15 Best Apps for Couples You Should Know About
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15 Couple Apps For Your Loved One, You Didn't Know About

Spend your life in the best way while you stay in touch with your special one, using the best couple apps.

15 Couple Apps For Your Loved One, You Didn\'t Know About

An exclusive privilege for the couples is here, start using amazing and fun apps for couples which is absolutely private and has the capability to ignite more fun in your life. If you are not using these some of these best apps for couples then certainly you are missing out on the best part of being a couple.

The entire conversation and sharing remain in the private space where you can share every feeling with your best half. Simply, create, share and create the memories of all the moment you have spent together.

Yes, you miss him\her when that person is not around, these best couple apps on mobile will keep you connected with that special one of yours. They certainly work as a single heartbeat for two individuals, create your most treasured memories, make your Valentine feel special and express the emotion of love in a smart yet fairytale way via apps for long-distance couples.

Best Couple Apps For Android and iOS

Love is an utmost expression for every living thing on this earth, don’t limit your emotions instead share them more, express more these loving apps. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the list of these amazing couple apps.

1. Loving – Couple Essential

You will be surprised to know that this free couple app allows you to share texts, photos, and voice messages privately, and it also has a few unusual features like you can see when your partner is sleeping or awake, and you can wake them up with an alarm.

Then its “Aunt Flo” feature, which lets you know when your wife or girlfriend gets her period. It’s a good-looking app with features like, free Wi-Fi calls, photo album, and private texting, which make it worth checking out.

Essential app for couples

Notable features of Loving-Couple Essential:

  • Private timeline that keeps track of your special moments;
  • Secret photos sharing, and private texting;
  • ‘Auto Flo’ feature to let you know about the mensuration cycle of your partner.

Available for Android

2. Pathshare

If you remain frequently impatient while texting love, to know where he/she is? Then Pathshare, one of the top couple apps, can put your mind at ease. This application uses the phone’s GPS to share the real-time location on the map, with one or more persons.

You can also pinpoint their exact location and calculate the scheduled time of arrival. For privacy’s sake, it allows you to set some duration for a particular session so that you can let your loved ones see where you at, and stop that tracker after some particular amount of time.

Pathshare - the couples app

Notable features of Pathshare:

  • Find the lost ones while shopping or during the night out;
  • Automatically stop sharing your location after this time expires;
  • Live navigation on map and option to switch to satellite view.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Venmo

Couples usually share lots of things, including their bank accounts. If you’re in this category, Venmo, the couple app, makes it easier for you both to pay each other back from groceries to your mortgage. It also keeps track of all your payments, so you will never have to question your partner whether you really paid back for those beers. It makes thing very less awkward than asking “Where’s my money?”

Venmo - the happy couple app

Notable features of Venmo:

  • Keeps the monetary issues sorted between couples;
  • Venmo credit is available to pay or transfer.

Available on iOS and Android

4. Kindu

Kindu is one of the most helpful couples of apps. It is designed to help couples to communicate and connect with each other more. This relationship app for couples focuses on improving intimacy and comfort level. Kindu app is available on both the platforms while suggesting the ideas which couples can try in their bed spaces.

Kindu - love apps for couples

Notable features of Kindu:

  • Lets you make different proposals, ideas, desires to your partner;
  • Your partner can mark ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘maybe,’ to your proposals;
  • Flirt with the ‘Show & Tell’ feature.

Available on iOS and Android

5. Avocado

Avocado keeps all the shared pictures, videos and messages of the couples in one place. It is a compiled, clean, and private couple app when it comes to organized data.

It keeps the two shared lives organized with a shared calendar. This calendar can easily be integrated into the phone calendar of the couples. This love app for couples, also makes private messaging flawless and unmatched.

Avocado - private chat app for couples

Notable features of Avocado:

  • Keep your lives organized with a shared calendar;
  • Upload all your private pics on a private shared space;
  • Private messaging.

Available on iOS and Android

6. You & Me

You & Me is a private chat app for couples. However, this app has a few features and focuses more on communication via messaging. This app turns the initials of the users as a logo, & tab allows a user to send some nice stuff to your better half.

Photo Booth turns the pictures in 4*4 grid whereas halfsies takes a half image of you and another half of your lover which is going to complete the image. This couple app is available on Apple devices.

You & Me - fun apps for couples

Notable features of You & Me:

  • It turns your initials as app logo when you sign up;
  • Photobooth: turns captured pics into a 4x4 photo grid;
  • Halfsie: Half images of you and your partner make a complete one.

