10 Best Horror Games That Might Make You Re-experience Your Nightmares

Endless Nightmare, one of the best horror games, feeds on your fear of your worst nightmares by reviving them into the form of a mobile game!
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September 03, 2021
Top Horror Games
Games, one of the best things smartphones have blessed us with, are divided into many genres. Stories and gameplays ranging from puzzles to eerie, top horror games offer experiences according to one’s taste. Moreover, with time, as smartphones are getting smarter and stronger, games are even improving visually. Therefore, horror games of the current generation are realistic enough to give goosebumps and chill to a few! As per the report published by Sensor Data, the first half of 2020 saw a download count of 28.5 billion worldwide. Moreover, another data by Statista suggests that globally, 15.2 billion smartphone games were downloaded. This included 12.4 billion downloads from the Google Play Store only.

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Moving further, we are discussing the list of a few best horror games. These games not only offer stunning visuals, but they have a great popularity amongst mobile gamers as well. If you are looking for a perfect game that can give you scare and nightmares, you should check the rest of the list out!

Scary horror games are the ones that keep you awake! Even when you are not playing them.

Further, in this blog, we are discussing the list of horror games designed for iOS and Android smartphones. These games are shortlisted according to their features, ratings, graphics, and storyline.


Apple 4.4
android 4.3

This one of the top mobile horror games includes 7 different survivor characters with unique skillsets. The game focuses on surviving against psychos with team-building, strategies, and alliance. Moreover, you can also play as four different psychos and hunt down your enemies before they escape. 

Features of this one of the multiplayer horror games

  • Survive the game to escape Psychos trying to butcher you
  • The Maniac mode makes you a psycho trying to hunt victims
  • Play as any one of the 7 survivors with different skill sets
  • As a brave mercenary with high moral values, you slay enemies
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Dead by Daylight Mobile

Apple 4.1
android 3.9

Dead by Daylight is a gore and horror game that will surely make you anxious, scared, and panicked. The chilling environment of the game is way more eerie than you expect. There’s a killer on the loose in this one of the best horror games on Android and iOS. Moreover, this one of the top co-op horror games has iconic characters from classic horror movies as well.

Features of this one of the best Android and iOS horror games

  • Play as iconic horror movie characters involved in this one of the good horror games
  • This one of the co-op horror games lets you play with up to four players surviving together
  • The deep progression system includes randomly generated maps, customizable characters, and more
  • Chilling environments will surely give you goosebumps and more unexpected moments
Download this one of the scary multiplayer games online

Endless Nightmare

Apple 4.6
android 4.4

This one of the free scary games apps includes scary nightmares. If you ever wondered what happens if the ghost in your nightmares would catch you? Then this game might be the perfect thing for you. The game tests you on many stages, including fear, loss, grief, and death as well. As James, the police officer, you have to not only survive but investigate the murder of James’s daughter and mother. 

Features of this one of the top scary horror games

  • The game offers a nightmare world in 3D
  • Eyes can deceive, you have to focus on sounds as well
  • If you see the madwoman, you better run!
  • Collect parts and build a taser gun to attack your enemies
  • The game is free and can be played even without the internet
Download this one of the top free horror games for Android and iOS

Slendrina: The Cellar 2

Apple 4.2
android 4.1

Slendrina is waiting for you in the dark cellar for quite some time. It’s wise for you to return and search for her before she finds you! But beware, Slendrina is not alone this time! Her mother and baby are helping Slendrina this time and trying to hunt you down before you find 8 hidden books. These books might be the only thing saving you from the wrath of Slendrina. 

Features of this one of the best horror games on Android and iOS

  • This sequel of Slendrina: The Cellar brings scarier and tougher challenges for you
  • Explore dark cellar while surviving the horror of Slendrina, her baby, and her mother
  • Play it offline and for free
  • Locate 8 books to reveal secrets buried deep for years
  • Run and survive surprise attacks to disappoint your enemies
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Sinister Edge

Apple 3.7
android 3.9

Sinister Edge has been downloaded over 2 million times and got Google Editors Choice Awards for 2017 and 2018. This horror game does not only haunt your screen, but you can also use VR to feel the fear from up closer. The game includes amazing 3D graphics and a thrilling experience that will haunt you throughout the entire gameplay. 

