Top 15 Augmented Reality Apps For Android & iOS [List of 2018]
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Top 15 Android & iOS Augmented Reality Apps In 2019

Get to know about the latest AR apps that are trending in Android iOS app stores.

Top 15 Android & iOS Augmented Reality Apps In 2019

Are AR apps the next big thing?

This question has been making rounds for about a few months now but still, there is a mix of response that we are receiving. But maybe these advanced Augmented Reality Apps can change the mind of the Naysayers…

Here’s a list of the best Augmented Reality Applications for Android and iOS platforms that have been making rounds in 2018. Take a look:

1. EmotionsAR

Emotion AR

The EmotionsAR is an AR app for iOS and Android that basically brings pictures to life. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you must have seen the moving animated pictures shown in their movies. EmotionAR gives you the same power to create your own animated photos. 

  • Pro: The user can easily create photos with creative AR content.
  • Con: The physical purchases in the app depends on the delivery service i.e. time & safety.
  • For Android & iOS: Free

You can also start to sell the coins in order to create more photos and short AR videos. Also, the printed versions of the photos lack quality. As it is a free application, EmotionsAR asks its users to buy some of their additional products, for example, PDFs, eBooks, and much more to gain extra revenue through their app. 

So, if you are looking for a brand new Smart Visual experience then emotionsAR is the app that you should try. 

2. Quiver


Artists often talk about how their art comes alive when drawn on a sheet of paper and Quiver literally makes the user's paper drawings alive. This AR application comes packed with a variety of different characters as well as locations and provides you with a ton of options from animals, cartoon characters, and even objects like earth. 

The user can also play with these AR characters by touching and tapping on their mobile device's screen. Quiver further offers educational pages that come with a quiz with which the user can test out their level of general knowledge. 

  • Pro: It allows the user to experience the physical traditional coloring and drawing experience then converting it into an AR model.
  • Con: The advertisement model for this app can be frustrating for the user. 
  • For Android & iOS: Free

Quiver App is for you if are looking for a combination of physical coloring with the latest augmented reality technology. 

3. Plane Finder: Flight Tracker

Plane Finder: Flight Tracker

Plane Finder Flight Tracker is one of the best-rated applications at Google's App Store. With this Augmented Reality app, the user can get access to see the entire air traffic from all around the globe and that too in real-time.

  • Pro: The users can easily identify the planes that are above them by using their mobile device's camera.
  • Con: This app tends to face a lot of bug issues in comparison to other applications. 
  • For Android store: $3.99
  • For iOS store: $4.99

As per the user's settings, Plane Finder Flight Tracker can provide highly customized content as well by picking up the real-time ADS-B signals. With this app, the user can also set a notification alert to get notified whenever an airplane appears above you. The Plane Finder Flight Tracker is really easy to configure and it also doesn't limit the users in storing filtered searches. 

4. Pukka Fun

Pukka Fun

The Pukka Fun is a fun augmented reality app for kids that allows them to experience the AR technology and be creative with it. The Pukka Fun application works with a coloring book or drawing. With this app, the children can play by the three-dimensional models by interacting with them by tapping and touching on their smart device's screen.

  • Pro: All the kid's drawings and art creations can be saved and used again at any point in time. 
  • Con: Pukka Fun sometimes glitches and camera scanning features stops to work occasionally. 
  • For Android & iOS: Free

This AR application offers around 30 different AR pages to interact with and also have several games on each of the AR pages. Our suggestion would be to use Pukka Fun with your friends or family as it accelerates the fun part of this app. 

The latest update of Pukka Fun now provides the 4D Interactive Colouring and Activity Book.

5. Mind Map AR

Mind Map AR

The Mind Map AR application is the very first three-dimensional Augmented Reality app with mind mapping that is available in the market. The purpose of this AR app was to assist the user in developing their level of creatively and also helping them in establishing more impactful results from their day-to-day work. 

