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Best Video Editing Apps for 2020

Video editing is now an important skill for marketers, social media influencers, movie makers & enthusiasts. The right video editing app can make editing fun, easy to do, highly detailed and entertaining

Best Video Editing Apps

Videos create a big impact on users. If you are looking for good video editing apps, then you have already realized the importance of video content marketing. 

Video generates 1200% more shares compared to text and images according to Adelie studio research. Perhaps even more relevant is that viewers retain 95% of the video message compared to just 10% retention with text. The best video editing apps let you create stories that are more memorable and inspire people to take action. 

The market for creating video content has increased substantially over the past decade and so have the applications that can meet this demand. Picking the right video editing app is all about finding the ones that fit your agenda, ease of use, and budget. 

List of Top Video Editing Apps 

The following 10 companies are making a mark on the market with their customizable features and performance. 

1. Adobe Premiere Rush 

Adobe released the Adobe Premiere Rush app in 2018 to meet the changing demand of video content creators. Adobe decided to discontinue Premiere Clip in favor of Rush, a more powerful editing application.

This cross-platform app is one of the good editing apps for youtube videos and offers simple and powerful trim, drag and drop options for video bits and images. 

Adobe makes a strong argument in the favor of its video editing tools by releasing one of the best video editing apps in the market. 

Adobe Premiere Rush - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of the app:

  • This is one of the best editing apps for cross-platform.
  • Has numerous useful export options
  • Free Starter plan is available with Adobe Premiere Rush. 

Download the app for Android or iOS

2. LumaFusion

This amazing video editing app for ios is widely used by professionals to edit videos, photos, titles and add sounds effects to clips. 
Lumafusion is a strong and well-performing application usable on iPhone and iPad devices. 

It has an easy to use interface, great audio mixer, keyframing lossless export, advanced title creation tools, and much more. Lumafusion app gives apple users a lot of customizable options to edit and restructure video content.

LumaFusion - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of the app:

  • Edits time-lapse videos with ease. 
  • Option to make Multi layer titles with images, shapes and text. 
  • Simple sharing and with great control over format, quality and resolution. 
  • Interactive and smart User interface. 

Download LumaFusion app for iOS 

3. KineMaster 

KineMaster is a video editing application for android and iOS devices. An extremely efficient application for editing videos on the go, this app enables you to record, edit and export files from your phone or tablet. 

It is packed with features for editing video & audio. KineMaster is counted as one of the top free video editing apps across platforms. 
The application allows users to use all features for free but adds a watermark to the content that can be removed by purchasing a subscription. 

A fair deal that millions of users across the world have graciously accepted and has given Kinemaster a place in one of the most renowned and popular video editing apps.

KineMaster - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of Kinemaster: 

  • Free to use
  • Many features to edit videos
  • Friendly application design
  • Precise controls that allow for easier changes. 

Download Kinemaster for Android & iOS

4. Magisto

A fresh take on video editing with Magisto. This app asks you to choose what type of story you want to tell. From throwback to music video, events, portfolio, and more. 

Magisto utilizes smart artificial intelligence to organize and structure the video for maximum impact. 

There is also an option to structure sequences manually and choosing audio from Magisto's in-built music library. 

Magisto - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of the Magisto app: 

  • Helps you create beautiful videos in minutes
  • Options to choose from various pre-made templates for events, announcements, birthdays, anniversary, and more. 
  • You can create a fun video in minutes using Magisto. 

Download for Android & iOS

5. Power Director

There are many good apps for making edits but the Power director makes the process easy and precise. This cross-platform application is one of the best video editing apps in the market. 

Cyberlink's power director is one of the instagram video editing apps that comes loaded with features.

Direct sync with Youtube and Facebook makes social sharing extremely convenient with Power Director making it one of the best phone video editing apps. 

Power Director - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of the best video editing app for mobile:

  • Export and edit videos in full 4k resolution. 
  • Shaky footage can be stabilized with Power Director. 
  • Option to replace the background with the help of a green screen editor. 
  • Many ready-made templates are available with themed effects and background music. 

