Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience with the Best Cloud Gaming Apps in 2023

These cloud gaming apps offer the best experience and have been shortlisted based on their popularity, features, and user ratings.
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June 29, 2023
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The gaming industry has always been innovative and receptive to new technologies that help deliver a unique, engaging user experience. Currently, the future of gaming lies in streaming games rather than downloading and running them on the machine itself. Cloud gaming apps are becoming a buzz in the gaming industry and are one of the most exciting innovations in recent years as it’s a less expensive alternative to setting up gaming consoles, which require high processing power.

The inclination graph of users towards cloud gaming apps is remarkable. It is majorly because of the top game development companies, as their core focus is delivering impeccable solutions with highly efficient user interface and functionality that exceeds users’ expectations.

To get started with cloud gaming, you only need a mobile device, a stable internet connection, and a small monthly fee. There are multiple cloud gaming apps that offer a plethora of games to entertain you, and in this article, you’ll know the best of them.

Our Top Picks

Each cloud gaming app included in this is reviewed, rated, and appreciated by its users. Each cloud gaming app listed below is added to the list after considering several elements such as user interface, app store rating, features, price, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Top Cloud Gaming Apps for Ultimate Gaming Experience

Cloud gaming apps come with numerous advantages over conventional gaming. These apps can turn your smartphone into a gaming station that lets you play powerful, engaging, and modern games on the go. Here is a list of the best cloud gaming apps for Android that guarantee the ultimate gaming experience.


Moonlight Game Streaming

Apple 4.3
android 4.2

Moonlight Game Streaming is one of the top cloud game apps that enables you to stream  PC games on any Android device. You can play any game remotely, on the go. It is a perfect gaming platform that lets you enjoy the best graphics and sound effects on your mobile device. 

All that you need to do is select the game that you wish to play, and your host PC will launch it and start streaming gameplay to your mobile phone. It is the simplest and the most efficient way to mirror a gaming PC’s desktop remotely. 

It is designed to offer the most seamless and lag-free gaming experience on your mobile device. With a stable internet connection, you can experience high-quality gaming on your smartphone. 

Features of Moonlight - The best app for cloud gaming:

  • Open-source and completely free
  • Up to 4K 120 FPS with bitrate options to 100 Mbps
  • Stream games purchased from any game store
  • Support for MFi, PS4, and Xbox One S Bluetooth controllers 
Download this open-source cloud gaming platform:


Apple 3.3
android 2.9

Netboom is one of the best cloud gaming you must check out in 2023. This app enables you to play the best video games without the need for a high-end PC. It turns your Android smartphone into an excellent gaming platform that supports high-quality graphics, sound effects, and performance. 

It is a well-designed app that provides all the features that you demand from a video game tracker. The app enables you to enjoy new-age gaming without having to spend much for it. You can navigate through the extensive library available and can find the best PC games.

Each game page features platform information, screenshots, and descriptions. Netboom also allows you to customize a list of your own favorite games on the platform. The app comes with virtual hardware devices like a mouse, keyboard, and controller, saving you the need to buy a new one. 

Features of Netboom - An affordable cloud gaming app:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • A growing library of games
  • Personal gaming list
  • Instant gaming on mobile and web
Download this best app for cloud gaming:


Apple 4.3
android 3.1

JoyArk is a cloud gaming platform that lets you play all your favorite games from PC and console games on any other device. With exceptional cloud streaming technology, this app offers a large library of games for users to choose from. 

 Users can sign up for the free trial and try out popular games like Fortnite, Elden Ring, GTA 5, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more. The app allows easy access to Steam, PS4, Xbox, and Switch games on the go. 

One of the best parts about JoyArk is that it eliminates the need to purchase additional hardware to play games. You can play top-quality games on devices with lower specs as well. The app also enables players to connect with others in the community. 

Features of JoyArk - Enjoy cross-platform gameplay in HD-quality:

  • Stream PC games on any device
  • Game recommendations
  • A growing library of games
  • Offers community, guides, and the latest news on gaming
Download this free cloud gaming app:


android 3.8

Rainway is one of the best cloud gaming apps that brings all your PC games to Android smartphones and other devices like TV, tablets, etc. It offers the best streaming services for all your PC games. 

It is highly secure and provides the best gaming experience. This app lets you take a game that is running on the cloud and presents it interactively on another. In order to ensure a smooth experience, you must check that your device is not actively updating or downloading content in the background.

Rainway stands out as one of the top cloud gaming apps as it is free to use. Along with this, the app offers a clean and tiled interface across every device. The app also features the ability to link your Steam account and download any games that are not already available. 

Features of Rainway - Free cloud gaming Android app:

  • Minimal yet great user experience
  • Separate names and settings dashboard
  • Excellent app stability across connected devices
  • A growing library of games
Download this top cloud gaming app:
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Mogul Cloud Game

Apple 3.6
android 3.8

Mogul Cloud Game is the best app for cloud gaming that offers a huge selection of epic and popular games for all users. Using this app, you can save a lot of money that goes into purchasing expensive hardware for playing games. 

