Top Fitness Apps to Help You Keep Going in 2019
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Top Fitness Apps to Help You Keep Going in 2019

There are more than 250,000 fitness apps in app stores. So, choose wisely.

Top Fitness Apps to Help You Keep Going in 2019

Are you trying to lose weight or want to get a Greek god body? It does sound exciting.

According to the American Heart Association, fitness exercises decrease heart diseases and improve mental and physical health. But to get the desired shape, many fitness freaks happen to lose their sleep over the flashy price structure of the gym or find it challenging to take out time for the trainer.  

Thanks to the age of digitalization, we have mobile apps that can help you perform any task, and staying fit is no different. Many of the users are already using such fitness apps. 

If we look at the total number of active users in the US who are using popular health and fitness apps, it stands to be more than 80 million. (as of May 2018).

Heading: Fitness apps active users in the United States as of May 2018 (in millions)

Fitness apps active users in the United States as of May 2018 (in millions)

However, finding a reliable and reputable app is not a cakewalk. As per a new study from researchers at Bond University, there are more than 250,000 fitness and health apps available in the market under the ‘mHealth’ category. But surprisingly, many of the apps don’t work.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you lay your hand on the right app and follow the precise fitness practices. To help you with the same, we did impeccable research on the best fitness and health apps and has come up with this rundown.

Note: In this article, we have put down the Android and iOS best exercise apps separately. It’s done to ease out the process of respective platform users.

Under the ‘Best Fitness Apps for iOS’ category, we have the following apps:

1. Couch to 5K - Run training
2. Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS
3. iCardio Workout Tracker
4. BodySpace- Social Fitness App
5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge Pro
6. Fitbit
7. Fit Radio: Train Inspired
8. Fitness Point
9. Nike Training Club
10. Strava

Under the ‘Best Fitness Apps for Android’ category, we have the following apps:

1. FitNotes
2. My Fitness by Jillian Michaels
3. JEFIT Workout
4. Google Fit
5. Lose It
6. SHOCK: Women’s Fitness
7. You Are Your Own Gym
8. Nike Run Club
9. FitNotes
10. MyFitnessPal

Best Fitness Apps for iOS in 2019

Let’s have a look at the new world of possibilities with these unique iOS best workout apps that will guide you to get the desired shape.

Best Fitness Apps for iOS

1. Couch to 5K - Run training

Get running with this stunning fitness training app. Couch to 5K is the first fitness app that is more like a personal trainer app. You need to spend 20-30 minutes with this app for three to nine weeks and then, you can finish the first 5k, which is the 3.1-mile race. Awesome! Isn’t it?

So, to start with this fitness fab app, ensure that you turn on the notification permissions and hardware ring/ silent switch. This app will certainly take you to the heights of a great healthy life.

Notable features of Couch the 5K app:

  • Training plan designed by trainers;
  • Human audio cues to guide you through each workout;
  • Playlist availability with an in-app music player;
  • Workout log and more.

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2. Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS

Cyclemeter is preferred by iPhone users because it has powerful features like maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and much more. This smart health app has been able to earn fantastic reviews from users. It records an unlimited number of workouts as well.

You can easily swipe across the stopwatch to see the pages of stats, maps, and graphs. You can even view and analyze the workout sessions on a calendar and by routes and the activities done.

Notable features of the Cyclemeter app:

  • Pages of stats, maps, and graphs - completely configurable;
  • Records an unlimited number of workouts;
  • Exclude stopped time with automatic stop detection;
  • Can also design own training plans and more.

Download for iOS

3. iCardio Workout Tracker

Digifit iCardio is a free fitness app available on iOS. The app is apt for losing weight. By switching to this fantastic app, you can opt for various workout plans along with other features like heart rate training, daily activity tracking, steps, and calories.

Its GPS is designed to route to any outdoor workout and the voice feedback option prompts for significant shifts during the workout. The best gym app also gives you the history of your workout sessions, so that you can compare and analyze the current workout data.

Notable features of the iCardio Workout Tracker app:

  • GPS routes for the outdoor workouts;
  • Voice feedback during your workout.
  • Tracks critical health metrics such as weight, blood pressure, resting pulse and sleep.
  • Option to share the workout results on various platforms and more.

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4. BodySpace- Social Fitness App

BodySpace is one workout tracker app that serves as a combination of a personal trainer to an online fitness community. This workout log app is a beautifully compiled system of pioneering workout tools, cutting-edge trackers, fresh content and social features, specifically designed to serve the user.

