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Top Fitness Apps That Will Help You Keep Going

Achieve your fitness goals with these best fitness apps

Top Fitness Apps That Will Help You Keep Going

Are you trying to lose weight or want to get a Greek god body? To stay in shape or to get the desired shape many fitness freaks happen to lose their sleep over the flashy price structure or they simply find it difficult to take time out for the gym and the trainer. So many aspirations to look like a celebrity comes to an end. Really? Do you want to surrender so early? Ok, we will not let you quit because we have an incredible list of top apps designed specifically to suit your time, money and comfort needs on your iPhone and Android device.

Also, according to the American Heart Association fitness exercises decrease heart diseases and improve your mental and physical health. However, we have done an impeccable research on the best music apps earlier, now here is the research-based article on the fitness and health apps.

Let’s have a look to the new world of possibilities with these unique health apps and you can get in the desired shape while donning any and every stunning dress with immense confidence poured in every move you are going to make.

Best Fitness Apps

1. Couch-to-5k

Get running with this stunning fitness training app, download Couch-to-5k to your iOS or Android device today. This amazing health app has been a blessing in disguise for many. You just need to spend 20-30 minutes with this app for three to nine weeks and you will be stylishly ready to finish the first 5k which is the 3.1-mile race. Awesome! Isn’t it?

Couch to 5k

So to start with this fitness fab app ensure that you turn on the notification permissions, hardware ring/ silent switch, it should not be showing red. This is certainly going to take you to the heights of a great healthy life.

2. Cyclemeter

Cyclemeter is preferred by Android and iPhone users, it has powerful features like maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and much more. This smart health app has been able to earn fantastic reviews from the users. It records the unlimited number of workouts.Cyclemeter

You can easily swipe across the stopwatch to see the pages of stats, maps, and graphs. You have all the best facilities to view and analyze your workouts on a calendar and by routes and activities.

3. Digifit iCardio

Digifit iCardio is a free fitness app available for iOS and Android users. So what do you do to lose weight? Certainly, you might have tried a lot of traditional methods, which hardly made any difference. Switch to this fantastic app which is the ultimate free workout app showcasing brilliant features like heart rate training, daily activity tracking, steps, and calories.

Digifit iCardio

Its GPS will route to any outdoor workout, voice feedback will prompt for significant shifts during the workout. This will also give you the history of your workout sessions so that you can compare and analyze the current workout data.

4. BodySpace- Social Fitness App

BodySpace is one revolutionary app which serves as a combination of a personal trainer to online fitness community. This excellent free health app is a beautifully compiled system of pioneering workout tools, cutting-edge trackers, fresh content and social features specifically designed to serve you on your iOS and Android devices. What are you waiting for? Start your new escapade of a fit and healthy life.


5. 30 Day Challenge Workout

30-day challenge is a unique app designed for iOS and Android devices by a professional fitness coach. This health app is proven to be improving the fitness and health of many. All you need to do is to download this app and stick to the process of follow-ship and you will see and feel the changes.

30 Day Challenge

It is going to be marvelously helpful to lose weight, just go step by step so that you can use this app to the fullest. It will sync data to your Android or Apple device, then it will record the training progress and also will remind the day's plan.

6. Fitbit

Live a healthy life with Fitbit, an amazing fitness app for Android and Apple devices. This app will track your all-day activities, workouts, sleep and much more. This health app has the capability to record accurate data of your steps and distance with your mobile. It helps in enhanced runs, walks, and hikes.


It monitors the heart rate with graphs, manages stress and also you can log calories with a barcode scanner, calorie estimator and expanded food database, basically, check with your food history to get nutritional insights.

7 JEFIT Workout

JEFIT fitness app helps to get the most out of the workouts. It features data-driven training and easy workout logging mechanisms. This is available for both Android and iPhone devices showcasing its best feature of being an easy to use a trainer, it auto starts workout timer after each workout log is saved.

Jefit Workout

The app will allow you to focus on actual workouts and impeccably quicker to save the gym log. So download your reliable training app on your devices.

8. Jillian Michaels Training and Meal Plans

Jillian Michaels is one of the best health apps which puts your fit plan right on track! Lose weight and slim down, burn fat and tone your body with this amazing app. Download this unbelievable app on your Android or iOS device and stay fit.

My fitness

This app has some amazing features like free seven minute abs, seven-minute cardio, seven-minute total body and much more.

9. FIT Radio

There is no better way to carry out your workout than to have FIT Radio app installed on your Android or iOS devices. This fitness app will put you in control with the coaching tab which has cardio coaching paired with the perfect playlist.

Fit Radio

More than 24 coached workouts every week, the large variety of program settings for the outdoor run, treadmill, elliptical, bike, walk etc. music tab will help you to access more than thousands of Dj mixes every week.

10. Google Fit

Google fit is another popular app for fitness freaks. This amazing app lets you track any activity as you walk, run, or cycle for the entire day. It gives instant insights and will help you to attain your fitness goals. You can easily measure your wellness and track a few other things like nutrition, sleep, weight etc.Google fit

11. Lose it!

Lose it one of the most popular apps in the world of fitness and health. It has already helped more than a million people to lose weight and has been highly recommended. Lose it can be easily be downloaded on Android and iOS devices which will track your food, weight, and activity and get on the roads to achieving all your fitness goals. Download it now and live a healthy life!

Lose it

Final Thoughts

Make a great inspiring space in your life to breathe, this article is based out of a healthy and concerned thought for those who look forward to doing take a step further and make their lives not only happy yet healthy too. These insights will surely guide you towards charting out best fitness plan with these amazing health apps for iOS and Android devices. This is the time when you should open your eyes to the great and bright possibilities. Good Luck!

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