How To Hire Best Mobile App Developers: A Comprehensi
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How To Hire Best Mobile App Developers: A Comprehensive Checklist

Approx 2.3 million professionals are working as mobile app developers, pick the best with a well-thought strategy.

How To Hire Best Mobile App Developers: A Comprehensive Checklist

Preparing your mind with an app idea is tough as it requires in-depth market and competitors research. After all, your idea should be unique and intended to solve the users' purpose in a go. But, you know what’s more daunting than creating an app idea? It’s finding the right resources or app development company which accomplishes your app idea into reality. 

Stats say that there are around 23 million people are working as desktop, web and mobile app developers across the globe. They claim to render the best services and undoubtedly they must be delivering the out of the box results to their clients. But, believing them blindly would be the right decision? Or should we hire mobile application developers after a rigorous analysis? 

If you’re an entrepreneur and in dilemma of how and where to hire app developer, here’s the detailed com

We have drafted this article to give entrepreneurs ample knowledge about What they need to keep in mind before looking for a mobile app developer. This also includes the demonstrated tips and tricks to hire the best app developers from today’s competitive market. 

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Define Business Needs 

Defining the business needs is the key to success for any business. Here, the purpose is to search the app creators for hire and here analyzing the business goals will help you find a programmer for an app. 

Start the process by answering a few questions:

A. What specific business challenge would I like to solve? 

These questions can be answered in different forms and as per a variety of questions. The scenario can be:

If you have app development professionals and still want industry expert app makers for hire. 

You want to redevelop a particular app with different or the latest technology. In this case, either you’ll have to have wait till the developer learn the programming tactics or hire an app developer who already has hands-on experience on the same technology. 

When you want to develop an app from scratch have no idea where to start. It’s the phase where you can select between an in-house team a dedicated app application developer. 

B. Should I outsource development or hire an in-house team? 

There’s a big confusion in entrepreneurs mind whether they should trust in outsourcing or get the project developed by the in-house team. They want to hand over their project to the resources who carry out quick app development and also in a cost-effective manner.

See the difference between outsourcing and getting the project accomplished under the in-house team:

outsource development or hire an in-house team

C. Should I hire a freelancer or go with a company? 

Now, when it’s decided that you’re going to outsource the app developers from the market, it’s mandatory that you should be firm about what you’re choosing, i.e., a freelancer or an app development company.

If you have experienced resources who possess the potential to manage the entire project. But, if there are some technical aspects that need to be precisely be carried out, it is suggested not to hire freelancers rather, connect with a credible app company to get quality app development results. 

Step 2: Start Looking For Credible App Development Companies 

Finally, you’ve decided your goals and stuck to outsource app development services from authentic sources. It’s time to prepare a list of companies and freelancers whom you think are the best to seize the app project deal with. Explore, what you need to do to hire mobile app developer. 

A. Define destination to hire app developers 

Suppose, you set your business in the USA then, you must be looking for app developer from a nearby location. But, hiring app developers from the locations that are famous for their app development services would be a plus point for your project. 

Be sure in your mind that from where do you wish to hire mobile developer for your next project. Select the locations and find a developer who fits in your project requisites. 

Discover what locations are the best to hire application developer:

App Developers chart on the basis of Destinations, Rates, and service Quality.

Exploring the above graph, you’ll have an idea of how to find an app developer as per your choices. 

B. Conduct thorough research 

Post making the destination analysis, you need to conduct research which includes the data regarding renowned websites and other sources where you can find a mobile app developer. 

The sources might include:

  • Freelance websites
  • GitHub
  • B2B Directories - We can refer as the biggest and most trusted source offering detailed data about reputed companies on the basis of locations, ratings, and specialization. 

Conduct thorough research 

  • Design communities
  • Tech Blogs

You can find other sources, where you can find top mobile app developers build your upcoming project. 

Step 3: Prepare A List Of Candidates To Analyze Their Capability

You’ve reached a level, where you have all the resources to find individuals or a team of app builders. What will you do next? You’re now free to select a number of app developers and shortlist them based on their skills and working potential. 

You can meet them in person or send them a questionnaire containing the below questions: 

Questions To Raise Before Hiring An App Developer

A. Can they provide a list of past and current customers? 

What clients actually say about a brand’s services is the most important part a customer wishes to know in the very first step. Apart from the testimonials, you can also ask them to show you the list of their current and previous clients they served with quality work. 

B. What market segments do they follow? 

Most of the business domains restrict themselves to a few areas and improve themselves to sharpen their skills. Therefore, when you choose app coders for hire, make sure they have the domain knowledge you belong to. You can also ask whether they have a close on the latest app development trends or not. This can be easier if you go through the particular website’s service page where they most probably define the areas they are pioneered in. 

C. What is their preferred platform/technology for app development? 

Find out what technologies and development platforms they generally utilize to build robust mobile applications. When you’ve decided to outsource or hire app programmer, it means, you’re focused on making your app the best of all. 

Choosing the one which meets your technical and platform related requirements is a responsibility which you have to necessarily prioritize. 

D. Do the selected candidates and companies have relevant experience? 

Generally, you can have an idea about individuals or app development company without contacting them. One is through their project portfolios and the other is by going through the case studies they provided access for. 

You can also raise a query to show the relevant project portfolio which will give you a complete idea about their app development strategies. 

E. Do they guarantee quality app development? 

There are certain app development standards that need to be followed by every developer to sustain the project’s quality. These might be different methods, tools, techniques, and semantic codes. If the selected company claim to incorporate all these aspects, you’ve got your technology partner. 

F. How will the app development process run? 

When you hire someone to make an app for you, it’s your duty to keep yourself updated with the app development process to add value to your product. Every developer and app development company has its own process to carry out the development. In general, the process will iterate with:

  • The defined company’s SDLC
  • Project management and framework selection
  • Communication and transparency

If you hire an app builder keeping all these factors in mind, you get quality and successful app development. 

G. What additional features for an app would you recommend? Would the app withstand high load? 

Ask them, besides the documented features and app functionality, what are the additional features that they can suggest to enhance app functionality. The app is going to be used by hundreds and more users hence, it should have ample features that can withstand the load efficiently. 

In this case, you have to hire a developer to make an app who knows how to build an app interface which ultimately results better in every aspect. 

H.  Are they ready to sign a copyright agreement? 

Are you ready to turn your app idea into reality? Your app idea is yours and no one has the right to steal it. Most of the time, when you hire freelancers, they copy your project ideas and sell them to some other companies to earn the optimum profit. It’s a big cheat and cheaters should be panelized for doing this. 

There’s an alternative to overcome this issue which is NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement). Signing the NDA ensures the safety of your idea. This can be done before you share your project with the concerned app developer or a company. 

Making it a few advanced, many companies integrate a “Send me an NDA” button to their inquiry form. It provides direct access and lets the developers make their mind for signing the NDA with the client. This is how you can find app developers on your own terms and conditions. 

Step 4: Hire The Credible App Developer

The time has come when you’re ready with each detail required to find app developers across the market. Have patience, go through the entire documentation you’ve prepared after in-depth research and then hire a programmer to make an app incorporated with all the required and robust functions. 

Bottom Line: 

The descriptive tricks, strategies, and questions will help you hire top mobile application developers from the industry. Don’t directly make contacts with an app maker rather, resolve the queries that bother your mind. You can take the assistance of business references and app development companies to make sure that you’re going in the right direction to find reliable mobile app builders. 

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