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Why Your App Need Reviews - Importance and Benefits

According to Dimensional Research, around 90% of the consumers say that positive reviews influence their buying decisions.

Why Your App Needs Reviews

Today, the reviews and ratings of a product/service contribute a lot in the decision to purchase. For instance, we go through restaurant reviews before making a reservation, have a look at the movie ratings before buying the tickets and the same is the thing with mobile apps - we read app reviews before installing an app.

Mobile app reviews matter, as it indirectly affects the visibility of the application in the respective app stores, while also determining the chances of being featured on the homepage of the app stores.

To bolster our claim, check out the image below and understand the prominence of app reviews.

need mobile app reviews

Now that we have provided you with a short backstory regarding app reviews and their role in the world of mobile and web applications, it's time to understand what makes mobile app reviews indispensable and why it’s inevitable to get your app reviewed from the best app review sites.

Importance of App Reviews For Businesses

If you look for app reviews on the internet, you will find it quite easily. In other words, you will not be able to find an app without a review in the app store.

And why not?

Reviews are crucial for every business. According to a report released by Apptentive, more than 70% of people read more than one review before downloading the app. And due to this fact, the app developers are now encouraging app review websites to get their app reviewed.

mobile app reviews matter

But is it actually easy to get your app reviewed? We don’t think so.

The whole scenario of apps has changed. The app stores have become crowded as hundreds of apps are being added to the app stores daily. It has further turned app rankings into a challenge for app businesses to overcome, and that's why the app owners encourage their known people to review the app positively even before rolling out the app in the app stores.

Benefits of Mobile App Reviews For Businesses

There's no denying the fact that a customer's feedback plays a vital role in the growth of a business. It’s the feedback that actually reflects the business owners if their products and services are getting accepted by their target audience or not.

If we talk about the mobile industry, the mobile app reviews for businesses act as a strong base for building trust and authority of a brand with its target audience. Things like the pain points (problems that prospective customers experience) and customer requirements/needs can also be known with the help of business app reviews and their insights.

Let's have a look at some of the most important reasons what are the advantages of getting reviews for the apps.

1. Doubles Conversion Rate

There's no denying the fact that the app's reviews and ratings have a major influence over the conversion rate of the app. But according to a few experts, once the level of quality is achieved, this factor no longer seems to make a difference. Other than app reviews/ratings, elements like app title, app description, screenshots, a demo video, app icon, etc. also affect the conversion rate.

Why Your App Need Reviews

The above image shows the conversion trend on different devices, including desktop, smartphone, and tablet. The graph shows that the visit conversion is almost three times higher on a desktop in comparison to the smartphone.

The ratings and reviews majorly impact the conversion rate of an app. We can assume that if an app is getting better reviews, it could result in the improvement of the conversion rate.

In other words, it can be said that the better the ratings and app reviews, the better are the conversion rates of that application. Thus, contributing to the likeness of the app to deliver satisfaction to the users through the app's services.

2. Boost App Revenue

Revenue generation is the ultimate goal for any business and mobile applications are no exception to this rule. The overall revenue of an app is indirectly related to the app reviews as well as the ratings of the app because it acts as a source of credibility for the user's purchasing behavior.

To obtain the maximum amount of app reviews, create different feedback channels. For instance, one of the best times to ask for an app rating is when the user has successfully made an in-app purchase.

Also, provide the user with the option to rate the app through different social media channels. For example, you can ask the app users to leave feedback on the Facebook page of the app or rate the app's performance on the promotional website of the application, etc.

3. Develops Support Community

There are hundreds and thousands of app developers who want to get their app reviewed and rated, which also leads to the generation of a support community for the app. A community is an effective way to bring together people who support the app worldwide.

A support community for the app is an optional choice for the app developers rather than a mandatory option. But in the case of gaming applications, these communities play a crucial role as they bring together people from all around the world who support the app.

A great tactic that can be used for motivating the custom to review the app is by rewarding them. With this trick, you can offer some virtual game currency or extra credits to the user for writing an app review.

4. Increases User Retention 

When it comes to mobile apps, one of the vital objectives is to achieve a high user retention rate. Developers can easily boost user retention for their app by maintaining a line of communication that will also result in better user engagement on the application.

When you ask users for their feedback, you also encourage two-way communication. This way, the users are made aware of the fact that their app reviews are genuinely taken into consideration. Therefore, it's the app owner's responsibility to show responsiveness by addressing the user's concerns regarding the app.

Such a line of communication tends to boost user engagement while encouraging positive app reviews that help in building long-term loyalty with the brand.

5. App Visibility

Revenue is a key aspect of every app and to achieve it, you need to increase the app visibility in front of the targeted audience. As per a survey, it was seen that, instead of a 5-star rating, the apps with a 4-star rating are considered to be much more genuine and receive greater app visibility in app stores.

To get four and five-star ratings, look for patterns in your app reviews. For example, there may be a particular feature that is liked by the majority of users or there can be a feature update that people want in the next app version.

