10+ Best Bitcoin Apps for buying and selling Cryptocurrencies in 2021

These top bitcoin apps will make your transactions quicker and safer on various platforms.
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June 25, 2021
Back in 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first cryptocurrency, there were no questions raised about it being a radical innovation. Bitcoin has now grown to become an indispensable asset for tech-savvies and online gamblers. The whole cryptocurrency industry had a roller coaster ride since the

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Bitcoin has witnessed many dramatic anomalies in the past decade, and its volatility cemented firmly each time the currency's market value dipped. But what followed every fall was a rise, and this sowed a seed of hope in every user.

The best bitcoin apps in 2021

In this article, we will discuss the best bitcoin apps for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in 2021.

Delta - Best Apps to buy Bitcoin


Delta is the best Bitcoin app for Android and, which is known for the simplicity it possesses in handling the transactions and sign-up procedures. Breadwallet is also unique for the privacy factor that it holds by keeping the user's information protected and confidential. Although it is ideal for novices (as it is simple to handle), it is also recommended to those professional users who like to keep it simple.

Top features of Delta, the best apps for buying bitcoin

  • Low-cost to almost free of cost
  • Feature of touch ID login 
  • Bitcoin network gets directly linked to the wallet
  • An in-built customer support facility
  • Automatic Bitcoin address generation provides better privacy and security
Download Delta - Best Apps to buy Bitcoin

Tradefada Global - Best Bitcoin Exchange App


TradeFada Global is Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange app that offers easy crypto-to-crypto spot trades for over 100 trading pairs, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Dogecoin, Chainlink, Polkadot, Unobtanium, Litecoin, Cardano, Dash, Aave, Maker.

Tradefada extends advanced features like spot exchange, secure wallets, and advanced mobile crypto trading charts, making it one of the best Bitcoin exchange app.

For Bitcoin trading, the app is super beginner-friendly, which requires a simple sign-up to get started. You can buy, sell, and exchange Bitcoin via various payment methods (debit card, bank transfer, USSD, etc.).

Top features of Tradefada Global, one of the best bitcoin apps

  • Sell, buy, and trade over 100+ cryptocurrencies, trading pairs
  • Offers spot exchange
  • A best crypto-exchange platform for beginners
  • Advanced mobile trading charts
  • Fast, secure, and responsive
Download Tradefada Global - Best Bitcoin Exchange App

Blockchain Wallet - One of the best apps for buying bitcoin


Blockchain is one of the best Bitcoin wallet apps for the iOS platform and is considered to be highly accepted across the globe. The transaction of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency is quite smooth with the user-friendly interface of the app.

Apart from the regular cryptocurrency transactions, the Blockchain app also offers services like a partnership with trusted exchanges like Forex Academy, a security center, and flexibility in adjusting transaction fees.

Top features of Blockchain.com Wallet, the best bitcoin wallet apps

  • Can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from wallets
  • After each transaction, a new wallet is automatically generated as a privacy measure
  • Availability of a QR scanning system
  • Receive interest directly
  • Swap cryptocurrencies easily and faster
Download Blockchain Wallet - One of the best apps for buying bitcoin

Crypto.com - Popular bitcoin apps


Crypto.com is one of the most popular bitcoin apps to securely buy, store, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies. The app offers live in-app support, crypto/fiat wallet for asset storage, interest-earning accounts (Earn), basic trading (market buy/sell) for select pairings, crypto-backed loans (Credit), coin-tracker, and crypto payments/POS feature (Pay). 

Crypto.com Wallet App covers all your basic cryptocurrency needs, you can buy crypto at true cost, no hidden fees, and spread markups. The app lets you deposit cryptocurrencies free of charge, supports free transfers to Crypto.com wallet, and allows free crypto to crypto exchanges.

Top features of Crypto.com, one of the most popular bitcoin apps

  • Secure and save for Crypto-transactions
  • Earn up to 6.5% of interest on your investments
  • Cash rewards
  • Access +1000 airport lounges around the world
  • No free on ATM withdrawal
  • Interbank exchange rates
Download Crypto.com - Popular bitcoin apps

Xapo - The best app to get bitcoin


Xapo stands out with the feature of performing automatic backups. It's considered to be the safest mobile app for transferring and storing, sending, and receiving Bitcoins, and due to the same, it is also considered as the best app to buy Bitcoin. Another feature that makes Xapo unique is that it links to various business directories that enable the users to make transactions with the nearby organizations that support Bitcoin. You can also collect interest on your bitcoin savings, among many other benefits.

