Wondershare Mockitt: An Easy-to-Use Prototyping Tool

Wondershare Mockitt has gathered a lot of attention from designers with its advanced features and easy collaboration. But are the claims true? This Wondershare Mockitt review answers this question with essential facts and info.

Updated on July 05, 2024
Wondershare Mockitt: An Easy-to-Use Prototyping Tool

Designing, wireframing, and prototyping are essential to digital creativity and design. However, to create some award-worthy designs and mockups, you must know what prototyping tools are right for you. After all, what matters is how you communicate ideas at a specific time frame.

To tackle this problem, Wondershare Mockitt came to the rescue. Mockitt is one of the best online prototyping tools for designers. It helps you create prototypes without any coding. It features ample icons and templates. If you’re using it for the first time, the onboarding feature will guide you through using Mockitt with helpful animations. 

In this review, we’ll explore how Wondershare Mockitt stands out from the competition and why it’s quickly becoming the go-to choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

What is Mockitt?

Mockitt offers a new way for UX/UI Designers and Product Managers to deliver impressive and interactive prototypes. The solution uses libraries full of built-in UI assets and templates to create exceptional mockups. In fact, you can create prototypes online in as few as 10 minutes. This means you can get your product to market faster.

Mockitt mockup tools allows you to work on the same page as a team and see the changes made by your teammates in real-time. You also have the option to share a single project or entire project with various stakeholders and clients by sending simple URLs or customizing your project's visibility settings.

mockitt reviews

Notable Features of Mockitt Prototype and Wireframe Software

Wondershare Mockitt has unique features that make it the best prototype tool. We have compiled a list of some of its important features that you need to check right away!

Interactive Prototypes

Mockitt prototype tool gives you the advantage of creating rich and interactive prototypes without any coding in just 10 minutes. You can choose from over 500+ icons, component libraries, and industry-specific templates. 

You can also create animated prototypes from the interactive page. It allows you to resize, hide, or change position and color. Plus, the drag-and-drop functionality allows designers to easily add, adjust, and customize elements within their projects. 

Cloud-Based Functionality

Being a cloud-based tool, Wondershare Mockitt ensures that all your projects are saved and backed up online. You can access your work from any device, Anywhere. That too without the need for continuous transfers or duplicate files. The cloud functionality also facilitates easier sharing with clients or stakeholders. They can view prototypes in their web browser without needing to install software.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

wondershare mockitt

Whether you want a design or wireframe tools, a good UI is must for all. Wondershare Mockitt stands out with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced designers. The platform’s drag-and-drop functionality allows users to effortlessly create and customize their designs without needing extensive technical knowledge. This ease of use significantly reduces the learning curve, enabling designers to focus more on creativity and less on the mechanics of the tool.

Extensive Asset Library

The software comes with a comprehensive library of pre-designed assets. These include widgets icons and templates. These assets are fully customizable and can be reused across different projects. This extensive library significantly speeds up the design phase. To top it all off, it allows designers to focus more on refining interactions and user experiences.

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Wondershare Mockitt seamlessly integrates with other popular design and development tools. This enhances its functionality and convenience. Users can easily import export assets to and from tools like Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe XD. Additionally, Mockitt provides code generation for developers. This simplifies the handoff process. It ensures that the design vision is accurately implemented.

Export Options

Finally, Wondershare Mockitt supports multiple export options, allowing prototypes to be exported as APKs, HTML packages, or formats suitable for presentations. This versatility ensures that prototypes can be demonstrated or tested in various environments, from mobile devices to web browsers.

Mockitt AI Prototype Tool: Pros and Cons 

Mockitt is certainly a good choice that comes with lots of benefits. However, just like any other app, it also has some drawbacks. Lets look at them with a detailed lens. 

Pros Cons

Wondershare Mockitt features an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for beginners and professionals to navigate and use.

While great for basic and intermediate users, it might lack some advanced features that more complex projects require.

The tool offers excellent collaboration features. This allows multiple team members to work on the same project and see updates in real-time.

Some users report that the tool can become sluggish when handling larger or more complex prototypes.

Compared to many other prototyping tools, Mockitt is relatively affordable, making it accessible for freelancers and small teams.

While generally helpful, the customer support response times can be inconsistent, especially during peak times.

It offers a rich library of templates and assets that can significantly speed up the design process and inspire creativity.


Mockitt supports multiple platforms, including Web, Windows, and Mac, ensuring a seamless workflow across different devices.


Plans and Pricing

Plans Cost per Month Cost per Annum
Starter Free (Limited access and features) Free (Limited access and features)
Professional $12 /editor/mo $15 /editor/mo
Enterprise $8 /editor/month $12 /editor/mo

Mockitt Ratings: What Our Experts Say

Based on our thorough evaluation and insights from Wondershare Mockitt reviews, it is clear that this graphic designing app stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for designing and online prototyping. Our experts at MobileAppDaily highlight its intuitive interface. It effortlessly accommodates both newcomers and seasoned designers. One standout feature is its extensive library of widgets and icons. These enable rapid design and prototyping without the need for extensive groundwork.

