SmartFriends App Review- Train Your Brain

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Updated on April 02, 2024
SmartFriends App Review- Train Your Brain

Our everyday lives are too dependent on electronic devices like smartphones, TVs, or computers these days. For entertainment, news, or work, we have no option but to stay glued to our screens. This lifestyle also makes it hard for us to adopt good habits such as the fitness of our body and mind.

To overcome this issue, some genius developers kickstarted the trend of fitness apps that are helpful in keeping the body and mind healthy. Among such top apps, SmartFriends is a leading name. But the main focus of the SmartFriends app is to train our brains every day with the help of limited challenges that are also fun. The brain train game app is focused on making us smarter and boosting our memories with the help of amazing brain exercises. So, we decided to do a SmartFriends app review for iPhones.

Furthermore, we will throw some light on the features, pros, and cons of this app with brain games. We will also rate the app from different perspectives. So, stay with us until the end of this blog to know how brain games and IQ challenges by this app can benefit you!

[Some Additional puzzle games for iOS devices that you can play]

Background of the SmartFriends app

Before we proceed and discuss its features, let’s have a look at the origin of this app with the best brain games to make this SmartFriends review more accurate. The beta version of SmartFriends was released on February 23, 2022, by co-founders Jeroen Geurts and Guusje van der Sterren.

“Getting smarter can be fun!”  

- SmartFriends development team

They launched the app with the goal of making brain exercises fun for users by transforming them into games that can be played with friends. Since the inception of the app, on the Apple App Store, there are plenty of SmartFriends reviews expressing the popularity and user-friendliness of the app. In short, this one of the best apps to change lifestyles is impressing its users.

Features of the SmartFriends app

Now, before this SmartFriends app review for iPhones, convinces you to download the app, we should describe a few features that you get with SmartFriends. 

1. Daily new brain exercises

best brain games online

The app offers the new best brain games online every day so you can train your brain. These fun games will not let you be bored and the difficulty level of these games can vary. 

2. Play games with friends

download SmartFriends

You can also compete with friends and boost your IQ in parallel. For exercises that you get in this app, you can play alone or invite a friend for some extra motivation. To have a good time with your friends, you should download SmartFriends without thinking twice.

3. Multiple types of puzzles

games and IQ challenges

You get many types of brain games and IQ challenges with this brilliant app. Logical reasoning and mathematical puzzles are just a few examples of the types of puzzles you get if you download SmartFriends.

4. Get detailed insights

IQ challenge app

The SmartFriends IQ challenge app comes with an in-built scoreboard. Here you can review your present streaks, maximum streaks that you have created, high scores, and how many games have you played. Also, you can review the scores of friends you play this game with.

Pros and cons of the Smart Friends IQ challenge app

Moving forward, to make this SmartFriends app review, it is crucial to discuss the pros and cons of the app. Let’s have a look at them.

Pros of SmartFriends brain train game app

  • Free to use
  • New puzzles every day
  • Supports single or multiplayer formats
  • Simple user interface
  • Entertaining puzzles

Cons of SmartFriends brain game app

  • Limited daily puzzles

Awards and recognitions

  •  iCulture “App of the Month”

Future updates

  • According to the co-founders of the app, starting on June 1, 2022, SmartFriends will organize a monthly competition between players. At beginning of each month, the app will reset the player score, and players with the highest score at the end of the month will be winners.
  • Planning to integrate competitions between universities

Additional details for this SmartFriends review

Additional details

MAD rating

Features- 4.5
Security- 4.3
Pricing- 4.5
Navigation- 4.4

Wrapping up

After going through features of the app, it is clear that SmartFriends is indeed a smart move for brain exercises. So, you can undoubtedly make it a part of your everyday lives and enjoy its features. Its exercises can help you in thinking better, be more focused, improve your memory power, and do more benefits. 

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