With just one subscription payment, you can enjoy unlimited games from any device that you like. This cloud gaming platform delivers all your favorite PC games on your mobile phone, without compromising on its quality. 

It is ranked among the top cloud gaming apps as it possesses exceptional computing power that serves you games with the latest updates. The app is committed towards serving PC and console games with an enhanced gaming experience for all users. 

Features of Mogul Cloud Games - The best app for cloud gaming:

  • Instant entertainment anytime, anywhere
  • Stream your favorite games in high-definition quality
  • Enjoy all the PC games on your Android and iOS mobile 
  • Saves the additional cost of a gaming hardware required to play PC games
Download this affordable cloud gaming app:

Steam Link

Apple 3.0
android 3.5

Steam Link is the best cloud gaming app for Android that brings the desktop gaming experience to your smartphone. With this app, you can stream your Steam library games on different compatible devices over the internet.

It is advised to use a stable wi-fi connection in order to ensure the best performance of the platform. With a strong internet connection, the platform works smoothly without any lag or disruption.

To use the Steam link, all that you need to do is pair a Steam controller to your Android device and connect it to a computer. Using this app can save you a lot of money that goes into buying an expensive gaming console.

Features of Steam Link - Extend your gaming experience to your phone:

  • Enjoy games without lagging and delays
  • Enables you to extend your gaming experience beyond your computer
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and TV as well
  • Completely free of cost
Download this best cloud gaming app:


Apple 3.5
android 3.4

Shadow is one of the best-rated cloud gaming applications that is simple to launch and use. It allows you to experience high-definition games from your PC to your smartphone. With this app, you can access all your favorite games remotely as well. 

It offers exceptional speed and the best performance. It is widely preferred by gamers due to the explicit gaming experience that it offers. You can access Shadow on a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and smart TVs as well. 

Shadow is an ideal cloud-gaming platform for players who want to play high-end PC games on other devices without compromising on the quality. You can also stream content from your Shadow PC to other devices and can access an ever-growing library of games. 

Features of Shadow - A high-speed cloud gaming experience :

  • Delivers excellent performance
  • Supports almost every PC game
  • Enables a full Windows 10 desktop experience
  • Easy to use 
Download this best cloud gaming iOS and Android app:

GeForce Now

android 3.4

GeForce Now is the best next-generation cloud gaming service that enables you to play a variety of games that are hosted on remote servers and streamed over the internet on a supported device. 

The platform promises to offer an ultra-gaming experience without compromising on performance and speed. It is compatible with keyboards and mouse, DualShock 4, Xbox One controller, etc. and is thus a top pick by many players.

GeForce is compatible with many multiplayer games, including Fortnite and others. With a high-speed internet connection, playing games on this cloud gaming app will give you a similar experience to that of a PC. 

Features of GeForce Now - Enjoy ultra streaming mode:

  • Extremely smooth and responsive experience
  • Offers a free plan as well
  • Enjoy 4k gameplay up to 60fps
  • Offers extended session lengths that let you play without interruptions
Download this one of the best cloud gaming apps:

Xbox Game Pass

Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription based gaming platform that lets users choose from a wide selection of titles at a fixed and affordable price. You can choose from over 100 games, which include both indie and third party games. 

With an affordable subscription price you can play and download multiple games on any device as per your liking. Xbox Game Pass is the best app for cloud gaming for gamers who love playing on consoles. 

Xbox Game Pass provides exceptional cloud gaming services with a one-time monthly subscription. You can use this gaming pass on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and iPad as well.

Features of Xbox Game Pass - Enjoy cloud based gaming at affordable prices:

  • Selection of over 100 popular game titles
  • Compatible with all devices including consoles and mobile phones
  • One-time subscription allows you to access a huge library of games
  • Offers the most flexible cloud gaming platform that can be accessed from anywhere
Download this safe cloud gaming app:


Apple 4.2
android 4.2

Loco is the best free cloud gaming app that offers an inexpensive platform to enjoy your favorite games through any device. Loco has successfully captured a strong consumer base by making affordable online gaming available for all users. 

The app aims at offering a collaborative platform for both viewers and gamers. It allows users to watch their favorite gamers play live through the app. You can discover all the local live gaming activities in India and can enjoy e-sports as well. 

It can be used as a social platform for gamers that allows them to connect with their community. It is considered the best cloud gaming app for Android and iOS for its simple and intuitive app design. 

Features of Loco - Access free cloud gaming on iPhone and Android:

  • Allows you to watch esports tournaments
  • Supports live game streaming from anywhere
  • Play multiplayer games with anyone on Loco Arena
  • Best platform for gamers to showcase their skill online
Download this top cloud gaming app:
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Cloud gaming apps or gaming-as-service allow you to play video games on remote servers. These gaming apps can never replace the charm and excitement of traditional gaming methods. Many gaming app development companies are entering this segment because the best cloud games have the potential to reform the future of gaming. 

Most of these games cannot be compared to the exceptional graphics and performance delivered by the OG PlayStation games. Cloud gaming apps offer the best way to play your favorite games on the go and are thus increasing exponentially in their demand.

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