The Best Free Drawing Software to Use in 2023!

Finding a relevant free drawing software that resonates with your creative itch can be difficult. In this list of the top best free drawing software, we have provided a plethora of tools to sort your requirements.
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November 02, 2023
 Best Free Drawing Software

From developing art through sketchbooks, paint, brushes, etc., to creating art digitally on a system, the way art is produced today has completely transformed. Currently, there are numerous accessible and powerful tools for artists, illustrators, and graphic designers available online.

This industry encompasses various software that allows users to create and manipulate visual content without physically buying material. This software lets you experiment with different types of art and expand your horizons.

With this being said, the task of choosing the best free digital art software has been democratized, and users can actively seek new features by accessing these online drawing tools. Additionally, the majority of these best drawing software are open source, too. This also gets them a vast online community that makes frequent alterations and provides necessary plugins for these drawing software to help the artists further.

In this top list of the best drawing software, we have mentioned the best drawing tools that not only offer you exceptional features but are also free and open-source to modify. Additionally, there are also some incredible software mentioned in the list below that are only accessible via a trial version. Therefore, let's start exploring this list.

List of the Best Free Drawing Software

Any artist, illustrator, or anyone who belongs to this creative field has unique requirements. Therefore, finding the best free drawing software can be a cumbersome task for many. With this detailed report on the best free drawing software, not only as a user, you get tons of incredible features but also the ease of creating almost anything on your digital drawing board. Therefore, let’s check out the list of the best free drawing software.


Krita is one of the best free drawing software which is available online. It is a well-known, powerful digital painting software application. This free drawing software is open-source and versatile enough to help multiple artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. This is the reason this drawing software free has gained so much popularity. The users can easily check out its resources on the website, and it gets all the support from a global community of creative individuals.

Additionally, you can easily download this free digital art software and work up your skills for creating enticing imagery. The online drawing tool also offers a plethora of documentation and forums that can help the user master this tool. If you are interested in creating stunning digital paintings, illustrations, or concept art? this is one of the best mobile drawing apps that can provide relevant guidance and tools to turn your imagination into reality.

Furthermore, Krita’s commitment to being an open-source tool has fostered support from the community for ongoing development and improvement of the existing tool. The best free drawing software is a testament to the collaborative spirit of artists worldwide. It is a free online drawing tool that helps you innovate and thrive creatively.


  • The tool is completely free and doesn’t require any subscription
  • Offers movable and customizable dockers and panels for the UI
  • More than 100 brushes, different brush stabilizers, vector & text, and a lot more
  • Capability to create 2D animation
  • Multiple productivity features such as drawing assistants, full-color management, HDR painting
Visit Krita


Inkscape is another powerful free drawing software that works as a vector graphics editor. It is a powerful and versatile open-source online drawing tool that has become a cornerstone for artists, designers, and illustrators seeking precision and scalable vector-based artwork. 

The online drawing software works as a central hub for users and enthusiasts. The free digital art software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This enables the users of Inkscape to create everything, such as logos, icons, complex illustrations, web graphics, etc. The free art programs provide a set of tools that aid in drawing, shaping, and editing vector graphics, which makes it essential for graphic designing and illustration.

What sets this free drawing software apart is its open-source policy. This enables the developers of the world to provide updates and changes to the already existing software. This, thereby, helps artists find something out of the box and helps them achieve the desired results that they require.


  • Comes with a professional vector editor 
  • Offers tools to its users, such as flexible drawing tools, multiple file formats, text tools, etc.
  • Multiple object creation tools include drawing pencils, shape tools, clones, etc.
  • Rendering capabilities with anti-aliased display, alpha transparency, etc.
  • Supports multiple file formats such as SVG, PNG, OpenDocument, etc.
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Unleash the creative potential inside you by using Sketchbook. It is a great platform for developing new ideas in artistic expression. This inspires it to strike at unexpected moments and take you on a journey filled with limitless possibilities. You can be an aspiring artist or even a seasoned professional. With Sketchbook, you can follow your creative instincts from the first of the pencil to the final masterpiece.

