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Top 10 Bodybuilding Apps in 2021

Explore the top bodybuilding apps for 2021 which will help you avoid gyms in these times of social-distancing and let you care for your health anywhere.

best bodybuilding apps

Heath is a prime concern these days. The recent pandemic has exposed the healthcare condition of the world and has raised concerns about our standard of living. While immunity going down every day and infection and viruses going up, taking care of your health should be one of your primary concerns. Hence, finding and utilising the best app for bodybuilding at home will go a long way in helping you care for your well-being.

Many recent reports have stated that even though gyms are reopening after being shut down due to sudden pandemic outburst, it is still not advisable to enclose yourself in confined places like gyms. Rather, one should prefer to work out in open spaces, maintaining social distancing protocols. Hence, we bring you the best bodybuilding apps you can use to make the most out of workout sessions. 

Best bodybuilding apps you should download

Out of many workout apps available at app stores, our researchers have shortlisted these best bodybuilding apps which will guide you through your workout sessions and offer you best support for getting the best results. Find your best fit:

1. Fitness 22

Fitness 22 is one of the most comprehensive and detailed sets of applications which provide complete thorough guidance for several health activities. Targeting bodybuilding and fitness, their apps provide in-depth guidance and support for all activities. Fitness 22 specialise in fitness programs for homes and have dismantled the science behind it. Hence, their programs have given millions of successful results already and have won numerous awards and media coverage. 

Fitness 22 - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of Fitness 22

  • Wide range of apps for specific activities
  • Accurate tracking and measurements
  • Calories count
  • Music player access
  • Activity log and history analysis

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

2. FitNotes

Also featured in: Top Fitness Apps

FitNotes was created by James Gay to be the best app for bodybuilding workout with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Users can use the app as an interactive log to keep the track of their workouts, diet plans and overall progress. Users can add the workouts for each day and set weights, reps or distance. FitNotes gives complete freedom to the user to customise their workouts in their preferred ways and maintain logs with all the necessary details. 

FitNotes - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of FitNotes

  • Track workouts easily
  • Navigate days using the calendar
  • Includes default section of categories
  • Create routines 
  • Back up data and export using CSV format

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

3. Home Workout - No Equipment

Home Workout - No Equipment is a daily workout app which offers elaborate exercises for complete body workout. Developed by Leap Fitness Group, this best application for bodybuilding offers various exercises for abs, chest, legs, arms and butt as well as full-body workouts. The app contains exercises which are designed to be done at a home environment without conventional gym gear and machines.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Home Workout - No Equipment app here.

Home Workout - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of Home Workout

  • Warm-up and stretching routines
  • Weight gaining exercises
  • A chart to track your progress
  • Personal trainer to lose weight
  • Multiple exercises

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices


Also featured in: Top Fitness Apps & Best Workout Apps

JEFIT with its elaborate video lesson and a huge archive of 1300 exercises is the best bodybuilding app for beginners. Developed by Jefit Inc, the app has been used by more than 8 million users already and have given wonderful results. There are all kinds of exercise focusing on different muscle groups and yielding different results. All exercises are explained by professionals through high-definition videos which are easy to understand. 

JEFIT - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of JEFIT

  • 1300+ exercises
  • HD Video support
  • Track progress and set routines
  • Join training programs for definite results
  • Set goals and stay motivated

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

5. Powerlifter

Powerlifter is a comprehensive app for weight lifters and weight exercises. Best application for bodybuilding, it automatically calculates your Wendler 5/3/1 powerlifting routine and helps you maintain your record and measure your progress. Users can customise their programs according to preferences and creating unique routines. You can choose from the Military Press, Bench Press, Back Squat and Deadlift or create your lift.

Powerlifter - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of Powerlifter

  • Keep track of your progress and export lift history
  • Warm-up sets for each lift
  • Rest timer
  • Track and graph your bodyweight

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

6. Pro Gym Workout

Pro Gym Workout is a health care app which is designed to provide complete guidance needed for workout and replace trainers altogether. The app contains detailed information about various exercises, their sets, reps, load, speed and rest to help you reach your fitness goal. Best app for bodybuilding workout, all exercises are supported with detailed videos and explanations. The app contains more than 120 exercises and 9 workouts.

Pro Gym Workout - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of Pro Gym Workout

  • 120+ exercises and 9 workouts
  • Beginner and advanced routines
  • No internet required
  • BMI calculator, Protein Calculator, Calories calculator, Fat calculator

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

7. Strong: Exercise Gym Log

Strong: Exercise Gym Log is a simple and clean way of maintaining a gym routine. Best workout app bodybuilding it has been downloaded by over 2 million users. The app offers elaborate exercises for beginners as well as experienced users. Build a body with Strong: Exercise Gym Log and maintain detailed track of your progress. 

Strong: Exercise Gym Log - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of Strong Exercise  Gym Log

  • Simple interface
  • Cardio and strength training
  • Detailed exercise description and video lessons
  • Add your exercise and routines
  • Export all of your data to Email in CSV format

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

8. StrongLifts 5×5 

StrongLifts 5×5 is a comprehensive exercise planner and instructor for all kinds of users. StrongLifts 5×5 helps you build your body with simple exercises and routines. It has been downloaded by more than 1 million users already and the number is still growing massively. The exercise planner app offers an interactive planner for maintaining progress records and allows easy access through a calendar. The app is fully ad-free and also supports Android wear.

StrongLifts 5×5 - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of StrongLifts 5x5

  • Free to download
  • Interactive planner
  • Weight lifting programs for beginners and experienced lifters
  • Ad-free
  • Videos for workouts and exercises

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

9. Workit 

Best workout app for bodybuilding, Workit offers quick and easy workout sessions for all kinds of users. Developed by Workit Inc app offers various exercises for people of all body shapes. The app works as a personal trainer and provides complete guidance for bodybuilding and fitness. You can log your body weight, body fat and other stats to keep a keen eye on our improvements and making necessary adjustments. Get a visual analysis of the data in the form of graphs to monitor your progress.

Workit - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of Workfit

  • Create workout routines
  • Simple to edit planner
  • Chose from cardio workouts, bodyweight workouts, and lifting workouts 
  • Rest timer and stopwatch 
  • Weight plate racking calculator

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android and iOS devices

10. You are your gym

Based on the award-winning book by Mark Lauren, You are your gym is like a bodybuilding bible in your palm. You can build your body with the help of this app and can get lean and strong. Mark perfected his program for a decade before writing his book and this app is the perfect adaptation of that masterpiece. The app comes with 200+ bodyweight exercises which give wonderful results. 

You are your gym - Best Bodybuilding App

Notable Features of You are your gym

  • 200+ bodyweight exercises
  • Videos for the explanation of the exercises
  • Workout summary
  • Timer for measuring your reps

Download this best bodybuilding app for Android devices

These were some of the best workout apps which you can use to build a body and gain strength. You can download these apps to start workouts anywhere and with minimal gear. If you are an app owner and wants to get your app reviewed, reach out to MobileAppDaily.

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