Top features of Xapo, one of the best bitcoin apps

  • An open-access platform
  • Has enabled the two-factor authentication
  • Buy and sell Cryptocurrency from and to anywhere
  • Swap crypto cheaper, better and faster
Download Xapo - The best app to get bitcoin

CoinATMRadar - Best bitcoin app


CoinATMRadar is one of the best bitcoin apps which allow users to transact in many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, Dash, Monero, ZCash, etc.

This app also notifies you of the ATMs and Tellers where you can convert your currencies physically. The app shows you the location of the 20 nearest destinations for the said conversion. They all also offer various other details like currencies accepted, supported transactions, address, fees, limits, and pictures before you decide the final location.

Top features of CoinATMRadar, best bitcoin apps

  • Bitcoin ATM map
  • Nearest 20 locations
  • Detail about each ATM
  • Google Map integration
  • Sharing
Download CoinATMRadar - Best bitcoin app

BitPay - Best apps for bitcoin


Developed by BitPay Inc, BitPay was launched to provide a user-friendly and sleek interface to manage the BitPay funds. Since it is a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet, it offers a safer and more secure platform for transactions. This Bitcoin price alert app can be accessed from multiple devices (not necessarily from mobile phones).

Top features of BitPay, Best apps for bitcoin

  • The multi-signature feature is activated, thereby enhancing security
  • Open-access platform
  • Well-established and easy-to-use
  • Supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and XRP
  • Customization options of wallet
Download BitPay - Best apps for bitcoin

Blockfolio - Best bitcoin wallet apps


Blockfolio is one of the best free cryptocurrency apps which allow users from around the world to deal in more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. It is one market destination for dealing with all kinds of cryptocurrencies, getting market information, and receiving frequent updates. 

Like famous bitcoin earning apps, Blockfolio keeps the user updated about the crypto-world via hundreds of daily updates. 

Top features of Blockfolio, one of the best bitcoin apps

  • Deal in +300 currencies.
  • Set custom alerts 
  • Stay updated about the latest crypto news
  • Multiple safety features
Download Blockfolio - Best bitcoin wallet apps

eToro - Top apps to invest in bitcoin


eToro is an ideal app for those users who do not want to pay any premium for their crypto transactions. The app levies a 0% trade commission and allows the users to deal in various cryptocurrencies with no hidden cost. 

One of the trusted apps to buy bitcoin, eToro is trusted by millions of users around the world. It is commission-free, risk-free, and helps in creating a trustworthy ecosystem around cryptocurrency transactions. 

Top features of eToro, one of the best apps to buy bitcoin

  • 0% commission on all transactions
  • Risk-free
  • Get an edge with amazing training tools
  • Secure and regulated
Download eToro - Top apps to invest in bitcoin

Gemini - Best bitcoin wallet apps


Gemini is an elegant and system app to buy, sell and save cryptocurrencies. The app allows the user to trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BAT, Dai, Chainlink, and Orchid among others. The focus of this one of the best bitcoin wallet apps is on the ease and simplicity of transactions. 

Top features of Gemini, the best bitcoin wallet apps

  • Recurring buys
  • Pay with the app via Gemini Pay
  • Secure and protected
  • Integrated with your wearable smart devices
  • Earn gifts and rewards
Download Gemini - Best bitcoin wallet apps

Voyager - Best bitcoin wallet apps


One of the go-to apps for Bitcoin transactions in the US is the Voyager. The app is fully commission-free and allows the users to transact on various cryptocurrencies.

The app also allows you to interest in various lending, depending on your portfolio, and offers rates up to 8.5%. The app is integrated with multiple exchanges, deals in various currencies, and is fully secured from external attacks.

Top features of Voyager, the best bitcoin wallet apps

  • Free to use, buy and sell
  • Allows instant trading
  • Earn interest up to 8.5%
  • Save recurring buys
  • Keep yourself updated
Download Voyager - Best bitcoin wallet apps

Stepping into the world of cryptocurrency? As footfall in this domain is increasing with every passing day, make sure to take the initial steps in the right direction so that you do not go adrift in the volatility. Depending on your phone OS, pick the top blockchain companies and keep your transactions secured.

For any other query related to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, do let us know your thoughts and we will answer your question in the shortest possible time. Stay Virtual.

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