Top 10 Meditation Apps For iPhone Users in 2021

Are you looking for the best meditation apps for your smartphone? We've compiled a list of the top meditation apps to download in 2021. Check below!
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June 02, 2021
Health is the utmost priority in everyone's life, especially during the pandemic times, and one of the ancient methods to keep a check on your health is through meditation. It is considered the most natural as well as the safest technique for staying healthy. Meditation plays a vital role in staying calm, curing inflammatory disease, and in reducing insomnia.

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Today, there are numerous meditation and

Best free meditation apps to download in 2021

Let's have a glimpse at the best meditation apps that will make you feel happy and fit:



Find peace, wellness, and balance in your life using the app’s guided meditation and mindfulness techniques for daytime use. Before bed, you can also try meditations for sleep, including music, nature soundscapes, or storytelling sleep casts. This one of the best free meditation apps builds a personalized plan for you as well on the basis of your schedule and preferences.  

Headspace has also been featured in our Best Apps for New Year's Resolutions.

Features of one of the best mindfulness apps

  • Hundreds of guided meditations on subjects like exercise, focus, and sleep
  • Add your friends to meditate with you
  • Track your progress using this one of the best meditation apps
  • Enjoy different sleep meditations
  • SOS sessions for moments of panic, anxiety, and stress
Download this one of the best mindfulness apps

If you’re having a bad day or you need to just relax, Calm meditation app is here to help you. It comes with a number of calming exercises and breathing techniques and there’s even a Calm Kids section with meditation for kids aged 3 and 17. The Sleep Stories section features a great mix of voice talent to lull you to sleep. You can also set notifications for the newest meditation series to stay updated.

Features of one of the best meditation app for kids

  • Listen to sleep stories using this one of the best mindfulness apps
  • Explore hundreds of meditations
  • Enjoy new sleep stories, meditation and music programs every week
  • Learn new techniques for breathing and calming down
Download this one of the top meditation apps



With this free guided meditation app, you can meditate anywhere and at any time by simply telling your location. It even gives you the option of selecting a style of meditation with either a male or female voice, which will tell you the correct method of meditating. Besides, with its two-player mode, you can involve someone else also in your meditation.

Features of one of the top meditation apps

  • Sessions for complete beginners
  • More than 200 meditation sessions
  • Meditation sessions for stress, life challenges, and much more
  • A wide range of experienced teachers
  • Kids content for minors
Download this one of the good meditation apps



This meditation app features meditations, chants, and mantras delivered by Sanskrit scholars. If you’re new to meditation, you’ll find simple and deep meditations starting from just 6 minutes. You can even set goals to slowly extend your practice. In addition, you can also track your progress with the meditation journal and browse playlists designed to inspire your sessions. 

Features of one of the best free relaxation apps

  • Practice simple and deep meditations starting from just six minutes
  • Browse playlists and meditation music designed to inspire your sessions
  • See all the places you’ve meditated on the map
  • Set goals to keep yourself on track using this one of the good meditation apps
  • With the help of the community, interact and motivate others around you
Download this one of the best free relaxation apps

MyLife Meditation


This award-winning meditation app offers daily wellness check-ins and suggests activities personalized on the basis of your emotions. You can reduce stress, anxiety and sleep better with the short, guided meditations, yoga videos, and acupressure videos. You also have the option to check your mood and overall progress and develop simple habits in just a few days. 

Features of one of the best free mindfulness apps

  • Get personalized recommendations with this one of the best free mindfulness apps
  • Check your mood daily before and after meditations
  • Count your breaths to calm your mind
  • Fall asleep to soothing meditation sounds
  • With the help of a meditation timer, you can stay focused and time each meditation
Download this one of the best relaxation apps

Insight Timer


With Insight Timer, you get 10 or more guided meditations added every day. Browse thousands of meditations daily to begin building a simple habit, join discussions and communicate with others, use the music tracks and meditation tracks to calm your mind and promote sleep. Using the app, you can also track your progress and set goals.

Features of one of the best relaxation apps

  • Browse thousands of guided meditations
  • Track your progress using stats and milestones
  • Discuss and communicate with others
  • Thousands of music tracks and ambient sounds to calm the mind, focus, sleep better, and relax
  • Browse popular topics such as Self-love and Compassion, leadership, better relationships, etc
Download one of the best daily meditation apps

Smiling Mind


Smiling Mind is a beautiful meditation app aimed at destressing kids and young people. Customized programs are available for different age groups to assist people in dealing with stress and the difficult challenges of daily life.

Features of one of the best daily meditation apps

  • Meditation programs tailored by the professionals
  • Meditation sessions for all the age groups
  • A wide collection of sessions dealing with many problems
  • Get personalized meditation recommendations with this good meditation app
  • A new banner to highlight meditation
Download this good meditation app



It is the best meditation app to de-stress and sleep better in just 5 minutes a day with a personal mindfulness coach. To enjoy more restful sleep, you can browse sleep music playlists, nature sounds and bedtime readings. Guided meditation series, inspirational talks and master classes from mindfulness coach Lynne Goldberg will help you better navigate life’s challenges and enjoy improved peace of mind.

Features of one of the best relaxation apps

  • Get mindfulness programs for kids and teens
  • Enjoy masterclasses from trained professionals
  • Ease into sleep with the playlist you create
  • Set morning alarms, save favorites, create reminders, and adjust background music volume levels
Download this free guided meditation app

Simple Habit


This app offers a huge range of 5 minute exercises to make you consistent. Featured on Shark Tank in 2017, this app has a growing database of meditations for any time of day, any personal situation, or goal. You can practice new meditations guided by the world’s best experts, from mindfulness experts at Google to former monks. 

Features of one of the top meditation apps

  • With the help of Simple Habit, you can improve focus and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Track your progress and stay motivated
  • Sessions designed for life’s daily problems
  • Use on-the-go feature to quickly calm your anxiety to achieve a sense of mindfulness
Download this good meditation app

All those mentioned above are some fantastic meditation apps for the iPhone. They are very useful in giving a relaxed mind and body. So, if you are the one who is struggling with any stress in your life, then meditation is the best thing for you, and for that consider these apps. If you are interested in reading more such listicle articles on different mobile app categories like productivity apps, business apps, dating apps, etc, or if you want to get your app reviewed, get in touch. Our experts will review your app and provide you the assistance you need. 

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