The tool is available on both macOS and Windows through their store. The tool offers a seamless and immersive digital drawing experience. Working with it feels like you are sketching on real paper with brushes and pens and mimicking the physical experience of doing the task. Additionally, you get a clutter-free interface that ensures that your work remains unobtrusive, thereby allowing the artists to concentrate on the artistry. 

Furthermore, you get multiple tools and palettes tucked inside the platform, enabling you to focus on your creation by bringing in multiple features at your fingertips. Also, this application boasts of a diverse array of customizable brushes, guiders, rulers, and stroke tools. This grants you both freedom and precision. Additionally, you also get the inclusion of layers, various blend modes, flexibility to build, and even explore your drawing and colors with an unparalleled digital art experience.


  • Full set of brushes that includes pencil markers, airbrushes, smear, and a lot more
  • Get multiple customization options for brushes
  • Offers precision with the tools available
  • Full range of blend modes
  • Interface built to cater to sketching and ease of it
Visit Sketchbook


Clip Studio is another free drawing software that is a cutting-edge and comprehensive software solution created to provide a tailored experience for digital artists, illustrators, and manga creators. The online drawing tool showcases many features and is an important free drawing software for the creative industry.

Clip Studio has gained immense popularity with its exceptional capabilities and user-friendly interface. The drawing software free provides a robust platform for a multitude of artists that enables them to create, refine, and even publish digital art. This makes this free art software a versatile tool capable of pushing the boundaries and achieving creative endeavors with great excellence. From comics and illustrations to animation and concept design, one can use this best drawing software for almost any task.

Additionally, the thing that sets Clip Studio apart is the fusion of artistic freedom and technical precision that the online drawing software provides. The drawing apps for PC offer all the important tools for inking, coloring, animating, etc. It is an incredible free art software offering a Pro and EX version and loads of tutorials, forums, and assets to enable the artists and their journey.


  • Get multiple paint features for different types of art, such as concept art & painting, character art, illustrations, etc.
  • Features like mixing mode, perceptual, brightness correction, shading assist, etc.
  • Hand pose scanner for 2D modeling
  • Fish eye perspective, along with a perspective ruler
Visit ClipStudio
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GIMP, also known as GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a remarkable best free drawing software. It is very versatile and offers an open-source raster graphics editor that has had a loyal following in the world of digital imaging. 

The free digital art software has gained widespread recognition in terms of an alternative to incredible commercial image editing software. The free drawing software provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enables the user to perform tasks such as photo retouching, image composition, and even graphic design. The best drawing software offers a user-friendly interface and extensive features that make it a valuable asset. The drawing software free is used by a diverse range of users including hobbyists to professional designers.

What sets this best free drawing software apart amongst its competitors is the high-quality image editing, which is accessible to everyone regardless of budget. GIMP is a reliable platform that enables multiple artists and photographers to express their creativity, manipulate images, and even produce stunning graphics. You can look at simple touch-ups and even create intricate compositions; this best drawing software can be your gateway to endless possibilities.


  • It is completely free and open-source
  • Available on several platforms such as Linux, macOS, Windows, etc.
  • Provides high-quality photo manipulation 
  • Supports scripted image manipulation via C, C++, Perl, etc.
  • Offers top-notch color management features for color reproduction
Visit GIMP


MyPaint is an exceptional best drawing software that is both free and open-source in nature. It is another raster graphics software that is often used by digital artists, illustrators, and painters. The free arts program is created to replicate the natural feel of any traditional painting or digital canvas. The online drawing tool is known for its simplicity and intuitive interface, which makes it a preferred choice for artists who demand a fluid and responsive painting experience.

Aside from this, the free art software provides a wide range of brushes and powerful blending options that give intricate control to the user and the capability to express their work of art.  The drawing websites focus on creating a distraction-free environment. 

MyPaint is an ideal choice for every digital artist that is looking for a versatile and customizable free online drawing tool that helps them unleash their creativity. You can be a professional painter or someone who has just started their artistic journey; MyPaint is a tool and resource that can help you paint your imagination onto a digital canvas.


