Trace hidden network vulnerabilities on your iOS and Android devices.
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Top hacking-apps that hackers use to spy on you (in 2019)

Best hacking apps for IT specialists to scan their domain, network and device for any suspicious activities

Top hacking-apps that hackers use to spy on you (in 2019)

In this list of best hacking apps, you will find multiple tools that can be used to spot local hosts and weak signals along with their exploits. You can easily crack WiFi passwords, install a backdoor, snip traffic and map networks. All these hacks can help ethical hackers or IT specialist to scan their domain or network for malicious vulnerabilities. 

Note: You’ll need to boot your Android phone and jailbreak your iOS device to access these applications on your device. So if you’re ready to take the risks, here’s a list of top hacking apps for Android and iOS devices. 

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Best hacking apps for Android devices

1. AndroRat 

AndroRAT, an abbreviation of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool), is one of the most popular hacking tools for Android users that allows hackers to remotely control almost everything on an infected device including access to contacts, call logs and location by GPS/Network. 

Hackers can also open a URL in the default browsert, stream videos (for activity based client exclusively),take a picture from the camera of the infected device, stream sound from microphone (or other sources), along with sending a text message, placing a call, do a toast, open a URL in the default browser and vibrate the phone. 

2. zANTI

zANTI is one of the best hacking apps for Android to offer an automated network map that uses network scans (in different intensity levels) and identifies every vulnerability of a given target. Ethical hackers often use this hacking tool to test vulnerabilities that can compromise the corporate network including vulnerabilities within connected devices, mobile devices or web sites.
More importantly, this hacking app for Android can mirror the methods of a cyber-attacker and identify security holes within a given network. Thanks to its Dash-board reporting, businesses can identify risks and take fix critical security issues.

3. cSpoilt 

cSpoilt is one of the most reliable hacking tools for Android hackers looking to learn a variety of system hacking techniques including  
1. Network mapping
2. Vulnerability scanning 
3. Password cracking 
4. Man-In-The-Middle attacks 

The hacking tool can also catalog local hosts and their vulnerabilities. This allows hackers to find exploits for these vulnerabilities and them to gain access to the target following which hackers can crack wifi passwords and install backdoors for later access. The hacking app can run on any UNIX-based system, but for now it's only supported on Android devices. 

4. FaceNiff

FaceNiff is the best hacking app for Android users looking to sniff around social media. The hacking tool uses cookies from a WiFi network to intercept web session and get unauthorized access to people’s account. 

This allows them to easily control user sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and customize the targeted Android phone to hack their calls and social sites. The only catch with this hacking app for Android is that It hackers can only infiltrate when the WiFi is not using EAP. 

5. DroidBox 

DroidBox can be used as both device hacking app and game hacking app for Android users. Ethical hackers can use this hacking tool for Android to generate hashes for the analyzed device, intercept incoming/outgoing network data on the infected device, read files and write operations and leak information via the network, file. 

The hacking tool also throws in added benefits such as permissions circumvention, launching cryptographic operations that are performed using Android API, list broadcast receivers, send SMS and make phone calls.

Best hacking apps for iOS devices

Cydia installer interface

You need to jailbreak your phone in order to use these iOS hacking apps. Once you do that the option to download Cydia app installer often pops up. 

1. iRET 

iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit, popularly known as iRET is one of the best hacking tools for iOS for ethical hackers learning reverse engineering. The only catch is you must be connected to a wireless network. 

The hacking tool can be used to analyze keychain contents, including passwords, keys, certificates, etc. for any sensitive information. 

Speaking in developer language, iRET offer binary analysis using o tool, keychain analysis using keychain_dumper, working, Binary decryption using dumpdecrypted and database reading using sqlite. Besides these functions, the hacking tool also lets you create, edit and install theos tweaks. 

2. xSellize Game Hack

Anyone who’s a gaming nerd knows the struggle of breaking the bank for playing paid games. xSellize Game Hack solves that problem by letting hackers download paid games for free.

 With thousands of games like Game Boy, Nintendo, SEGA and much more, this game hacking app for iOS is essentially the nemesis of every application for paid games that’s ever seen some popularity. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the game hacking app for iOS also offers functions such as anti-anti-method swizzling, instance tracking, easy to use soft breakpoints, and automatic detection of vulnerable function calls. 

3. iSpy

With a version 2.0 soon to be released, iSpy is one of the must-have hacking tools for hacker learning reverse engineering and dynamic analysis of iOS applications. 

The iOS hacking app has an easy to use web GUI and can be used in various programming functions such as Cycript integration, class dumps, automatic jailbreak-detection bypasses, automatic SSL certificate pinning bypasses, re-implemented objc_msgSend for logging and tracing function calls in real-time. 

4. Myriam iOS Security App

Myriam iOS Security App, was developed by security researcher and GitHub user GeoSn0w who wanted to create a learning platform for techies to become the next big iOS hackers. As a result, this iOS hacking tool is the perfect place to start for any newbie iOS hacker to develop their skills

Some of the hacking challenges a.k.a. Device vulnerabilities that newbie hackers can exploit include Authentication, In-App Data modification, App Activation Bypass, Jailbreak Detection, In-App Resources, and variable Modification. 

5. Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker is a legal gadget that’s used by many government organizations itself. The original intention of Elcomsoft was to extricate scientific information. But it’s the ability to remotely mimic any targeted gadget turned into one of the most popular hacking apps for iOS. It’s also for this reason that this hacking tool leans more towards a gadget than a programming tool. 

The iPhone hacking program helps you break passwords, decrypt iOS backups with GPU acceleration, decrypt iCloud Keychain and messages with media files and documents from iCloud. You can even use this iPhone hacking tool to acquire data from Microsoft accounts and download iCloud backups and sync data with or without an Apple ID password.

MAD’s Recommendation: Best Hacking App In 2019 

Although all these hacking apps constitute the creamy layer for hacking tools, we recommend FaceSniff for social media hacking, DroidBox for Android game hacking and xSellSize game hack for iOS gaming hackers. 


Most of the free hacking apps for iOS mentioned on the list require you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Once you do, Cydia installer would be installed automatically by the jailbreak tool.

It’s important to note that the hacking tools are to be seen as a gateway to privacy violations but an opportunity for ethical hackers to scan their businesses for network vulnerabilities. And as for tinkering with your Android phone, instead of using these hacking apps, you can use Android hacking tips and tricks popular in 2019. 

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