15 Best Couple Apps To Give A Try In 2020
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Best Couple Apps To Give A Try In 2020

From getting to know each other to become perfect partners, these amazing couple apps helps you deal with various aspects of relationships.

Best Couple Apps To Give A Try In 2020

If the quest for connectivity in your relationship has ended, then you're probably missing out on something very important. Whenever you're in a relationship, you always need to be as connected as you can with your loved one. Mostly, couples make plans to meet each other on a weekly or regular basis to get connected. But, does it enough to turbocharge the relationship? In this case, there is no other easier way to stay in touch than having a private couple app on your smartphone. 

Today, the market is flooded with a variety of dating apps, offering youngsters the liberty to choose their partners as per their preferences. These apps are good for those who are looking to have true relationships. But these can't solve the purpose of managing different aspects of an existing relationship. To make this happen, you'll need a perfect couple app that possesses the capability to carry out relationship aspects with more fun.

Let's have a glimpse at the best couple apps that individuals can utilize to manage all sorts of relationships:

Download these amazing couple apps, if you want to bring more fun in your relationship. 

1. Loving – Couple Essential

Downloading this couple app, you'll be allowed to share texts, photos, and voice messages privately. Besides, establishing a private conversation, the app also lets the users know when their partner is sleeping or awake. And being interconnected with each other, they can wake each other up with an alarm function. There is also an “Aunt Flo” feature in the app that lets you know when your wife or girlfriend gets her period.

Undoubtedly, the app is built with an elegant interface and many other significant features like free Wi-Fi calls, photo album, and private texting that make it worth checking out for couples in love.

Essential app for couples

Notable features of Loving-Couple Essential:

  • send distance feature to display user's temporary position
  • Private album feature to keep all your private pics safe 
  • Abundant emoticon to make the conversation more fun

Available for Android

2. Pathshare

If you remain frequently impatient to know where your love is? If he/she is safe or not? Then Pathshare is one of the top couple apps, putting user's minds at ease. This application uses the phone’s GPS to share the real-time location through the map with one or more persons.

The best thing that you can also pinpoint their exact location and calculate the scheduled time of arrival. For privacy’s sake, the app allows you to set some duration for a particular session so that your loved one gets to know where you are at that point in time. You can also stop the tracker after a specific time location tracking is not needed. 

Pathshare - the couples app

Notable features of Pathshare:

  • Find the lost ones while shopping or during the night out;
  • Automatically stop sharing your location after this time expires;
  • Live navigation on map and option to switch to satellite view.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Venmo

Usually, couples hesitate paying each other for the stuff they bought or penny they spent on the dinner dates. If you're the couple who don't to be a burden on each other, Venmo is the right couple app, making it easier for you both to pay each other.

No matter you want to pay back for the grocery shopping or for the beer party, you can directly get the expense info right through your app. And the best part is that it won't let you feel awkward as you don't need to ask anything to your partner.

Venmo - the happy couple app

Notable features of Venmo:

  • Keeps the monetary issues sorted between couples;
  • Venmo credit is available to pay or transfer.

Available on iOS and Android

4. Kindu

Kindu is one of the most helpful couple apps, helping couples to communicate and connect with each other. This relationship app for couples focuses on improving intimacy and comfort level between loved ones. The Kindu app is available for both (Android and iOS) platforms. And above all, the app facilitates couples with a lot of love ideas they can try at their bedtimes. 

Kindu - love apps for couples

Notable features of Kindu:

  • Lets you make different proposals, ideas, desires to your partner;
  • Your partner can mark ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘maybe,’ to your proposals;
  • Option to flirt with the loved one with the ‘Show & Tell’ feature.

Available on iOS and Android

5. Avocado

Avocado keeps all the shared pictures, videos and messages of the couples in one place. It is a compiled, clean, and private couple app that organizes all the important data and keeps all the information safe. 

Users can also use the calendar feature available with this app to organize their important dates and events. This never lets you forget any of the important occasions or dates related to your relationship. There is no better app than this app to flourish your relationship. 

Avocado - private chat app for couples

Notable features of Avocado:

  • Keep your lives organized with a shared calendar;
  • Upload all your private pics on a private shared space;
  • Private messaging.

