10 Best Audio Editing Apps for Android to Boost Your Music Production

In this article, we have mentioned the 10 best music editing apps that can help you create unique music and add sound effects.
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December 17, 2022
audio editing app for android
If you're someone who creates music of any form or is rather someone who wishes to get into the very industry, you certainly understand the nitty-gritty of music editing apps and how essential they can be. Be it a band (who needs to create and re-create albums for the club) or podcasters who need precision-based high-end apps to balance sound and distortion, music editing apps are a critical piece of gear in any creator's setup.

Different from any other editing apps, music editing apps come with a set of unique tools which are specifically designed for the sole purpose of music production that offers sound balancing, various sound effects, and other specialized features. And so, if you're someone who is on the hunt for these apps, we have a list of the 10 best audio editor apps for android to help you create music that "leaves out all the rest!"

Our Top Picks

The list of best audio editor apps for Android comes after thorough research, meticulous analysis, and trial tests run by professionals. Our team of app experts ensures that nothing goes unnoticed. Therefore, the apps added below are one of the best that you'll find on Android, and we hope that you enjoy the sound-mixing apps as much as we did during the review runs. So, go ahead and conduct the audio editor app download. Explore them below!

10 Best Audio Editing Apps to Create Phenomenal Music

Let's just face it, there is no dearth of applications in today's world and time! Almost 3,739 apps are added to the Play Store every day. Yes! So, it's only overwhelming for an individual to pick the one that best suits their needs. Especially when every other best song editing app comes with a befitting set of features, offers (premium versions), enchanting UI-UX, and promise of delivering the best outcome. But only a handful of them deliver what they promise and pass the test of fruition, time, and form. So, embarking on this list of best audio editing apps, let's take a look at the ones that have made it big over time!

Cubasis 3

android 4.3

The mobile version of Cubase, Cubasis 3 is a popular PC DAW. The mobile version isn't as robust and strong as Cubase, but it gets the job done fairly! This free audio editor features powerful tools like clip manipulation (copy, paste, split), MIDI sequencing, and a wide range of presets. The audio editing is made super easy with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks alongside pitch-shifting, with a handful of effect processors to choose from. In addition, you can carry forward your work on the same projects and tracks on the desktop version of Cubase, which makes it a win-win for beginners and intermediates!

Key features of Cubasis 3

  • Offers unlimited audio and MIDI tracks
  • Comes with more than a dozen effect processors
  • Comes with 550 audio loops
  • Provides time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and much more
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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

android 4.1

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is one of the best audio editing apps in the market if you're someone who fancies editing audio from the comfort of your smartphone. It offers a complete package of features with an array of exciting premium versions that are only worth paying for. The key features of this best song editing app include unlimited audio tracks, real-time effects, multi-track audio, MIDI recording, various samples, drum editors, and more editing tools. 

Key features of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

  • Recording tools like Metronome
  • Allows having a backup on Google Drive
  • MIDI recording and multi-track audio mixer
  • The best audio editing app for Android
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FL Studio

android 3.8

FL Studio Mobile is one of the popular audio editor apps for Android that offers a full-fledged music editing setup in the comfort of your phone. It comes with a handful of effects and tools that also support Chromebooks. Some of its other unique features comprise hardware MIDI support, the ability to save in a variety of file formats, and extras like drum pads in case you need to make your beat. There are in-app purchases for extra plugins if you want them, but it is optional. It's a bit pricy, but it's pretty effective.

Key features of FL Studio

  • Can be saved in a variety of formats
  • Comes with extra drum pads to club additional music beats
  • Offers MIDI support
  • Supports Chromebooks as well
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Dolby On

android 4.3

Dolby On is a free audio editor, essentially an audio recording app. Users can record anything and everything using the microphone and later create their mix within the same recording. It's easy to use and has an upright post-processing outcome with cleaner audios that are less warping and distorted. In addition, its in-built effects clean up extra noises pretty nicely with an EQ that helps in tweaking the sound in a balanced fashion. Dolby On is an amazing audio editing app for Android that lets you clean up recordings in a simpler way before you port them into something serious. 

