Meetup App Review - Is it Worth Your Time!

The Meetup events infuse confidence by letting you socialize at larger meet ups.

Updated on April 04, 2024
Meetup App Review - Is it Worth Your Time!

Meet ups can be of various orders. Some meet ups can be marked to meet new people, some may pertain to making friends, and then there are people who may wish to practice their social skills. Whatever may be the reason, social engagement over local groups and events is a brilliant approach to meet people and make connections.

Down the pike, we have got our hands on one of the best social apps, which is apparently known as Meetup. The app helps you create and join local social groups. All the groups are centered around a common interest. For instance, groups can be for meeting and mingling, while other groups may cater to careers, hobbies, and business networking.

The groups of the Meetup app for iPhone and Android are free to join, but if you wish to create a group on your own, then it costs money.

The popularity of this meet up app has helped it to bag the “Best New Apps” and “Great Free Apps” by none other than Apple.

The company was founded in 2002 by Scott Heiferman and four other co-founders. Meetup was predominantly popularized by Howard Dean's 2004 political campaign. Before its acquisition by WeWork in 2017, Meetup was able to successfully raise a total of $18.3M in funding over 5 rounds.

So if you are looking up to attend events, meet fun people or simply make friends, check out our detailed Meetup app review and unravel the untrodden tracks.

About Meetup App

Meetup app is an equitable platform for finding and building local connections. You may use this meet up app to meet new people, find support, learn new things, pursue passions, or get out of your comfort zone. And you can experience it at close-at-hand locations. The app makes use of the device's precise location (GPS and network-based) to recommend Meetup events that are nearby.

If you are still wondering, what all can this app lets you do, here is your answer:

  • Exploration: Visit places and try new things with like-minded people.
  • Build Career: To move forward in your career, you can build a network, learn a language, take a class, and pitch to investors through this app.
  • Get Creative: If you are into any creative field, it’s advisable to create a group and get feedback on your work.

The app is weaved around one simple idea, “when we get together and do the things that matter to us, we’re at our best.” And that’s what the app does with an exactitude. Here are some of the popular Meetup group reviews:

  • Tech Meetup groups
  • Fitness Meetup groups
  • Hiking Meetup groups
  • Career and Networking Meetup groups
  • Photography Meetup groups
  • New in Town Meetup groups
  • Social Meetup groups and more.

meetup app iphone

Notable features of the Meetup App

After connecting with local groups, you can catch up with the group members and try new things. The following are the most striking features of the Meetup app that helps it stand out among its competitors:

  1. Explore Your Interest

    With this app, you get all the flexibility to discover local events and groups. There is an option that displays events based on your interests. Right from book clubs to free yoga, you will come across many types of groups.

  2. Search Intended Groups

    You can even explore events and groups by searching a particular keyword, category, or see what’s popular in your area.

  3. Never Miss an Event

    Not all the events will be exciting. Thus you get an option to save events in which you’re interested in and revisit them later at a time when you are comfortable attending it.

  4. Stay Connected

    You don’t need an additional messaging app to communicate with the group members. Once you meet people, you can use the discussions and messaging options to stay in touch.

  5. Location Wise Preferences

     If you move from one place to another, you can easily switch between locations and you will be matched with the nearest groups to find great experiences.

  6. Start a Group

    The app is not just about joining groups, but you have a choice where you can host your own events by creating a group. And then the group is recommended to the people who might be interested in your agenda.

Meetup Subscription Plans

If you wish to organize a meetup, you need to subscribe through the app. An organizer subscription comes with a perk of an unlimited number of members and co-organizers and allows you to create up to three Meetups. The Meetup app offers multiple subscription plans based on the location.

Prices for Meetups created in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia:

  • Unlimited 1-month: $14.99

All other countries:

  • Unlimited 1-month: $9.99
  • Unlimited 6-month: $29.99

After the confirmation of the purchase, the Meetup fees are charged to your app store account and automatically renews at the end of each billing period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited at the time of purchasing a subscription.

Meetup App Review

MAD Verdict: Meetup App Review

Here we conclude our Meetup review. We found this app thoroughly engaging and appealing to anyone. The app provides you with multiple categories of groups that you may join. After all, what’s better than meeting like-minded people and getting together to do some of your favorite things.

Though there are some concerns that we figured out while reviewing the Meetup app for Android and iOS. Firstly, it’s about the safety of the user. The app offers you an option to report the user, but what if you get to know about the group members or admin after the meetup. As the app has no identity verification process, meeting up strangers may pose a potential risk.

The other predicament is the inadvertent cost to join groups. Despite the free entry to join groups, some organizers may still put up a membership fee. And you never know, after joining the group, you may be asked to cater to your supplies, meals, and transportation costs, as well. 

However, you are always advised to take precautions to avoid unsafe situations.

For us, Meetup is among the top social meetup apps and is the best bet to meet new people near you who are always up for activities that are best done in a group. Then you always have chances to expand your social circles.

If you have a similar app and wish to flaunt it in front of your intended audience, get your app reviewed now and experience the revolution of people.

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