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10 Must-Have iPhone Apps You Can’t Afford To Miss [2021]

Have a look at the most-recommended iPhone apps that you may not even be aware of!

Must-Have iPhone Apps

The iOS app store was launched back in 2008, since then we have access to millions of apps. There are probably a lot of prominent apps you all might be using on a regular basis to accomplish your task. But, what about those iPhone apps that have also reached the app store based on their best usability features but still not able to attract large audiences!

The reality is, that Apple App Store possesses several hidden gems that are brilliantly developed and have the potential to serve you with the best services. We save you from the hassle of exploring and scrolling through millions of apps from the apps store and have listed some of the best-underrated apps in the iOS store that will definitely secure a spot to your iPhone device as your go-to tools. 

1. 1Password 

1Password is the top free iPhone app that acts as a password recaller for you. It’s one of the best iPhone apps that keeps all your passwords protected and safe behind a single password which only you know. It’s a password manager which asks you to add a password and later convert it through the password generator to make it stronger which makes it less prone to hacking. 

best iPhone apps

Paramount Features:

  • Puts passwords in place by creating strong & unique & memorizable pass-phrases for your online accounts (family and friends)
  • This most popular iPhone app lets you access the password information on your smart devices and computers
  • Users can organize everything with dozens of categories like credit cards, logins, addresses, bank accounts, addresses, driver’s license, passports and many more
  • Arrange all the information with favorites and tags
  • You can add custom fields to store extra information like URLs, and security questions
  • Users can use Spotlight  to search for the information they need
  • The app performs on end-to-end encryption
  • Safest option of Face Unlock
  • Two-factor authentication for extended protection 
  • Being one of the best iPhone apps for free, it helps share documents and passwords safely with teammates and family members

Download 1Password 

2. Due 

It’s a reminder app that reminds the users of the tasks listed. It’s one of the top free iPhone apps you can install to repeatedly get the reminders of the task that you have to do. We bet that the app won’t let you forget anything important. The app helps you set reminders and postponing them according to your needs.

top free iPhone apps

Paramount Features:

  • Developed with clever time picker and natural date parsing feature
  • Persistent and effective for Auto Snooze on set intervals
  • Quick reminder set and postpone option
  • Countdown timers help you ease quick tasks like brewing coffee and boiling the eggs
  • Powerful recurring reminder options to set reminders apart from daily and weekly reminders
  • Categorized as one of the best iOS apps for keeping reminders in sync
  • Accessible to everyone

Download Due 


IFTTT is an Applet, growing as one of the best apps for iOS, which is specifically designed to connect over 600+ apps like Twitch, Google Drive, Twitter, Telegram, Weather Underground, Instagram, and further devices like Amazon Alexa, and Google Home of your iPhone device. 

Download this most popular iPhone app or program which helps users integrate with third-party apps and their functions. 

best apps for iOS

Paramount Features:

  • Admired as one of the best free apps for iOS, it lets you control everything with your voice
  • Keeps you informed about what’s trending from famous publications 
  • Always makes you prepared for the weather with daily forecast alerts
  • Sends Automatic message to your friend when you’re near a local shop
  • Keeps you safe with timely and automated security notifications
  • Streamlines your social media networks
  • Backup photos, important files, and documents on the cloud storage servers

Download IFTTT 

4. Nomorobo 

Users consider it as one of the best free iPhone apps that quickly blocks annoying robocalls,  telemarketing, spam, and calls. Use this app to bring peace to your life by getting rid of the phone scammers. 

the best free iPhone apps

Paramount Features:

  • Provides real-time protection from around 800, 000 robocallers, phone scammers and telemarketers
  • Potential to identify over 1200+ robocallers 
  • Extended privacy standards to keep your call records protected
  • Important robocalls including weather alerts and school closing can be easily identified and attended
  • Instantly identify and block robocalls (optional)
  • Protect your phone from text spam and phishing attempts
  • Listen to thousands of robocalls through database access
  • Option to block “neighbor spoofed” calls

Download Nomorobo 

5. Betternet 

This is one of the must-have iPhone applications that you can install to have safe and protected VPN data encryption. This app ensures that your browsing and data access is kept secure and private in all manners. 

