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Top 8 Meditation Apps Of 2020 For iPhone Users

Achieve mind peace with the help of these apps

Meditation App for iphone

Health is the highest priority in everyone's life, and one of the most ancient methods of checking health is through meditation. It is considered the most natural as well as the safest technique for staying healthy. Meditation plays a vital role in staying calm, curing inflammatory disease and last but not least, in reducing insomnia.

Today, there are numerous meditation and mental health apps for users, allowing people to do meditative exercises on the go. If you are looking forward to using such an app for proper meditation, then you should have a look at listed below apps for meditation.

Best Free Meditation Apps in 2020

1. Buddhify- Best free relaxation apps

With this iPhone meditation app, you can meditate anywhere and at any time by simply telling your location. It even gives you the option of selecting a style of meditation with either a male or female voice, which will tell you the correct method of meditating. Besides, with its two-player mode, you can involve someone else also in your meditation.

Notable features of the meditation apps, Buddhify App

  • Sessions for complete beginners
  • More than 200 meditation sessions
  • Meditation sessions for stress, life challenges, and much more.
  • A wide range of experienced teachers
  • Kids content for minors

You can download meditation apps from Android

2. Calm- Meditation app for iPhone

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Guided meditation sessions are available from 2-20 minutes with some amazing background scenes and music, allowing to choose the perfect length to fit with your schedule. The Calm app has recently got funding. It is the perfect meditation app for bringing more clarity, joy as well as peace to your daily life.

Notable features of the best apps for meditation, Calm App

  • Exclusive music to lighten up the mood
  • Sessions from renowned experts
  • Open-ended meditation
  • Unguided timed meditations
  • Track your progress

You can download the best meditation app iPhone from HERE

3. Headspace- iPhone meditation app

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This meditation app enables you to practice the basics of meditation as well as mindfulness with Take10. This includes 10 sessions of 10 minutes each that will train your mind for a much happier, healthier as well as enjoying life.

Notable features of the best meditation apps iPhone, Headspace App

  • Headspace meditation sessions
  • New session or meditation program on a new topic
  • Track the time of meditation and your progress
  • Add friends in the app

You can download best meditation apps for iPhone from HERE

4. Mindbliss Meditations- Meditation timer app

Mindbliss Meditations is one of the best iPhone's meditation apps available in the market. With this app, you can meditate with world-renowned teachers, and rediscover the calm. Furthermore, it helps the user to gain self-confidence. Among other apps to improve sleep Mindbliss Meditations has made it its own position in the market. 

Notable features of the best apps for meditation, Mindbliss Meditations App

  • Curated sessions to reduce anxiety and better sleep
  • Track your progress
  • Various meditation tools from seven different categories
  • Guided meditation exercises
  • Advanced brain entrainment technology
  • Sophisticated breathing exercises

You can download the best free meditation apps from HERE

5. The Mindfulness App- Best app for meditation

The Mindfulness App is another excellent iPhone's meditation app that promises to offer a more relaxed and healthier state of mind. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or experienced in meditation, this iPhone app will help you to become more present in your daily life.

Notable features of the free guided meditation apps Mindfulness App

  • Five days of guided practice and introduction to mindfulness
  • Guided and silent meditations from 3 to 30 minutes
  • Customize your meditation with the guided introduction
  • Meditation reminders and mindful notices
  • Keep track of your meditation journey

You can download the best free meditation apps from Android and iPhone

6. Meditation Timer Pro- Free relaxation apps

As the name suggests of the Meditation Timer Pro, the iPhone app assists the user with meditation with proper time intervals. The user can just focus on meditation without thinking about the time. The iPhone's meditation app helps in attaining inner peace and keeps you relax from anxious, tense, worried, etc.

Notable features of the good free meditation app, Meditation Timer Pro App 

  • Default meditations and you can custom your own
  • With prepare time, interval time and cool downtime
  • Unique sound for beginning, interval switching, ending
  • And cool down the end
  • Start, stop, restart or resume meditation
  • Support iPod media background

You can download the free relaxation apps from iPhone

7. Room to Breathe Meditation- Best apps for meditation

By using this meditation app, you will get step by step instructions to focus on your breath and minimize weary thoughts. This is a fantastic app that can help you in reducing stress, improving health, and increasing strength and inner peace.

Notable features of the Room to breathe meditation App

  • Different meditation techniques to calm your mind
  • Access number of activities that will help you train focus capability
  • Track mood and progress
  • Mini-practise sessions

You can download the free relaxation apps from Android

8. Smiling Mind- Best apps for meditation 

Smiling Mind is a beautiful iPhone meditation app that is aimed at destressing kids and young people. Customized programs are available for different age groups to assist people in dealing with stress and the difficult challenges of daily life.

Notable features of the best free relaxation app, Smiling Mind App

  • Meditation programs tailored by the professionals
  • Meditation sessions for all the age groups
  • A wide collection of sessions dealing with many problems
  • Personalized meditation recommendations
  • A new banner to highlight meditation

You can download the free relaxation apps from iPhone and Android

Wrapping Up

All those mentioned above are some fantastic meditation apps for iPhone which are very useful in giving a relaxed mind and body. So, if you are the one who is struggling with any stress in your life, then meditation is the best thing for you, and for that consider these apps.

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