Features of this one of the best mobile horror games

  • Play the free demo version to experience the thrill you will experience
  • Amazing 3D graphics are going to haunt you with spine-chilling fear
  • There are puzzles you need to solve to survive
  • With the VR mode, play as if you are living the game
  • The game also supports external game controllers
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Dead plague: Zombie Outbreak

Apple 4.2
android 3.8

Apocalypse has already happened, and now all there left is, dead bodies walking around! BIOCORP, an organization fighting against the spread of “Dead Virus”, has assigned you an important task to save humanity. Your tasks include teaming up with allies and collecting DNA samples. These DNA samples are the only key to reveal what might have caused the “Dead Virus” to go on the rampage!

Features of this one of the good horror games

  • Survive and complete your missions while fighting zombies
  • There are simple zombies, and then there are ZOMBIES BOSSES! BEWARE!!!
  • The game supports languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, and more
  • Different zombies have different behaviors, stay careful
  • Play online with up to 6 PVP members
Download this one of the multiplayer horror games

Bigfoot Monster Hunter

Apple 4.3
android 3.4

There’s a beast roaming around and your job as the player is to hunt it down. The ape-like monster is going to make it tough, but you have to team up with other players and attack on its weaknesses. While looking for the monster, you will find many other wild animals throughout the way. So, the fight is going to be a tough one and scary, of course!

Features of this one of the best free multiplayer horror games

  • Explore the wild to hunt down the beast that looks like an Ape
  • Fight wild animals throughout the way
  • Use strategies to track down and trap the monster
  • The day and night cycle is going to make missions tougher for you
  • Team up with other players and fight together
Download this one of the top free horror games for Android and iOS

Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters

Apple 4.6
android 4.3

As the name gives it away, Eyes is a game that will make you relive your nightmares. The game is designed with stunning graphics which make it scarier. The 3D environment of Eyes hides many horrors in its dark and shadowy environment that you will have to keep an eye everywhere to ensure that nobody is stalking you. Additionally, while avoiding its dark secrets, you also have to find items that can be useful and help you in escaping the maze.

Features of this one of the top scary horror games

  • Includes a 3D environment 
  • You have to explore, survive, and escape mazes
  • There are dangers lurking around to get you
  • You can also create your own demon 
  • There is a hand-drawn map to help you navigate
Download this one of the top free horror games

Evil Nun 2

android 4.3

Evil Nun is back and this time, she is stronger. The game is going to make your nightmares come true in the form of one of the good mobile games. To survive this game, you will need stealth strategies to hide from creatures and the nun trying to hunt you down.

Features of this one of the best scary horror games

  • Play this scary 3D game and use strategies to survive
  • Creatures are looking for you, hide and survive
  • Find ways of escaping rooms full of horrors and traps
  • If you want to survive, Do not make noise!
Download this one of the best scary games apps


Apple 4.4
android 4.3

Somehow, Granny has locked you inside of her house. And she is not even sleeping, just patrolling different corners of the home to make sure you do not escape. You have to keep an eye on her movements while looking for a way to escape her trap. If she catches you, the brutal death awaits!

Features of this one of the best horror games

  • Escape Granny’s house while avoiding and hiding from her
  • Make strategies and solve puzzles to get closer to the escape
  • Keep an ear open so that you can hear Granny before she comes
  • Make sure Granny doesn’t catch you by hiding under the bed and in wardrobes
Download this top scary game
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In conclusion, the best horror games existing in today's market are not only about good stories or gameplay but also stunning graphics and perfect sound effects. With spine-chilling visuals and eerie sound effects, a few of these games might make you anxious throughout the entire game and leave you marked with fear for a long time.

The list we discussed earlier, has the top scary games you can find on smartphones. The reason behind them being scary enough to give you goosebumps is the thought process their developers put into them. While playing games such as Granny, you will feel as if the developer had seen your nightmares and turned them into a mobile game. 

Now, with such potential these gaming apps have, the bar is higher for the ones that are going to get released in the future. Not only good storylines, but future horror games will need to stand out and offer something users did not know they needed. If you are a developer working on a gaming app, you should get your app reviewed once it’s done with the development process. It will give you an insight into the thought process of potential future players and you will also get to know if your app has potential or not. 

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