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10 Top Yoga Apps taking you towards a healthier life in 2021

Yoga has been a great way of maintaining a healthy mind and body for centuries. Today millions of people around the world use top yoga apps to learn about this ancient art

Top Yoga Apps

Yoga is an age-old tool used by many to keep their bodies, senses and thoughts healthy. Earlier, Yoga was a part of an inclusive culture in the Indian-subcontinent and for centuries it evolved to get its current shape and form. During these years, many scholars and gurus documented the processes and development of yoga to conclude it into an elaborate science as well as the subject.

Today, millions of people around the world do yoga every day. Its popularity and influence are growing stronger than ever. People not only use it to get healthy but also take it as a tool of meditation and seeking inner peace. The whole world is accepting yoga to be a great way to enhance life and wants to make it a part of their daily lives.

Like many other things, yoga needs a guru or a teacher to be taught. It’s a discipline which needs to follow the ways on which it was developed years ago. Needless to say, everyone can't join a yoga class. Sometimes finding a teacher is impossible and other times working out a schedule becomes a problem. But developers have taken note of this issue and today we have some amazing yoga apps which will be your guide in your yoga journey. 

In this article, we offer a list of best yoga fitness apps which you can use to start to journey towards a healthier life. Take a look and see what each app has to offer and what makes them different from others. 

List of top rated yoga apps in 2021

1. Daily Yoga

Looking for the best yoga app? Daily Yoga can be your answer. It is one of the comprehensive yoga apps which offers  6 programs and 13 sessions free to its users. For the beginners, it offers various starting guides and helps to build a solid repertoire before indulging in more complex asana and exercise. It has won many awards, including Best Yoga App” of the year 2016-2019 by Healthline. It offers 500+ asanas, 70+ yoga programs, 500+ guided yoga, pilates, meditation sessions and a huge collection pose libraries, explaining each pose to the great details. 

Daily Yoga - Best Yoga App

Notable Features:

  • Lessons from masters.
  • Motivating community
  • Private Yoga plans for your needs
  • Activity and progress tracker

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

2. Yoga Studio

One of the best rated yoga apps Yoga studio is the preferred app for many yoga lovers who have been using it for learning yoga and monitoring their progress. You can turn any place into your workout place with this app. One of the best yoga fitness apps, it lets you have complete control of your yoga learning. You can Play, create, customize and schedule HD VIDEO yoga classes which are explained by expert instructors via narration. The app offers 2-weeks free trial version before you can buy one of its many plans.

Yoga Studio - Best Yoga App

Notable Features:

  • 70+ HD Yoga videos to learn from 
  • 5-60 minutes classes for different level students
  • Create your class and keep your learning in the way which is most comfortable for you.
  • Record your progress and keep track
  • Choose your class atmosphere like background, music etc.

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

3. Down Dog

Down Dog is the best yoga workout app on Google play store with 4.9 stars in ratings. Unlike most other free yoga apps it does not offer a few videos which keep repeating over and over. Rather, it offers new workouts every time you hit the mat. Create your workouts out of the 60,000 workouts available on Down Dog.

Down Dog - Best Yoga App

Notable features:

  • Easy to understand even by beginners
  • Different practice modes for better results
  • The offline feature lets you exercise even when you are offline
  • Automatically sync between devices.
  • Multiple voice commands, music themes and languages to choose from.

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

4. Asana Rebel

Named not only among the good yoga apps, Asana Rebel is a great way to be in shape and start a healthy life. More than 10 million people have used this app till now and the number continues to grow. The best yoga workout app, it offers expert guidance for achieving the overall well being and healthier life. 

Asana Rebel - Best Yoga App

Notable features: 

  • 100+ yogas and asanas created by experts
  • Personalise your workouts and achieve your goals
  • Constant updates in the content
  • Costs less than a cup of coffee
  • Filter workouts by goals, intensity etc.

