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List Of The Top Hottest Gaming Apps Right Now

Hog on to these gaming apps and unleash your gaming streak Of The Top Hottest Gaming Apps Right Now

The app market is booming. Approximately 275 apps are added to the app stores each day – with the figure for apps expected to reach 5 million individual apps by 2020. A considerable part of this is the app gaming market, which sees new releases daily and which helps contribute towards the direction that gaming is going forward.

Whether this is reflecting the current trends, such as using VR and AR technology in apps, using the app as a controller to mimic touch sensitive gameplay or just adding to the battle royale craze with a new supremacy game. So, what are the hottest gaming apps right now?

Hottest Gaming Apps

1.  Strategy Games

Strategy games will also retain popularity due to the level of complexity involved that entices gamers and the fact that the skills gained through strategy gaming can actually be transferred across the board of gaming and into real life. 

Clash of Clans continues to top download charts as a prime example of a successful strategy game. The game’s ease of play on mobile makes it a massive campaign game that has a more casual feel, satisfying all kinds of gaming fans.

 Strategy Games

Source: @mmokoz via Twitter

Plants vs. Zombies 2 follows on from its debut game with another bout of strategic thinking under time pressure. The strategy mainly comes from doing the right thing in the game in the allotted time. 

2. Arcade Games

For those who thought arcade games had gone out of fashion with shell suits and workout tapes, the popularity of arcade game style apps shows that the revolution continues. 

Pacman is still a popular player choice, using the smartphone controls where the arcade joysticks once were. While online slots in apps remain a popular option for some escapism, reflecting the classic arcade-style gameplay of traditional slots, only with upgraded functionality and modernized graphics.

Arcade Games

Tower Assassin’s Creed brings the Assassin’s Creed franchise to mobile with an arcade-style version of the game where you play as one of the characters from the franchise to see how high you can build your tower. It’s more fun than it sounds!

Source: @apk4fun via Twitter

3. Puzzle Games 

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes – from Angry Birds to Cut the Rope – and require some creativity and lateral thinking to progress through the levels. Once represented by the likes of Snake and Tetris, gaming has advanced to give us a puzzle game that packs more of a punch. 

Vandals has you play as a graffiti tagger as you navigate the dark streets and avoid the law, learning about the history of street art in the process. has you play as a sinkhole that has the ability to eat everything in sight – without being eaten yourself.

Puzzle Games 

Push involves the touchscreen element of the smartphone by pushing buttons on the screen in growing levels of complexity.

Wrap Up

Gaming apps range from first-person shooters to sandbox creatives modes to those that require more thinking and leave you with a greater sense of accomplishment. The benefit of having so many apps on the market is that there is ample room for all kinds of gaming to existing in harmony.

For more insights on the best gaming apps or game development, you can comment below, and we will try to assist you in every possible way.

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