Download one of the best mobile video editing app on Android & iOS

6. Inshot

One of the best Instagram video editing apps with a fun layout and easy to use interface. Inshot is a mobile app that is more focused on editing and creating social media content. 

Inshot is a winning android video editor that comes with so many features and filters that you might not want to turn to any other video editing tool. 

Commonly used by social media influencers and editing professionals alike. Inshot gives users an option to trim, cut video, add music, transition effects, add emoji, and much more. 

Inshot - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of this iOS & android video editor: 

  • Helps in merging 2 clips to make a seamless cinematic experience. 
  • Numerous video filters like stop motion, old tv, glitch, etc. 
  • Option to add animations and a stock of more than 1000 stickers. 
  • Simple social sharing to all popular platforms including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, IGTV, Tik Tok, etc. 

Download Inshot video editing app - Android & iOS

7. iMovie 

iMovie is an ideal editing app present in the Apple store. A pre-installed app in new apple devices, it is one of the best application for video editing. 
Fully equipped with 4k support and customized for a rich iOS experience. In complete sync with Apple devices, you can save edited clips on iCloud which can then be accessed through Apple TV via Airplay. 

It is also one of the most popular editing apps without watermark for apple users. Another special thing about iMovie is the fact that it is operated and owned by Apple, hence it is frequently updated for optimum use in a new version of iOS. 

iMovie - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features for one of the best apps to make video edits on iOS:

  • It lets you create well structured and powerful trailers.  
  • Frequently updated by Apple for improved user experience. 
  • Option to share to Youtube in 4K or 1080p. 
  • It lets you save files directly to iCloud that can be accessed through other devices. 
  • Accommodates Apple TV, Airplay & Airdrop.

Download iMovie mobile video editing app for iOS

8. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a brilliant video editing app for android & iOS.  With a very simple and interactive interface, FilmoraGo is a video editor for beginners and advanced professionals alike.

It offers features that make videos fun, colorful, and extremely easy to make. 

FilmoraGo - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of this video editing app for android & iOS: 

  • Trim, split, and rearrange clips. 
  • Use of numerous pre-added sound effects
  • Animated text, interactive filters, and sticker access. 
  • Option to Create a personalized filter. 

Download this FilmoraGo video editing app - Android or iOS

9. Filmmaker Pro

Most good video editing apps give detailed features for professional editing but Filmmaker pro does this with amazing simplicity. 

Great on performance and stability, it comes with detailed options to customize the video, draw your own element, add illustrations, audio, and choose from numerous text overlays. 

Filmmaker Pro - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of Filmmaker Pro: One of the best video editing apps:

  • 4K video support, color-coded timeline view, and autosave option. 
  • Manage unlimited projects at the same time.
  • Store, share export with ease through the File Manager view. 
  • All video editing options including- Trim, duplicate, and split videos. 
  • A rich sound effect collection inside the app. 

Download Filmmaker Pro for iOS

10. Apple Clips

Apple clips is a great editing app for kids, young adults, and families. The application is targeted for a younger audience and has fun features that can create interesting videos. 

Apple clips let people tell their video story through easy video edits, animated text, fun filters, stickers, and emoji. 

 Apple Clips - Best Video Editing Apps

Standout features of the Apple Clips app include:

  • Express yourself with Memoji's 
  • Options to change into an animation
  • Full of stickers and fun fonts
  • 360-degree selfies.

Download Apple Clips for iOS

Pick the app for your specific use

Apps listed in this post are based on the research we did to sum up the top apps for video editing on iOS & Android. You can also get your app reviewed by MAD experts. 

We covered the best video editing apps that are convenient and have a unique specialty. 

When choosing the right application, try and go for the one that is specialized for your specific needs. To make it simple, understand why you need a video editing tool- For Social Media, professional editing, fun with friends, or for making trailers and movies then pick the best app based on your need.  

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