Top 16 Mobile App Marketing Trends Look Out For in 2018
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Top 16 Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2018: Fuel the Excitement

Update Yourself For all the Upcoming Mobile App Marketing Trends of 2018 16 Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2018: Fuel the Excitement

Mobile marketing has geared up to go beyond the world of innovation for the diverse user group in 2018. Change is constant and happens for good, ever-changing marketing trends is one of the biggest examples for the same essentially when it comes to the digital world of mobiles. It is important to pace up with the updates and upgrades of mobile marketing structure. Clearly, it is highly beneficial for the users to get themselves familiar with this powerfully innovative industry as it is totally based on communication. Communicating your ideas for business or daily life anything and everything is deeply dependent and inspired by the mobile phone technology.

The excitement is increasing day by day for the upcoming year 2018 mobile marketing trends as they will have a bag full of new and improved face of digital mobile phone features. The road ahead is going to be breathtaking for the mobile advertising industry and is going to be unstoppable. It is already becoming clear that the future of mobile marketing is going to dominate digitally. Mobile marketing strategy is supposed to account for approx 75% of the digital mobile advertising scheme in the coming future.

Recent trends have been witnessing major changes which have taken diverse industries to the new level of success around the globe. Marketers are preparing themselves according to the new mobile marketing strategies 2018. It has been reflecting the exponential growth of the users who are completely dependent on their mobile or tablet devices for the research and also work. The core reason for the major growth of mobile marketing has been the mobile apps. It has flourished in abundance because of which the user base has increased in comparison to the previous years.

Know Mobile Marketing Trends 2018 

1. Google AMP – Accelerate Mobile Pages


Google AMP

It is natural to get frustrated when a web page takes ages to load, right? Google is all set to resolve this issue and is working on to speed up the mobile web pages. They have claimed that in the coming year users will be able to pull up the web pages on their mobile devices with a blink of an eye with AMP.

The scope has increased and many companies like Yahoo, Reddit, Flipkart, TripAdvisor, Disney, NFL etc. have been joining the hands with Google for resolving the mobile webpage issue. AMP is a great opportunity to give end to end results to the users around the globe round the clock.

2. Voice Search – Increase the Number of Voice Searches

Voice Search

Voice search continues to climb the stairs of advancement, it is certainly going to change the customer experience and future of mobile marketing. More than a million websites are available and the amount of data which is online is huge and expected to reach 40,000 in the coming years.

Innovation in voice search is going to drive refined answers which are going to help the marketers to understand and serve their target audience group in the best possible way. Google has been constantly developing the high-end algorithms to serve directly as per the search intent of the customers. Almost 20 -25% of queries are the results of voice search and certainly going to increase in the coming time, thanks to the combined Voice and AI mobile technologies.

3. Location-based Marketing – So Accurate that You will be Thrilled

Location based marketing

Location technology is driving innovation into the mobile marketing industry. Mobile marketers and advertisers need the accurate location information so that they can easily target the customers and the prospects with the right message at the right time and place. Location intelligence allows measuring the impact of the advertising and response of the end users for the same. It is one of the most powerful modes to bridge the gap between the brand and the mobile users. Location-based marketing is going to be one of the hottest features of Mobile Marketing trends 2018. This marketing type has already been evolved and now going to take one step ahead of simple innovative standards, it has already been predicted that growth is going to be tremendous as it is a massive industry. Undeniably, it will create the waves of obsession among the users for their phones which is going to create a significant amount of data and insights.

4. Live-Streaming is a Huge Mobile Opportunity – Next Big Opportunity for Brands

Live Streaming

Live streaming is all set to broadcast more brands in real time to a huge group of the target audience over the internet. However, this idea has been around for a few years yet, Mobile marketing trends of 2018 are going to come up with an improvised and highly innovative face of Live Streaming. Mobile advertising 2018 is going to witness more and more user-generated content with high-end video quality and enhanced mobile technology.