  • It is a free and open-source software
  • It lets the user collaborate with artists using Inkscape, GIMP, Krita, etc.
  • Comes with Autotools that reduces dependencies on programming languages like Python
  • Binaries available for Windows and Ubuntu systems
  • Capability to showcase your creation on Tumblr
Visit Mypaint


rtweaver is a free drawing software that is rich in features and user-friendly. It provides its users the capability to paint digitally and edit images and has already been adopted by many artists. The digital art software free features an array of artistic tools and features that can be used by both beginners and professional artists. It is a software that is designed to replicate the traditional painting experience and provide a realistic & intuitive platform for digital art creation. 

The free art software provides easy access to downloads, tutorials, and support. The free drawing software fosters a global community of artists, which includes forums, plugins, and additional content that can help you expand your capabilities. It’s user-friendly interface and versatility make it an ideal best drawing software for illustrators, painters, and photographers. 

To further add, the online drawing software offers both free and paid versions. This allows users to choose from a wide range of features in the suit. Artweaver is a powerhouse of digital art. It can be your gateway to infinite creative possibilities, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro.


  • Fully functional painting tool with predefined realistic brushes
  • Offer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Capability to record the entire painting process and play it later on
  • Allows you to collaborate with other artists on LAN and over the Internet
  • Powerful core that lets you utilize the existing system spec to max
Visit Artweaver

PaintTool Sai

PaintTool SAI is a highly regarded, user-friendly best free drawing software. The drawing tool online has already won the hearts of countless artists and illustrators around the world. It is a celebrated online drawing tool amongst the community, as it is simple and precise. These two qualities of the PaintTool make it an exceptional tool for both beginners and experienced artists. With this free painting software, you get a wide array of brushes, tools, and features that allow artists to create stunning digital art. 

Additionally, the drawing apps for PC also get you an uncluttered workspace, enabling artists to focus on the creative process. This drawing website has a massive loyal following because of its powerful brush engine and impressive line stabilization. This is the reason PaintTool SAI is a preferred drawing program for illustrators who demand precision.

Furthermore, the drawing tool online can be accessed using its website. In fact, on the website of this software, you can even share your art, seek advice, and even access tutorials and resources. PaintTool SAI is the epitome of simplicity and precision in the digital art creation domain. It is a trusted free art software for artists that can help them bring their imagination back to the digital canvas.


  • Works on Windows, Tablets, and mobile devices
  • Capability to manipulate colors by adjusting saturation, luminescence, etc.
  • Export work to PSD or BMP files
  • Provides anti-aliasing for distorted and jagged images
  • It is very lightweight and can export images into multiple formats
Visit PaintTool Sai

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a familiar name in the industry of digital image design. The free art software has been a staple tool in the creative industry for years. The best free drawing software has emulated traditional art media with exceptional accuracy. To further add, it also provides a vast selection of brushes and tools similar to many other free painting software mentioned in this list. This is the reason it is a preferred choice amongst professional artists, illustrators, and designers who want to seek a truly immersive digital art experience.

The free drawing software stands out because of its versatility and comprehensive features. It allows the users of this online drawing tool to experiment with multiple styles and techniques. The drawing websites offer an extensive range of artistic tools and the freedom to customize brushes and textures.

Corel Painter has a supportive community of artists committed to providing a great experience for its users and helping them with their artistic exploration and innovation. The best free drawing software is the right tool for all levels of creators. You can be anyone; however, with Corel Painter, you can unleash your creativity on a digital canvas.


  • All-in-one vector illustration, layout, and photo editing toolbox
  • Toolset to edit, enhance, and correct images imported
  • Easy video editing tools for transforming videos
  • Value-rich vector for beginner users
  • Free trial available for testing the tool
Visit Corel Painter

Adobe Fresco

Adobe is already known for creating some of the finest graphic designing tools. Adobe Fresco is a dynamic and innovative digital painting and drawing software available in its catalog of products. The digital art software free has gained widespread acclaim amongst artists and illustrators. If we delve into the world of this free art software, there are tons of things that we can talk about.

The free digital art software provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that help any digital art creation expert. The drawing software free combines vector and raster techniques. This allows the artists to work with both pixel and vector brushes. This results in precise and highly versatile artwork. The free art programs are compatible with touch and even stylus-based devices. This enhances the tactile experience of the drawing digitally.

