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Best Employee Recognition Apps to Boost Productivity at Workplace [2021]

As per the Human Capital Institute report, the organizations with employee rewards programs have reported a 23.4% lower turnover than others.

Employee Recognition Apps 2021

Generous salary structures and thorough benefits packages are critical when it comes to companies attracting and retaining top talent. But employees aren’t just motivated by money; most workers also desire positive feedback for a job well done and strong employee recognition bulletin board ideas. When that feedback doesn’t consistently come, then morale suffers — and productivity in the workplace declines, hurting the bottom line. 

To that end, it’s critical that employers understand the benefits of smart and effective employee recognition. Little expressions of gratitude can go a long way, enhancing employees’ workplace productivity and overall quality of life every time the boss recognizes and supports good, honest work. 

Fortunately, with today’s technological advancements, it has never been easier to reward employees monthly and offer a word of encouragement after a successful project.

There are many employee recognition apps that help you track the employees and all the operations of the company. Not only do such apps add on to employees’ productivity, but they also streamline the whole management process.

Top Employee Recognition Apps to Track Reward and Recognition Programs in 2021

Below, get caught up on seven of the best employee recognition apps out on the market today.

1. TapMyBack- Employee Recognition App

One of the more involved employee recognition apps on the market, TapMyBack, provides the structure for peer-to-peer recognition across an entire company. The app allows employees to receive direct feedback for successful projects, and even managers can receive custom reports and analysis of all the measurable data involved. The team leaders can explicitly define what behaviors are to be rewarded based on past usage, triggering real, structural behavioral change.

Popular as ever in the age of social media, TapMyBack also integrates with Slack for impressive office connectivity.

employee app

Notable features employee recognition app of TapMyBack app:

  • Real-time Peer-to-peer Recognition
  • Public News Feed with Social Recognition and Feedback
  • Reinforce Behaviors with Recognition Badges
  • Slack integration
  • Give Proactive Real-Time Feedback

Cost: $80-100 per month, based on the payment schedule

Download the best employee recognition app for  Android and  iOS

2. GiveAWow- Employee App

GiveAWow was built on the TerryBerry bulletin board platform which gives it a great interactive functionality and intuitive social options. Employees can give one another virtual high-fives on the app, and publicly reach out to coworkers for a job well done.

A virtual point system allows employees to put their good work towards hard-earned credits for Billboard digital music downloads, too — a fun, tangible gift that helps provide a little extra motivational push during tough times!

employee recognition bulletin board ideas

Notable features of employee recognition GiveAWow app:

  • Gives instant thanks for successful tasks
  • Applauds achievements
  • Peer recognition for above excellent performance
  • Connects people with the goals and objectives of the organization
  • Insights & analytics on individual and team behaviors

Cost: Free for 30 days; monthly plans start at $99 for less than 50 employees.

Download the best employee recognition app for Android and iOS

3. Bonusly- Employee Recognition app

Bonusly allows employees to reward each other for their productive office output. Employers can grant their workers a predetermined monthly point allowance. Employees then distribute those points to teammates and co-workers as they see fit, rewarding deserving people and successful projects.

The collected points convert to dollars and can be spent on any of the gift cards in the app’s impressive catalog. Another Bonusly benefit is that it integrates seamlessly with a variety of other workplace tech platforms, including Slack.

employee engagement mobile app

Notable features of the rewards and recognition app, Bonusly:

  • Timely recognition
  • Streamline all types of rewards and recognition
  • Evaluate recognition trends in the organization
  • Advanced-Data Reporting
  • Custom Reports

Cost: $3-5 per user, per month for up to 100 employees. Request a quote for larger companies.

Download the best employee recognition app for Android and iOS

4. Workhuman- Recognition of Employees

Workhuman is a great first step for companies seeking to improve employee recognition, as it’s both completely free and remarkably simple to use. Employees can nominate colleagues for awards, receive and redeem their own awards for good work, and congratulate one another in an easy-to-navigate social newsfeed.

rewards and recognition

Notable features of the employee recognition programs,  Workhuman app:

  • Analyzes the recognition activity
  • One can request or give feedback
  • Records check-in with the manager
  • Option to add priorities aligned to tasks and goals
  • Approves award nominations

Cost: Free

Download the rewards and recognition app for iOS and Android

5. Great Work- Rewards and Recognition

Released by a decades-old company long known for rewarding good employees, Great Work is one of the classics in this area and is both very simple and very effective. Employees can send one another inspiring messages and receive and share accolades via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Employers can track and celebrate employee work milestones within this employee app, too, and directly reward results as they deem appropriate.

employee app

Notable features of the employee recognition, Great Work app:

  • Highlight personal and team victories
  • Syncs with the organization's employees recognition programs
  • Option to complete presentations
  • Unites company-wide events
  • Tracks the performance and data about recognition, skills development, etc.