Available on iOS

7. Happy Couple

Happy couple app is based on quiz question features. This app helps couples to understand their better half more about what they think or how they feel. This loving app brings two people closer to each other as it gives more room to understand each other.

This app sends a tip on a daily basis and challenges on how to improve on your personal life. This brilliant is a couple of app for iPhone and Android devices.

Happy Couple App

Notable features of Happy Couple:

  • Questions you and your lover to bring you closer;
  • Daily tips and personalized activities to better your relationship.

Available on iOS and Android

8. Wickr Me

Today couples have gone ahead in terms of sending out the messages expressing the utmost intimate affection.  Wicker is a private chat app for couples which allows the couples to send texts, pictures, videos and also PDF’s which may last from 3 seconds or 6 days’ time.

This couple app has got good reviews on both the stores. However, this loving app has claimed that it doesn’t save any data so be rest assured while sending out intimate humor related messages to your best one.

Wickr Me - chat apps for couples

Notable features of Wickr Me:

  • End-to-end encrypted messaging;
  • No phone number or email required to register;
  • Multi media sharing support.

Available on iOS and Android

9. Bliss

Bliss is a virtual board game designed for couples who wish to take intimacy to the next level. This romantic app for the couple has the capability to keep track of their favorite food, mood, music, clothes, and more. This couple app lets a couple enjoy all the pleasures of a game which is more about appreciating the intimacy without keeping your privacy on stake.

Bliss - loving app

Notable features of Bliss:

  • Adapt itself to your and your partner’s personal romantic preferences;
  • Keep track of your favorite background music, and dressing preferences.

Available on Android

10. Between

Between is one of the best couples of apps for privacy. Yes, this app, unlike others, has a feature which is more about writing, express your love through words, something which is sometimes left unsaid gives them a face through words.

This awesome and romantic app has features like messaging, journaling, and voice messaging and photo memory box. So now create wonderful poems stories with your better half on this loving app.

Between - relationship apps for couples

Notable features of Between:

  • Create blog about your relationship together;
  • Password protection for your content.

Available on iOS and Android

11. Simply Us

Simply US is a couple of apps which helps them to organize their lives together. This happy couple app has received the best reviews for its impeccable organizing capabilities. Shared calendar, shared to-do lists and private messaging are its best features. So enjoy and keep loving with ‘Simply US.

Simply Us - couple app secrets

Notable features of Simply Us:

  • Shared calendar to add events weeks or months ahead;
  • Customised list sharing feature;
  • Private Messaging.

Available on iOS

12. Synaptop

Synaptop, the app for couples, runs over multiple devices and platforms. This couple app plays an integral part in the life of couples who are into a long-distance relationship. This app has broken all the bars of distance and lets these couples fly high in love and freedom crossing all borders, covering the distances.

Synaptop - the streaming app for couples

Notable features of Synaptop:

  • A new intuitive interface, better usability, for easy navigation;
  • Video and text chat with any contact while playing games, watching videos and more.
  • Drag and drop any content into an application and collaborate in sync, in real time!

Available on Synaptop

13. LokLok

This romantic app is more on the adoring side, while it lets the couples communicate over the locked phone screens. They can leave adorable notes, drawings, and photos for each other which can be checked later. This amazing dating app for couples is available on the Android platform, so leave a message with love.

LokLok - romantic app

Notable features of LokLok:

  • Turns your phone into a whiteboard, to make you draw anything for your love;
  • Works on the locked screen.

Available on Android

14. Kouply

Kouply is a couple of apps that encourage couples to stay grateful and playful for a long lasting and strong bond. Couples can join for gameplays, personalized activities and also private timeline where they can easily capture their moments and appreciate the same. Best loving app for the couples to add more sweetness in their relationship.

Kouply - fun apps for couples

Notable features of Kouply:

  • Social Media integration;
  • Let’s you compete with the other couples.

Available on iOS

15. Call Sweetheart

Call Sweetheart is a mobile app which helps couples to save the number of their loved one and then showcase it with a tab which they just have to tap and make a call. So, the little heart here is a reminder that distance is just a call away.

Call Sweetheart - long distance touch app

Notable features of Call Sweetheart:

  • Keeps your lover at fingertips;
  • Automate your replies if you are not able to reply to calls or messages.

Available on iOS

Final Thoughts

These few of the best couple apps for Android and iOS are designed while keeping the feelings and fun factors as a priority. They can add a whole new dimension to a couple’s life. They are above and beyond the innovation and ensures that distance and time can never rule this divine emotion. Stay tuned for love and date more!

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