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10 Best Apps for Writers To make you a better writer

From well-established authors or newbie writers, these writing apps will assist you to write better.

10 Best Apps for Writers To make you a better writer

With the beginning of a new decade, it's time to adapt to some new habits as well. One of the top picks in this scenario is writing. Yes, that’s true! 

A significant number of people move towards writing when it comes to choosing a new hobby. And it doesn’t always have to be related to becoming an author or something like that. Something as simple as maintaining notes can be referred to as a writing initiative.

Technology is here to give us a hand with our daily tasks, including ‘manual labor,’ like writing articles, a speech, a project, or an essay. In consequence, writing apps have arisen to give us the chance to be more productive. If you want to make the best of your writing, keep reading and learn about the best writing apps.

Top Writing Apps You Need To Try In 2021

Here is the list of some of the best writing apps along with their key features that you need to make use of to improve your writing skills:

1. Drafts 4 - Best Mobile Writing App

Drafts 4 app works as a digital notepad you can carry on your phone, anywhere, anytime. Developed by Greg Peirce, this app allows you to export your notes to other apps for writing, tag and organize your notes, and adjust the interface to your preferences. It’s available only for iOS.

Drafts 4 - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of Drafts 4 as one of the best writing apps:

  • An additional set of widgets with better-shared extension options
  • Drafts provide its users with enhanced Automation
  • You can customize your theme, app icon and so much more 

You can download this best mobile writing app for iOS

2. Write - Best Mobile Writing App

A beautiful app designed for iOS, Android, and Mac that helps you take notes and keep a daily journal. It has an award-winning design, which will be easy to find that old note you took for your speech some days ago. You can use the touch screen feature you write using a stylus or your finger. All the tools like draw, erase, select, insert space, etc. are available in the wonderful app. 

Write - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of Write as one of the best creative writing apps:

  • Bookmarks
  • Editing tools
  • Features of Passcode and FingerPrint for security
  • Entries via typing and stylus.

You can download this mobile writing app for Android and iOS

3. OmniOutliner 2 - Best Apps for Writing

Until recently, OmniOutliner 2 was compatible just with Mac, but now you can also use it on your iPhone. Among its features, it allows you to create files, work in the cloud, manage files better and share files between devices. You can also choose from hundreds of templates and designs available to the designer. The app supports all the commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

OmniOutliner 2 - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of OmniOutliner as one of the best writing apps:

  • Users can easily split the imported text into various separate sections
  • Option to quickly navigate through sections using the binder sidebar
  • You can track your ideas using labels or status, see the full picture.
  • Flawless file sharing
  • Work in the cloud.

You can download the best apps for writing for iOS

4. Quip - Best Free Writing Apps

One of the great apps to take quick notes, Quip is there for you whenever you need to write an elaborate document. It is available for Mac and PC, and you can carry it on your Android or iOS devices. Also, users can use free tools like plagiarism checker for checking if the content is copied.

Quip has also been featured in our Best Note Taking Apps.

Quip - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of Quip as one of the best writing apps:

  • Full-featured spreadsheets that support more than 400 functions
  • Options for real-time chat and messaging are integrated into the app 
  • It provides the comfort of organizing task lists for home 

You can download the best free writing apps for Android and iOS

5. JotterPad - The good writing apps

This writing app allows you to export to PDF or DOCX and use the files on your computer. It’s free, but with a payment, you can unlock more features. Some consider this as one of the good writing apps available for Android users.

 JotterPad - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of JotterPad as one of the best writing apps:

  • It offers a built-in dictionary for searching for accurate words 
  • It comes with the option to connect with Google Drive and Dropbox to support offline writing
  • The app includes dark themes, phrase searches, Markdowns, snapshots and so much more

You can download the good apps for writers for Android

6. iA Writer - Best Writing App

iA Writer is one of the apps with outstanding compatibility: it can work in iOS and Android. The interface is easy to use and has a good set of features. With this app, you can write an idea, a paper, a speech, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

iA Writer has also been featured in our Best Apps for Writing Essays.

iA Writer - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of iA Writer as one of the best writing apps:

  • It includes an inverted light-on-dark mode
  • The app follows no custom file format or database
  • It creates a clean, simple, and distraction-free writing environment for the user

You can download this note writing app for iOS

7. Editorial - Best Writing App

Editorial’s an app for professionals and frequently thought of as the best writing applications for the iPhone. The interface is user-friendly and allows synchronization with Dropbox accounts. It is only compatible with iOS.

Editorial - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of Editorial as one of the best creative writing apps:

  • The app comes with an In-App Browser feature
  • The extended keyboard was specifically designed for writing Markdown 
  • Snippets can now include dynamic text such as the current date and clipboard contents

You can download this letter writing app for iOS

8. Ulysses - Best Writing App

One of the best apps for writers for an iPad, mainly because it offers a satisfying writing experience with its clear interface. This is a very simple and useful writing tool, where users can simply annotate the text. You can even use it online as it provides a wide range of compatibility.

Ulysses - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of Ulysses as one of the best writing apps:

  • It is a markup-based and distraction-free editor
  • Users can manage projects of all kinds and sizes from novels to study notes
  • Option to convert your text into PDFs, Word documents, and even eBooks

You can download this daily writing app for iOS

9. Google Docs - Best Writing App

Google has a tool for everything, Google Docs is here to help you write and edit a document wherever you need to. It also allows you to create collective files with your teammates. This is a great assistant that will help you in your writing process by doing live editing and grammar check. 

Google Docs - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of Google Docs as one of the best apps for writing:

  • Users can add and respond to comments in the document
  • Option to share and collaborate in the same document at the same time
  • You can easily research it, right in Docs with the Explore feature

You can download this cool writing app for Android and iOS

10. Microsoft Word - Best Writing App

Many times the classic is the right answer, and let’s face it: you can’t go wrong with Microsoft Word. You can use it on your Mac or PC, and also on your Android or iOS, with the functions and interface you are most familiar with.

Microsoft Word - Best Writing Apps

Notable Features of Microsoft Word as one of the best writing apps:

  • Editor's version of history allows you to view earlier drafts
  • Option to read letters, docs, PDFs, and scripts with the Reading View
  • Users can share files and collaborate with just a few taps

You can download one of the best apps for writing for Android and iOS


Choosing a top writing app is a very personal decision that will depend on aspects like if you need to share your files, how often do you write, how long are your texts, and if you do it professionally. Those answers will be the best guide to find the right app.

We hope that the above-mentioned apps for writing will turn out to be of great help for aspiring writers or for someone who is just looking to write notes with ease. In case you still have some questions regarding the features offered by any writing app, or you want to get your app reviewed, you can get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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