Most Popular Apps in 2023 that are Showing a Dominance Already this Year

These most popular apps from different categories have led the global app market for a few months.
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August 28, 2023
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The global app ecosystem is dominated by majorly communication apps or gaming apps. However, there are exceptions like Amazon which also lead the market as the most popular app in the world. If we look at Statista statistics, in September 2022, TikTok remained a leader among the most downloaded apps with 23.96 million downloads while Instagram followed this one of the most popular social media apps with 21.17 million downloads.

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Now, the purpose of this report is to introduce you to the most famous apps that almost constantly dominate the charts. Whether they are the most popular shopping apps or popular travel apps, we will introduce you to the features of each of these apps and provide you with download links for Android and iOS platforms.

What are the most popular apps right now?

To know the answer to this question, just go through each of the most downloaded apps mentioned below and if you want to use them as well click on the download links for your smartphone’s OS to directly land on the download page of the app store. Let’s begin with the list.


Apple 4.8
android 4.4

The first name in this list of most popular apps that took the world by storm as soon as it was released is TikTok. Popular among young users, this one of the most popular apps in The USA is used to create videos, vines, memes, music, lip-sync videos, and much more to share with the world. TikTok is also quite popular for communicating with others and provides encryptions that allow private conversations.

Features of TikTok, one of the most popular apps in the USA

  • Majorly used to create video content
  • Supports organic growth and advertising
  • Influencers earn through ads, views, in-app gifts, etc
  • Supports encrypted conversations
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Apple 4.7
android 4.0

A top name among popular social media apps, Instagram is a combination of core features for still images and videos. The platform provides users with an opportunity to grow organically by publishing images and videos. The platform is super popular among photographers, artists, musicians, and even business owners due to its ability to connect with people. Apart from the amazing features this most popular app in the world offers, it is a popular tool among content creators to make living as well.

Features of Instagram, one of the most popular iOS apps

  • Suitable for creators of images and videos
  • Quite popular among creative content creators
  • Supports business features like in-app advertising
  • Provides organic and paid promotional opportunities
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Apple 4.6
android 4.2

The increasing popularity of remote work culture and partnerships has popularized the video communication apps like Zoom. This one of the most popular Android apps provides all the required features to support businesses and offices of all segments. Users can video call, audio call, give presentations, share files, record meetings, schedule meetings, and do much more on this one of the most popular platforms for entrepreneurs. 

A BusinessofApps report suggests that in 2021, Zoom generated a revenue of $4.09 billion compared to $2.60 billion in 2020. These numbers speak for themselves in terms of Zoom’s popularity as a communication platform.

Features of Zoom, one of the most famous apps

  • Connect and communicate from anywhere
  • Supports multiple video quality
  • Supports audio-only calls as well
  • Provides strong encryption for privacy
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Apple 4.8
android 4.4

One of the most loved music streaming platforms, Spotify constantly dominates the chart when it comes to music streaming apps. As Spotify statistics show, in 2022, the platform generated over 400 million monthly active users and had over 188 million new subscribers. You can use the platform to stream music, podcasts, audio shows, and much more from your favorite audio content creators across the globe.

Features of Spotify, one of the most famous apps

  • Hear millions of songs from many genres
  • A collection of endless shows and podcasts
  • Hear conversations and talk shows
  • Create collaborative or private playlists
  • Get personalized recommendations
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Rocks Video Player

android 4.2

Rocks Video Player app is a video player that brings all your entertainment in one place. It supports various formats and advanced features. Rocks Video Player redefines how you interact with video content. You can customize the app theme or select between the dark and the light mode. The app lets you watch high-resolution offline or online videos as the app supports HD, UHD, 4K, and 8K video content. 

