The Lucky Date Review: Pros, Cons, & Features

Navigating love’s algorithm!

Updated on February 13, 2024
The Lucky Date Review: Pros, Cons, & Features

The world of virtual dating is continuously evolving and The Lucky Date is the evidence. The tool is changing the way people date by delivering a suite of features to help people connect better. Step into the world of smart dating where you do not need to go out if you are not a very social creature. “The Lucky Date” is a platform that can write your romantic odyssey by helping you find your romance using smart algorithms. It’s free and can be used on multiple smart devices including smartphones, laptops, etc.

Now, if you are looking forward to change your dating lifestyle, you might want to checkout this The Lucky Date review. It will take you through features of the platform and at the end, we will figure out whether The Lucky Date is worth your time or not. Let’s begin!

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What is The Lucky Date?

There are many online dating sites and apps these days, but hardly give any priority to the socializing of older adults who have busy lifestyles and packed schedules. People who are 35 and above years of age, still find websites more accessible than dating apps. Hence, the Lucky Date is a great place for them to socialize and find connections. With its unique algorithm and features, it offers its users a chance to find real people who share similar interests, and lifestyles and may be a suitable choice for you to partner up. 

The need for such platforms arose lately when the focus of social platform developers shifted entirely to applications focused on connecting younger people. With no one focusing on older audiences, who require personal relationships and socializing are left alone to try their luck on products that are not designed to cater to their needs. The result is usually disappointing with no connections made of any substance.

In November 2019, The Lucky Date was launched with a special focus on people of and above 35 years of age and since then it has helped thousands of people find happiness. With its unique features and focus on the need to serve middle-aged people, it helps people battle loneliness and find people connections from all over the world.

Features of The Lucky Date 

There are many tailored features for adults that make dating and connections easier. To figure out whether its features or drawbacks outweigh the other, we will have to dive into the in-depth list of features of The Lucky Date.

1. A Unique Matching Algorithm 


The Lucky Date created an AI-based algorithm to suggest smarter matches for its users. They apply machine learning to analyze a bunch of points like location, age, body parameters, and how the user interacts with other members. The key difference in their approach is that they work with as little data from the user as possible. So, you don't need to provide more personal information than needed and fill out endless questionnaires. 

2. Find people around the world

Find people around the world-theluckydate

The Lucky Date has an online dating feature where you can find people anywhere in the world. All you need to click on the “search” tab, then select the country you are looking for partners in, and select the age. The best suitable “matches” will appear on your screen. The Lucky Date is working on implementing a personal attractiveness score (PAS). Their internal research shows that it takes 3 - 7 seconds to understand if you like the person you see or not. PAS will analyze user pictures and will provide even more accurate results. This will help adults find suitable partners earliest.

3. Conversation starters 

Conversation starters-theluckydate

It could be challenging to start a conversation with someone new. Especially with a person from another country who has a different culture and values. Communication is the key to a happy relationship and a good conversation starter topic can make a regular conversation great. The developers of The Lucky Date took the advice of psychologists to design principles of more friendly and neutral suggestions to begin your communication with strangers. As a result, they have more than 1,000 new connections every day with the help of conversation starters. Further improvements could include a prediction model, based on the user's communication style to add more personality to the messages

4. Dark theme 

Dark theme-theluckydate

When designing a dark mode for the app, the developers of The Lucky Date had the end-user in mind. They analyzed user sessions and found out that the most active time is 10 PM - 3 AM. You know that feeling when the lights turn down and there is a bright white screen in front of you? Further research with the help of a focus group confirmed the hypothesis. The dark mode is a trendy product option nowadays. Some researchers say it can even save battery life on specific screen types. While it might be true, the Lucky Date provides the best possible experience and adds some bluish tint to the theme to look more natural and stylish. The dark mode is a personal preference. If you don't like it or might find a light theme more comfortable, you can switch anytime. 

5. Intelligent matches within your reach

The Lucky Date uses basic information like the location of the user, their body type, height, etc. to make a suitable profile of the user and find matches accordingly. This feature allows you to match with people who are near your location and will make a good fit for you. The Lucky Date makes finding suitable partners easy but connecting people who share similar interests and lifestyles. How they use minimum user information to find perfect matches is simply unparalleled.

