Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stand out as both revolutionary and enigmatic. The blockchain-infused technology has made waves in the community, and understanding NFT prices is crucial for both seasoned investors and those new to the scene.

However, the volatile nature of NFT prices, influenced by trends and technological advancements, adds layers of complexity to investment decisions. In this context, grasping the current state of NFT prices is not just about spotting opportunities but also about understanding a significant cultural shift in how we perceive value and ownership in the digital age. Let’s talk about NFTs, their prices, and the factors that influence them.

NFT Prices Today

NFT prices are always fluctuating and need to be monitored in regular intervals to avoid lapse. Here are NFT prices of some of the most popular artworks.

Note: All price related metrics are provided in eth

# NFT collection 1D Volume Floor Price 1D Price 7D Price Market Cap Owners
1 EmbyEmby 336.5607 (703.00%) ETH 0.4220 ETH 0.4787 ETH 0.4787 ETH 1,316.5605 2131
2 Pudgy PenguinsPudgy Penguins 269.8418 (-42.00%) ETH 9.7500 ETH 9.3049 ETH 8.3911 ETH 74,579.8288 5085
3 CryptoPunksCryptoPunks 232.0500 (3.00%) 0.0000 33.1500 28.7236 287,063.3729 3626
4 FrownsFrowns 183.4000 (-689.96%) 44.4000 36.6800 36.4400 17,199.6800 113
5 INSC(ins-20) 172.5469 (-2,542.00%) ETH 0.1235 ETH 0.1481 ETH 0.0762 ETH 1,600.0593 2386
6 Mutant Ape Yacht ClubMutant Ape Yacht Club 158.7096 (8.00%) ETH 1.5980 ETH 1.5714 ETH 1.6059 ETH 31,306.8849 11553
7 Bored Ape Yacht ClubBored Ape Yacht Club 142.3100 (-101.08%) ETH 9.9200 ETH 9.4873 ETH 9.5947 ETH 95,928.1685 5379
8 Metacene Cece Cube 130.8501 (-65.39%) ETH 0.3190 ETH 0.2546 ETH 0.2472 ETH 740.9707 1462
9 Liberty CatsLiberty Cats 122.3603 (22.00%) MATIC 5,000.0000 MATIC 0.6913 MATIC 0.8249 MATIC 7,506.0812 3159
10 Goldfinch V2 Pool Tokens 121.4000 (121.40%) 0.7500 60.7000 60.7000 57,482.9000 537
11 Milady NFTMilady NFT 112.6799 (-82.00%) USDC.e 7,200.0000 USDC.e 1.5870 USDC.e 1.9524 USDC.e 19,526.1311 45
12 Hzuki 109.1955 (-59.00%) MATIC 1.9500 MATIC 1.3649 MATIC 1.8134 MATIC 18,128.6421 4885
13 Milady MakerMilady Maker 105.8875 (-24.00%) ETH 5.7900 ETH 5.8826 ETH 5.1054 ETH 49,690.6493 4927
14 Pirate Nation - Founder's PiratesPirate Nation - Founder's Pirates 94.8552 (62.00%) ETH 1.5000 ETH 0.9121 ETH 0.8793 ETH 8,791.7032 2215
15 BloxiesBloxies 92.9871 (91.71%) 0.0150 0.2486 0.1518 1,518.1693 1451
16 AOI Engine 91.7088 (280.00%) 0.0500 0.1447 0.2567 17.9684 60
17 PalioAI AuraPalioAI Aura 90.7589 (71.80%) ETH 0.2480 ETH 0.2401 ETH 0.2411 ETH 803.6415 1676
18 MiniAPEMiniAPE 90.4931 (166.00%) USDC.e 1,700.0000 USDC.e 0.5451 USDC.e 0.5451 USDC.e 99.2153 4
19 Metakeys DAOMetakeys DAO 84.0996 (-23.07%) 0.6389 0.6728 0.4491 449.1270 608
20 Lil PudgysLil Pudgys 84.0606 (-20.00%) ETH 0.8670 ETH 0.8083 ETH 0.7386 ETH 16,002.7944 8161
  • It’s pretty well known that the NFT market is volatile, to say the least, and the NFT marketplace price constantly fluctuates because of it. However, to get into this world, one must have to become familiar with the industry itself. Here are some insights into the industry that can help you better understand how the NFT market is doing.

    • Total NFT market cap chart

    While it may not look like it, the NFT market graph is growing. This has been proven by Times Now. As per the report, the global NFT market cap stood at $10 billion in 2023. Moreover, the sector is predicted to grow to an astonishing $230 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 33.7% in the next eight years.

    NFT Marcket cap chart
    • Average price of NFTs

    The answer to the question ‘How much does an NFT cost?’ is as straightforward as it may seem. There is a huge price difference in different NFTs depending on various factors. However, one can determine an average price to get a basic understanding of the digital asset.

    Sadly, the average price of an NFT today has declined since its boom back in the day. According to an analysis by NonFungible, the average price of NFTs was about $150 per NFT for Q3 2022. Here is a detailed breakdown via this NFT average price chart.

    NFT Price Evolution


To ensure that the report on NFT Prices Today provides real-time, accurate data, we employ a multifaceted methodology that integrates various high-quality sources. These sources are pivotal for gathering the latest NFT market data, which include prices, transaction volumes, and trends. The ability to fetch data in real-time from blockchain APIs and reputable marketplaces ensures that our report stays relevant and valuable for users interested in current market dynamics.

For accuracy and reliability, our platform utilizes advanced algorithms and rigorous data validation techniques. These algorithms analyze the incoming data for consistency, removing any anomalies or inaccuracies. Additionally, we employ machine learning techniques to predict market trends based on historical data, giving our users insightful forecasts.

The data is then structured and presented in a user-friendly format, allowing easy navigation and interpretation of complex information about NFT price movements and market trends. Graphs, charts, and interactive tools enhance the user experience by making the data accessible and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    What factors influence the NFT prices today?

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    NFT prices are influenced by a variety of factors. These include the rarity and uniqueness of assets. The reputation and following of the creator are the utility within the digital ecosystem. This can be in games or virtual worlds. Historical significance and overall market demand also matter Media coverage can drive up prices momentarily. Celebrity endorsements also play significant roles.

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    How can you track current NFT market trends?

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    What are the most expensive NFTs sold recently?

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    How do NFT drops affect prices?

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    Can historical data predict future NFT prices?

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    How to start investing in NFTs?

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    What is the impact of cryptocurrency fluctuations on NFT prices?

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