Moreover, Wondershare Mockitt incorporates advanced features such as real-time collaboration and cloud syncing. These make it ideal for teams working remotely or in office settings. These features facilitate seamless teamwork. Multiple users can work on a project simultaneously. They can see updates in real time.

The platform also supports a wide range of transitions and interactive gestures. This feature is crucial for creating high-fidelity prototypes. Not only that, the prototypes closely mimic the final product. Wondershare Mockitt is highly praised for its capability to allow users to export prototypes into multiple formats. Thus ensuring compatibility and ease of use across different platforms and stakeholders.

Recognized among the top tools for UX/UI designers, Wondershare Mockitt simplifies the design process. It also enhances the efficiency of creating polished and Professional-grade prototypes. We highly recommend Wondershare Mockitt to anyone looking to elevate their design workflow.

MAD Ratings

Features- 4.2
Pricing- 4.0
Navigation- 4.3
Security- 4.1

Wondershare Mockitt Reviews: A Word from Customers 

To get to the ground reality of the solutions, we also scavenged some end-user reviews that can give a detailed idea about the software. 

“I mostly appreciate the great user interface, the options, and how much you can do with it also the teamwork capabilities integrated.”

- Ibrahim

“The perfect designing tool for beginner and intermediate users"
Mockitt specializes on being user friendly and very intuitive to implement, and it makes sense considering the applications this software has. From creating prototypes to mindmaps it is very easy to pick up and star working with it as a new user, even more so because it has a Free Plan for anyone who wants to try it and try to see if they like it or not without any monetary commitments.”

- Kulik V.

How to Use Wondershare Mockitt

Step 1: Sign Up and Create a New Project

First, you need to sign up for an account on Wondershare Mockitt's official website. Once you have created your account and logged in. You can start by creating a new project. Click on the "Create New Project" button on the dashboard. You can choose from various device templates, such as mobile, Tablet, or desktop. This depends on your project requirements.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with Interface

The interface of Wondershare Mockitt is user-friendly. Easy to navigate. The main sections include Canvas area where you will design your prototype the Asset Library containing pre-designed components and Inspector Panel for adjusting properties and interactions. Spend some time exploring these sections to get comfortable with the layout.

Step 3: Add Widgets and Components

To start building your prototype, drag and drop widgets and components from ‘Asset Library’ onto Canvas. Wondershare Mockitt offers a wide range of built-in widgets. These include buttons, text fields, images, and more. You can customize these widgets to match design requirements. For instance, you can adjust the size or change the color and position of each widget using the Inspector Panel.

Step 4: Create Interactions and Transitions

Adding interactions and transitions to your prototype is crucial for creating a realistic user experience. Select a widget on your Canvas and go to the "Link" tab in the Inspector Panel. Define the target screen. Define the type of interaction, such as tap, swipe, or hover. You can also choose from various transition effects. Options like slide, fade or flip enhance user experience.

Step 5: Design Multiple Screens and User Flows

A comprehensive prototype includes multiple screens representing different stages of user interaction. To add a new screen, click on the "Add Screen" button. Design each screen by adding and customizing widgets as described earlier. Then, link these screens together using interactions to create a seamless user flow. This approach allows you to visualize the entire user journey within your prototype.

Step 7: Preview and Test Your Prototype

Once you have designed your prototype, it’s essential to preview and test it. Ensure everything works as expected. Click on "Preview" to see your prototype in action. Test all interactions and transitions thoroughly. Identify any issues or areas for improvement. You can also share prototype links with team members or clients for feedback.

Step 8: Export and Handoff to Developers

After finalizing your prototype, you can export it in formats like PNG, HTML, or PDF. Mockitt’s handoff feature is especially handy for developers, as it generates code snippets and design specifications. This ensures your design is implemented accurately during development.

Comparing the Top Players: Wondershare Mockitt VS Figma

Feature Wondershare Mockitt Figma
User Interface Intuitive with a drag-and-drop interface, suitable for beginners Highly intuitive and sleek, designed for efficiency at all levels of expertise
Collaboration Real-time collaboration allows team members to work simultaneously Extensive collaborative capabilities, including real-time co-editing and commenting
Prototyping Strong prototyping features with good interaction capabilities and dynamic widgets Robust prototyping options, with a wide range of interactive elements and transitions
Design Features Offers basic design features suitable for prototyping Comprehensive design features, including vector networks, arc tool, and advanced text features
Integration Limited integration with other tools compared to Figma Wide range of integrations with other tools like Slack, JIRA, and more
Templates and Assets Comes with a variety of built-in templates and UI assets to speed up the design process Extensive library of templates and community-generated assets available
Platform Availability Available for Web, Windows, and macOS Web-based and has desktop applications for Windows and macOS

Our verdict

Mockitt is a perfect tool for delivering interactive and rich prototypes. It takes just 10 minutes to create prototypes. You can also share a single project or the entire project with various stakeholders and clients by sending simple URLs. If you give your team members access, they can view and edit the project. Due to the simple interface, Mockitt is quite easy to use. The number of users has now reached 1.9 million worldwide.

Hence, if you have not yet started using Mockitt, this is the right time to make the right use of it. Lastly, if you have something amazing like Mockitt, you can get your product reviewed by us.

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