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10 Best Cleaning Apps for Android Phone in 2021

Find the best Android phone cleaner apps suitable for different needs.

Android Cleaning Apps

Have you ever noticed that various processes always run in the background of your device when you use your Android application? Usually, these processes may prove to be hazardous to the health of your smartphone, and that is why it is essential to have apps that could keep your system clean enough and have a smoother operation. Android cleaner apps take care of the hidden process to remove any unwanted app to run in the background.

Additionally, it cleans the memory space available on your device. It thus assists the user to save more space on the Android phone. Devices with less memory often tend to slow down while encountering day-to-day operations. But using the following best cleaning apps for Android phones will solve this problem of yours forever. 

Best Cleaning App for Android Phone (2021)

Here is the list of the best Android phone cleaner apps to help you choose the perfect one that suits your requirements.

1. All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is one of the most popular apps which is used by numerous users. The All-In-One Toolbox assists Android users to enhance apps’ performance, to uninstall apps, manage APK, and free space by removing unwanted files. This is the best Android cleaner app without ads. It also boosts your apps, gets rid of junk files.

It is available free of cost on Google Play.  Some of the additional features in the app are app manager and file transfers. It resolves issues related to Android and cleans your phone excellently well.

Top features of All-In-One Toolbox, the best cleaning app for Android:

  • Shows the device’s memory status.
  • Cleans junk in a click
  • One tap speed boost
  • One tap CPU Cooling
  • File and App manager

Download All-In-One Toolbox, the best Android phone cleaner app for Android

2. 1Tap Cleaner

The 1 Tap Cleaner cleaner cleans all the junk files at a single touch. This best cleaner for Android has additional features to help the users clean the history, cache files, along with the text and call logs. It cleans files regularly and increases the performance of your Android phone.

Also, this app has the default option to get rid of unwanted actions. It helps users to set the time interval for cleaning files. You can download the app free of cost from the stores, which takes a few minutes.

Top features of 1Tap Cleaner, the best cleaner for Android:

  • History Cleaner
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Defaults Cleaner
  • SD Cleaner
  • Call/Text log Cleaner

Download 1Tap Cleaner, the best cleaner for Android

3. CCleaner

CCleaner assists you to remove junk from your Android phone. This app cleans browser history, application cache, and clipboard content. It uninstalls unnecessary apps to free up space on your device.

You acquire a user-friendly interface on using the application. It will not display any ads on browsing websites on the internet. CCleaner takes care of RAM and the internal storage space of the phone.  It cleans up the download folder, temporary files, and SMS log. you can download this Android cleaner app free of cost from the Analyzeplay store.

Top features of CCleaner, the best cleaner app for Android:

  • Reclaim memory space.
  • Clear junk, obsolete and residual files.
  • Analyze battery performance
  • Speed up the device.
  • Easy to use.

Download the CCleaner, the best cleaner for Android

4. Norton 360

When it comes to the security of digital devices, I don't think any company means more business than Norton, and Norton 360 is their best Android cleaner app without ads. People around the world have been using this best phone cleaner for Android and giving amazing feedback. The app charges a nominal USD 0.99 to 104.99, depending on the item and the plan the user opts for.

The clean master app takes less charge on the Android phone and is simple to use with complete antivirus protection for your device. With simple steps, one can install the app on a mobile phone. Norton 360 is known as the best cleaner app for Android and it does not disappoint.

Top features of Norton 360, the best cleaning app for Android

  • LifeLock supports dark web monitoring
  • Google Play App Advisor
  • Device security and Wi-Fi alert
  • Secure VPN and web protection
  • 14-day free trial.

Download Norton 360, the best phone cleaner for Android

5. Norton Clean

Norton Clean is the best alternative for those who love Norton products for the security of their devices but do not want to pay for it. Norton Clean is the free and best cleaner app Android phone can have. It can be downloaded from Google Play. It stores cache files and offers extra memory to your device. Norton

Clean gets more space in your device by finding and clearing out sizable junk files.
Norton Clean, the best Android cleaner app allows the user to remove junk, residual, and APK files. The app sets reminders for you to know when junk files should be cleaned.

Top features of Norton Clean, the best cleaning app for Android:

  • Free to use
  • Clear cache and junk removal
  • Memory optimizer
  • APK and Residual file remover
  • App manager.

Download Norton Clean for Android

6. Files by Google

Files by Google is one of the most used and loved Android cleaner apps with more than 500 million downloads as the testament of its performance. This Android cleaner app comes loaded with amazing features to free up space on your device, remove junk, find files in the fastest way, and help you have complete control of your device’s memory. To top it all, this best cleaner app Android comes free of any cost.

The Files by Google is the perfect choice for day to day Android users who do not dwell in too restricted surfing and don't have a big budget for their device’s security. 

Top features of Files by Google, the best cleaning app for Android:

  • Check and free your storage.
  • Boost phone’s performance
  • File finder and easy management
  • Backup to cloud
  • Three-in-one tool app.

Download Files by Google for Android

7. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

This cleaning app offers perfect maintenance to the device. This app tracks folders and files running in the background. It makes the user save memory on deleting apps and files on the Android device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus comes in two versions. The free version aids users to install software with few clicks.  The Premier version adds extra space and is more effective in maintaining the app in the right way. 

Top features of Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus, the best cleaning app for Android:

  • Security recommendations with autopilot.
  • 100% Malware scanning
  • Hides VPN
  • App lock, web protection, that, and theft lock.    

Download Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus, free for Android and Paid for Android

8. Cleaner for Android

SystWeak’s Cleaner for Android is another best mobile cleaning app for Android which is free to download and use. Cleaner for Android comes to your rescue to reduce data loss, which generally happens when many apps run in the background. It has the capability of removing junk files without detecting data from the system. This best Android cleaner app takes care of all the functions of the device and deletes unwanted files quickly.

Top features of Cleaner for Android, the best cleaning app for Android:

  • One-tap booster
  • Junk files cleaner
  • App manager
  • Battery Saver
  • File explorer and duplicate files remover.

Download Cleaner for Android for free

9. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer helps the user to overlock and under lock to enhance performance and save battery life. It is a great Android cleaner app that is free to download, use, and also is ads-free in the entirety of its operations. The app helps you fight against data chaos and organize your device better while maintaining your privacy protection. 

Top features of Droid Optimizer, the cleaner app for Android:

  • Ads-free and free of cost
  • Helps battery life
  • Cleans devices
  • Protect privacy

Download Droid Optimizer, the best cleaner app for Android devices

10. Go Speed

Go Speed is one of the best cleaner apps for Android with all the standard features and a bunch more. The app comes with a memory cleaner and helps in easily maintaining the device's storage. The app also reduces the load on the device's RAM by eliminating unnecessary processes whenever necessary.

Top Features of the Go Speed, the cleaner app for Android.

  • Faster Optimisation App
  • Speed booster
  • Junk  Cleaner

Download Go Speed of Android devices


In case you are looking forward to any such application, skim through each one of them carefully. Find out your requirement so that you can choose the best app among the ones listed here. Installing the right app is important to keep your phone junk-free.

Those who do not have any experience with such apps should go for the free version mentioned above. Finding the right app for your needs will help you in the longer run. If you want to add or request anything, let us know. If you are an application owner and want to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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