Cost: Free

Download the employee engagement mobile app Android and iOS

6. Kudos- Recognition of Employees

Kudos is a corporate social network that is both scalable and incredibly affordable, especially for larger organizations seeking help with personalizing their networking needs. Almost like Slack, but with higher-end employee recognition tools, Kudos specializes in peer-to-peer connection and feedback and allows for collaboration and direct communication between employees. 

Besides, bosses can reach out directly to specific employees with feedback and track movements and messages across the employee engagement mobile app.

employee recognition bulletin board ideas

Notable features of the employee app, Kudos app:

  • Provides different levels of meaningful recognition of employees
  • Sends & receives private feedback
  • Allows communication & collaboration with the peers
  • Option to view the KQ & awards
  • Multiple accounts access

Cost: $2 per month, per user

Download the employee rewards programs app Android and iOS

7. Teamphoria- Employee App

Accessed using a Linkedin, Google, or Facebook account, Teamphoria is one of the leaders in peer-to-peer recognition in this space, putting morale-boosting options directly in the hands of employees.

Co-workers can show their gratitude to each other with digital messages, or if they’re feeling a little nostalgic, they can actually print off a ‘sparcet’ and hand-deliver the achievement to their star team member.

employee engagement mobile app

Notable features of  the rewards and recognition app, Teamphoria:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Culture baseline survey and custom surveys
  • Performance reviews and goal setting
  • Notifications for feedback
  • Support continuous development

Cost: Free; premium version starts at $3.89 per month, per employee.

Download the employee rewards programs app Android and iOS

8. Achievers- Employee Recognition App

Recognized as a cloud-based platform, Achievers provides advanced solutions for employee management and employee recognition programs. The Achievers app provides an advanced worker recognition and rewards solution based on the behavior-driven model. It is designed to assist HR professionals to understand and reward workers’ achievements.

The app also offers a reporting function that helps managers understand the worker’s behavior and get information about their teams’ overall performance, awards, and more. 

employee recognition programs

Notable features of the recognition of employees, Achievers app:

  • Corporate rewards and recognition
  • Tools for employee management
  • Achievers analytics system
  • Social employee recognition

Cost - Free

Download the rewards and recognition app Android and iOS

9. KazooHR- Rewards and Recognition

Kazoo is a cloud-based solution that offers worker engagement and HR solutions. With the worker-driven goals, the Kazoo app assists in improving the manager and employee experience. Kazoo’s technology assists in the continuous check-in process, building a social reputation, and manager to peer recognition.

Unlike traditional HR structures built with the sole objective of administration, Kazoo engages and inspires the present-day worker by providing annual data such as overall performance reviews, service rewards and recognition, surveys, and more. 

rewards and recognition

Notable features of employee recognition, KazooHR App:

  • Employee rewards program
  • Workplace analytics
  • Real-time coaching tools
  • Check-ins for Employees
  • Encryption of Passwords

Cost: Free

Download the rewards and recognition app Android, iOS

10. 360 Recognition- Employee Engagement Mobile App

360 Recognition by Terryberry is a cloud-based employee engagement solution. The App provides a one-stop solution to manage and monitor employee rewards programs.  The employee app helps in custom branding, and supports numerous commercial enterprises, offers communication services and in-depth analytics of the entire organization and individuals.

The plug and play module of the 360 Recognition app covers multiple ranges of recognition programs like point systems based on employee’s performance, incentive programs, collection of customer feedback, and more.

rewards and recognition

Notable features of the 360 Recognition App:

  • Data Management
  • Reward Points
  • Social Recognition
  • Workplace Analytics
  • Automated Notifications

Cost: Free trial available; Pricing starts from $250 per month.

Download the rewards and recognition app Android and iOS


As you can see, there are plenty of quality apps available to companies seeking to improve their employee recognition programs, and ultimately boost morale and productivity in the workplace. As the saying goes, it’s the little things that count; from digital music downloads to hand-delivered notes of thanks to trackable positive feedback, it all adds up.

If you think we have missed a worthy app, or you want to get your app reviewed, please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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