Old School RuneScape App - Step into Fantasy World

The whole Old School RuneScape mobile experience, at your fingertips!

Updated on April 04, 2024
Old School RuneScape App - Step into Fantasy World

For long-time veterans, it was a dream to leave the PC and continue farming OSRS gold or skilling even when going out. Chores are too much of a hassle, since they’ll have to be done outside the computer room, and you can’t keep an eye on your character. There’s so much wasted time waiting in lines, or when traveling.

The dream of RuneScape RPG games came true when OSRS Mobile came out in October of 2018. With the Old School RuneScape app, players can now bring their game with them anywhere they wish. Because it has cross-platform compatibility, they can just log in through the mobile when going out. Once home, they can seamlessly log in with their PC and continue playing.

Whether you’re staying at home or going out, games like OSRS Mobile, you can bring along your adventures in Gielinor anywhere you go.

Old School RuneScape iOS/ Android gives a perfect way to play the classic runaway game, on any device. Let’s get started with RuneScape mobile review.

What is OSRS Mobile Port App?

OSRS Mobile is a version of Old School Runescape (or 2007scape). Available on both Android and iOS devices, it lets you play the game from anywhere you can bring your device. As mentioned above, with cross-platform compatibility, there’s no need to make an entirely new game for mobile. You can just log in with your PC credentials, and continue playing your game on your mobile device.

Barring the lack of a keyboard and mouse, the app behaves much the same way as the PC version. You can do all the things you can do in the other version (with a few exceptions). Chatting with friends, questing, farming (OSRS GP or actual farming), grinding levels, and boss hunting. Of course, limitations apply if you’re playing without a bond, but that’s still an impressive feat.

OSRS (Old School RuneScape) is a sandbox RPG, meaning players are free to do whatever they want. Whether it’s PvP, PvE, training skills, or hunting bosses. There are also quests and an achievement diary to do, and both reward players with various bonuses.

Games like OSRS are totally ever evolving skill-based game, which tests your presence of mind and decision making abilities. Let’s go in-depth to know more about the OSRS gameplay app, what are its best features, and how to use it with OSRS review.

Top Features of OSRS Mobile Port App

Do you think, OSRS player base declining? After the OSRS Mobile app was released, the game reached heights crossing 5,000,000+ downloads and 90k+ RuneScape reviews on Play Store so far.  Here are the best characteristics of the OSRS Old School RuneScape on Android/iOS, a free-to-play mobile port app for early role-playing games.

1. Portability

Like it hasn’t been too emphasized before, you can now bring your OSRS game (Old School RuneScape on mobile/ tablet) everywhere. You’re no more bound to your computer anymore. As long as you have a device and data or WiFi, you can access and play the RuneScape classic mobile game wherever you want.

2. Cross-Platform Play

Yes, we’ve mentioned that you can use your PC credentials to log into mobile. However, that’s not all you can expect from this feature. Its cross-platform ability also means you can play and chat with your friends, whether they’re on PC or mobile. That also means you don’t have to miss raids or parties when you’re out of the house!

RuneScape Review

3. All the Game’s Features

With the mobile version using the same resources as the PC version, that means all the game’s features remain the same for both. All the skills, equipment such as the Twisted Bow, and bosses are all available on mobile. PvP in the Wilderness, all the minigames such as the Nightmare Zone or the Barrows, you can play OSRS on mobile or tablet.

RuneScape Review

How to Use OSRS (Old School RuneScape on Android/iOS)

RuneScape Review

Just download the Old RuneScape mobile app from your device’s app store, and log in. Of course, if it’s the first time, you’ll have to create an account. When you want to log in to PC, link an email address to your mobile account first. That way you can log in anywhere at any time and enjoy RuneScape classic mobile game.

From there, you’re introduced to Gielinor at the Tutorial Island. It will explain the basics of the game and how to play OSRS. Once you’re out of the island, the real fun begins. As a sandbox game, you have the pick of where to go and what to do. Do you want to start skilling? There are many opportunities, even for F2P players. Farm currency so you don’t have to buy OSRS gold for a bond? That’s easy with the right methods.

Gielinor is open for you to explore and have the best adventures. It’s up to you how you do it. Being a longstanding game since 2007, there are many guides, tips, and tricks to follow. Just search them up if you’re feeling lost.


The Old School RuneScape on mobile app is free, but you can use your money to buy an OSRS bond to unlock more features, locations, and increase the enjoyment of the game. One costs about 7 dollars each. Even then the bonds can be bought with plain old OSRS gold, though farming can take a while when free-to-play.

Hits and Strikes


  • Adventure at your fingertips, anywhere, any time
  • Switch between the PC and mobile versions easily
  • All the features of the PC version are in the mobile one too
  • Cross-platform gameplay
  • Customize your character
  • 90K + OSRS reviews on Google Play Store
  • Community-Led
  • Hundreds of quests
  • 23 verified skills 
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Free app


  • Playtime of RunScape mobile game is limited by your device’s battery
  • Some tick manipulation techniques are difficult (not entirely impossible) on mobile
  • Reliant on data signal or WiFi to play OSRS

RuneScape Review, Additional Ratings, and Information

RuneScape Review

MAD Ratings 

Features: 5
Fun: 4.8
Port: 4.7
Mobility: 5


The Old School RuneScape on mobile (OSRS Mobile download) is a good mobile port of the game. It’s able to bring the same experience of playing on PC, except of course, without the mouse and keyboard. It makes sense to have a mobile port since the game is click-intensive in the first place. Now, instead of clicking, you can tap away on your device’s screen instead. Gameplay can be a bit clunky since everything is decided by taps and there are no key shortcuts for convenience.

That’s a minor setback to all the fun you can have in Gielinor, fitting in the palm of your hands. Can you imagine the fun of playing the game while you’re lying down, keeping an eye on it while doing chores, or while traveling to work or someplace to relax? Sure, you’re also limited by your device’s capabilities, but that’s what power banks are for, isn’t it?

At any rate, this makes it easier to enjoy the RuneScape mobile game, farming currency so you don’t have to search for OSRS gold for sale. Other than that, there’s also skilling, hunting bosses, and more to have fun doing.

With this Old School RuneScape app, you don’t have to have a PC to play the game. Even if OSRS doesn’t need a high-end computer, it can still be expensive. Everybody has a phone, which means that anybody can access the game. Have fun playing OSRS iOS mobile or Android, whether through mobile or PC. We hope this RuneScape Old School review works!

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