Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps For Better Object Augmentation
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Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android And iOS You Must Try In 2019

Discover the journey from science fiction to practical reality with these incredible Augmented Reality apps

Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android And iOS You Must Try In 2019

Augmented reality is a powerful technology that is proving itself as one of the best tools to be used in our daily lives. Right from the social media filters to augmenting complex surgical procedures, AR technology keeps on growing and finding applications in almost every area. It brings virtual reality into the real world which ultimately renders an exceptional experience of things we actually see, hear and feel.

There is a never-ending scope of augmented reality in this ever-evolving tech world which you can experience by exploring the best augmented reality apps. You must have heard about it but now, AR apps have become a growing trend that keeps on expanding and enhancing the virtual view by offering a composite view to the real-world aspects.

Check out our list of the best AR apps for Android and iOS that let you know how augmented reality can be effectively used in different real-world scenarios.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most useful augmented reality applications which has been widely used among users to translate different languages. Unlike the normal version of Google Translate which only focuses on converting text, this AR-powered app can translate the text into an image from one language to another.

You only need to open the app, capture the text you need to translate and wait for the translation results. The converted text will also allow you to read packaging details, different signs, and even memes if needed.

Google Translate

Striking Features:

  • Translate about 103 languages
  • Offline translation facility for approx 59 languages
  • Integrated with conversation mode for two-way instant speech translation (32 languages)
  • Handwriting translation option allows you to translate text by drawing characters instead of using the keyboard
  • Phrasebook feature helps users save and star translations for future references

Available For: Android, iOS

2. Just a Line

Free-hand drawing is often loved by individuals and Just a Line is the best alternative which gives users the liberty to draw augmented reality doodles within three-dimensional surroundings of your mobile device screen.

It’s a lot of fun using this one of the best AR apps as it allows users to calibrate the phone’s space with just a tap. All you need to do is hold your finger anywhere on the screen and draw a line or something else with a free hand to augment any of your clicked pictures.

Just a Line

Striking Features:

  • Lets you make simple drawings with augmented reality
  • Helps users create and share doodle video with friends
  • Compatible with all AR-enabled devices
  • Lets you draw and record the doodles with a nearby friend

Available For: Android, iOS

3. JigSpace

Jigspace is also one of the best augmented reality apps for iPhone that supplies several 3D educational animations to help users explore the functionality of almost everything including car engines to complex lock systems. Above all, the app also offers captions and explanations to make users fully understand the technical aspects.


Striking Features:

  • Brings learning into real-world
  • Lets you create your own Jigs with the help of Jig Workshop feature and share it with the world
  • Integrated Jig Library to get dozens of interactive learning experiences
  • Facility to view step-by-step 3D animation breakdowns of different products and complex ideas

Available For: iOS

4. Quiver

Quiver is also one of the fun augmented reality apps for Android and iOS. This is a three-dimensional coloring app that turns colored pictures into appealing animated figures. For users, it’s a fun tool that allows them to convert their images into cartoon characters, animal structures and many more.

Striking Features:

  • Proves to be an awesome AR to educate kids
  • Combines physical coloring to bring an extraordinarily magical experience to the images
  • You can browse and find free pages to color and convert
  • Also enables adults to unleash their inner artist
  • Lets users feel proud to their creations that actually are the results of their creativity
  • The app is considered as a great tool to develop skills and knowledge for different subjects
  • Lets you view the creation from any view
  • Integrated with AR educational pages including quiz tests
  • Built with an enhanced zoom functionality
  • Facility to play and pause the animation when needed
  • Availability of a variety of sound effects

Available For: Android, iOS

5. Magicplan

Making floor plans might be a simple task for the architects and professional map makers but it's never been easier for common individuals. magicplan is one of the best augmented reality apps for Android and iOS that made it easier to design and measure floor plans for all users. They can now download this app to measure the areas and make floor plans exactly like experts

This app is specially introduced to help contractors and interior designers. Now they can attach the application with their measuring tools to come out with effective designing and floor plans.