  • Pro: Mind Map AR offers advanced features like Hyperlink Support, Custom Coloring, a wide range if various Mind Mapping techniques and much more.
  • Con: This AR application is fairly new in the market and is currently in the developing model of the app.
  • For Android store: Free

[Note: Mind Map AR is only available on Android]

Basically, you can study or even brainstorm in the environment/space around you using the augmented reality technology. Although the Mind Map AR is a free app, however, there are many in-app purchases available for it to access many interesting features of this app.

6. Star Chart

Star Chart

Star Chart is a highly popular app that has been used by millions of people from all across the world. With the star chart, the user gets every piece of information about the sky and other elements in it like the stars. 

  • Pro: The database of Star Chart application stores the data on a total number of 100000 stars from the southern and northern hemisphere alone. 
  • Con: The latest update of the app seems to hang a lot.
  • For Android & iOS: Free

All you have to do is point your smartphone's camera towards the sky and enjoy your private show of a virtual planetarium.

You can now have a virtual planetarium in your pocket! Look through the eyes of your Android device to see a virtual window into the whole visible universe. Star Char also informs its users about the availability and schedules to see some specific meteor showers or comets. 

7. Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

The Flightradar42 flight tracker is an augmented reality application that has been in the list of the top travel application in more than 120 countries. This AR application turns your mobile device into an air traffic radar which allows the user to see whatever the airplane's pilot is seeing in the real-time mode. 

  • Pro: The user can experience a unique perspective by viewing the flight journey in 3D.
  • Con: The Flightradar42 flight tracker application crashes a lot during its sqwark alerts.
  • For Android & iOS: Free

This application also lets the user know about the current weather conditions at the airports, this makes this flighter tracker app more efficient. This app is available for both iOS and Android as free but it has some in-built additional features. 

Wondering about the details of the plane that is right above your head? Don't worry just point your smartphone towards that airplane and get details on your phone's screen about that particular airplane. 

8. Crayola Color Alive

Crayola Color Alive

With Crayola Color Alive, you can easily interact and also play with your colored pages and this app offers a wide variety of cartoon and animated characters to choose from fairytale princesses to fire-breathing dragons. All you need to do is tap, rotate and move your fingertips on your android smart device's screen. 

  • Pro: Crayola Color Alive app provides a ton of animated characters to choose for printing purpose for free. 
  • Con: This augmented reality application release updates very infrequently. 
  • For Android store: Free

[Note: Crayola Color Alive is only available for Android]

This app is a great fun-time activity for kids as they get to animate their own drawing by adding new backgrounds, color effects, and filters to their art pieces. If you want to include yourselves in the drawings itself then switch on your selfie camera and be a part of your own colorful creation. 

9. iStaging: Interior Design

iStaging: Interior Design

The AR app of iStaging is an application that targets the interior designing segment of the industry. This augmented reality application is a very powerful tool when it comes to home designing as it allows the user to place the three-dimensional Augmented Reality objects/models of home decor and furniture in the user's house space itself

  • Pro: iStaging Interior design AR app offers a huge variety of furniture pieces to try out. 
  • Con: This application has previously faced a few compatibility issues with some smartphone models. 
  • For Android & iOS: Free

The app of iStaging does not require any kind of marking as it directly provides the furniture examples in actual sizes and in real-time as well. Also, if you are someone who wants to take this experience to the next level then try this app with VR mode to experience the 360° VR interior designs that are designed by some of the best professional interior designers.

10. Dino on My Desk AR

Dino on My Desk AR

The Dino on My Desk AR app is one of the most interesting augmented reality based games where the user gets a chance to try to pet a virtual mini dinosaur. This augmented reality app also teaches you about the dinosaurs and other prehistoric beings. 

  • Pro: The Dino on my desk AR app also lets the user feed the dinosaur. 
  • Con: The user has to be careful as this dino seems to have a temper. 
  • For Android & iOS: Free

With Dino on my desk, you get to meet 'Plunkett the Protoceratops', which can be your very own pet dinosaur that has been brought to you from the prehistoric times. This application was all over the internet when first introduced and now with the help of this advanced technology people can experience the feeling of having a dinosaur as a pet. 

