, and ETFs.

SoFi has also been featured in our Best Investment Apps.

Features of the SoFi Best Stock App

  • Cryptocurrency and stock investment
  • Borrow easy loans
  • Live stocks in this free stock trading app
  • Auto-investing stocks, trending stocks
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Fidelity Investments - One of the top stock market apps


One of the best stock apps for Android and iOS, you get over 70 years of trust with Fidelity Investments in one app. Users of this stock market app can pay their bills, deposit money, and do much more in just simple taps. Even though recommended by CNBC because of its convenience, the one of the best trading apps offers in-depth market research for users to keep a track of. Because of the cutting edge design of this one of the best trading apps, the Fidelity Investments app has a very good feel about it. 

Features of the stock trading app

  • Customized feeds for your interests and investments
  • Timely portfolio and market research
  • Control your finances in just a few taps
  • News and tailor-made content  
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tastyworks - The best mobile trading app


Used by thousands of people every day, the tastyworks app is amongst the best stock trading apps for Android. The tastyworks app, one of the top investing apps for beginners, provides real-time data on global market exchanges and is known for its secured trading. Users of this one of the top investing apps for beginners can also track live events happening around the world. With a personalized portfolio and multiple investment tools, users of this best investing app can easily take care of their trading and other finances with personalized alerts

Features of the best free stock trading app

  • Fast, most reliable, and secure online trading app
  • Member of FINRA, NFA, SIPC
  • Registered broker and dealer
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Ally Mobile - The best online stock trading app


Used by more than a million people around the world, Ally Mobile is one of the top trading apps for iOS and Android devices. It is a great app to keep your finances and investments at your fingertips. In addition to showing you the best stock to invest in, the best investing app offers timely guidance and advice for those who need it. Even beginners can use this app and get all the education they need to start trading. So you get to organize your money in whichever way you want. 

Features of the best online stock trading app

  • Transfer money to bank accounts
  • Pay bills and schedule payments
  • Complete transaction history and order check
  • Manage interest disbursement and maturity options
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We always encourage up and coming traders to invest in real tools to optimize their trading. A big part of this is to ensure that you are using the right apps and tools when trading.

However, it isn’t always easy to find the right apps for traders. The question, which is the right app today, is the trending one. For creators, creating a business app that fits the needs of users requires a lot of thinking and planning. Whether it’s a question of brainstorming an app or targeting a particular audience, there are plenty of problems. 

So in case, you’re planning to build an app and not sure where to begin from, check out our detailed analysis of what questions you should consider before investing in the development of a business app.  

The top stock market apps mentioned above are only a few out of several excellent stock and crypto trading platforms, and you can conduct more research to find even more apps that will help you with your stock trading journey.

We hope this article will provide you with some valuable insights into some of the best stock trading apps. Also in case, you want to read more such exciting articles, make sure to follow MobileAppDaily. If you are an app owner and want to get your app reviewed, get in touch.

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