FreeCast Review- An Overview of its Features

Find out how the FreeCast app can combine the best streaming quality with convenience for all its users!

Updated on October 31, 2023
FreeCast Review- An Overview of its Features

FreeCast’s services are directed towards simplifying streaming for consumers, by allowing them to access content from multiple sources on a single platform. The platform displays all the possible streaming options, eliminating the guesswork on the user’s part.

With the growing popularity of online streaming platforms, choosing the best one can be extremely difficult. A platform like FreeCast can help streamline the search by allowing you to browse through all the streaming platforms in one go. The platform offers an extensive, web-based virtual library of entertainment media for the users.

Put all your favorite shows, movies, documentaries, and more under one roof with the FreeCast app. Now, with the main idea of the app outlined, let’s discuss all its features in detail. Read our unbiased FreeCast review and find out if the app is really useful or not.

FreeCast Review- An Overview of  Features, Wins & Pitfalls

What is FreeCast and How is it useful?

FreeCast, previously known as Select TV is a unique streaming service that allows users to broadcast all their favorite shows and movies under one roof. The platform offers advanced tools that make it easy for users to browse through shows on popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more.

The services primarily organize all the content- both free and paid, on a single platform. Users can simply navigate their preferred show and FreeCast will open the outside platform’s player for you to stream easily. From games, and movies to reality TV shows, there is never a shortage of content with FreeCast.

Along with streaming capabilities, the app also enables its users to manage their subscriptions easily. As per a survey conducted by Reviews.org, over 60% of the American population finds it difficult to access the titles they prefer watching. Additionally, over 70% of people believe that combining multiple streaming services under a single platform like FreeCast can simplify the process.

If you are looking for a streaming service to watch all your favorite content at the lowest price possible, FreeCast is an ideal solution for you. Find on-demand videos and explore over 700 free channels for non-stop entertainment.

What are the top features of the FreeCast app?

FreeCast is a one-of-a-kind streaming solution that can simplify the streaming experience for all its users. This free streaming service has proved to be an extremely valuable tool and here’s what we like about it.

1. Cut the Cord- Free Live Streaming Services

Cut the Cord- Free Live Streaming Services

The FreeCast app is primarily popular among the audience as it offers free streaming services. Users can discover over 500 free channels and watch all the latest content through their mobile phones or tablets. The app offers endless broadcasting options and access to local TV channels without any additional cost.

Watch your classic favorites and the latest TV shows and series in high quality with the FreeCast streaming app.

2. Unifying your online streaming experience

Unifying your online streaming experience

FreeCast movie app lists all your favorite streaming platforms under one roof. You can stream both free and paid content available on sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc, directly from your FreeCast account. The app offers advanced search options that ensure quick navigation through multiple sites.

If you wish to stream on-demand movies, shows, and the latest series on a single platform, FreeCast is the best solution for you.

3. A world of movies & shows at your fingertips

A world of movies & shows at your fingertips

As the FreeCast app organizes content from multiple sites on a single platform, it offers a huge selection of movies, shows, and series for its users. From classics to the latest releases, FreeCast is definitely a movie buff’s paradise.

Along with streaming movies from platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc, you can also enjoy on-demand movies on the platform. FreeCast is the streaming home for everything, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment for its users. It is thus, the best movie streaming app for users.

4. A variety of on-demand shows

Within the free section of the FreeCast app, users can enjoy a huge selection of on-demand shows and movies. These free TV shows are taken from all around the world and ensure that you never miss out on any content.

If you wish to access the most trending live TV shows from around the world, the FreeCast app is an excellent option for you. Shows from popular channels like Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Logo,  etc. can be streamed through FreeCast.

5. Stream your favorite Live TV shows

Stream your favorite Live TV shows

Along with the best on-demand content, FreeCast allows its users to enjoy hundreds of Live shows on the app. Live shows from around 150 channels can be streamed for free. From News, Gaming, Sports, and Lifestyle to Comedy and Spiritual shows, the FreeCast app has it all.

Some of the popular Live TV channels, that the users can enjoy on the FreeCast platform include BizTV, AMGTV, RT Arabic, CBSN, and much more. You can get the FreeCast app download link and try it for yourself.