Striking Features:

  • Lets you use the camera to create the floor plans
  • Capability to scan the room within seconds to create an unfailing measurement plan
  • You can connect a laser distance meter with it via Bluetooth
  • Helps you bring out a 3D model from a 2D floor view
  • Users can export plans in the form of JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, DXF, CSV, etc.
  • Lets you furnish all the plans with over 1000 objects
  • It’s compatible with Excel, Chief Architect, and AutoCAD
  • Create a virtual tour with 360 panoramas
  • Allows you to add photos and related notes
  • Provides statistics automatically for surroundings, surfaces, and distances
  • Conducts surveys by providing customized questionnaires
  • Lets you manage the team and all the backup plans via Cloud

Available For: Android, iOS

6. AR GPS Compass Map 3D

Get accurate guidance of the routes from your current location with this augmented reality compass. Best listed among the top augmented reality apps, AR GPS Compass Map 3D lets you select where you want to start and end up the route. You’ll find it quite simple to use as the heads-up display will guide you to search your destination by making sure that you’re not lost anywhere in the middle.

AR GPS Compass Map 3D

Striking Features:

  • Helps locate landmarks
  • Provides 3D augmented reality display
  • Excellent precision and map stability
  • Integrated with a split-screen map feature to adjust the size with different GPS locations
  • Display GPS information for longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, and number of satellites
  • Helps measure magnetic field strength
  • Lets you measure the height of large objects
  • Share the landmarks and current locations with others using the same app

Available For: Android


Getting inked the different body parts has become a fashion among youth which also encourages them making temporary tattoos. Generally, we can’t temporarily ink ourselves with an inkjet printer thus no worries we’ve got INKHUNTER for you. It’s one of the best AR apps for Android and iOS that can be used by users to get a tattoo in augmented reality.

To use this app’s features, you have to simply put a point anywhere on your body using a ballpen and project a tattoo design that you want to have.


Striking Features:

  • Choose from a gallery of INKHUNTER designs or try your own to get it on your body part
  • The app lets you check out the tattoo from different angles
  • Developed with advanced photo editor which makes it quite easy to make the tattoo design look real.
  • Quick share option for users to distribute their tattoo creation with friends

Available For: Android, iOS

8. Holo

Holo ranked on the top of the augmented reality app for iOS and Android list and become the best alternative for creating videos by adding characters from both the real and the fictional world. With Holo, an augmented reality app, users can place animated 3D models to your surroundings using augmented reality.


Striking Features:

  • Lets you add holograms of animals and real people to make it a fun combination to share with friends on social media and messaging apps
  • Lets you create funny characters and Holo to make the content interesting
  • Provides you the liberty to choose from a variety of holograms including celebrities, musicians, comedians, etc.
  • Allows you to adjust the hologram by resizing, rotating and moving along with recording the Holo
  • Option to save Holo photos and videos to your smartphone’s gallery

Available For: Android, iOS

9. SketchAR

Want to know how to draw with augmented reality? SketchAR is the right tool for you then. It’s a robustly build augmented reality app which uses your phone’s camera to guide you draw realistic sketches. You only need to follow the instructions to get what you really want.


Striking Features:

  • Puts virtual images on a plane surface to let users trace sketching from their phone
  • Helpful for those who don’t know how to draw
  • Professional artists can also use this app to improve their sketching skills by tracing their surfaces
  • Provides a bright environment to draw effective and well-sketched designs

Available For: Android, iOS

10. Pokemon Go

The list of the best augmented reality apps wouldn’t be completed without adding Pokemon Go, an amazing game that effectively and quickly captured everyone’s attention and encouraged them to see the gaming world in an enhanced and augmented way.

Pokemon Go

Striking Features:

  • The game app uses GPS to mark your location to move your in-game avatar
  • Secondly, your smartphone’s camera to show pokemon in real-world
  • Provides users with well-written instructions regarding game
  • Free to download and offers in-game purchases
  • Optimized for all smartphones

Available For: Android, iOS

Ending Note:

Augmented reality has been made a remarkable prominence in the app world and it's still growing at a rapid state. The scope of augmented reality is never-ending which constantly empowering the top augmented reality companies for finding new augmented reality ideas to implement in exceptional ways.

If you have suggestions for more interesting apps based on augmented technology, let us know below in the comment box.

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