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Best Game Hacking Apps For Android

Enhance your gaming with these game hacking Android apps

best hacking apk for android device

Games are something that always amuses us with a diverse variety of gameplay. Some may incur shooting, some have racing, puzzles are even not bad, but the action games have most of the say among hardcore gamers. Every one of us wants to stay ahead of others, but sadly, you need to play the game for days and months to be at the top. Else, shell out some bucks to gain an extra edge over others.

Also, Android is more flexible compared to other mobile Operating Systems. Most of the games offers customization options to enrich the gaming experience, and this makes it easy to crack into such games. The only requirement is the right tool to hack in.

Best Game Hacking Apps for Android

There are a lot of reliable game hacking apps for Android that can tweak with most of the games and let you play it on your terms. Following is the list of most useful apps that can help you to hack Android games in-app purchases, and get unlimited resources of Coins, Points, Gold, etc.

These apps can further help in removing annoying features from games.

1. Freedom APK Hack App

Freedom hacking app offers you access to unlimited keys in Subway Surfers or unlimited coins in Temple Run or any add-on in an Android App. This app helps you in making in-app purchases for free and is a must-have an android app for rooted android phone users.

As this hacking app is not helpful to gamers only but can bypass in-app purchases for free of other Android apps like of PicsArt. However, Freedom app will not work with every android app or game, but it will work with most of them.

freedom apk app

Have a look at all the features of Freedom hacking app for android:

  • Using Freedom App, you will be able to get coins, gems and other resources free for which you have to pay earlier

  • This hacking app will be able to bypass in-app purchases in most of the Android apps and games

  • Get the full versions of any game or app available on your android phone

  • It is supported by every Rooted Android phone with Android version higher than Gingerbread (Android 2.3)

  • Updated regularly so that it supports most of the android apps

  • It uses multiple patches and mods to exploit Android apps and games

  • It can remove ads from most of the installed apps on your smartphone

2. Creehack App

Creehack is an excellent Android hacking app for gamers. It is free of cost to download from various tech markets. With Creehack pro app, there is no need to root access; you can hack any Android games and apps for free.

It means you can download all the paid apps which are available in Google PlayStore at free of cost if you have root access. Furthermore, it allows you to obtain any paid games and apps without rooting your device. You must know that this hacking app will support only Android devices.

creehack app

Here are some of the notable features:

  • You can easily download and install all the Android device apps

  • It mainly supports all the versions of Android devices

  • This app is free of cost to use on your device

  • You can purchase gems, coins to complete the levels. You can also edit the games, if you need more options you can go with rooted file managers like Root Explorer for Android

  • This hacking app supports both the non-rooted and rooted device at any time

3. Leo Playcard Hack App

Leo Playcard is one of the most suitable Android hacking apps for players who like to get more coins, many more lives, and gems, higher levels for free. You can get Android App in Purchases for Free. Leo Playcard Apk helps you to hack the targeted android games using no root processes. Temple Run 2 is the most accessible game to hack using Leo Playcard for free.

You are not allowed to use Leo Playcard for any online games. Such as, Leo Playcard does not work for online apps. As this is not a purchased app in PlayStore, sometimes you can be disabled from playing a game.

leo playcard hack app

Prominent features of Leo Playcard are as under:

  • You can control the objects included in the game by using Leo Playcard

  • This hacking app requires no root, and it can be synchronized with almost all other applications

  • Ability to hack all android modem games for free

4. Game Guardian Hack App

GameGuardian is an Android hacking tool. With it, you can modify many parts of the game and hack into it. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. The hacking app requires Android 2.3.3 or higher.

game guardian hack app

Guardian hack app features Summary:

  • Support different emulators like PPSSPP, ePSXe, etc.

  • Game deceleration and acceleration (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices, including x86 emulators

  • Search for unknown values when specifying the difference between values.

  • Search addresses by the mask

5. Cheat Engine Hack App

Cheat Engine is an open-source hacking tool designed to help you with modifying single player games running under window so you can make them harder or easier depending on your preference.

The Android app also contains other useful tools to help to debug games and even normal applications. Also, it enables you to protect your system by letting you inspect memory modifications by backdoors and even contains some ways to unhide them from conventional means.

cheat engine hack app

Cheat Engine comes with extensive scripting support which will allow experienced developers to create their applications with ease and share them with other people

6. Xmodgames Hack App

Xmodgames is used to hack various apps and provides different mods to games as we play. It has a great user-friendly UI and supports every Android phone which is rooted/ jailbreak iPhone.

With this hacking app, you can increase the capacity (life, time, etc.) of the player and enhances the graphics of the game or some acts as an accelerator. Sadly, only rooted devices can use Xmodgames.

Xmodgames Hack App

App features:

  • You can improve your gaming efficiency by multiple folds using multiple mods provided by the app

  • Mod for different Android games offer infinite possibilities to the app user.

  • The online forum has a gang of Android gamers of similar interest to share their views, tricks

  • Easy methods and hack can be demonstrated to other’s by recording the gameplay

7. GameCIH Hack App

GameCIH apk is the well-known name among the Android players. This app will help you to stay at the top of the game scoreboard. It will ease you into playing games on your phone and offer you access to those levels that are only available with purchased coins.

This Android hacking app is a useful tool for gamers looking to play with no hesitation in getting coins unfairly with some modifications.

GameCIH Hack App

Following are the features of GameCIH:

  • It works for the compatible Android devices only and not for all the devices

  • It will easily make you the top scorer of any game that is supported by this app

  • It modifies your game score and other stats, sending you to the top of the leaderboards

  • It works only on offline games

8. SB Game Hacker

You can use this SB Game Hacker app to Hack many Android apps like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, etc. You can run cheats on Android with this hacker app.

This app is being used for modifying the database of games, which results to increase your overall score/gems/coins/cash in any Android app. You can also use this app on the iPhone. But the app will only work with offline games.

SB Game Hacker

Features of SB Hacker app:

  • This app is well coded and working on most of the Android versions

  • This app is very secure and private to use

  • This app can hack most of the Android games, which works offline

9. Game Killer Hack App

Game Killer is a modifying app for Android. You can change the properties of the game like increasing the coins, high-score, etc. This gives you an edge over the regular players. You can even have the in-app purchases for free with Game Killer APK.

Game Killer Hack App

Features of Game Killer app:

  • You can download the Game Killer hacking APK for free, and there are no in-app purchases whatsoever

  • Game Killer App changes the values of the system files that you use it on

  • This app will help you hack apps which have low to medium level of security

10. Lucky Patcher Hack App

The last app in the list of best game hacking apps for Android is Lucky Patcher. It is an app that can help the user to modify the stats and earn free lives and coins.

Lucky Patcher Hack App

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • You can easily block ads with Lucky Patcher

  • You can use premium apps for free by removing in-app purchase verification

  • Get free coins and money

  • You can easily remove unwanted permissions from any app

  • You can also backup any apps after patching


Now, gaming won't be annoying anymore. You can easily reach the top of your favorite game leaderboard by taking full advantage of endless life and inexhaustible coins. Don't wait anymore and get your hands on any of the app mentioned above. Don't miss to intimate me about your next highest score.

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