With its deep integration with the Adobe Creative cloud apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator, the free painting software enables seamless file transfers and even editing across different programs. Adobe Fresco is an essential tool for any professional artists and designers who use the Adobe ecosystem. Furthermore, the different tools and resources that bring the artistic visions to life on a digital canvas.


  • Supports the latest stylus and touchscreen devices
  • Offers the largest collection of vector and raster brushes
  • Get watercolors that bloom and bleed on the digital art
  • Build thickness for 3D effects
  • Magic wand tool and multi-color swatches for creating interesting designs
Visit Adobe Fresco


Paint.Net is a versatile and user-friendly image editing software that can also be used as drawing software. It has garnered a dedicated following from amateur and professional graphic designers and photo editors. The digital art software free provides a robust and lightweight platform for a range of image editing tasks. It may not boast extensive features compared to other tools in this list. However, its simplicity and efficiency make it a go-to choice for any artist looking for an accessible and effective tool.

The best free digital art software combines a user-friendly interface with various plugins and a strong community of users. This makes this free painting software a valuable asset in the world of image editing. Like many other best free drawing software, it is also free and open-source. 

Additionally, the free drawing software provides an open and collaborative environment that ensures that the user is continually enhancing their capabilities by using these free art programs. This free drawing apps for PC is a very practical and accessible solution in order to seek basic to intermediate image editing tasks. You can be anyone: a graphic designer, a professional photographer, etc. Paint.Net will surely have something for you.


  • It is available on Windows
    Offers an intuitive and innovative feature that supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, etc.
    Offers an online community, tutorials, and plugins
    Provides a list of popular and standard file formats
    It is the fastest image editor available
Visit Paint.net

Paint 3D

Paint 3D is another free drawing software for Windows that is modern and helps create versatile digital art. This image editing application has become increasingly popular among creative individuals and casual users. Paint 3D is a part of the Microsoft ecosystem and is provided along with Windows 10.

Aside from its simplicity, the drawing apps for PC offer a wide array of creative tools that enable its users to create and manipulate 2D and 3D images easily. The drawing software free provides an intuitive interface and multiple powerful features. This makes it an incredible freebie in the kitty of artists and designers who are interested in digital art.

The interesting feature of this best drawing software free is that it can integrate 3D elements into a traditional 2D environment. With this free digital art software, users can add 3D objects, textures, and effects to create beautiful 2D projects. It even simplifies creating 3D content, making it approachable for users at multiple levels. It feels like basic software. However, this drawing software free unleashes the creative playground for any artist.


  • Magic Select that instantly creates cut-outs
  • Multiple realistic textures ranging from hardwood to soft grass
  • Thousands of 3D models
  • 3D doodle tool for sketching and drawing
  • Choose the filter and multiple lighting options
Visit Paint 3D


FireAlpaca is another versatile free drawing software that has gained prominence amongst artists and illustrators seeking an accessible platform rich in features. It can boost your creative endeavors and help you create your digital art with ease. 

The best free drawing software is a powerful solution for creating digital art at no cost. For FireAlpaca, the website serves central in terms of providing download links, tutorials, and a supportive online community where artists can collaborate together and even share their work.

With multiple tools that come with FireAlpaca such as Pen, Pencil, Airbrush, etc., artists can craft their artistic vision. It allows crisp strokes and soft-edged watercolors that only provide a dynamic range of options but also help your imagination turn into reality.

This drawing software free can help digital artists create illustrations, comics, and even multiple forms of artwork. You can be anyone from a seasoned professional to a complete beginner; FireAlpaca can provide tools and resources that can turn your creative visions alive and put them on a digital canvas.


  • Available on macOS and Windows
  • Comes with several comic templates
  • Get a symmetric brush and a rotational symmetric brush
  • Get 3D perspective for 3D objects
  • Available in over 12 languages
Visit FireAlpaca

Ibis Paint

Ibis Paint is amongst the most popular and versatile digital painting and illustration app that has gained popularity amongst artists, manga creators, and designers. This is especially the case with mobile. 

Ibis Paint is available for both Android and iOS devices. This free drawing websites offers a wide range of brushes, tools, and features that can cater to all levels of artists ranging from beginners to professionals. The application also provides a user-friendly interface and responsive drawing capabilities. This makes these free drawing apps for PC an excellent choice for creating digital art.