Weighing the pros and cons of the FreeCast app

Pros Cons
Unifies all streaming platforms into one A huge variety of options can confuse users about what they wish to watch
Supports free streaming of movies, Live TV shows, movies, and more  
Seamlessly works with any kind of device  
Offers a web-based guide interface  
Over 250 streaming channels and half a million TV shows  

Free Cast App | App Specifications

Tech Specifications FreeCast
OS iOS- Requires iOS 15.0 or later
Android- Varies with the device
Rating iOS- 2.5
Android- 3
Last Updated iOS- October 4, 2023
Android- October 16, 2023
Version iOS- 2.6.3
Android- Varies with the device
Product Category Entertainment

What are the subscription plans offered by the FreeCast app?

Similar to the best free streaming apps, the content on the Free Cast app is mostly divided into two broad categories, Free and Premium content. The free content is mostly taken from YouTube, ABC, NBC, and other similar channels.

FreeCast cost can vary for different users, depending on their preferences. Opting for FreeCast’s premium subscription will give access to the best channel packages, crafted specifically for all users. The paid version of the app also includes content from all your paid subscriptions including HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, and others.

You can access all value channels on the FreeCast streaming app at $6.99 per month. The app offers streaming from all value channels along with an unlimited DVR service for users.

With a paid plan, users can enjoy unlimited content from value channels like Outdoor Channel, Curiosity, Fetv, Babyfirst, and much more. Additionally, users can also enjoy live TV from over 500 different channels. It is definitely one of the best streaming apps available for users in 2023.

What do our experts say about the FreeCast app?

After reviewing the app for our FreeCast app review, we tried and tested the app's features for ourselves. We were extremely impressed with the app’s unique idea of streamlining all the content into one single platform. It is the best live TV streaming service for all users.

In terms of English-language programming, there is no competition for the FreeCast movie app. The app allows users to compare channels and subscription plans from popular streaming platforms, allowing them to choose the best one. Comparing the prices for all channels can help users save a lot on their subscription expenses.

From recent releases to classics, the FreeCast streaming app has a unique show for all users. The app delivers the best streaming experience without any hefty charges. Additionally, the app also allows you to stream live TV shows, a feature that is not very common among other TV streaming apps.

The FreeCast app for Android and iOS is completely free to download. We really liked the app’s interface and its usability. We definitely give this app a thumbs app and recommend our audience to give it a try.

MAD Ratings

Features: 4.4
Navigation: 4.3
UI: 4.5
Security: 4.1

What do the users say about the FreeCast app in 2023?

FreeCast reviews on the app store are mostly packed with praise for the app’s interface and unique capabilities. Unlike other streaming platforms, FreeCast can fulfill all your streaming needs under one roof.

Let’s have a look at some of the App Store reviews for the FreeCast movie app in 2023.

Great app, saw some negative feedback but from seeing this updated version, don’t see those same issues really going on through the app. Like having the ability to have tv connected like this on my phone and having all of my  TV streaming apps connected in one place                                                                            

:(Review on App Store, 2023)

No problems here!, I was a bit skeptical to try Freecast due to the reviews I’ve seen, but I’ve had no issues with them since paying for an annual subscription. Can’t beat the value you receive for the price.                                                                                      

:(Review on App Store, 2023)


All channels in one place, easy to use and what I like most is that it consolidates all the different channels, even local live tv into one place.                                                                                                

:(Review on App Store, 2023)


Free content, a whole lot of free content that’s actually free. There’s an option to pay for add ons, but honestly I’m entertained enough with the free channels and my subscription services                                                                               

:(Review on App Store, 2023)


Final Verdict!

The FreeCast app is one of its kind streaming platform, that exactly delivers what it promises to its users. With a huge variety of free, premium, and Live TV content, this app has completely revolutionized the streaming services and experience for its users. The app eliminates the need for installing multiple apps and accounts and allows you to stream all your favorite shows through a single platform.

FreeCast offers unlimited cloud DVR service and a range of smash-hit shows for all its users. In an effort to deliver a better user experience as compared to cable TV, FreeCast is packed with the best capabilities and features. So, to amp up your streaming experience, download and use the FreeCast streaming app now.

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