Wordle App Review- Can You Guess?

A fun way to test your vocabulary skills

Updated on April 05, 2024
Wordle App Review- Can You Guess?

Gone are the days when mornings used to begin with a fun word-based puzzle published in your local newspapers. Now, when smartphones have replaced all old trends, that trend has been replaced as well by a fun web-based word game called Wordle. Today, we will introduce you to this amazing game in this World app review that has gained a lot of popularity recently and secured a massive player base of millions of people from all over the world.

“Developed by the popular game publishers called Lion Studios by AppLovin, Wordle has managed to secure millions of downloads on Android and iOS platforms. The game is designed with the classic touch of solving word puzzles that have entertained people for decades. You can say Wordle has just digitalized those fun puzzles that you used to wait to solve every day in newspapers.”

Background of Wordle

This one of the best word game apps is published by Lion Studios, an AppLovin company. Lion Studios is credited for driving over 2 billion downloads on its range of amazing games. The studio has published some amazing games like Wordle!, Army Commander, Ancient Battle, Save the Girl, and plenty of other amazing games for Android and iOS smartphones.

Features of Wordle

The free word puzzle games are updated regularly on the Wordle app for Android and iOS. Its gameplay is simple and offers an interruption-free experience. Let us list down a few crucial features that you can expect in this best Wordle app before you decide to download it to play free word games.

1. Daily new puzzle to solve

Wordle App Review

You get new fun word puzzle games daily and some of them could be easy to play but some could really test your vocabulary. These daily puzzles can be played solo of you can even challenge your friends or ask them for help to solve these puzzles. To learn new words, this is the most fun way possible.

2. Classic mode for unlimited puzzles

Wordle App Review

You just need to swipe letters to connect words but there are hundreds of levels so the probability is that if you like solving these best crossword puzzle games, you might never get bored of the game.

3. Challenge your friends

Wordle App Review

If playing alone on the Wordle app for iPhone and Android gets boring, you can share a puzzle with your friend and challenge them to solve it. You can take turns solving each others’ puzzles and earn points for each puzzle you solve.

How to get the Wordle app

Google Play Store provides you with the official Wordle app for Android while you can download the Wordle app for iPhone from the Apple App Store without having to pay a single penny. Simply search for Wordle and install the app on your smartphone. You can also play Wordle on an iPad or an Android tablet.

Wordle in-app purchases

Even though the Wordle platform is playable for free, there are some in-built features that require payments. However, these in-app purchases are not mandatory to experience or access word puzzle games for iOS and Android that are available for free on this one of the best games for phones.



Remove Ads


240 Coins


720 Coins


1330 Coins


6300 Coins


Piggy Bank


Letter Boost


Wordy Bundle


Additional Wordle features

Additional features

Should you try Wordle?

If you are a fan of word games, or maybe just too bored and need something to kill the time, well, the Wordle app for Android and iOS is surprisingly super fun. The free word games that you initially get on the app might feel easier but as you progress through the game, it gets challenging. And you can use Wordle not only as a game but also as one of the best apps to learn languages. After all, guessing words can help you in testing your vocabulary and learning new  words. 

Lastly, that is all for the Wordle platform that we wanted to share with you in this Wordle app review. The purpose of this Wordle app review was to introduce you to the app’s features and verify its authenticity and quality on your behalf. 

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