What sets Ibis Paint apart from other tools is the emphasis on providing a robust digital art experience on mobile platforms. With extensive brush customization options and loads of interesting features, the artist can create intricate and expressive artwork that starts from the convenience of smartphones or tablets. 

The Ibis Paint is a thriving community with an active website and social media channels. This allows users to share their creations, engage in discussion, and access tutorials & multiple resources. This free digital art software is a digital painting solution for casual creators or dedicated artists. This best drawing software can embrace your artistic visions and turn them into reality on your digital canvas.


  • Get access to over 15000 brushes
  • Add unlimited layers to your digital image
  • Get multiple advanced tool function
  • Get up to 46 tone functions
  • Set parameters for layers with layer opacity, alpha blending, adding, subtracting, etc.
Visit Ibis Paint


Sketchpad is a web-based best free drawing software favorite for many digital artists, hobbyists, and creative individuals seeking an easy and versatile solution. The drawing apps for PCs are often considered for the simplicity and convenience it offers. Sketchpad offers various artistic tools and features that suit users of all skill levels. 

The free drawing software offers a user-friendly interface that ensures that the artists can create digital paintings, illustrations, or sketches. However, what sets this incredible best drawing software apart is its web-based nature, which eliminates the need for installation or creates issues due to compatibility issues. Users can access this one of the best free drawing websites and start working from anywhere.

The digital art software free is a central hub for accessing the platform. It has a supportive community that shares their artwork and helps each other grow. This fosters creativity and openness amongst the community to help each other grow and often join hands in their endeavors. Sketchpad provides you with all the necessary tools that can help turn your imagination into reality.


  • Available on multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
  • Easily draw, edit photos, or design business cards
  • Drag and drop features for editing photos
  • Access to over 15 brushes, 5000+ clipart, 14 shapes, and 800+ fonts
  • Available in up to 14 languages
Visit Sketchpad

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is another user-friendly and innovative digital art application that has made a significant contribution to the industry of creative expression, especially for Windows devices. Fresh paint is very easy to use and offers a wide range of brushes and multiple features similar to other software. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking forward to using lifelike brushes and blending capabilities, making it a perfect tool that can replace the traditional painting experience.

The drawing software free is committed to delivering a seamless and tactile experience that can be used on touchscreen devices. For instance, tablets and 2-in-1 laptops. With this free art software, users can take full advantage of touch and stylus capabilities that allow precise and natural drawing & painting.

Fresh Paint can be accessed easily and can even be used to showcase your work, participate in contests, and connect with like-minded artists. The free arts programs encourage creativity and artistic exploration, making it a go-to application for both casual as well as professional artists. With its fantastic tools,  one can unleash creativity and create compelling digital art designs.


  • Multiple features such as intuitive UI, supporting touch, mouse, and stylus input
  • Get multiple options for drawing and painting using watercolor, oil, pencil, pastel, etc.
  • Get precise pressure-sensitive control of the thickness of brush strokes
  • Correct mistakes with an eraser tool and undo button
  • Get activity packs and coloring pages
Visit Fresh Paint


openCanvas is an exclusive painting software that is ideal for both beginner and advanced users. The tool is designed to make the creative process enjoyable and efficient. This advanced tool for painting offers a horizon of possibilities with resources like brush strokes, a user-friendly interface, and even a unique “Event” feature. A feature that allows you to record and replay your entire drawing process.

With openCanvas, one can let their creativity flow freely and bring the ideas inside them to life. The painting tool supports a wide range of features that can support your artistic endeavors. It can make the entire experience truly gratifying. You can anyone, i.e., a sketching artist, painter, or simply an illustrator, and it offers a versatile set of 150 brushes and the capability to save your unique ones. 

openCanvas provides excellent support for TabletPC users with features like pen pressure and multi-touch gesture recognition. This makes you feel like you’re drawing on paper, intuitively controlling your canvas. With openSource, you get a user-friendly experience with multiple theme options and convenient tools such as Hand Control and Shortcut Control. With openCanvas, you can embark on a delightful journey for visual creativity and explore your creativity to the fullest.


