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The Best 10 Third-Party Email Apps For iOS

The essential email apps that iOS users can have

The Best 10 Third-Party Email Apps For iOS

Emails are the digital hub of modern life. The essential communication, be it in the office or with any distant person actually requires sending and receiving emails through email clients. Well, it is not only about the communication; scheduling an appointment, saving receipts, keeping the important information on emails have all become the part of the emailing.

Our email box is always cluttered, loaded with hundreds of emails that come to us only to add some heavy GB storage to already full inbox. We rarely look at such an issue and honestly, none of us consider the topic even of a subject of attention, which adds importance to know about the best third-party email apps for iOS.  

Here is the extended list:

Microsoft Outlook

One of the best apps for arranging your emails in the inbox. The revamped version of Outlook is much advanced, feature-rich and a great offering for the users in real.

Microsoft Outlook

Call it a mobile productivity powerhouse or the most essential app for managing your emails, Microsoft Outlook is essential when it comes to managing the emails properly in your inbox. There is a built-in analytic engine that adds more features to the application. It’s a great offering that works exceptionally well with Yahoo mail and iCloud email.   

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Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail offers a new way to deal with the emails. The app bundles similar emails together so that you can perform certain actions on a bunch of emails together. It will save your efforts and the time in addition to helping you to manage the things easily. The app has an exceptional pin feature that helps users to pin important emails at the top of the inbox. It thus helps you to tackle email problems easily.

As per Aristotle believe, “Nature works in the shortest way possible” and the case is not different with iOS Mail, so the essential line that you may consider the caption for this essential email client could be, an app that do the things the shortest way possible.

And, it is the most natural iPhone email programs for your Apple device. The app offers simple solutions exceptional enough to sort out emails for VIP senders. The emails can be composed using rich text, and a number of actions help conclude the emails the faster way. The most important of all advantage for the users is that they get beautifully rendered images.  

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Astro, the third-party email app gives you a unique experience. It’s not only an email arranging application but also a calendar app that’s backed by an assistant. The assistant works to respond to hundreds of commands, and the actions include managing and searching your inbox, adding events, settings reminders, and much more to it. The iPhone app has a focused inbox in order to manage most important mail as well as Slack integration that helps to search Slack messages to the specific Slack channels. The app is so much attentive that it could work with Amazon Echo.

Newton Mail by CloudMagic

Newton is different from other iOS email clients as it is a subscription-based service. The services are available on $50 a year cost but offer great valuable to the users.

Newton Mail by cloudmagic

And, the best thing about the application is that it works exceptionally well with a number of email services that includes Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, as well as all the IMAP accounts. It has many features that any general user would expect from such an application Snooze, Read Receipts, Send Later, and Connected Apps and more.

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If you are an avid Google user, Gmail is a must as your third-party email app for the iOS device. The official Gmail app needs no mention owing to the popularity it has among the users. There is a range of features to suit the requirements of the clients including scheduled calendar invites, sharing documents directly to other users and the clients through Google doc sharing. The cloud sharing is another feature of the application that add more to the feature of the app. Seamlessly integrating your docs within Google drive is another advantage.  

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Inky brings email encryption directly to you. The iPhone app arranges your email in a way that you could apply hashtags to your emails as the label so that you could find these emails quickly again. For instance, #doc, #contact, #package and #unsubscribe and more.


And the best news about the application is that it computes relevancy for you. The app offers a list of options that you can easily send as reply. Again an exceptional offering for the users. One demerit of using the app is that you cannot undo the sending that may sound like a problem for some of the users.

Get inky


Another great application that takes the burden off your shoulder to organize the emails for you. It offers easier ways to organize all your emails category-wise within a unified inbox. That’s easy and visually attractive too. The app allows you freedom in a number of ways. It helps you attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. Some additional offerings include the compatibility of the application with Pocket, Evernote. The app allows you to chat with anyone with a Thanks or a Like.

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Polymail includes a host of features for the users. It tracks the delivery and schedule messages of the templates for the users. Well, the free subscription offers you access to some of the services while the paid subscription offers a host of services to the users and that makes managing the emails much easier.


One limitation associated with this application is that it doesn’t work with exchange accounts directly but supports IMAP accounts. With every version of this application, the app allows you to read an email then and there or postpone it to read later. There are filters that users can apply as per their requirements.

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Edison Mail

The most important of all advantage, the app is easy to set up and use too. That means the installation is easy. This is not all why I have included the app in the list. It supports Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and more and that makes the app impressive of all. The users are given the access to a unified inbox, which helps them to manage their subscription in an effortless way. The app supports touch ID as well as 3D Touch and also helps to track the alerts of the emails that land directly to the inbox.

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The Upshot

This brings the end to this write-up with the best third-party applications that are important for iOS users to manage their emails. If you are one of the users who has a lot of emailing necessities, any one of the above-listed applications can be chosen to perform the task.  

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