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Best Shopping Apps You Can't Afford To Miss In 2020

Reap the benefits of fixed coupons, hefty flat discounts, deal alerts and many more by downloading amazing shopping apps.

Online Shopping Apps

Everyone loves to shop, and it becomes even more fun when you get such deals and offers that help you save your hard-earned money too. Well, some prefer shopping from stores while others prefer staying at home and shopping online. So here’s the thing, there are shopping apps today which give the real feel of shopping in-store no matter where you are.    

All thanks to these fascinating shopping apps for they have wiped out the requirement of going out even to the nearest shopping mall. Skipping those long queues has only become possible with these top-rated shopping apps.

Besides, the count of the available applications for shopping on Android and iOS is a wider one. And, every one of these apps has a quality of its own.
From gifts to gown rentals and to the most trending attire, some of these best shopping apps offer you the medium to shop from the comfort of the home. Worth mentioning are those home delivery services that add more to the entire shopping experience for users. 

Best Shopping Apps For Android & iOS [2020]

From gifts to gown rentals and to the most trending attire, some of these best shopping apps offer you the medium to shop from the comfort of the home. Worth mentioning are those home delivery services that add more to the entire shopping experience for users. Here’s a list of the leading online shopping  apps in the online shopping world today:  

1. Amazon

Shopping, UPI, Money Transfer And More

One of the best shopping apps trusted by shoppers all around the world, Amazon ticks most of the boxes in the online shopping industry and is also one of the top online clothes shopping apps. The app has over 17 crore original products to shop from with multiple discounts and deals for users. In addition, Amazon has many deals which a user can avail exclusively on the app.  

best shopping apps

Notable features of Amazon, one of the best shopping apps:

  • Over 17 crore original products to shop
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple payment options 

Download this shopping app for iOS and Android

2. eBay

Your Top Destination for Buying and Selling

Another of those fashion shopping apps that let users shop for not just fashion, but even in multiple categories like electronics, home products and lots more, the eBay app has a lot more to offer than just a simple buy and sell experience. While users can sell products as well by easily scanning and listing whatever they wish to sell, there are constant discount deals that eBay comes up with from time to time that really makes this app worth a try.  

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online shopping apps

Notable features of eBay, one of the best shopping apps:

  • Buy and sell with ease
  • Shop or sell in multiple categories 
  • Timely deals

Download this good shopping app for iOS and Android 

3. Wish

An All-Round Shopping App For Your Family 

One of the best electronic shopping apps today, the Wish app has some crazy deals that anybody who loves shopping would love to grab with both hands. The app offers thousands of sales on some of the most unique items with English customer support so there is easy assistance just as you shop. In addition to this, users multiple payment options for anything they shop for.    

Shopping apps

Notable features of the Wish shopping app:  

  • English Customer Support
  • Hassle-free refunds
  • Fast delivery in the EU 

Download this top shopping app for iOS and Android

4. Victoria’s Secret

One-Stop Shopping Place for all Women

Victoria’s Secret is a one-stop destination for all things sexy and one of the best shopping apps for women. The app offers users the option to purchase the most stylish intimates and shop from the most exclusive stores, which too are at a very affordable price. As well as offering a great shopping experience, the app also brings exclusive insights and behind the scene looks of events shopping are happening around the world.  

online clothes shopping apps

Notable features of Victoria’s Secret online purchase app:

  • Get notified about the latest offer
  • Digital wallet
  • Get a welcome gift on first purchase

Download this one of the top shopping apps for Android and iOS 

5. Best Deals - Don't miss any deals

Latest Deals You’ll Love

As the name suggests, the Best Deals app is all about those deals you don’t want to miss. The Android shopping application offers all that you need to manage your household perfectly. There are deals available for the shoppers, which they can avail with ease. On top of that, the app offers the latest product reviews and trends from the shopping world which you can stay updated with simply with the help of this app.  

top shopping apps

Notable features of Best Deals, one of the top online shopping apps:

  • Over 50% discount on various deals 
  • Deals in multiple categories 
  • Latest offer updates

Download this free online shopping app for Android

6. OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up

Buy Or Sell With Ease

As an Android shopping application, it is one of the best marketplaces for buying and selling. It offers great deals that are better than the classifieds. Users can buy or sell anything in just 30 seconds. The best part about this app is that users can sell their products to those people whom they can trust, like in their own neighborhood. Likewise, you only buy things from those whom you can trust.    

shopping apps for iphone

Notable features OfferUp, one of the best shopping apps:

  • List your items for sale in just 30 seconds
  • Thousands of new items for sale daily
  • Deals and discounts

Download this app to shop online for Android and iOS

7. Kohl's: Scan, Shop, Pay & Save

Get the Best Deals and Rewards While You Shop 

Kohl’s app is all about saving and finding exceptional shopping items. The users need to be Yes2You Rewards members to avail of the profit from the applications. Kohl's offers exceptional discounts on brands. Users can shop online or look for in-store products through the app itself. The best part about Kohl’s is that there are deals on shipping as well, so you don’t just save on buying, but also save on shipping as well. 

best shopping apps for iphone

Notable features of the Kohl’s, one of the best online shopping apps:

