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Best Free Bitcoin Apps for iOS and Android Platforms [2020]

Bitcoin wallet apps can help you make transactions quicky and safety over multiple platforms.

Best Free Bitcoin Apps

Back in 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first cryptocurrency, not an iota of anticipation would have risen towards the currency being a radical innovation. Bitcoin has now grown up to become an indispensable asset for tech-savvies and online gamblers. The whole cryptocurrency industry has had a roller coaster ride since the advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and others. Also, the sudden surges have enriched all those techies with digital coins jingling in their wallets.

Bitcoin has witnessed many dramatic anomalies in the past decade, and its volatility cemented firmly each time the currency's market value dipped. But what followed every fall was a rise, and this sowed a seed of hope in every user.

Ten years into the birth of Bitcoin, the term might be familiar to many, but not its working and techniques. One Bitcoin values almost about $8000 now, which recorded its highest value in the year of 2017 ($19000). Raking in coins alone won't make you rich; it is also the proper management of these assets that impeccably enrich you.

Every user should have a digital wallet to store the Bitcoins and we understand, picking the right digital wallet is as strenuous a task. There are a few criteria that need to be followed to pick the perfect wallet apps for Bitcoin, but for that, you also need to stay updated about cryptocurrency and its wallets. Choosing the right wallet also depends on the operating software that runs your device.

Best Bitcoin Apps for Android

1. Mycelium

Mycelium is considered as the best bitcoin wallet for Android users because it provides a user-friendly interface for seamless transaction processes. Another feature that stands out is the explicit instructions on the setup and backup of the wallet.



  • The account generated by the user can be Hierarchal Deterministic, which means that the wallet will use a 'master seed' to produce Bitcoin addresses in sequential order. Hierarchal Deterministic is just one type of account (considered to be the best) that can be created in Mycelium.
  • Mycelium operates as an open-source, and this enables the website to be accessed easily by the users. 


  • Has not incorporated the multi-signature feature, which if was present would have helped in enhancing the transaction security, and to improve the trust among the members.  
  • Mycelium has 2-factor authentication that disables the factor of security towards funds and safety of the wallet.

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2. BRD Bitcoin Wallet by Breadwallet

BRD Bitcoin Wallet by Breadwallet wallet is the best Bitcoin apps for Android, which is known for the simplicity it possesses in handling the transactions and sign-up procedures. Breadwallet is also unique for the privacy factor that it holds by keeping the user's information protected and confidential. Although it is ideal for novices (as it is simple to handle), it is also recommended to those professional users who like to keep it simple.

BRD Bitcoin Wallet by Breadwallet


  • Low-cost to almost free of cost
  • Feature of touch ID login 
  • Bitcoin network gets directly linked to the wallet
  • An in-built customer support facility
  • Automatic Bitcoin address generation provides better privacy and security


  • App freezing issues
  • Does not incorporate the multi-signature feature just like in the case of Mycelium
  • Two-factor authentication has not been activated

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3. Bitcoin Wallet - Airbitz

AirBitz stands out with the feature of performing automatic backups. It's considered to be the safest mobile app for transferring and storing Bitcoins, and due to the same, it is also considered as the best app to buy Bitcoin. Another feature that makes AirBitz unique is that it links to various business directories that enable the users to make transactions with the nearby organizations that support Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallet - Airbitz


  • An open-access platform
  • Has enabled the two-factor authentication


  • The wallet remains unestablished
  • A weak interface between the user and web

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Best Bitcoin Apps for iOS

1. Blockchain Wallet: Bitcoin

Blockchain is one of the best Bitcoin wallet apps for the iOS platform and is considered to be highly accepted across the globe. The transaction of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency is quite smooth the user-friendly interface of the app.

Apart from the regular cryptocurrency transactions, the Blockchain app also offers services like a partnership with trusted exchanges like Forex Academy, a security center, and flexibility in adjusting transaction fees.

Blockchain Wallet: Bitcoin


  • Can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from wallets.
  • After each transaction, a new wallet is automatically generated as a privacy measure.
  • Availability of QR scanning system.


  • Include a long verification process.
  • It supports only two types of cryptocurrencies.

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2. Jaxx Liberty Blockchain Wallet

Jaxx app was designed, keeping in mind the simplification of blockchain technology for the newbies. Unlike many other Bitcoin apps, Jaxx supports seven different cryptocurrencies assets.

Its notable features include ShapeShift and cross-platform pairing, which makes it a robust platform to support various cryptocurrencies.

Jaxx Liberty Blockchain Wallet


  • It has a sleek user interface.
  • It supports various cryptocurrencies.
  • The wallet can easily be paired with different platforms.


  • It’s susceptible to hacking.
  • Lacks advanced security measures.

Download for iOS

3. Copay Bitcoin Wallet

Developed by BitPay, Copay was launched to provide a user-friendly and sleek interface to manage the BitPay funds. Since it is a Hierarchal Deterministic wallet, it offers a safer and more secure platform for transactions. This Bitcoin price alert app can be accessed from multiple devices (not necessarily from mobile phones).

Copay Bitcoin Wallet


  • The multi-signature feature is activated, thereby enhancing security
  • Open-access platform
  • Well-established and easy-to-use


  • An exasperating feature of centralized payment verification.

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Stepping into the world of cryptocurrency? As footfall in this domain is increasing with every passing day, make sure to take the initial steps in the right direction so that you do not go adrift in the volatility. Depending on your phone OS, pick the best app for  Bitcoin management.

For any other query related to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, do let us know your thoughts and we will answer your question in the shortest possible time. Stay Virtual.

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