Key features of Dolby On

  • Lets you mix music within a recording
  • Cleans up noises and disturbances adequately
  • Comes with an EQ that balances out sounds with better friction
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Caustic 3

android 4.3

Caustic 3 is another famous audio editing app that offers many music production options for beginners and experts alike. It has a lightweight interface with drag-and-drop enabled tools like the drum station, which comes with six sequencer tracks. You can also arrange additional audio files, including sounds and vocals, and the pre-loaded samples. It also allows you to import custom files for more advanced editing and customization.

Key features of Caustic 3

  • Allows you to create music via different instrument effects, and sounds
  • Can then be imported into other apps
  • Offers synth pads, a mixer desk function that lets you maintain basics like reverb and delay effects
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N-Track Studio

android 4.2

N-Track Studio is a premium and the best amongst the best free audio editing software that offers many of the same features as some of the other options on this list. It comes with multi-track mixing, real-time effects, and customizable UI themes, among many other things. In addition, you can import your own sounds and instruments or use any of the built-in tools to create your own mixes. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced audio producer, N-Track Studio is one of the most powerful and versatile audio editing apps available on Android.

Key features of N-Track Studio

  • Offers unlimited audio, MIDI, and drum tracks
  • Comes with reverb, delay, and other basic effects 
  • Has an integrated metronome 
  • Lets you share recordings online with a 2D and 3D spectrum analyzer, a loop browser, and much more
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Lexis Audio Editor

android 4.5

Lexis Audio Editor is among the best and top Android audio editing apps. It cancels out many of the irrelevant noises and offers more of everything than any of its counterparts. The app is an inexpensive sound mixing app that relies on easier UX altogether. It comes with band equalizer effects alongside some smaller tools like tempo, speed, and pitch changes. Lexis is one of the top audio editing apps for creators who need music editing and mixing tools to create Instagram reels and TikTok meme sounds, amongst others.

Key features of Lexis Audio Editor

  • Best for noise cancellation
  • Offers tools like tempo, pitch changes, and speed enhancer/ reducer
  • Easy-to-use
  • More affordable than its counterparts
  • The best free audio editing software
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android 4.6

BandLab is a free audio editing app that offers advanced features for professional music producers. BandLab has everything you need to create pro-level mixes on your mobile device, from multi-track recording and mixing to real-time effects and various mastering tools. In addition, the app provides a 16-track audio editor and lets you create custom instruments for extra ooze and oomph! BandLab is one of the best music editing apps on Android that comes loaded with distinguished features like 100+ effects, looper, video and audio cutter, MIDI support, and much more.

Key features of BandLab

  • Lets you create custom instruments
  • Lets you create beat loops 
  • Comes with 300 MIDI instruments, 100+ effects, a looper, a video clip editor
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WavePad Audio Editor

android 3.8

If you're looking for a powerful and easy-to-use audio editing app for android, look no further than WavePad. This versatile tool comes with multi-track editing capabilities, automatic gain control, and support for many popular file formats. In addition, with options like short keyboard keys, waveform editing, and spectral analysis, WavePad is the perfect free audio editor app for creating and editing music on your Android device.

Key features of WavePad Audio Editor

  • Offers multi-track editing
  • Comes with automatic gain control
  • Supports many popular file formats
  • Includes advanced tools like spectral analysis, noise reduction, and more
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Music Maker JAM

android 4.5

Music Maker JAM is a powerful free audio editor app perfect for beginners and experienced musicians alike. With tons of professionally-designed loops, instruments, sound effects, and more, you'll be able to create pro-level mixes in no time. Music Maker JAM is the perfect sound editing app that also lets you share your music with friends via social media and streaming services to get the recognition you deserve for your work.

Key features of Music Maker JAM

  • Automatic tempo and key detection for an easy beat and melody creation
  • Comes loaded with multiple loops, noise cancellation, unlimited tracks
  • Offers automatically synced effects and filters for professional sound quality
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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, the aforementioned top audio editing apps are great options to explore, irrespective of whatever background or music-related chore you're into. These free music editing software are trusted by many and come after deep analysis and testing across a host of features and functionality. 

If you're a developer or an enterprise with an innovative app, contact us today and list your product to get reviewed by our skilled fleet of application experts. You can also read our regular updates and reports on MobileAppDaily.

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