Live streaming has become an integral part of the business strategies, and more creative live streaming ideas are on way via mobile app marketing trends of 2018. Brands like Facebook and Instagram are the biggest examples of social media fashion. They have been actively using the live streaming to reach the target users. As the mobile advertising market has grown significantly certainly, live streaming is going to impress your audiences and around the globe in 2018 

5. Mobile Site Speed – Step in the World of Solutions and Stay Connected

Mobile Site Speed

2018 Mobile marketing trends are going to witness frictionless mobile site loading which is enormous. Users will be able to quickly access a webpage on their mobile device, this will speed up the purchase, bill payments etc. Mobile Marketing strategy, as well as mobile app trends 2018, are largely focused on the increased speed of the mobile site pages. It is going to boost the revenue generation of diverse business industries.  Conversions will be huge and certainly is going to receive a huge traffic which majorly comes from the mobile devices. This change is going to electrify the mobile marketing and mobile advertising in the year 2018. Mobile site speed is certainly going to be a benchmark in the industry.  

6. Messaging Apps (SMS Marketing) - Reach Every Hour, Every Day


Messaging App

Do you know how connected your users are with you? Find out how prompt your target user group is to reciprocate. SMS Marketing is one of the powerful tools to analyze your market performance. More than 91% of the audience are connected with their mobile devices round the clock.

2017 has been a year of major changes and there are predictions that more than 4.77 billion population will own mobile phones which is approximately 2/3 of the world’s population. A sense of urgency in SMS texts will churn better results and the information will roll in quickly. For instance, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Jook SMS are ruling the world of mobile messaging. As per the statistics around 60% of the world uses these applications for messaging purposes. In terms of marketing, Facebook is turning its game on a higher level who has started to roll out Facebook messenger apps to all the advertisers worldwide.

7. Android Instant Apps – Merge the World of Web and Native Apps: Google

Android Instant App

Google has now taken a huge step to building the Instant Apps into the store through ‘Try it now’ button on the app pages. This project was announced at Google I/O developer conference yet it has been made available to a few selected number of developers initially but now it is available to all the developers. Google’s Play Apps & Games - Director of Management Vineet Buch said ‘Integration of Android Instant Apps has been an exciting project, with a single tap, the user can jump into the app experience without installing the same’.

Google is in the process of expanding ‘Live operations’ banners on the play store so that users will know about the important in-game events in a few popular installed games on their devices. There are numerous new features on way to be added on Google play in the coming year.

8. Augmented Reality – Virtual Revolution

Augmented Reality

Mobile Augmented reality market is becoming popular day by day and is all set to surprise the users with its more innovative features coming up in 2018. Mobile app marketing is going to be one of the most happening trends in 2018 as there is already a huge demand for augmented reality apps in the smartphones for marketing purpose. Now, that’s what we call ‘Nailed it’ completely. Augmented reality technology in mobile app industry plays an integral role in marketing, advertising, and gaming. It is a power source which is going to empower the mobile marketing strategies, especially in 2018.  Augmented reality trends have already gained a huge demand as they allow the combination of digital information with the real-time environment of the user and provides 3D digital content or images with the physical objects in the real world on a mobile device.

9. Mobile Security – Device Management to Data Protection

As technology is raising the bar, users have started to feel less secure about their personal data and smart devices. Gartner reports that is comprised of root causes of the security problems and recommendations to overcome the same. This report has covered one of the significant findings which are mobile attacks and weaknesses that has increased in terms of number and pragmatism.

Mobile devices are the target as the app data and the presence of microphone cameras, history etc. make a smartphone which holds the complete sensitive data. Gartner clearly recommends securing the device instead of managing the phones. New mobile security trends will focus on the installation of an MTD product, these are emphasized on individual protection. Future of mobile security is here with Lookout Mobile Endpoint security which is trusted by most of the organizations  

10. AI will Play a Major Role in Mobile Marketing – Future of Mobile Apps will be Dominated by Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is going to be a big thing in the coming year. It is an area of a computer science that deals in providing the machines the capability to behave on the levels of human intelligence. The power of the machine to copy human intelligence is Artificial Intelligence.

The biggest example is Google assistant which has been one of the most followed and popular products since past few years and now is going to boon in the new mobile marketing trends. Users can chat and speak to the Google Assistant while rolling out the relevant information, text messages, events information, reminders, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is going drive a revolution for the diverse industries in the coming time especially, in upcoming mobile app marketing trends. Artificial Intelligence mobile applications will grow on a higher and to an advanced level which is going to fuel the user growth exponentially.