11. Zombies Go

Zombies Go

After the huge success of the TV series 'The Walking Dead', many games were developed and designed based on the same concept. But Zombies Go is an augmented reality application that takes the walking dead games a notch higher. 

  • Pro: Easy to operate and offers great augmented reality experience.
  • Con: It is a zombie version of the famous game 'Pokemon Go' 
  • For Android & iOS: Free

With Zombies Go, the users can fulfill their fantasy of fighting with zombies and defeating the undead. Know what's it like to start a life after a zombie apocalypse and what happens when you find a zombie coming at you in a public place like at a bus stop or in a mall.  And if you feel you have killed enough zombies for today then just turn on your 'Safe Mode' which will keep you safe from all the other remaining zombies. 

12. Real Strike - 3D AR FPS App

Real Strike 3D AR FPS

The Real Strike 3D AR FPS App is a quite known augmented reality shooting game that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. With this game, the user gets to experience a real-life shooting situation where during the shooting flights the user can even record them to create their own short videos. 

  • Pro: Real Strike app offers highly precise gun models for a realistic experience.
  • Con: When the user goes to the menu section of this AR game app, the screen tends to flicker a lot.
  • For Android & iOS: Free

Real Strike is also the world's first every AR first-person shooting application that has been ranked at the first position in China and USA. This AR shooting game also offers thermal night vision goggles to players for getting a clearer view of the game scenario. The Real Strike game starts with the storyline of Earth being affected by a group of pests infected by radioactive nuclear waste. 

13. Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival

Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival

The Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival application is an augmented reality version of a horror game and is quite famous as a terrifying AR game. The Ghost Snap app is filled with the theme of found footages that are inspired by terror movies like 'The Blair Witch Project'. The Ghost Snap makes you experience scaring ghost images with equally terrifying sounds and horror audio playing in the background. 

  • Pro: Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival app offers a balanced combination of audio and visual content for their users.
  • Con: During the portion of the red flashing lights, this horror survival app tends to crash a lot.
  • For Android store: Free

[Note: Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival is only available for Android]

If you are looking forward to trying out this game, then make sure to put on your headphones to get the proper horror experience of a scary movie. 

14. Holo: Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality

 Holo: Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality

The Holo app is short for Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality application that lets the user add various characters from the real world as well as the fictional world. With the Holo app, you get the best of both worlds because it also allows 'holo-mixing' which consists of real-life celebrities to animation fictional characters. 

  • Pro: It offers both fictional and real-life holograms to be used. 
  • Con: Sometimes it can be a little tricky to add a hologram in a video. 
  • For Android & iOS: Free

Each character whether a fictional one or a real-life one has a varying set of animation with audio to be performed. You can just drag and drop a hologram on your photo and see it perform its little routine for you. The best part about this app is that it is free so you can try it out now. 

15. Find Your Car with AR

 Find Your Car with AR

The Find Your Car with AR application is the best thing to opt for those who park their card and then forget the location where they have parked their vehicle. With the augmented car finder app, the user can track the way back to his/her vehicle with the help of directions and arrows displayed on the smartphone's screen.  

  • Pro: The free version of the app provides the appropriate amount of features for great user experience. 
  • Con: Find Your Car with AR faces some compatibility trouble with different iOS devices. 
  • For iOS store: Free

[Note: Find Your Car with AR is only available for iOS]

The Find Your Car with AR is very useful in places where hundreds and thousands of people are gathered like the concert venues, stadiums, or convention centers. This application also offers in-app purchases for better functioning with extra features of the app like distance meter from the car etc. 


This was our take on finding the best Augmented reality apps, the AR technology adds up digital images with data to amplify the different viewing perspective of our surrounding space and environment. Let us know if there is a well deserving AR app that we might not have listed among the above-mentioned applications. 

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