Coinbase: Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency Instantly

Bitcoin was first released in 2009, since then over 6000 alternative variants of bitcoins have been created.

Updated on April 04, 2024
Coinbase: Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency Instantly

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that acts as a medium of exchange and uses strong components to conduct financial transactions. The word ‘cryptocurrency’ is derived from the techniques and methods used to secure the network. 

The market is growing strongly because of the launch of new Bitcoins in the market. The awareness about cryptocurrencies has grown in the last few years and people have started expressing their interest in purchasing digital currencies. This has led to an increase in demand for apps where you can manage and sell your cryptocurrency. 

Today we will be sharing a descriptive app review of one such app ‘Coinbase.’

Coinbase Review and Summary

Coinbase is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms with more than 25 million users across 30+ countries. The Coinbase app enables the user to create your cryptocurrency portfolio and has a variety of distinct features that make it the best place to start trading. 

The Coinbase app was founded in June 2012 and since then it has raised $217M from leading investors. The app provides its users with new digital currencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Etherum to transact.

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Some Evident Features of the Coinbase App

The Coinbase app promotes the buy and sell of cryptocurrencies as well as the opportunity for its users to earn coins. Check out these key features of the Coinbase app that make it the best cryptocurrency trading platform. 

  • Safety First

The safety of its user’s account is the first priority of the Coinbase app. The app has high safety standards, multi-level verification and you can even lock your app with the help of a password.

  • Smart Tools

Coinbase app provides updates and features for new users to help you build your portfolio and build your knowledge in the cryptocurrency world. 

  • Manage your portfolio

Build and manage your portfolio from where you can buy and sell popular digital currencies and can also keep a track of all of them in one place. 

  • Recurring buys

You can invest in cryptocurrencies by scheduling the buys daily, monthly or weekly with the help of the Coinbase app. 

How can you use the Coinbase app?

Using Coinbase trading platforms can be a confusing task as they require a lot of expertise and knowledge. You can follow the steps given below to set up an account and start buying and selling cryptocurrency. 

  • Create an account by clicking on the sign-up option on the website
  • Verify your account by accessing your email
  • Select your country and add your phone number
  • Users need to submit an ID and photo verification as part of Coinbase ID verification
  • Add to your Coinbase payment methods

Now you can purchase any cryptocurrency using the Buy/Sell digital currency tab present. Select the type of cryptocurrency you want to purchase and your preferred payment method and at last, confirm your transaction. 

Is the Coinbase app safe to use?

Coinbase is the world’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency company based out of San Francisco. All digital currencies stored on Coinbase limits are protected by insurance. The Coinbase app will cover losses incurred due to breach of Coinbase physical security or employee theft. 

Only 2 percent of the customer funds are stored online while 98 percent of customer funds are stored offline so offline storage provides a security measure. The Coinbase app also follows a two-step verification process for login.

Currencies & Supported Assets in the Coinbase App

Coinbase app offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies and supports the coins which are given below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Basic Attention Token
  • 0x
  • USD coin

Services Offered by Coinbase App

The Coinbase app offers services for every niche be it an advanced trader, a business or an individual. Check below the products for every niche.

For an Individual

The below-mentioned services are for users who have just started trading, buying and selling cryptocurrencies for personal use:  

  • Coinbase Wallet - Coinbase recently launched an independent mobile wallet for both Android and iOS users. The wallet will have access to all the funds.  
  • USD Coin - A type of cryptocurrency that always has a stable coinbase bitcoin price and can always be redeemed. 
  • Cryptocurrency Brokerage  - The Coinbase app offers brokerage services for its new users and they often buy their first bitcoin through Coinbase because it is the best bitcoin exchange platform.

For an Advanced Trader

Experts with high knowledge of cryptocurrency and trading platforms can use Coinbase Pro: 

  • Coinbase Pro - Coinbase Pro is for more experienced users and simplifies the process of buying cryptocurrencies at a premium rate. 

For Business

Businesses investing in cryptocurrency or thinking of having a startup can use the services stated below: 

  • Commerce - Businesses can accept cryptocurrencies using this service within minutes without any extra Coinbase transfer fees. 
  • Custody - A type of crypto asset custody for independently capitalized businesses in the Coinbase exchange. 
  • Ventures - Using these services, startups can raise money for those who want to build an open financial system. 

coinbase app review

MAD Verdict - Coinbase App Review

If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, it becomes essential to have a platform that can guide the user on how to buy/sell digital currency. Coinbase is a simple yet best bitcoin trading platform. 

Coinbase has a simple yet innovative user interface, the app is protected by insurance and 98 percent of customer funds are stored offline so safety is ensured. The app offers an easy to use service for trading and also provides the support of brokers. 

The Coinbase app somewhere lags in customer support but it is currently working on this particular area for further improvement. The cryptocurrency exchange application has also attracted a huge user base of over 30 million users, which definitely makes it stand out among its competitors. 

In case you still have any doubts regarding the Bitcoin exchange process, then feel free to comment down below so that MobileAppDaily’s expert team can assist you at the earliest. In addition to this, you can always go ahead and check out the other in-depth app reviews of trending Android/iOS apps that we regularly release on our platform.

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