  • It offers multiple brushes such as pencils, pens, watercolors, etc.
  • Pen-pressure and multi-touch gestures are available in TabletPC
  • Offers a user-friendly with refurbished theme and icons
  • Event tool that enables you to record and replay
  • Get functional features such as a new brush engine, brushes, filters, etc.
Visit OpenCanvas

Gravit Designer

Need a powerful and versatile vector graphics design application that has made its reputation amongst designers, illustrators, and creatives seeking a robust and accessible drawing platform for their projects. The online drawing software has an impressive set of design tools and capabilities that cater to a wider range of creative projects. 

Gravit Designer provides an impressive set of design tools and capabilities and a user-friendly interface. This allows the artists to create vector graphics, illustrations, icons, and multiple other design elements. The online drawing software is available on both web and desktop. This makes it an adaptable choice as per the workflows and your preferences.

Additionally, the reason why this is a considerably good powerful vector application is because it is completely free. Moreover, the platform also provides a vast array of design features with complex path manipulation, from vector shapes to typography tools. This makes it a compelling choice for professional designers and enthusiasts.

The free painting software aims to create a collaborative environment amongst the designers who want to support their skills in creating stunning visuals. It is a great vector-based graphics tool that can turn creative concepts into beautiful, professional-quality designs.


  • It offers built-in pages, anchors, styles, and symbols
  • Vector illustration tools to create lines, points, shapes, and other elements
  • Photo editing features for adjusting colors, adding filters, managing blending, and light effects
  • Export designs in multiple formats
  • Get a library of assets for stickers, emojis, frames, icons, etc.
Visit Gravit Designer

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is an innovative and user-friendly web-based graphic design and image editing platform. It is one of the best mobile drawing apps that has gained recognition amongst creative individuals, graphic designers, and even artists seeking a versatile digital platform. 

The free art software provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for tasks such as image editing, digital painting, and design. You can be a novice or even a professional who provides an intuitive interface and a wide range of brushes, filters, and editing options that cater to your creative needs. Additionally, its web-based platform eliminates the need for installing the software on the system. All you need is an active internet connection.

Sumo Paint is committed in terms of providing a powerful graphic design solution for free. However, it does offer its users a Pro version that has many advanced features. Additionally, the free painting software has resources like tutorials, support, and a community that inspires each other. Sumo Paint provides all the tools to help you realize your creative visions that are both user-friendly and web-based.


  • Get over 300 brushes with multiple unique tools and effects
  • Comprehensive UI with multiple editing tools
  • Get access to multiple layers, effects, and more
  • Simply drag and drop the image to apply filter
  • More than 20 drawing tools
Visit Sumo Paint

Astropad Studio

Astropad Studio is highly regarded as one of the best digital illustration and graphic design applications. The free art software can fill the gap between traditional and digital art. This drawing apps can transform your iPad or tablet into a high-precision tool for creating art that gives the traditional vibe of creating something. The best free digital art software is available on both macOS and iOS. 

With this free digital art software, you can directly draw on your iPad, and the strokes will be mirrored in real-time on the connected device, thereby making it an intuitive and responsive drawing experience. 

The drawing software free has its focus on delivering a professional-grade solution for creative professionals. Aside from this, the tools have a wide array of tools, customizable shortcuts, and even supports a pressure-sensitive stylus. Therefore, Astropad Studio is an ideal choice that provides precision and detailed work for all digital artists. Astropad Studio is a powerful tool for artists and designers who seek a traditional art experience in the digital realm.


  • Available on macOS and Windows
  • Customize your shortcuts, gestures, and Apple pencil setting
  • Adjust the level of pressure as per your drawings
  • Offers proprietary technology Liquid for enhanced image quality and responsiveness
  • Comes with 14 day trial period
Visit Astropad Studio
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Wrapping Up!

With this top-of-the-class drawing software, not only artists, illustrators, painters, etc. can create something never seen before but also do a lot of experimentation. These tools can help break barriers to creativity and allow individuals from all backgrounds to explore their artistic impulses without any constraints. 

The availability of free software has created a vibrant online community where artists are not only sharing their work but collaborating and inspiring one another. With user-friendly interfaces and a diverse set of tools, users can harness their creativity and increase productivity while creating stunning visuals. With this list of top drawing tools, we aim to tell you about the best options that are available online.

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