Notable features of the BodySpace app:

  • Dozens of BodySpace programs built by professionals;
  • Locate the workout by a goal, experience level, etc.;
  • Instructional video and step-by-step instructions;
  • Register all the workout stats and more.

Download for iOS

5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge Pro

The 30-day challenge is a unique app designed by the professional fitness coaches and is considered as the best gym fitness apps. This best gym workout app is proven to be improving the fitness and health of many. You just have to download this app and stick to the process of follow-ship.

The gym trainer app is marvelously helpful to lose weight. It also syncs data to the device and then records the training progress and reminds the day plan.

Notable features of the 30-Day Fitness app:

  • Syncs data to Apple Health;
  • Records training progress automatically;
  • Detailed video guides;
  • Can increase exercise intensity step by step and more.

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6. Fitbit

Fitbit is an amazing fitness app for everyone. This app track all-day activities, workouts, sleep and much more and has the capability to record accurate data of the steps and distance with the mobile.

The fitness exercise app also manages stress by monitoring the heart rate with graphs. You can log calories with a barcode scanner, calorie estimator and expanded food database to check with the food history.

Notable features of the Fitbit app:

  • Record the steps and distance with MobileTrack;
  • Analyzes the heart rate graphs;
  • Nutritional insight tips;
  • Notification options to remind the activities and more.

Download for iOS

7. SHOCK: Women’s Fitness

As you can make out from the name itself, the app is specifically designed for women, but its training sessions and workout plans are equally beneficial for the men. The workout trainer app is apt for high-intensity exercises that too with minimal equipment. The user can make the changes in the level of difficulty as per the requirement.

Notable features of SHOCK fitness app:

  • Fitness exercises videos and instructions;
  • Personalized workout sessions;
  • High-intensity minimal equipment workouts;
  • Weekly progress log and more.

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8. Fitness Point

Fitness Point is another app curate workout plans based on your fitness level of the user. Its intelligent algorithm quickly analyzes the fitness level and offer the sessions accordingly. The app holds more than 230 bodyweight exercises with animation, description and trained muscle. For better results, supports the option like a calendar for past workouts and burned calories count.

Notable features of Fitness Point app:

  • Fitness test to determine the fitness level;
  • Can set personalized goals;
  • Up to 4 different personal workouts a week;
  • Voice feedback and motivation and more.

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9. Nike Training Club

This app has the mantra “Get fit anytime, anywhere,” and it rightly fits the app’s features and functionalities. Its programs are closely tailored by the world-class Nike Master Trainers, who are known for their fitness regimes.

The workout routine app rightly caters to every user, as it provides training sessions for low, moderate, and high-intensity workouts. For more flexibility, the app offers workout times ranging from 15-45 minutes.

Notable features of the Nike Training Club app:

  1. Body-part focused workouts;
  2. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels;
  3. Time-based and Rep-based options;
  4. Personalized workout recommendations and more.

Download for iOS

10. Strava

Strava app is perfect for someone who wishes to build up his fitness by running, mapping cycling routes & analyzes the training with all the stats. The app converts the smartphone into a sophisticated tracker and measure sporting activities like swimming, hiking, cross-fit, rock climbing, and more.

Notable features of the Strava app:

  • Tracks distance, pace, speed, and more;
  • Has new routes and maps to motivate the user;
  • Sets monthly challenges to improve;
  • Performance progress & analyze and more.

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Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2019

Make a great inspiring space in your life to breathe and embrace these best workout apps at the earliest.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

1. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App

JEFIT fitness app helps to get the most out of the workouts. It features data-driven training and easy workout logging mechanisms. The app is easy to use as it auto starts workout timer after each workout and saves the log. The app will allow you to focus on the actual workouts and helps you to analyze the workout sessions.

Notable features of the JEFIT Workout Tracker app:

  • Track Workouts;
  • Exercise Instruction Database;
  • Customized workout programs;
  • Intuitive Tools like rest timer, supersets, interval timers, and more.

Download for Android 

2. My Fitness by Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is an American personal trainer and has launched her own fitness app, which can help you put the fitness plan right on track. You can lose weight and slim down, burn fat and tone your body with this amazing app.

Its training programs include activities like free seven-minute abs, seven-minute cardio, seven-minute total body and much more.

Notable features of My Fitness by Jillian Michaels app:

  • Includes over 800+ exercises;
  • Customized workout programs ;
  • Helps to achieve weight loss goals or maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • Help plan meals and more.