Another thing that you need to make sure is selecting the appropriate as well as relevant category and subcategory for the app in the app store to achieve high category ranking in the app store. 

encourage app reviews

How to Handle Negative Mobile App Reviews?

Negative mobile app reviews are common and are also often seen as part of the process of launching a mobile application. But not everyone can bounce right back from negative reviews. To help you, we have come up with some points that can turn the negative app reviews into positive ones. Here are the three ways to achieve this goal:

1. Find a Way Around for Reviews

The negative reviews and low-star app ratings act as an easy way for app users to vent out their frustration and sometimes confusion over the application. This is the part where identifying user behavior comes into play and you find out the reasons that are leading to negative app reviews.

To find a way around negative mobile app ratings, the app owners can use different channels to collect user reviews and then ask for their feedback on how the mobile app can be improved. It will further help you to initiate a two-way customer engagement and then after some time, you can ask for their valuable reviews again via surveys.

2. Respect the App Critics

Another way to handle low mobile app ratings is by respecting the critics of the app and learn from them. Being a mobile app developer, you can proceed with various software and tools to efficiently manage the application reviews and respond to each customer’s feedback.

The primary aim here is to convert the users' negative app experiences into positive ones. So, whenever a customer leaves a bad review on your mobile app, don't start the response by being defensive about your app or brand. The process of problem-solving involves communication between the company and its customers, otherwise, the issue will remain unsolved.

3. Create Key App Moments

App moments are also known as highlights of using the application. That's why mobile app developers and designers should add a number of these key moments in the app.

mobile app reviews

The above image shows the different types of key moments showcasing the need of the consumers from the app and why the app users are drawn to the mobile apps that offer their requirements. In fact, marketers nowadays are considering various new marketing tactics for promoting their apps.

Best Places to Gather Business Reviews

We are currently living in a fast-paced world where we encounter new technology updates almost every day. If you own an app and want your app business to survive in this tough competition, then you must get your app reviewed by a trusted and verified platform.

Below are some of the best places where you can easily collect a ton of mobile app reviews for your business:

Why Your App Need Reviews

1. Google Reviews

Everyone knows what potential Google holds and how it is one of the top global tech organizations in the world, thanks to its array of successful digital products and services.

A great example is Google Reviews, which is considered a trusted source by millions of people across the world. If you are someone who owns a mobile app business, it is recommended to get as many reviews on Google as possible.

2. App Push Notifications

Push notification is an effective way to drive user retention. The in-app notifications are productive, as well as, influential method to drive user’s attention towards the review section. Furthermore, it can also be used to remind users if they have not reviewed the app yet.

3. Facebook Recommendations

Facebook is an active social media platform where hundreds and thousands of people post content each day. Although it is considered outdated by some, it is still a great site to collect business reviews on the recommendation section of the mobile app development business. These reviews can be further used as 'Highlights' that you can display over your Facebook timeline, as well.

app user retention

4. Your Own Website

Every mobile and web application needs some sort of promotional landing page. It can be a technical blog or a website. Interestingly, you can add a new feature to your app website, focusing on the app users’ reviews.

5. App Stores

The app stores like Google Play Store and Apple Play Store are among the top five channels that are used by businesses and companies to collect mobile app reviews for their apps. The app store reviews are vital because before installing an app, users tend to scroll through the latest app review, at least the one which is on the landing page of the app store.

6. Third-Party Websites

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, app owners and developers also have the option to go for third-party websites to review the app. These mobile app review websites can help your app to reach the targeted audience in a short period.

There are various designated app review websites out there that provide the services of informative and unbiasedly review apps. Here, the credibility of such websites and platforms plays a crucial role in providing the right exposure to the applications.

mobile app review websites

Encourage App Reviews

After going through the need for mobile app reviews in online business, it is safe to say that app reviews not only directly impact the total number of app downloads but also affect other aspects that eventually are beneficial in the long run.

If you truly want to improve your app’s ranking, pay attention to both positive as well as negative app reviews. This is because the positive app reviews will guide you to the features that are highly accepted by the users, whereas negative reviews will throw light on the areas that require immediate attention.

Key Takeaways- Get Your App Reviewed

  • More than 70 percent of people read at least one app review before installing it.
  • A community helps in bringing together app supporters globally.
  • The app reviews directly impact the growth of online businesses.
  • Developers can also gather app reviews through platforms like Facebook & Twitter.
  • App reviews, as well as ratings of applications, are essential for conversion rates.
  • Mobile app reviews for businesses act as a strong base for building trust.
  • The authority of a brand with its target audience is created with app reviews.
  • Social media channels are used by businesses to collect reviews.
  • Adding the app review and rating section on your website is highly efficient.
  • Getting your app reviewed by leading websites will help in boosting app visibility.
  • By creating key app moments, turn your negative reviews into positive ones.

If you think we missed out on anything worth mentioning, just ‘comment’ in the below section. Our experts will revert to you at the earliest. And while you're at it, don’t forget to tap on that ‘Subscribe’ button for more updates straight from the mobile app industry.

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