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

5. Glo

An easy contender of being called the best yoga application, Glo offers more than 6,000 workout sessions in 12 different styles. Available on Android as well as iOS platforms it is named one of the top yoga apps because of the experts who have curated all of its content. With more than 500 meditation classes included it helps on the development of mind as well as the body. It opens new dimensions to achieve ideal health at the comfort of your house.

Glo - Best Yoga App

Notable Features:

  • Class recommendation according to your needs
  • Easy to use the search bar to find exact workouts you are looking for
  • Some of the best yoga instructors are on-board
  • Create your collection of favourite workouts

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

6. Gaia

Rated 4.6 stars in the Google App Store and 4.8 in the Apple store Gaia is undoubtedly the best app to learn yoga available on both platforms. It is also considered the best yoga app for beginners because of its easy to understand instructions and explanatory video lessons. Discover the new aspects of yourself with videos on mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, chakras, and more. 

Gaia - Best Yoga App

Notable features:

  • Discover yourself and heal yourself with best instructors 
  • Stream classes and unlock your chakras with meditation 
  • Stream inspiring videos om yoga, meditation and much more
  • Open your mind through various topics
  • Challenge the way you think and seek the reality of life

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

7. DDP Yoga 

The best free yoga app available on Android and iOS platforms, DDP takes a modern take on the standard yoga exercises. It combines yoga with sports rehab therapy, old school callisthenics and dynamic resistance to create fitness sessions which satisfy the needs of today's individuals. It also showcases inspirational videos and also brings some amazing healthy recipes for your holistic development and rejuvenation. 

DDP Yoga - Best Yoga App

Notable features:

  • Best yoga app for beginners with specialised workouts for kids
  • Specialised workouts for expecting moms
  • Detailed logs and trackers to keep you informed about your developments
  • Bluetooth heart rate monitor compatibility.
  • Motivational videos

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

8. Yoga Daily Fitness

The best online yoga app, Yoga Daily Fitness offers various asanas and workouts to help individuals to improve their physical as well as mental health and activate their chakras. It is also the best free app for yoga as it offers full access to all of its premium content for 30 days. It includes many videos and tips on yoga to help you make the most out of the work you are putting in Yoga. 

Yoga Daily Fitness - Best Yoga App

Notable features:

  • Comprehensive exercises for inclusive development
  • 30 days of yoga lessons and videos free
  • Reminders to keep you punctual
  • Relaxing music

Download this yoga app for Android

9. Yoga - Track Yoga

The best yoga app for beginners, Yoga - Track Yoga offers a step by step process to start the yoga journey for the beginners. Its simple interface and detailed explanations motivate even the new yogis to keep learning and changing their lives for good. It offers much detailed asanas and workouts for those who are taking their Yoga to another level. 

Yoga - Track Yoga - Best Yoga App

Notable features:

  • Choose from a variety of yoga classes focused on different types of yogas
  • Complete sessions for beginners and intermediate users
  • Follows the Hatha Yogi style for better results

Download this yoga app for Android and iOS

10. Yoga Workout

One of the best and free yoga apps for beginners Yoga Workout is one of the best options for those who are starting their journey with Yoga. The best yoga at home app, it allows you to choose from various video lessons available in its library. One of the top free yoga apps it has been rated 4.6 stars in Google Play store and has been a trusted Yoga partner for millions of users. 

Yoga Workout - Best Yoga App

Notable Features

  • Easy to learn yoga exercises taught through 3D videos.
  • Create personal workouts, set reminders and keep an eye on BMI
  • Features workouts which are developed by professional Yoga instructors

Download this yoga app for Android

Yoga has been around for hundreds of years and has been refined by generations to meet today’s needs. It has its followers in the whole world who live a yoga-inspired life. These apps are some of the best apps available to download on iOS and Android platforms. Covering the best free yoga app, best prenatal yoga app and best yoga app for weight loss, it offers something to everyone. Try these apps yourself to see which one is the best for you. We are sure that your will and services offered by these apps which bring the kind of change you are expecting in your life. If you are an app owner, you can get your app reviewed and reach a wider audience base with us.

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