Download for Android

3. Sworkit

Sworkit is the app that has made fitness simple, as it helps the user to get in the shape really fast. The user has all the freedom to choose the kind of workout he wants and the time he has. The app is rated by a scientific collegiate study that analyzes fitness apps based on safety, ability to help people with their fitness levels, and the effectiveness of the workouts.

Notable features of the Sworkit app:

  • Guided home workout plans;
  • More than 300 pre-built workouts;
  • Custom exercise intervals;
  • Availability of personal trainers for advice and more.

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4. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

Google fit is the best fitness tracker app for all the fitness freaks. This amazing app lets you track any activity as you walk, run, or cycle for the entire day. It gives instant insights and will help you to attain your fitness goals. You can easily measure your wellness and track a few other things like nutrition, sleep, weight, etc.

Notable features of the Google Fit app:

  • Heart point tracking;
  • Can track workouts from the device or the watch;
  • Daily progress log;
  • Customized tips and actionable coaching and more.

Download for Android

5. Lose It! - Calorie Counter

Lose it one of the most popular apps in the world of fitness and health. It has already helped more than a million people to lose weight and has been highly recommended. The app tracks the food, weight, and activity and accordingly, design the workout sessions to achieve the fitness goals.

Notable features of Lose It app:

  • 25+ macronutrient and health goals to choose from;
  • Connect trackers, apps, and devices like Fitbit trackers;
  • Food library database;
  • Customized weight loss journeys and more.

Download for Android

6. Fit Radio: Train Inspired

There is no better way to carry out your workout than to have a FIT Radio app installed on your device. The best personal trainer app puts you in control with the coaching tab, which has cardio coaching and is paired with the perfect playlist.

There are more than 24 coached workouts every week and include a large variety of program settings for the outdoor run, treadmill, elliptical, bike, walk, etc.

Notable features of FitRadio app:

  • Recommended exercise by professional fitness coaches;
  • Option to create a playlist;
  • Customized workouts and programs;
  • Shares workout data with HealthKit and more.

Download for Android

7. You Are Your Own Gym

Interestingly, this app is based on the bestselling book by Mark Lauren. Its bodyweight exercises are aimed at building the strongest of all. The training techniques of this app is in the form of timers for Tabatas, Interval Sets, Ladders, and more. While working out, the instruction video is played in the background.

Notable features of You Are Your Own Gym app:

  • More than 200 different bodyweight exercises;
  • Training exercise videos;
  • Extremely high-intensity exercises;
  • Focus on muscle building and more.

Download for Android

8. Nike Run Club

If you have plans for maintaining your fitness by running, Nike Run Club app is the best pick for you. The app has various options like GPS run tracking, audio-guided runs, and custom distance challenges.

It also supports Android Wear OS supported devices and with it, you can record and track the runs. To motivate the users, the app is integrated with in-ear audio from Nike coaches, elite athletes, and entertainers.

Notable features of the Nike Run Club app:

  • Full support for Android OS devices;
  • Track and store runs;
  • Global and custom challenges;
  • Personalized coaching plans and more.

Download for Android

9. FitNotes - Gym Workout Log

FitNotes is easy to use the app. The daily workout logs can be easily viewed from the home screen itself. Apart from the mentioned exercises, the user can choose a custom exercise to the app and it record sets of weight and reps or distance and time.

The exercise app has default selection categories and each category contains a small default list of exercises. Mainly, the exercises in the app are divided into two categories; one is resistance and the other is cardio.

Notable features of FitNotes app:

  • Daily workout logs;
  • Rest timer with sound and vibration options;
  • Can create custom categories;
  • Backup the data on cloud platforms and more.

Download for Android

10. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter is apt for losing weight, tone up, changing the habits, or start a new diet. The app claims that till date, its members have lost over 200 million pounds combined and about 88% of users who track for minimum a week lose weight.

Right from the food recommendation to the nutritional value, and from setting up the goal to get support and motivation, this fitness app has everything.

Notable features of the MyFitnessPal app:

  • More than 11 million food types in the database;
  • Can import the recipes;
  • Calculate the calories in the food, meals, and recipes;
  • Connect with over 50 apps & devices and more.

Download for Android

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best free workout apps that have set new standards in the fitness industry. There are hundreds of exercise plan that the user can adhere to. 

This article is based out of a healthy and concerned thought for those who look forward to taking a step further and make their lives not only happy but healthy too. The apps will surely guide you towards charting out the best fitness plans.

Also, if you are an app owner, do get your app reviewed from us and we will broadcast your fitness views among our humongous audience.

For more insights into similar fitness apps and the related practices, follow ‘MobileAppDaily and stay tuned to the latest updates of the mobile app industry.

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