Honeydue: Discuss Budget Together

Honeydue helps you save collectively while your partner can watch all your expenses.

Updated on April 07, 2024
Honeydue: Discuss Budget Together

Budgeting can be hard when you meet your partner almost every day or on weekends. Splitting bills is a lethargic task accompanied by a lot of discrepancies which is certainly not fair because let’s be honest every penny counts.

When you’re in a relationship, you tend to spend a lot and that’s when you lose track of all the expenses you have made. Yes! It happens a lot.

Discussing budget is important and such discussions should be promoted for meaningful reasons because if expenditure can be thought wisely and controlled then why it shouldn’t be?

Couples share a lot of things together, so why not expenditures? There are various apps that couples need to try and Honeydue is surely one of them! That’s why, we are here with Honeydue, an amazing application that will not only help you in maintaining your accounts neatly but also accurately split bills, share expenses and a lot more.

honeydue review

What the Honeydue App Is All About?

The app helps couples make budgeting easy together, by tracking bills and bank balances. It allows you to spend money together and keep your eyes on every transaction made.

With Honeydue, you can engage in conversations that are related to your expenditure so that you invest wisely in the coming future.

The app neatly organizes every bank account balance and adds various categories on multiple things that you spend on. All of that in one place! Your data is encrypted in storage and in transit, which makes it a highly secure application to trust your account management.

Ultimate Features of Honeydue App

Honeydue takes meaning out of every transaction that you or your partner have made and allows you to talk to each other over those expenditures. 

Not only that, it is packed with other features that make your budgeting experience easy and understanding, below are some of the versatile features of Honeydue:

  • Activity: This feature allows you to see new updates made by Honeydue, your recent account updates, articles on various types of finances.
  • View your transactions: Honeydue curates all your accounts in one place where you can see all your spending. Various accounts can be added and labeled.
  • Add notes and Emojis: You can label your transactions with notes and emojis. Your partner will receive a notification on any made payment and can add questions or send reactions accordingly.
  • Set reminders: Pay bills on time by setting monthly, weekly, one time only options and never miss out or be late on any payment, you can also choose who the reminder should go to.
  • Form categories: To reduce confusion, form categories and add your made transactions to them while looking at colored charts to give you a visual of the category you spend most on.
  • Spending Tracker: Spend efficiently by setting trackers for your categories and getting notified when you reach your limit.
  • Chat with your partner: Apart from leaving notes and sending reactions, you can directly chat with your partner by “send in chat” option on transactions and sort your questions personally.
  • Split Wisely: you can add any payment made and split between you and your partner to see how much you owe each other, you can settle up these payments.
  • Joint Account by Honeydue: This new feature allows couples to own a no fee joint debit card with no minimum balance requirement or monthly fees. This feature puts you on a waitlist if you apply for it.

Honeydue promotes saving and spending money wisely with these advanced features. 

Do You Need An App Like Honeydue? 

Honeydue is a managing money app and promotes couples talking about money and other expenses which allows a pair to understand each other more in terms of choices and spendings.

Resorting to this app, you can allow sharing your responsibilities together like paying bills, splitting expenses, etc. you tend to control your unnecessary expenditures because your partner is viewing everything that you are spending on.

If expenses are widely discussed then they will be wisely spent too.

Is Honeydue Free?

However, Honeydue is 100 percent free. It gives its users a chance to tip Honeydue on a monthly basis, which is completely voluntary.

Once you have made a subscription to tip Honeydue with a very nominal charge ranging anywhere between $1 to $10, you can choose to cancel anytime.

honeydue review

MAD Verdict: Honeydue App Review

Budgeting together is fun and with an app like Honeydue, even small spending is noted and can inflict budget discussions amongst couples. 

Apart from the budget discussion, Honeydue helps you set reminders about your bills so that you never miss out on them. There’s also a feature where Honeydue reviews all your spending and forms a chart of the categories that you spend the most on keeping you completely aware, helping its users understand how much and where they are putting their money in, making it one of the must-try personal finance apps for couples.

With phenomenal characteristics like leaving notes on any payment, sending payment information personally in case of confusion and splitting bills to know who owes who, this application has been able to stand out and be on a convenient side.

An added bonus about Honeydue is that it takes care of all your bank account information and organizes them wisely in one place, all such exceptionally different characteristics are completely free of cost. 

An app like Honeydue is the best budget app for couples that promotes savings and helps couples in opening their joint debit card accounts, which is a new feature and currently has a waitlist for the same if you apply.

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