This is one of the best iPhone apps to protect you from data hacks. For better information, you can take a look at this app’s popularity on prominent iOS app review websites. 

iPhone applications

Paramount Features:

  • Provides the user with an Ad-free experience
  • No data log is saved from the users
  • No registration or login needed
  • Provides simple one-tap connect to VPN
  • Let’s you automatically connect with the fastest VPN server
  • Protects your device when it’s connected to cellular data, public Wi-Fi, etc. 
  • Detects your location and connects you with the nearest server

Download Betternet 

6. Apollo 

Being one of the top apps for iPhone, for photo editing purposes and is on its way towards becoming a trending app for iPhone which operates on portrait mode and provides multiple light effects to add filters to the clicked snap. The app works best on iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, Xs, Xs Max, X or Xr.  

trending app for iPhone

Paramount Features:

  • It reconstructs the 3D map of the photo to further augment it with new light sources
  • Lets you select the colors, intensity, and distance of the light to illuminate photo’s effect
  • It uses the depth data of your image to calculate photorealistic light
  • App’s UI is fully-optimized and can be used with thumb 

 Download Apollo 

7. Overcast 

This app is gaining popularity  as one of the best free iPhone apps that claim to provide exceptional podcast playing experience to iPhone users. This modern app is well-developed and comes with various excellent features like Voice Boost, Smart Speed and Smart Playlist. Due to these amazing features, users become able to enjoy podcasts from different other places like news shows and events. 

best free iPhone apps

Paramount Features:

  • Download this podcast player to enjoy uninterrupted playlist even without the internet
  • Users can quickly search and browse for new podcasts with personalized recommendations
  • Helps receive optional notifications when new shows episodes arrive
  • iPhone users can create custom Playlists with per-podcasts priorities and smart filters
  • Facility to rearrange the entire playlist is also available
  • Try new shows and episodes by subscribing to the app 
  • By far one of the best apps for iPhone, which allow you to set a sleep timer and voice boost to normalize and enhance the volume pitch
  • Users owning Apple Watch can also install this app as their best podcast playing companion
  • Playback speed adjustment feature is amazingly integrated
  • Smart Speed can be used here to shrink silences and helps pick up volume speed without conversation distortion
  • Provides exceptional CarPlay support

Download Overcast

8. JustWatch 

Instead of searching the list of shows and TV shows through browsers, download this one of the amazingly developed and the best free iPhone apps which lets you find out where to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Installing this single one of the top free iPhone applications, you'll rest be free from searching for other video streamlining services.

 the best free iPhone apps

Paramount Features:

  • Check what’s on Netflix and along with new series
  • Helps search the cinema near you with show timings
  • Lists all the kids’ shows and movies
  • Along with paid subscriptions, there’s also a free streaming facility 
  • Watchbar feature lets you select from the list of 37 providers and helps them filter from the attributes like movie genre and release year
  • Exceptional Search Engine with 60, 000+ helps search movies and listed TV shows along with their synopsis, trailers, cast, ratings
  • Streamline information for upcoming and shows
  • Updates you with a daily list of news shows and release timings on different streaming channels
  • Lets you know where to watch the most popular series
  • Lets you enjoy everyday best deals on watching the shows online
  • Users can create an account to synchronize their watchlist on their iPhone devices

Download JustWatch 

9. Tab - The simple bill splitter 

It’s become a tendency among friends to split the bills when we go outside to eat. Many times, you also felt it daunting to split the bill equally among all. Tab - The simple bill splitter is one of the best apple apps that make it easier to figure out who needs to pay what amount after the meal. 

 best apple apps

Paramount Features:

  • Split the meal amount simply clicking a picture of the bill 
  • It automatically detects all the items in the bill
  • Everyone who has Tab has access to join the same bill which lets them select the items they ordered
  • One or more people can select the same item if they equally shared that
  • Tips and tax can also be easily distributed automatically
  • Even on someone’s birthday, the bill of birthday boy/girl will be evenly distributed to everyone else
  • Helps individuals view and share the summary of the previous bills

Download Tab - The simple bill splitter 

10. 1Blocker X 

Everyone loves uninterrupted browsing on their smartphones. And if we talk about iPhone users, they are more concerned about getting seamless browsing experience on their owned devices. Here comes the 1Blocker X iPhone app in the picture which is the best browsing alternative and acts as a content blocker for Safari.

iPhone app

Paramount Features:

  • It’s optimized for Safari and improves iPhone users browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers
  • Makes site load faster up to 2x
  • 1Blocker X is secure and designed 
  • It blocks annoying ads
  • Protect browsing content online 
  • Regional adblock regulation for specific countries
  • User-friendly editors to create custom content blocking rules
  • Face ID/Touch ID protection

Download 1Blocker X 

Time To Choose Your iPhone App

The aforementioned list of best iPhone apps is accumulated after in-depth market research. These are the best new applications for iPhone and are worth installing by iPhone users. Just to facilitate you with the exceptional apps, we have picked top iOS applications from different categories. 

Try them for your iPhone devices and start experiencing a new world with exceptional services. 

If we skip something which you think should be added in the list, let us know in the comments below. 

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