6. Minimum user information

The Lucky Date doesn't ask you to fill out endless forms and give unnecessary information to create an account. It has minimal entry barriers and allows users to take full advantage of the app without giving too much information. This also takes care of unnecessary security issues and keeps you away from compromising your identity or information. 

7. Easy chat option for starting conversations

After matching with suitable partners, the Lucky Date allows you to chat with them using its easy and intuitive chat tool. You can send direct messages to your match and start gentle conversations. The chat feature is swift and responsive. You can use emoticons and many stickers to make your conversations interesting.
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Pros and Cons of The Lucky Date

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use Does not offer an app
Uses smart algorithms to match  
Comes with a dark mode as well  
Free to use  

The Lucky Date pricing model

The platform costs for its communication tools. For instance, to chat or send photos. You can buy credits on the platform which will be consumed as soon as you start chatting with someone. Once you leave the chat, billing stops. 

  • The Live chat costs 200 credits per minute
  • Messages cost 1,000 credits for the first message and 3,000 for each consecutive message
  • Virtual gifts cost between 4,900 to 75,000 credits

As for the cost of credits, 50,000 credits might cost you approximately $75. This cost can vary depending on number of credits you are looking to purchase. The cost begins at $2.99 for 2,000 credits.

The Lucky Date review by MAD Experts

Being a website helps The Lucky Date to focus more on middle-aged people who are more familiar with web services than application-based services. It is simple to use and has no fancy bells and whistles to kill time. The interface is smooth, the technology is fast and helps you find people quickly. 

You can send messages to people you like, match with them, and see their profile info and other pictures. The AI backing this platform does a great job of producing suitable matches. It is free to use and offers connectivity around the world. If you are an adult looking for people to connect with, one of the best online dating platforms, The Lucky Date is the place to be.

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.7
Security- 4.3
Pricing- 3.5
UI- 3.6

What do the users have to say about The Lucky Date?

1. In my opinion, the site is reasonably serious.

At least I've had good experiences.Of course the women make pretty themselves for fotos, but they aren't models, should they be in rags? Everyone dresses up for photos! I found a nice woman and we have met 4 times, maybe something will come of it.

Bad experiences can happen in real life too. And there is nothing in the world that is free, a dating site is also a business.  

- Pit Brett

2. Luckydate is fantastic

Luckydate is fantastic! It is really the best place to meet interesting girls with different hobbies, jobs and interests. If you wanna chat with a businesswoman from New York, you can do it. Wanna meet a landscape designer from China, you’ll find her too. Just so many different personalities! That’s really exciting. So it’s a good place to relax and chat with whoever you want.

- Alice

3. Found real romance

It’s really good service to meet handsome men who aren’t creepy maniacs =) But what I like the most is that you can easily find a date or a simple communication there. It’s even possible to start a real romance. My friend met her boyfriend there and things are serious between them. I use the site to date and look for the right kind of guy for me.

- Emily Bennet

How to use the Lucky Date?

The Lucky Date is a match dating site and works similarly to other popular sites. Instead of downloading any app, it is an online dating platform. Follow the steps to find suitable dates.

Step 1 Visit The Lucky Date website
Step 2 Create a profile
Step 3 Enter the data asked by the website (age, height, body type)
Step 4 Start exploring people based on the suggestions made by the website
Step 5 Find matches, send messages, and find people from all over the world

Wrapping Up

The Lucky Date emerges as a notable contender in the realm of online dating, particularly for middle-aged individuals seeking meaningful connections. Its unique matching algorithm, minimal information requirements, and user-friendly features like the dark mode and conversation starters, make it an appealing choice for those who value simplicity and effectiveness in their online dating experience. 

While the absence of a dedicated app might be a drawback for some, the platform's web-based approach caters well to its target audience. The pricing model, though somewhat costly, offers flexibility with its credit system, allowing users to control their expenditure based on their usage.

The Lucky Date's focus on providing a seamless, inclusive dating experience for adults around the world is commendable. Its AI-driven matchmaking and global reach provide ample opportunities for users to find compatible partners. The platform's commitment to security and user privacy further enhances its appeal.

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General FAQ

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