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12 Best Android Music Player 2018 To Uplift Your Music Sessions

Time to replace your boring default music player with some kick-ass android music player apps

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For people like me, music is life, as I can't work, I can't travel or even can not sleep without plugging my headphones in. I know there are lots of fellas out there just like me who draw their energy from their favorite songs. This brings us to the Android music player, yes we already have a default music player in the smartphones so, why you need to know about the others? This is because the inbuilt one does not come with much features and convenient user interface to provide uninterrupted music experience. In the default player, you won't find many options to create or manage your playlist. Besides, with other Android music player apps you get options to view files in the library, edit the tags and more friendly user interface.

Best Android music player you can choose from for fantastic music experience:

1. JetAudio HD

This music player for Android joins the list directly from my favorite collection. The music player app comes with a number of additional features that differentiate it from other players. Besides, it also offers a number of enhancements that come as plugins and help you in customizing your experience.

JetAudio HD player

JetAudio HD is here for a long time now, and its frequent update is the reason that users still love it. The user interface of the app is simple yet attractive and the music playing speed is lightning fast which is unmatched by any other app. The free and premium version of the app has no difference, however with the purchased version you can get rid of the advertisements.

2. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is one of the best music player app. The music player app not only comes with some extra features but also offers the organizational features like podcasts and audiobooks. Moreover, the music player app also provides an option to sort the songs just like desktops instead of just arranging them according to the artists.

MediaMonkey music option

With the music player, you will get all the necessary options including an equalizer, bass control and much more. Besides, you can sync your desktop playlist with your Android device in the app over a Wifi connection. MediaMonkey owns a very intuitive user-friendly user interface that makes everything easy and enhances your music sessions.

3. Neutron Player

Neutron Player is not that popular among the Android smartphone users, may be due to its prices. However, the music apps worth the price once you experience the difference it creates with its performance. The app comes with a bundle of additional features that will take your music sessions to another level.

Neutron Player

Neutron Player incorporates 32/64 bit audio rendering engine for enhancing the quality of audio output. You will also find the basic options like equalizer, bass booster, and some other high-end features. Neutron Player will charge for all this features and access but, the price worth for this unique android music player.

4. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is another great music player app for the music lovers that have everything they need. The app comes with material design and offers the features including tag editing, equalizer, smart playlist, gapless playback, sleep timer and much more. Talking about the user interface, it is the most decent and straightforward than anyone in the list.

Pulsar Music Player

Besides, the app also supports the chromecast feature for those who are interested. Pulsar Music Player isn't that excellent music app like Neutron but it suitable for the users looking for fast working and lightweight app.

5. Shuttle+ Music Player

Shuttle Music player is among the most popular music player app that is known for its simple design. The music app has been developed by keeping the user's preference in mind. The material design makes it look compelling which offers a number of features like equalizer, gapless playback, playlist manager, tag editing, six and BandQ, Last.fm scrobbling, tons of themes and much more.

Shuttle+ Music Player

The shuttle is a great app that improves the experience by uplifting the music quality for the users. The app also provides the support for chromecast, folder browsing, and much more options if you purchase the premium version.

6. Phonograph

Phonograph is the new kid on the block but that doesn't mean it has less to offer. The app is fast, lightweight, good looking and comes with all the required features. The material design UI of the app makes it look amazing. The browsing through the app is so simple, and you will enjoy it while using. Besides, it offers all the features including, tag editing, Lasy.fm integration, Playlist customizations, theme options, and other tools.


The app also lets you easily browse the songs so you can play any music without wasting time. The sorting of the music files comes with a number of options including artist, date, album or random.

7. Black Player

Black Player is my all time favorite Android music player that is known for being simple and elegant. The lightweight music player app takes very less space on your smartphone yet offers the features similar to any other premium player. The app offers the functionality over the tab surface that you can customize accordingly.

Black Player

Besides it comes with the features like D3 tag editor, last.fm scrobbling, playlist, equalizer widget, themes and also supports most number of music files. The one of the most fantastic thing about the the music player is that it doesn't come with annoying ads. So, you can enjoy your music without interruption in the app. However, it does have a premium version that you can buy for more prominent services features.

8. Pi Music Player

The brilliant music player app is known for its fantastic UI that makes everything so easy for the users. Pi Music Player is designed with the aim to make users life easy while operating it. While starting the app, you will be asked to set them that you can change later on. Pi Music Player comes with the features including Last.fm scrobbling, D3 tag editor, equalizer, an option to play music via different library views.

Pi Music Player

9. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a unique Android music player app on the entire list. The app offers all the basic functionalities like music playing, tag editor, equalizer and others. However, it comes with a different feature that is the availability of the lyrics. You can read the lyrics of the song in real time and sing along using Musixmatch. Yes, you can quickly get the lyrics of any song on the app.


Besides, it also shows the lyrics of the app you are playing with other apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, and others. Moreover, the app also enables you to find the song by typing the title, artist or even a single line of a song. The user interface of the music player app is great, and you don't have struggle for browsing a particular song.

10. Audio Beats

Audio Beats has everything you need in a music player to take you into the world of music. The app’s UI is so great that you will get immersed into the music while playing it. The app has some great reviews on the store from its users that proves it worth downloading.

Audio Beats

Audio Beats offers all the features like tag editor, equalizer, widget support, themes playlist options and much more. On the top of above Audio Beats tracks and understand the user behavior in order to personalize the app and suggest more relevant tracks.

11. Dub Music Player

Dub Music Player is another app that converts your smartphone into a music device for a great experience. The app comes with a robust and music-oriented UI showing the equalizer at the top with bass boosting options. You can also access other options in the app that will help you in making the music much more interesting.

Dub Music Player

12. Bass Booster and EQ music player

Bass Booster and EQ is the perfect app for the music lovers who like to tweak song with little options. The users who love to listen to the high bass in the songs can undoubtedly download this android music player. The bass oriented feature doesn't mean the app doesn't have other features, Bass Booster and EQ are stuffed all the essential features.

Bass Booster and EQ music player

I hope you will find the most suitable android music player on this list to enjoy your music. If you know any another great app that we have missed, then please let us know about it via comments.

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