11. Mobile Remarketing – Retarget with Personalized Ads

Mobile Remarketing

Unless your mobile application has gone viral and is a hit, there are chances that you may have to spend a huge amount of money to generate new user base. Remarketing in simple terms is all about retargeting your target user group (existing LCB) with the personalized ads of the existing products. It is a digital marketing trick where it has gone beyond physical goods to the level of offering subscription services, brand management and now is ruling the mobile app advertising world.

Remarketing advertisements work at their best when they are focused and personalized for the end users. This is going to be one of the biggest beneficial features in new mobile marketing trends. This idea is based on the previous engagement of the user with the product which will retain at least 20% of the user traffic. So, stay focused and engage on retaining the lapsed Customer Base with Mobile remarketing.

12. Machine Learning into Marketing Automation – Experience the Significant World of Transformation

As a potential marketer, have you ever thought of making your life easier? Then gear up for the new trends which hold huge potential for Machine learning.

Machine learning largely focuses on the important data and performs only on the must haves but repetitive to do’s. Highly competitive in strategizing the work of a marketer.

Machine learning uses science, data and computer code and automatically predicts a few outcomes based on the discovered patterns. Machine learning is going to be big hand to help the marketers increasing their productivity and the Return of Investment of the campaigns.

Machine learning is capable of providing the better knowledge of customer and prospect audiences that simply means the marketer is at the best position to send the message to the right audience at the right time and place, says Ben Glynn Managing Director, Singapore, Emarsys.

13. Mobile Video Marketing –  Create the Perfect

 Mobile Video Marketing

Mobile is a small device yet a powerful mode of innovation for the generation today. There are numerous researchers which have concluded that a mobile screen is capable of driving a massive impact on the end user. Viewing a video on a mobile device is far less distractive and much more impressive. Mobile advertising trends 2018 is going to overwhelm the entire internet population and the growth is going to be exponential.

The recent trends in mobile marketing, mobile video app has turned out to be one of the best modes of branding which creates new opportunities for diverse business industries. It creates spur of the moment experiences. Mobile app marketing trends 2018 are going speed up more with at least 90% of the customers getting influenced and taking a decision to make a purchase.

14. Big data – Turn Data into Value

Wondering how valuable the data could be? Yes, big data equal to the higher value. So, to start to visualize big data as a fuel which empowers the performance if all the needed and right components are streamlined, in a stable and supportable manner. Source of data could be functional systems, sensors of a machine, web and social etc. Facebook and Google depend on the data collection, combination and the analysis as planned for their business.

With a massive use of mobile devices, it is highly beneficial for the business organizations to flourish. The capacity of big data is to combine the user data via mobile phones and understand their behavior. This is going to be a boon for the mobile marketing industry in the coming time.

15. IoT Marketing Application – Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical World

How potential Internet of Things for marketing? IoT is capable of providing integrated marketing opportunities which itself is a powerful mode of connectivity for better customer interactivity.

It creates a unique experience to merge digital and physical world which is beyond the limits of the innovative personalized messaging idea. Customer experience and engagement is important, which will increase through the right message at the right time and place.

IoT is a great source for marketers to send out related and structured messages to the target user groups. According to the Juniper research, customer engagement along with the asset control is core in retail IoT. Smart connect devices are stepping into the new era of mobile marketing, IoT is providing limitless opportunities for marketers and advertisers to listen and reciprocate to the needs of the target user groups.

16. Mobile Push Remains the Best Way to Engage with Users – Increase App Engagement

Mobile Push Remarketing

You as a marketer have two options here either optimize the user flow or miss out on the potential opportunities to engage your users in the best possible way. Push notification in a strategic manner is going to be highly beneficial as it will work as a reminder to the user about the application.

Push notification will give best results if it is apt to give out relevant notifications. This practice is capable of increasing the engagement of the user with their mobile devices. In the coming years, this feature will boost the user traffic on your apps. Mobile push marketing is highly effective when it comes to maximum user engagement thus, capable of growing a business to the great heights.

eBay Principle Web designer Senthil Padmanabhan has expressed how AMP has helped to improve the buying and selling experience for eBay users. Which is marvelous, and going to take one more step ahead to the advanced levels in the coming year. Speed remains the most important and most appealing features of AMP – Google.

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