  • Timely rewards and coupons 
  • Get reminders on when your rewards are about to expire
  • Free shipping and store pickup 

Download this online purchase app for Android and iOS

8. Kmart – Shop & save with awesome deals

Shop More & Save More

As one of the best Android shopping applications, the app offers millions of products at your fingertips. If you are a savvy shopper, you need to have Kmart on your mobile. Special offers, coupons, and savings are there for a regular shopper. Users can track the shipping of their products with ease. What else? Well in case you wish not to buy a particular product so soon, there is an option of leasing the product as well.  

shopping list apps for android

Notable features of Kmart, one of the top-rated shopping apps:

  • Get $5 on every $35 purchase
  • Weekly deals and offers
  • Lease it option 

Download this top online shopping app for Android and iOS

9. B2B Trade App

Your Very Own Trade App is a leading shopping mobile app offering wide scope to retailers. that is one of the most reliable sources of the retail market. There is a huge range of millions of products, and that is the icing on the cake. You can directly contact the trader miles away from you. Likewise, in case you are not satisfied with the product quality or shipping date as mentioned in the agreement, Alibaba Trade Assurance covers the full cost for you.  

new shopping apps

Notable features of, one of the best discount shopping apps: 

  • Millions of products to choose from
  • Quick Shipping
  • New products and promotions

Download this reliable shopping app for Android

10. RetailMeNot: Coupons & Savings

The Award-Winning Shopping App

Cashback offers from retailers make this application one of the best shopping apps for iOS. There are coupons, discounted gift cards, and online codes that offer the best shopping experience to the users. Users can find coupons from over 35 different categories. There are 200,000+ offers from 15,000+ brands so you shop and save on just about anything you buy. 

top rated shopping apps

Notable features of RetailMeNot, one of the best shopping apps for iPhone:

  • Over 200000 offers
  • 19000+ in-store deals
  • Coupons from over 35 categories

Download this cheap online shopping app for iOS

11. Groupon

Purchase Coupons and Save As You Shop

Download Groupon, the best application for shoppers to save up to 70%. One can also find the best deal on the stuff to eat. The app also features some of the best apps for Android. It is the app for you in case you wish to taste a unique local experience of different restaurants. What else? There are thousands of latest deals from local stores that you can avail of with ease.  

reliable shopping apps

Notable features of Groupons, one of the best apps for online shopping:

  • Up to 70% off
  • Cashback on restaurant bills 
  • Deals in multiple categories

Download this best shopping app for Android and iOS

 12. Nike SNKRS

Explore The Ultimate Sneakers From Nike

It’s your ultimate sneaker source. You can explore, buy and share the best from the Nike sneaker section. The app includes everything that a Nike lover would ever like to browse through. Users can stay updated with the latest launches from Nike or learn about the events happening worldwide. App members also get exclusive deals from time to time, which is really something every Nike lover would never want to miss out on.  

online purchase app

Notable features of the Nike SNKRS new shopping app:

  • Stay updated with exclusive releases
  • Enter the draw for most of the launches
  • See notifications of what’s coming next

Download this shopping list app for Android and iOS

 13. Target

Now Pay and Save as You Shop

The target app now has Cartwheel and Wallet. The app is there for you to find the deals easily and order the same. The app offers discounted price items that you can order from anywhere anytime. All you need to do is to go to any local store you like, buy products you like and pay through your credit card or debit card in order to avail the target app deals with ease. Users can even take delivery of the products or order what they like with drive-up.

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online shopping apps for women

Notable features of Target, one of the good shopping apps:

  • Order with drive-up
  • Same day delivery
  • Additional earnings 

Download this best shopping list app for iOS and Android

14. Zulily

Your Shopping Buddy for iOS 

Zulily is your best shopping buddy when you are wishing to get the latest trends in apparel that have a global appeal. Install this best shopping app for iOS and get great deals on a variety of items. The app offers up to 70 percent off on products you love. The best part? There is a new sale every morning for the users so you have all the chance of grabbing what you really want. 

online shopping apps for men

Notable features of Zulily, one of the best shopping apps for iPhone:  

  • Find new items every day
  • Shop for multiple categories 
  • New sales at 6 am every morning 

Download this top shopping app for iOS

15. Mercari

Easy Sell and Ship

Mercari is the best one for you to buy and sell with a single click on the phone. From jewelry to sporting goods and to electronics, the app offers everything that you need to get for easy living. Mercari is available for iOS users. The best part about the app is that you don’t want to meet the buyer or the seller. Everything is done online and the printable shipping label is mailed to you.  

apps for shopping online

Notable features of Mercari, one of the best fast shipping shopping apps: 

  • 24-hour Customer Support
  • Discount up to 70% off
  • Free Listing  

Download this shopping app for iOS 

The Upshot

This is all about the best shopping apps for Android and iPhone. The list has been compiled after thorough research on the ranking and the popularity of the applications. Let us know your views on the apps compiled here on this list.

With these apps, your shopping experience is sure to become much more rewarding than ever before. Thus, give these apps a try and let us know your experience with them, or read our other app reviews from multiple categories before you choose any app.

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