Features of Rocks Video Player, one of the video downloader apps

  • You can browse free online and offline subtitles
  • It provides you with gesture controls to make your video experience better
  • The pop-up window feature enhances your multitasking video experience
  • You can easily download any post from social media
Download this one of the most popular apps for content creators

8 Ball Pool

Apple 4.7
android 4.5

Among the super popular game apps, 8 Ball Pool has dominated the market consistently for quite some time. On this one of the most popular mobile games, you can play pool games with other players from all over the world. The app randomly matches you with other players on the platform on the basis of levels, ratings, experience, etc. You can bet on the app starting with 100 coins and win more coins in rewards for winning games.

Features of 8 Ball Pool, one of the popular game apps

  • Free to play but includes in-app purchases
  • Get paired up with random players
  • Win matches to progress through levels
  • Multiple queues to unlock and purchase
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Call of Duty Mobile

Apple 4.7
android 4.3

Another one of the most popular game apps, Call of Duty Mobile is a battle royale played between two or more players. The game releases new features and seasons very often with new skins, gun skins, modes, etc. You can download and play COD Mobile for free but you can also unlock additional items by paying for them. The app has multiple maps and gaming modes as well to ensure you are never bored with the experience. 

Features of Call of Duty Mobile, one of the most popular mobile games

  • A battle royale for players from around the world
  • Includes occasionally updated maps
  • Access new skins, vehicles, and themes every now and then
  • Downloadable and playable for free 
Download this one of the most popular mobile games

Amazon Shopping

Apple 4.8
android 4.4

In May 2022, Amazon was visited by over 2.4 billion people compared to 2.3 visitors in April 2022. The platform has become a popular e-commerce destination for users across the globe interested in buying and selling stuff whether it's garments, books, movies, or games among plenty of other categories of products. Amazon Shopping also offers region-wise websites to serve local customers of each region well.

Features of Amazon Shopping, one of the most popular iOS apps

  • Allows syncing the same account across multiple devices
  • Get personalized product recommendations
  • Add and save multiple addresses for quick checkouts
  • Supports safer payment storage systems
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Apple 4.9
android 4.6

Saving the budget on traveling has become easier than ever thanks to amazing apps like Hostelworld. The travel app is a network of over 16,500 hostels in 180+ countries and provides you with some amazing money-saving deals. You can get exclusive discounts from the app, read reviews, get free cancellations, and have flexible bookings as well. The app also allows you to communicate with property managers so you can clarify every query before you decide to finalize the travel.

Features of Hostelworld, one of the best travel apps

  • Find exclusive discounts on hostels
  • A network of over 16,500 hostels
  • Explore hostels from 180+ countries
  • Chat with hostel managers before leaving for the trip
Download this one of the most popular Android apps


Apple 4.2
android 4.3

A super popular platform among professionals, LinkedIn is used for uploading posts, jobs, inviting applications, sales pitching, and more. The platform is very popular across the globe whether you are from Europe or Africa. You can also use LinkedIn to keep up with the evolving professional world and find some amazing work opportunities. Some additional features like creating resumes, organically growing your outreach, reaching out to other professionals, etc make it the best app for everyone.

Features of LinkedIn, one of the best apps for professionals

  • Optimized to make the job hunt easier
  • Find jobs and employees based on skills, locations, etc
  • Includes paid and free features
  • Paid features can boost your visibility
Download this one of the most popular Android apps


Apple 4.8
android 2.5

This perfect travel companion app is thoughtfully designed to offer every important feature that can make your travel experience convenient. You can find exclusive discounts on destinations, get detailed price calendars to save money, get price predictions, and much more on this amazing travel app. The app also comes with price alerts and special offers to help you save money on trips.

Features of Hopper, one of the most popular travel apps

  • Explore Price calendars for the best rates
  • Get price predictions for cheaper travel plans
  • Get exclusive discounts on your next trips
  • Share the app to earn over $100
Download this one of the most popular iPhone apps
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Well, that is all for this list of the most famous apps for Android and iOS users. To enlist each app in this report, we first referred to statistics to check out the leading names in the industry currently. 

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