Available on iOS and Android

6. You & Me

You & Me is a private chat app for couples. This app is packed with limited but most beneficial features including safe communication via messaging console. Through this app, couples can read the book over the web and meanwhile share their thoughts on the same. The thoughts you've read and shared can also be implemented by couples in their regular life to make their life much interesting. 

Additionally, there's a feature called Photo Booth that turns the pictures in the 4*4 grid whereas halfsies takes a half image of you and another half of your lover which is going to complete the image. This couple app is available for Apple devices.

You & Me - fun apps for couples

Notable features of You & Me:

  • It turns your initials as app logo when you sign up;
  • Photobooth: turns captured pics into a 4x4 photo grid;
  • Halfsie: Half images of you and your partner make a complete one.

Available on iOS

7. Happy Couple

Happy couple app is based on quiz question features. This app helps couples to understand their better half more about what they think or how they feel for each other. This loving app brings two people closer to each other by making them understand much about each other. 

This app sends a tip on a daily basis that tells how couples can run their relationship by improving their personal aspects. Users can find this app on both Android and iOS app stores. 

Happy Couple App

Notable features of Happy Couple:

  • Questions that bring couples closer;
  • Daily tips and personalized activities to better your relationship.

Available on iOS and Android

8. Wickr Me

Also featured in Best Apps For Secret Texting

Today couples have gone ahead in terms of sending out the messages to express the utmost intimate affection. Wicker is a private chat app for couples that allows them to send texts, pictures, videos and also PDF’s which may last from 3 seconds or 6 days’ time.

This couple app has got good reviews on both the stores. Also, this love app has claimed that it doesn’t save any data hence couples don't need to get worried when they are sending intimate or any other private messages to each other.

Wickr Me - chat apps for couples

Notable features of Wickr Me:

  • End-to-end encrypted messaging;
  • No phone number or email required to register;
  • Multimedia sharing support.

Available on iOS and Android

9. Bliss

Bliss is a virtual board game designed for couples who wish to take intimacy to the next level. This romantic app for the couple has the capability to keep track of their favorite food, mood, music, clothes, and more. This couple app lets a couple enjoy all the pleasures of a game which is more about appreciating the intimacy without keeping your privacy on stake.

Bliss - loving app

Notable features of Bliss:

  • Adapt itself to your and your partner’s personal romantic preferences;
  • Keep track of your favorite background music, and dressing preferences.

Available on Android

10. Between

Between is one of the best couples of apps that keeps privacy on the top. Unlike other chat and couple apps, this app contains a feature that is more about writing and expressing the feelings towards each other. The app is aimed at making the couples feel alive and free to say anything that they haven't said before.

This awesome romantic app also has features like messaging, journaling, voice messaging, and photo memory box that make conversation between couple effective. So now create wonderful poems stories with your better half on this loving app.

Between - relationship apps for couples

Notable features of Between:

  • Create blog about your relationship together;
  • Password protection for your content.

Available on iOS and Android

11. Simply Us

Simply US is a couple app that helps love birds organize their lives together. This happy couple app has received the best reviews for its impeccable organizing capabilities. Shared calendar, shared to-do lists and private messaging are its best features that make it an app that is worth trying. 

Simply Us - couple app secrets

Notable features of Simply Us:

  • Shared calendar to add events weeks or months ahead;
  • Customized list sharing feature;
  • Private Messaging.

Available on iOS

12. LokLok

This romantic app is more on the adoring side, while it lets the couples communicate over the locked phone screens. They can leave adorable notes, drawings, and photos for each other which can be checked later. This amazing dating app for couples is available for all Android users who are looking for a reliable app to establish relations. 

LokLok - romantic app

Notable features of LokLok:

  • Turns your phone into a whiteboard, to make you draw anything for your love;
  • Works on the locked screen.

Available on Android

Final Thoughts

These few of the best couple apps for Android and iOS are designed with keeping the feelings and fun factors as a priority. They can add a whole new dimension to a couple’s life. They are above and beyond the innovation and ensures that distance and time can never rule this divine emotion. Stay tuned for love and date more!

If you are an aspiring app owner, you should get your app reviewed on different platforms to make your app familiar among users.

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